CONVEYORWARE® Business Software, Inc.
Problem: Inventory Control
Situation: A small family-owned fulfillment center started their business in their living
room manually managing client orders and inventory. With the help of free software
from a friend, they built their business up enough to manage a warehouse. “We worked
in the warehouse during the day, and then spent all evening managing the paperwork”.
Adding new clients became a problem because they couldn’t segregate client stock,
manage charges for their labor, process back orders or receive orders electronically.
They began to search high and low for affordable software that could manage all of the
above, and more!
“other packages we were looking at started at thousands of dollars. Some companies
wouldn’t even talk to us…, we are so excited we found Conveyorware…”
Problem: Multiple Software Packages
Situation: The main challenge of a Michigan-based company that supplies new and
refurbished wheels produced for multiple models and years of vehicles was to manage
their core exchange program and sales of the refinished and newly coated rims. They
had to maintain accurate inventory counts of products on the warehouse floor as well as
through the refurbishing supply chain. They had an accounting software package and
their inventory was being managed through a series of spreadsheets. What they
needed was software that could handle all!
“…from logistics and inventory reporting through accounting processes Conveyorware
has provided excellent technical support for the interface and they constantly are
upgrading it!”
Problem: Accounting Integration
Situation: A new web store continuously added items until their product line included
dozens of toys, electronics and other consumer products. Managing inventory,
customers and orders through accounting and financial requirements without
outgrowing their software programs was a constant concern for the owners.
“…we have not missed a single shipment, and we have been bringing in new business.
…your software support has proven to be our greatest asset.”
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Conveyorware Business Distribution
Software is a proven, secure, cloudbased, fully integrated suite of
Business Software for distribution and
logistics which meets the challenges
and complexities of import, retail and
wholesale distribution and e-commerce
fulfillment throughout a cross section of
Powerfully manages one stockroom or
dozens of warehouses – from ordering
and shipping to invoices and payments!
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further information to help showcase the
benefits of acquiring this software technology,
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Business Benefits of
Conveyorware Business Distribution
Online Access:
Always from Anywhere
Rapid Deployment
Ease of Use without Capital Risk
Adapt to Growth- At Any Scale –
without growing pains!
Upgrades & Enhancements are Free
For Virtual or Brick & Mortar Businesses
Increased Accuracy and Productivity
Streamlined and Integrated Processes
Real-Time Tracking and Reporting
All-in-One Software Features
Point of Sale & e-commerce
Purchasing & Receiving
Barcode-based Inventory & Ordering
Locator Warehouse Management
Customer Account Management
Sales Territories & Commissions
Parcel & Freight Shipping
Billing & Accounts Receivable
Sales Tracking & Reporting
Returns & Warranty Processing
Vendors & Accounts Payable
General Ledger & Financial Statements
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All-in-One  Easy to Use  Scalable  Affordable