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Gorgeous Handmade Invitations!
A Girl’s Night Out!
Diva Girl Party Invitation!
Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitation!
These are ideas for just some of the ways you can use these invitations, but they're all
so versatile that each one can be used for many different occasions - have fun!
A Girl’s Night Out!
Step 1
Print out the glass template (find it on page 5) and decorate it / color it in, using the
style and colors you choose. If you're able to use an image editing software then you
can have a lot more fun - for this particular example, using Adobe Photoshop, I chose
a pattern overlay then applied a glass filter. Cut the glass shape out when you're
finished (this invitation is just a single piece of board, you write on the back). Try to use
a relatively thick board, 200gsm or more.
Step 2
Write the invitation details on the back of the glass. Since it's an interesting shape, you
could get quite creative - instead of just writing in straight lines, try writing along the
edges of the glass shape! Another alternative is: instead of decorating the front, write
the invitation details on the front instead of the back, going along the edges!
Step 3
Get your toothpick and beads ready. Using a craft knife, you'll have to chip off a bit of
the toothpick at one end to make it narrow enough to go through the beads. Then just
glue them on using your favorite craft glue.
And now you’re ready to party the night away – have fun!
Diva Girl Party Invitation!
Step 1
Print out the glove template (find it on page 6) onto either plain white board (I used 160
gsm and it was thick enough) or colored board, or even patterned board! You can even
create your own design to be printed out if you do a bit of editing in an image editing
Step 2
Cut the glove shape out, fold the thumb over, and stick it down using flat double sided
tape. Now you can have some fun adorning the wrist part! You could use beaded
ribbon as I have in this example, or some other ideas are:
bright feathers from a boa
patterned/textured fabric
pretty colored lace or something crocheted or even knitted
a combination of all the above!
Step 3
Time to create the part that counts the most - the where and when of the party! I used
the same board that the glove is printed onto, but I glued pretty gift wrap to the back of
it. Again, there are so many different options to get creative with this, so use your
imagination! This needs to be about 8 to 10 cm high, and as long as you like since it's
going to be rolled up. Then simply tie it with a pretty piece of ribbon and tuck it into the
thumb of the glove.
The Divas are now ready to rock!
Mall Scavenger Hunt Invitation!
Step 1
Print out the bag template (find it on page 7) onto either plain white board or
patterned/colored board of your choice - I again used 160 gsm but you can use up to
200 gsm. Before you cut the shape out, you can turn your page over and print the
invitation wording onto it, or you can choose to write that by hand.
Step 2
Cut a 15 cm piece of thin guage wire, and thread the beads of your choice onto it, in
any pattern or combination you like! This design works great with small and large
beads, so go wild! Shape your handle, and at each end of the wire, bend the last 2 cm
perpendicular to the rest.
Step 3
Bend your cut out bag at the two places indicated by the thin white break between the
yellow - the top flap and the middle section. Don't bend the board completely flat, if you
bend it kind of half way, your bag will retain a nice full shape instead of just being flat
(bend in towards the side that will have the print on it, with the yellow at the back which
will be the outside of the finished bag).
Step 4
With the inside of the bag facing you, stick the handle on at the fold of the top flap, as
indicated in the above right picture. I used ordinary thick white craft glue, but if
something else works better for you that's fine too, just try to make it as neat as
possible (you could even stick a strip of board or fabric over this section to hide it).
Step 5
Almost done! Fold the bottom flap up and the top flap over that, sticking the top flap
down with a pop dot or glue dot. Glue your feather and bead onto the tip of the top flap
- I glued the feather first then the gem on top, but you could also thread a bead onto
the quill of the feather instead.
Grab your bag and shop till you drop!