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Science Slams!!
A great platform for researchers to present
their research in a fun and entertaining
way, and a great place for science
enthusiasts to find out what young
researchers are up to and make their vote
count in the selection of the winners!
So catch up with what these bright young
Slammers are up to in the DAAD Science
Slam at the German Study and Research
Expo India 2014!
Slammers and Slam Topics in Bangalore
Tuesday, 25 February 2014, at 09:00 hrs
ATM..... Any Time Monoclonal Antibody ....a Biological Therapy for Cancer
Monoclonal Abs are copies of 1 type of Ab which recognise and attach to specific proteins on
surface of cells and are hence used in cancer treatment. MABs may Trigger immune system
to attack cancer cells, block signals which tells cancer cells to divide...
Slammer: Apsara V, Bangalore University
Radiation Hardening By Design
The digital circuits in spatial environments upon incidence of high energetic radiations cause
malfunctioning and result in erroneous outputs. These are modified by making them
radiation hardened ensuring proper functioning of the circuit in high energy environments...
Slammer: Jay R. Baxi, Institute of Technology, Nirma University
Virtual Drums
The virtual drum is a set of gloves and slippers that lets anyone play drums in air. The bend
in the hand and tapping of legs produce the drum beats. It gives the same feel as playing
the real drums yet they are cheaper and portable...
Slammer: Joshwa S, IIT Madras
Virtual Piano : Music is in the air
This is about implementing a Virtual Piano or Air Piano using Camera and processing. Three
types of pianos have been developed, one of which is based on spatial information including
camera inputs...
Slammer: Sunil Sulania, IIT Madras
Earth to Foetus
The new industrial policy of the state is credited for industrialization Bhagwanpur block of
Haridwar district. The rapid industrialization process is likely to result in steep rise in the
contamination of soil, air and water sources. Heavy metals are natural and are one of the
hazardous compounds...
Slammer: Manpreet Kaur, Forest Research Institute Deemed University
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