Vendor Agreement
for the Handmade Hive’s
Fall Indoor Craft Market 2012
At the Handmade Hive, we seek to help to stimulate the local, smallbusiness community of crafters and fine art vendors in the Lehigh
Valley. We are taking the “craft show” idea and kicking it up a notch.
1. There are 3 different display sizes available.
Our semi-annual 2-day event is different from a typical craft show
in that it does not require the vendors to sit at their tables or even
attend the event in order for their items to be promoted, displayed
and ultimately sold! Think of the Handmade Hive as a retail store
that sells handmade goods from local artists.
For only a small commission and rental fee, the Handmade Hive
will host the sale, advertise and promote its vendor’s items, and get
potential buyers in the door to shop all the great items our vendors
have on display.
In order to make sure there is no “funny” business, we have
security and volunteers circulating to make sure everything is in
order and that the vendor’s items are being kept secure and intact.
We strongly encourage volunteering, but it is not required in order
to be a vendor.
The Handmade Hive is looking for vendors who would like to sell
their handmade goods as part of their Indoor Craft Market.
Here is some other important information:
1. This is the Handmade Hive Fall Indoor Craft Market schedule:
Thursday, November 29th, 2012
2pm-7pm: Vendor Drop-Off/Display Set-up
7pm-8pm: Private Preview Party & Pre-Sale
Friday, November 30, 2012
7:30am-8am: Vendor Re-Stock/Spruce Up Time (optional)
8am-8pm: Handmade Hive is open to the public
Saturday, December 1, 2012
7:30am-8am: Vendor Re-Stock/Spruce Up Time (optional)
8am-8pm: Handmade Hive is open to the public
8pm-10pm: Vendor Display Teardown/Pick Up
Sunday, December 2, 2012
8am-10am: Vendor Display Teardown/Pick Up
2. The Handmade Hive will be held at Leithsville Fire Hall located at
1995 Leithsville Rd. (Rt.412), Hellertown, PA 18055.
3. Postcards and other promotional material are available for
distribution upon request. Your assistance in placing advertisements
into potential buyer’s hands will greatly benefit ALL of the vendors
and help make the Handmade Hive a success! Five postcards are
included in each vendor welcome kit.
4. Sponsorship for the Handmade Hive is also available. Look to our
website for more information on becoming a sponsor.
5. The Handmade Hive’s indoor market is a smoke-free environment.
6. Vendors will be referred to as “consigners” in the online portal. This
does NOT mean you have to sell your creations at a discounted rate. It is
just the term the software uses to identify vendors.
7. Vendors will be given a “consigner” number in their welcome kit
which will be used to enter inventory, track sales, etc. in the online
portal. This will virtually be the vendor’s identity throughout the sale.
8. The Handmade Hive charges a commission of 18% per item sold
during the event to cover the promotional and hosting costs to get
your items promoted and sold. This percentage will be automatically
deducted from your payment when the sale concludes.
A Single-Wide Pegboard - $60
Dimensions: 30”W x 6’H x 15” D
Includes 3 shelves and 1 wire basket
A Double-Wide Pegboard - $80
Dimensions: 5’W x 6’H x 15” D
Includes 6 shelves and 2 wire baskets
A Table-Top Pegboard - $40
Dimensions: 36”W x 30”H x 15” D
Includes 6 “J” Hooks
2. Additional display items can be rented from the Handmade Hive
at an additional cost (please list additional needs in the notes on
application) or you can provide your own. Various items can be
purchased at home improvement stores. Each of these items must
be marked with your “consigner” number.
3. Vendors are responsible for the decor of their display and should
be attractively decorated. We take the appearance of The Handmade Hive seriously as items displayed nicely have a better chance
of attracting shoppers. Your efforts in that direction are greatly
appreciated. The pegboards and shelves provided are painted
a neutral gray & metal.
4. All merchandise and display items that the vendors brings in must
be marked in your space. Items used for display purposes only on
your display must be labeled with your consigner # and marked
“Not for Sale.” When checking in your items, a list of vendor display
inventory will be taken. Nothing can be added to this unless it is
approved by one of the Queen Bees.
5. There is to be NO painting of fixtures or nailing/stapling display enhancements to the pegboards. Only temporary adhesives
(i.e. tape and Command hooks) will be permitted.
6. Everyone is responsible to assist in providing a safe environment
for customers, volunteers, and vendors. Items must be displayed
within the confines of the rented display space. No merchandise
should extend above the height of the back wall, beyond the
partitions or into the aisles.
7. The only type of advertisement/promotional items allowed on
display is a “Trade Name” sign to label your items. No flyers, business
cards, advertisements, etc. for other shows/stores/personal gain will
be permitted. If found, they will be removed and discarded.
NOTE: Business cards for vendors can be given to one of the Queen
Bees during check-in. They will be featured at the registers for
additional exposure. This is optional.
8. The Handmade Hive reserves the right to arrange vendors on a
first-come first-served basis in a way that will add to the overall quality and diversity of the market. Decisions regarding the placement
of vendors are made based on the crafts listed on the applications
submitted, so the list of items being sold must be accurately filled
out on your application.
9. The Leithsville Hall will be open between the hours of 2pm and
7pm on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 for check-in and display
setup. Vendors must set up an appointment to get their items
checked-in before they can set-up their display. Vendors can make
their appointment in the portal.
10. Vendor display assignments will be given during the check-in
appointments on Thursday, November 29th, 2012.
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Vendor Agreement (Contd.)
for the Handmade Hive’s Fall Indoor Craft Market 2012
11. Vendors will not be permitted to tear-down their display until
the close of the market from 8pm-10pm on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012.
A volunteer will be assigned to help you check-out your display
items and get you on your way. You can also check-out your items
on Sunday, December 2, 2012 from 8am-10am.
8. Vendors should know that the Hive WILL follow-up with the
purchased custom orders. Customers are instructed to contact the
Handmade Hive should there be an issue finalizing the transaction. Vendors who fail to satisfy the customer’s request, may not be
invited back for future events.
12. Missing items should be reported immediately to a Queen Bee
and a search will be conducted. If the item isn’t recovered, a form
must be filled out, and will be addressed once all items have been
checked out.
9. Please also have an actual representation of the custom orders
you are providing so potential customers have a sample of your
work and know what they can expect when purchasing a custom
10. Refer to the “How to Offer Custom Orders” sheet in the vendor
welcome kit for more information.
1. All items sold must be hand-crafted predominately by the
applicant. NO flea market items or raffles are permitted.
2. If a commercial re-seller (i.e. Pampered Chef, Thirty-One Gifts)
is renting a display, items must be available for immediate purchase.
Also, no “party” bookings, catalogs or other information will be
3. The Handmade Hive reserves the right to prohibit the sale of
crafts deemed objectionable (i.e.- crafts displaying offensive or objectionable words and/or content). If the Handmade Hive finds such
an item on display, the item(s) WILL be removed and will not be
permitted for sale.
4. The craft items listed on your application will be the only items
that can be displayed, so it is important to list EVERYTHING on the
application that you plan to sell. Additions and/or changes may be
made only with prior written request by the crafter and approval by
one of the Queen Bees.
We understand that a majority of the handmade world consists of
customized items, so we want to accomodate them. This is optional,
and is not a requirement for being a vendor.
Selling custom orders will require a specific procedure which is
outlined here:
1. Each vendor is permitted to create a maximum of 25 custom
orders per event in addition to their sellable inventory.
2. A barcoded tag must still be generated for each of the 25 custom
orders and then attached to the back of the sequentially numbered
Handmade Hive “Custom Order” Tickets.
3. These tickets must be requested on the vendor application and
will be included with the vendor’s welcome kit. If a vendor is already
registered and would like custom order tickets, they must contact
one of the Queen Bees to obtain them.
4. Each of the tickets have pieces of information that need to
be filled out on both portions of the tear card. Please fill out the vendor information on the larger side of the ticket. Leave the customer
information blank. Please print legibly, as this is the information the
customer who purchases your custom order will contact you with
to complete their transaction.
5. DO NOT detach any part of the tickets. They must be intact in
order for the custom order to be purchased.
6. It is suggested that custom tickets be attached to some sort of
tangeable item (i.e. - an empty gift-wrapped box, etc.) so customers
are less likely to misplace the tickets. (and they stand-out more too!)
7. Once purchased, the customer portion of each custom ticket stub
will be filed with the Hive to ensure all orders are completed on a
timely basis. Vendors will receive copies of these stubs so they can
contact the customer if necessary. The vendor information portion
of the custom ticket is attached to their receipt so they can get in
contact with you.
1. Vendors who want first-pick at shopping all the great items at The
Handmade Hive can volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours and get
an invitation to the Hive’s PREVIEW PARTY.
2. Vendors who volunteer for one 4-hour shift will receive $10 OFF
of their display rental for a discount of up to $20 (or two 4-hour
shifts.) A vendor is able to volunteer for as many additional shifts as
they would like after that without reimbursement.
3. Volunteering is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.
If a vendor cannot personally volunteer, someone may sign-up
to volunteer in a vendor’s place. (In order for proper credit to be
given, we must be informed of which vendor they will be working
for when they sign up for their shift.)
4. Volunteer shifts will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.
Shifts fill up quickly so don’t hesitate.
5. There are various tasks to accomplish with the volunteer shifts,
but most pertain to ensuring The Handmade Hive runs smoothly
and successfully. At no time is it acceptable for volunteers to make
adjustments to their display or peddle their items during their shift(s).
There are specific times in which adjustments and re-stocking is
6. The Handmade Hive reserves the right to deny reimbursement
for any vendor (or Vendor’s “stand-in”) who does not abide by these
1. The Handmade Hive, its staff or any of its volunteers, are not
responsible for any damage or loss caused by fire, theft, or any other
means. You can be assured, however, that we will take great care
in overseeing and protecting your items to the best of our ability.
2. The Hive reserves the right to limit the number of similar crafts
to ensure a variety for our shoppers. This is especially true for the
“commercial” re-sellers (i.e. Silpada Jewelry and Tastefully Simple)
which will be limited to ONE booth per company and a maximum
of 5 re-sellers per event. This will be determined on a first-come
first-served basis.
3. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Exceptions in the
policy are at a Queen Bee’s discretion.
4. Checks for all sales that include any reimbursements for volunteer
shift(s) will be ready for pick-up 2 days after the close of the sale
(Dec. 3rd) at 326 E. State St., Coopersburg, PA 18036. Checks that
haven’t been picked up after a week will be mailed on Dec. 7th to
the address listed on the Vendor’s application.
5. Please direct all questions or concerns to Ashley Laudenslager at
[email protected] or 484-554-8305.
Vendor Application
for Fall 2012
Vendor Trade Name (If applicable): __________________________________
Contact Name: _________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: _____ - _____ - ________
How did you hear about the Handmade Hive? ___________________________
Display Size vendor would like to rent for this sale:
 Single-Wide Pegboard - $60
(30"W x 6'H x 15" D)
 Double-Wide Pegboard - $80
 Table-Top Pegboard - $40
(5'W x 6'H x 15" D)
(36"W x 30"H x 15" D)
 I need a different size! Please contact me by  Email or  Phone to figure out what might work for me!
Please list and describe the items this vendor would like to sell at the Handmade Hive fall event:
(Please list ALL items that you plan to sell. Only items listed on application will be allowed.)
(If you need more room to list and describe items, please use the back of this page.)
 Please include ____ custom order tickets in my welcome kit. (Maximum of 25 custom tickets per vendor, per event.)
 Vendor has emailed 2-3 photos of the items they will be selling at The Handmade Hive to be used for promotional purposes
on the website and printed materials. (Please email images to [email protected])
 Vendor will  drop-off or  mail the minimum of 10 small item donations to the address below by November 1st, 2012.
By signing this application, I agree to abide by the attached "Vendor Agreement" for the Handmade Hive's Fall
Indoor Craft Market 2012. This is a binding contract, so please read carefully before signing.
Vendor Signature
Check is enclosed 
Contact me for Credit card info 
* Please make checks payable to The Handmade Hive *
and mail with completed application to
Attn: Ashley Laudenslager
The Handmade Hive
326 E. State St.
Coopersburg, PA 18036
For office use only:
Display paid?  Yes
 No
Method of Payment:
 Check  Credit Card
Processed by: _________________
Consigner # Assigned: __________
Login Info: User: _______________
Pass: _______________