Mirt Handmade Man (cat2) limited CD cat|sun

Handmade Man
(cat2) limited CD
Musician and graphic designer, playing with Brasil and
The Gallowbrothers Band (formerly One Inch of
Shadow) and solo.
He works for Cat|Sun, MonotypeRec labels and M|I
He prefers analog electronics, prepared trumpet and
guitar as well as field recordings. All of Mirt’s
recordings are made without use of computer, with
edits on analog tape only. This way excludes the wide
interference in recorded material. It causes the greater
concentration on work.
Mirt made four solo albums: Rain in City of Myrrh and
Forget-Me-Not (2001 Cat|Sun), Journey through the city
or six strange signs in Molnars diary (2002
Cat|Sun/Foxy Digitalis), Most (CDR 2003 Malachit, LP
2009 Cat|Sun/Nefryt), Oh! You are so naive! (2006
MonotypeRec.) and one with T. Gadomski - Si Si (2008
Mirt takes part in improvised live sets with Hati,
Wolfram, Black Forest/Black Sea.
1. Homunculus 1
2. Homunculus 2
3. Handmade Man
4. Homunculus 3
5. Glass Mother
6. Music of The Frogs 1
7. Burnt Words of Moai
8. Right Hand without Fingers
Total time: 48:00
CD limited to 250 copies in cardboard ecopacks
including deluxe edition of 50 copies housed in
special wooden box which you can connect to your
amplifier and treat like a musical instrument.
Rain in City of Myrrh and Forget-Me-Not (2001
Journey Through The City or Six Strange Signs in
Molnar’s Diary (2002 Cat|Sun, reedition: Foxy Digitalis),
Most (2004 malachit, vinyl reedition: Cat|Sun 2009)
Oh! You Are So Naive!(2006 MonotypeRec., cat|sun).
Si Si (with T. Gadomski 2008 MonotypeRec.)
With Brasil and The Gallowbrothers Band:
Wander Till Spring (2002 Cat|Sun/Nefryt)
The Band Plays On, The Dunes Move On (Caught Me
with Your Eyes Closed) (2004 Last Visible Dog)
Legionowo (2005 MonotypeRec.)
Hi Brasil Is Where We Are (2007 MonotypeRec.)
With One Inch of Shadow (selection):
about Handmade Man:
The impulse to create this album was an idea of
homunculus and bothering me questions: How such a
being would perceive the world? What the asylum for
homunculus would look like? As always in case of my
recordings, places, the states of limbo and passivities
are playing an important role.
“Handmade Man” is a kind of concept album connected
with homunculus, but apart from the literal meaning it
is possible to interpret it in many different ways. It could
be about searching of the refuge in nature, or about
human stupidity, greed and fanaticism.
Storm Is a Wave of Solitude (2000 Cat|Sun)
Index of Angels (2001 Malachit)
Birthday of Angels and Mannequins (2002 Perun)
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