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The scarring influence of the sex trade does not affect just
one generation in India. Despairing mothers often leave
a legacy of poverty and prostitution to their daughters,
who in turn carry on because they know no other lifestyle.
Enter Love Calcutta Arts. Their handicrafts unit enables
young women to support themselves with dignity and
help their mothers leave the sex industry. These hardworking women make high-quality handmade paper products,
including journals and cards, in a loving environment
where they learn of their heavenly Father’s love for them.
Calcutta Card Set
Encourage someone’s day by sending them a
high-quality, handcrafted card. Handmade by
women in India who are striving to break the
chains of the sex-trafficking industry. Love
Calcutta Arts provides women the ability to
support themselves while learning Christ’s
love. This same elegant design is featured on
this set of 6 cards, with blue envelopes. Each
card measures 4.75-by-4.75 inches. Blank
inside. H154136 $12.99
Fall/Winter Catalog 2014–2015
ergon handicrafts
Ergon is a
center based
in Jaipur, India,
that seeks
to empower
women with job
skills, income,
and confidence
through fairtrade employment. Most of the women who work for
Ergon are uneducated and extremely poor. As they
learn to make journals and cards, they put food on
their tables and many realize for the first time that
they are valuable.
Chevron Journal
A cute and trendy journal, perfect for keeping up with your
prayers, thoughts, and to-do lists. Each journal is handmade
by the women artisans of Ergon Handicrafts in Jaipur, India.
The women of Ergon receive income and a sense of value
as they make beautiful papercrafts. Measures 5-by-1-by-7
inches. 48 pages. H133131 $19.99
A Little Birdie Journal
This lovely journal is the perfect place to write down your
thoughts or your to-do list. The brown cover features gold
birds resting on blue branches. Women of Ergon Handicrafts
in India receive an income and a sense of value as they hand
make beautiful papercrafts. Measures 5-by-7 inches.
48 pages. H123114 $19.99
village artisans
Spring Blossom
Journal Set
This set of beautiful handmade
paper journals will entice
anyone to jot down their
thoughts. Handmade by Village
Artisans in India who are able
to provide for their families.
Journals come in a set of 3
with 3 different patterns. Each
journal measures 4.5-by-6.75
inches and has tied cording
to bind the journal closed.
H144120 $19.99
As a result of globalization and ever-changing
markets, Indian artisan groups have been
challenged to take the skills native to their various
castes and trades and utilize them in more diverse
and marketable ways. Many are challenged to
educate and provide proper medical care for
their families on only a few dollars a day. Village
Artisans is helping men and women fulfill their
potential by using their talents to create beautiful
handmade jewelry, scarves, bags, stationery,
carved wood, and natural soap products. These talented and now empowered families are
now able to meet basic practical needs and provide hope for the next generation
A. Pink Cross Journal
In a bold, bright pink, this leatherbound journal embossed
with a cross is the ideal size to carry on the go. Perfect
for writers, note takers, and list makers. Each journal is
handmade by artisans of Love Calcutta Arts, located in the
red-light district in India. Love Calcutta Arts strives to give
women an escape from a life of exploitation. Measures
4.25-by-5.25 inches. H154137 $14.99
B. Cross Journal
Handbound, khaki leather journal with hand-embossed cross.
Made through Love Calcutta Arts in a red-light district of India.
Artisans are paid a fair wage with good working conditions.
Measures 4.25-by-5.25 inches. H124105 $14.99
C. IcHthus Journal
Save thoughts and lives with this unique journal that features handmade paper and an ichthus embossed on the
top. Handmade by women artisans at Love Calcutta Arts,
which pays a fair wage, provides good working conditions
and on-the-job training for all staff, and invests profits into
expansion so more women can be saved from sex slavery.
Measures 5.5-by-0.5-by 8.25 inches. H144116 $16.99
Fall/Winter Catalog 2014–2015
A. Camel Letter Opener
Enjoy opening your mail with this detailed
camel letter opener. It’s a festive way to open
your letters and a great reminder to pray for
the people of Jordan. Glad Tidings provides
artisans opportunities to sustain themselves,
which might not have happened otherwise.
They are able to buy precious necessities
such as food, clothing, shelter, and education,
despite their disabilities. Measures 6-by-1.5
inches. H154138 $14.99
B. Cloisonné Bookmark
Use this handmade bookmark to remember
your place in a book and be reminded of the
women of Eden Ministry in Asia. Through
Eden, young women are rescued from
human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
They are provided a new career, skill training,
and counseling—empowered for a new life
and future. This unique braided bookmark
features 2 coins and 7 cloisonné beads.
Measures 18 inches long. H144101 $14.99
C. Sauyunan Bookmark
After enjoying yourself in a great book, mark
your page with a Sauyunan handcrafted
bookmark. If you like to write, keep your
place in your journal. Regardless, this beaded
bookmark adds just a little flare! Made by the
women of Sauyunan Handcrafts in Indonesia.
The bookmark measures 10.5 inches long.
Bead colors vary. H133112 $8.99
D. Leather Bookmark (Burgundy)
Handmade from supersoft, high-quality
leather, and hand-tooled with embossed
graphic. Made by Berber artisans in North
Africa who are working to provide for their
families. Measures 8.5-by-1.25 inches.
H094162 $4.99
E. Chinese Bookmark
The perfect way to save your place in your
favorite book, this exquisitely embroidered
bookmark features traditional Miao patterns.
Each bookmark is made of black silk with
a cardboard insert and is embroidered
by Chinese women artisans employed by
China Ethnic Crafts who use their income
to supplement rice farming and send their
children to secondary school. Measures
1.5-by-6 inches. H133132 $9.99
F. African Bookmark Set
Set of 3 different African bookmarks from
Kanzi. Each is handmade from bark cloth.
Part of the proceeds are donated to support
orphans and children at risk in Uganda. Each
bookmark measures about 7 inches tall.
H123109 $12.99
white harvest
In the rural villages of southeastern Asia
men and women meticulously create
handcrafts honoring their cultural heritage. Partnering with White Harvest Trading Co. allows people in these economically deprived areas to retain their culture
and earn additional income to support
their families. For the artisans, each
product celebrates their roots and secures
a brighter future for their community.
Send your loved ones
greetings on cards that are
holistically changing the lives
of Vietnamese artisans.
Vietnamese Card Set
Cards handcrafted and handcut
by White Harvest in Vietname
artisans. A touch of Asian patterns,
colors, and culture for your
correspondence. Blank inside.
Envelopes included. Set of 6.
4-by-6 inches. H114167 $22.99
Limited Quantity
Fall/Winter Catalog 2014–2015
Welcome Baby
Card Set
Each cute card features
crocheted baby
accessories (booties, bibs,
etc.). Perfect for showers
and congratulations on
the big day! Supports
Anatolian Advantage
women and their families
in Turkey. Set of 6 blank
cards (3 pink and 3 blue)
and envelopes. Each card
measures 6-by-4 inches.
H114103 $24.99
Rajasthani Card Set
Make someone’s day brighter with these colorful handmade cards.
Each of the 10 cards has a different color scheme and style, making
each note even more unique. Handcrafted by women employed by
Ergon Handicrafts in India who are providing for their families through
their skill. Each card measures 5.25-by-4.25 inches. Blank inside.
Envelopes included. Packaged in espresso box. H144114 $14.99
Peace Ornament Card Set
Bring joy to your friends and family, and new hope to the
Threads of Yunnan artisans in China. “Glory to God in
the highest, and on earth peace” (Luke 2:14). Each card
includes a circle ornament. Set of 6. Each card measures
3.75-by-5.75 inches. Blank inside. Envelopes included.
H104160 $29.99 Limited Quantity
Each card represents a
life changed by the opportunity to
earn an income with dignity and hope.
Butterfly Ornament Card Set
Brighten the day of a treasured friend.“You have set my heart
free” (Psalm 119:32). Each card includes a butterfly ornament.
Fashioned by Threads of Yunnan in China. Set of 6. Each card
measures 3.75-by-5.75 inches. Blank inside. Envelopes included.
H104159 $29.99
Sari Note Box
Unique note box filled with handmade papers, covered in
three layers of sari fabric that has been kantha-stitched
(running-stitched). The papers are made from cotton rags
and recycled woolen blankets, meaning no wood fiber
was used. A completely eco-friendly product. Made by
female artisans at Love Calcutta Arts in Kolkata, India,
who are escaping the poisonous tentacles of the sex
industry. Sari patterns vary (red, green, and orange hues).
Measures 4.25-by-1.25-by-4.25 inches. H133166 $9.99
Birthday Greeting Card
Send a happy birthday wish to the
special man in your life. Made by
CraftAid artisans on the African
island of Mauritius. 5.5-by-5.5inch envelope included (extra
postage required). Single card.
H124102 $3.99
Vintage Sari Journal
H114125 • $19.99
Love Calcutta Arts • India
5.75-by-7-by-1 inches
Green/red hues; colors vary
Spring Fling Set
H104114 • $19.99
Noah’s Ark • India
Journal: 5.25-by-7 inches; Photo: 3-by-5
inches; Bag: 6-by-7 inches
Fall/Winter Catalog 2014–2015