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24 July 2010
Press Release
For Immediate Release
Over 80 of Xixi’s handmade teddy bears gather at Youth S quare
Budding young film director advocates independent short film spirit
[Hong Kong, 24 July 2010] This summer, Youth Square (a territory-wide project under the
Home Affairs Bureau) , local cultural publication CULTaMAP and Life Workshop (a registered
non-profit youth social service organization) are joining hands to produce Expose to Art 2010.
This is a series of creative cultural and artistic activities encompassing the four major artistic
forms of film, drama, music, and art exhibition. The aim of this series is to let youngsters
experience a diversity of cultural life.
Today (24 July) marked the launch of Youth Square’s Expose to Art 2010. The first activity is
a creative marketplace comprising over 40 art stalls featuring self-made handicrafts by
youngsters, art objects and art books, and even the skills of master craftsmen who turn grass
into grasshoppers. The art lovers can not only buy the art objects they like, but can also chat
with the young artists themselves. And with the music performance by the Asian Youth
Orchestra, the venue was imbued with an artistic ambience.
When evening fell, a group of film lovers gathered in Y-Studio to take part in “Summer Film
Sharing Session”. The guest for the sharing session, Heiward MAK Hei-yan, who was born
after 1980, the hero Chui Tien You, and ifva gold winner in the youth category - young director
Sham Ka-ki and participants all shared their thoughts and feelings about independent films.
Then right after the sharing session, the independent film lovers continued to see the films
shown in“Summer Film Show”, as well as other selected independent films.
The exhibition on Xixi’s handmade artistic bears and cloth dolls also started today, and will last
until 15 August. Over 80 artistic bears and cloth dolls handmade by local writer Xixi were
displayed on 6/F of Youth Square. Xixi has carefully designed the look of each of the bears.
They wear the clothes of the Han people, the people of the Qing Dynasty, and even the
characters in the novel “Tale of the Water Margin”. Visitors will be amazed at these interesting
Next Saturday (31 July), Youth Square will again host a marketplace of creativity, and the
second show of “Summer Film Sharing Session” will feature other famous independent film
makers to share their insights. Meanwhile, the “Summer Film Show” will continue to feature
exciting independent films. So one event after another, the programmes in Expose to Art 2010
will present to the youngsters a new range of cultural activities.
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24 July 2010
The July programmes of Expose to Art 2010 are:
From 24 July (Sat) to 15 August (Sun) 2010
Xixi’s Handmade Artistic Bears and Cloth Dolls Exhibition
Introduction:Xixi, a representative writer in local literature
Time: 11 am to 6 pm
Place: Multi-purpose Room on 6/F of Youth Square
31 July 2010 (Sat)
Creative Mart + Outdoor performance of the Asian Youth Orchestra
Time: 1 pm to 8 pm
Place: Y-Platform, Youth Square
“Summer Film Sharing Session” (2)
Time: 6 pm to 7 pm
Place: Y-Studio, Youth Square
“Summer Film Show” (2)
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Place: Y-Studio, Youth Square
Ms Tracy Lee;Tel:9330 3837;Email:[email protected]
Ms Kendra Tang;Tel:6449 8510;Email:[email protected]
Life Workshop
Mr Chun Shing Chi;Tel:2789 8815/ 9427 7706;Email:[email protected]
For further enquiries, please contact Mr. Law of the Marketing Department of Youth Square on
3721 8864.
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