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Dr Mihaela Carmaciu
Ear Micro-suction
Appointments can be booked directly by email
(mih[email protected]) or by SMS text message
at 07758 803620
Ear Micro-suction is the safest procedure for the examination and the treatment of the ear. It
involves the use of a microscope and a suction machine. It is a noisy procedure but not painful in
normal circumstances. It can be used for:
Extraction of wax and foreign bodies
Regular cleaning of mastoid cavities
Treatment of acute or chronic ear infections
De-waxing of children’s ears (cooperative children above 4 years of age)
Dr Mihaela Carmaciu is a GP who achieved the Diploma in Laryngology and Otology from The Royal
College of Surgeons in London in 1996. She has been providing ear micro-suction services to NHS
Mid Essex patients since 2009. She is also able to provide this service to private patients (£80).
The clinics are run every Tuesday at North Chelmsford NHS Healthcare Centre, Sainsbury’s, 2, White
Hart Lane, Chelmsford, CM2 5EF. The morning clinic is run by Dr M Carmaciu and the afternoon clinic
is run by Jo Knight, a very experienced ear micro-suction nurse. Jo can also see private patients(£60).
Earwax is a normal secretion of the ear and has protective qualities, but it can be a cause of pain or
hearing discomfort when it becomes impacted in the ear canal. The regular use of cotton buds,
earphones, earplugs or hearing aids can contribute to this problem. Also, dry skin, narrow or
distorted ear canals could also cause earwax impaction.
Hair shampoos or shower gels can cause skin dryness, flaking and itching. Regular use of a few olive
oil drops or the use of olive oil spray weekly can help to moisturise the skin of the ear canal. Try to
keep your ears dry if you experience frequent infections of your outer ears.
If you are a patient registered with NHS Mid Essex and if your GP believes that you need ear microsuction you can have this procedure done in the NHS (by GP referral only). However, if you are not
qualifying for NHS funding as established by the local NHS restriction policy or if you wish to save
time, you can still have ear micro-suction done privately by contacting the doctor directly at
[email protected] or by Text at 07758 803620.