a new kind of adventure tourism

We all yearn for a little excitement in our lives every once in a while, for what is
life without the thrill of adventure? Luscious greenery, tropical terrains and
widespread sandy beaches all best describe Malaysia, but what many don’t
realise is that there are diverse adrenaline-pumping activities to fuel as well.
What’s more, with the ongoing MyFEST 2015 tourism campaign, a flurry of
events that are bound to keep you on your toes will follow throughout the year.
So adventure seekers should keep an eye out on cool things to do and
experience. Here are just a few adventurous and interesting activities that are
available in Malaysia.
Orbing Ball
Fancy rolling down a hill inside a gigantic 3-meter inflatable ball? Fall head over
heels with this extreme sport - literally over and over again! The Orbing Ball
experience is a relatively new activity in Malaysia, and it’s considered to be an
inexpensive and family friendly way to just have fun. Participants can pick from
any one of 3 orbing options - Orbing Downhill Dry Ride, Orbing Downhill Wet /
Hydro Ride or the Orbing Hamster Roll. Locations to try out this unique
experience include: Titiwangsa Lake, Kuala Lumpur, The Heritage Village, Seri
Kembangan, The Cruise Tasik Putrajaya and The MAEPS (Malaysia Agro
Exposition Park Serdang). Do bear in mind that the minimum height for the
Downhill Ride is 140cm and maximum weight is 160kg for 2 people in the Orb.
Indoor rock climbing
Thrill seekers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Malaysia is in fact a
thriving spot for avid rock climbers, with numerous rock climbing locations and
venues for climbers from all walks of life to participate. However, indoor rock
climbing is the primary focus of the climbing scene in this country. It is a great
way to exercise, get in shape and have fun while you're at it, without having to
brave the heat. The Camp5 Climbing Gym at 1 Utama Shopping Centre is
perfect for first timers and professionals looking to stay sharp. Experience a
state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility along with a 270 degree panoramic city
view, a relaxing cafe, and a specialist climbing Proshop. All Camp5 climbing
walls meet UIAA and EN Standards, so you can be sure to have a safe time.
If it’s one extreme sport that Malaysia has plenty of, it’s this rapid fire, heart
thumping, adrenaline rushing game which involves paintball markers, safety
masks, bunkers for cover and a whole lot of fun. If you haven’t tried paintball
before, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of thrill. The game usually
consists of two groups trying to shoot each other and win points for each round.
There are many variations of paintball, including the fastball, scenario, death
match and free-for-all game plays.
Malaysia has a thriving community of paintball enthusiasts that organise
tournaments and hold events, so come on down for some colourful fun.
Paintball can be found in various areas around the country, including Bukit Jalil,
Isi Rimba and the Extreme [email protected] Sunway lagoon which is the ultimate onestop destination for adrenaline fans filled with a wide variety of extreme
attractions including Malaysia's first and only Permanent Bungy Jump site,
Asia's Highest Slingshot Ride - the G-Force X, Malaysia's Longest Flying Fox
at 206 meters, Go-Kart, Archery, Kayaking, Power Jump Bungee Trampoline
and more all under the watchful eye of trained professionals.
Malaysia’s beautiful natural landscapes houses a series of exciting and
adventurous possibilities from hiking up deep tropical hills, or discovering
majestic waterfalls and rivers.
Approximately 4.6km from the Zoo Negara Junction is one such natural
exploration location, the ATV Adventure Ride Park at Kemansah Waterfall
offers both an exhilarating ride and also lets you enjoy the natural wonders
around KL - such as the Sofea Jane Waterfall, Bukit Tabur, Sungai Liza,
Dataran Mas, Bukit Lalang and lots more.
The SkyTrex Adventure Park is another nature adventure facility that allows
visitors to head up for a swinging good time in the trees with 'eco-recreational
cum educational' activities. Participants are guided from tree to tree via a series
of aerial obstacles, all while they are suspended between 3 and 22 meters in
the air. This challenge will test your agility and challenge your fear, forcing
players to walk, crawl, glide and swing through different challenges in the sky,
in total safety while appreciating the wonders of the Malaysian Tropical Rain
Forest. What better way to experience nature with a healthy dose of excitement
thrown in.
For an adventure filled time, you know that Malaysia is the place to be with an
array of thrilling activities and exciting events in store for all you adventure
junkies out there.
- end -
For more information or enquiries, please contact Visit Malaysia Year
Secretariat, at 03-8891 7000 or log on to www.myfest2015.com.my.