employment agreement for assigned employees of consol partners, llc

The parties agree as follows:
Parties "You", "your", and "yours" refer to the person who has signed this Agreement on its last page. "We", "us",
"our", and "ours" refer to ConSol Partners, LLC, and its affiliated companies. "Customer" means a person or
organization who purchases your work time from us. Customers are third party beneficiaries of this Agreement.
Relationship to Us While you are on assignment for us, we will be your employer and will:
exercise general supervision of your employment;
pay you wages (the hourly rates for which may vary with each assignment), as well as overtime
that we authorize;
provide benefits to you according to our benefit plans, policies, and arrangements;
pay the employer's portion of taxes and other mandatory contributions arising from your
withhold and remit taxes that you owe, as required by the taxing authorities;
provide worker's compensation benefits or coverage for you as required by law;
be responsible for unemployment compensation;
reimburse to you any authorized, reasonable, and necessary expenses that you incur on
assignment to Customers;
maintain records about your employment;
provide orientation to your assignments and, for some assignments, special job training;
as required, exercise the authority to discharge or discipline you; and
perform other duties required of employers by law.
Relationship to Customers We contract with Customers to sell them your time and labor for particular assignments.
You may not allow Customer significantly to change the nature of your assignment without our knowledge and
agreement. You are our employee and will not be an employee of the Customers to whom we assign you (though
some protective employment laws may apply to them.) No officers or employees of Customer are authorized to
change this fact by statement, agreement, conduct, silence, inaction, or in any other way.
Your Duties On your assignments, you will devote all of your time, energy, and relevant skill to the tasks assigned
to you, and you will faithfully and industriously perform them according to our Customers' management policies and
decisions. You may not hire assistants or substitutes.
Term of Employment Your employment and your Customer assignments are not guaranteed for any definite time,
though we may tell you estimated lengths of Customer assignments. They may be terminated by you or by us at any
time without notice and without cause, though your eligibility for additional assignments may depend on your giving
us appropriate notice of voluntarily ending an assignment. When a Customer ends an assignment, you will notify us
if you continue to be available for further assignments.
As specified in the Schedule attached you shall deliver to ConSol a timesheet with a detailed breakdown showing
the work performed and the time spent. The timesheet must be received by ConSol by no later than 2 working days
following the work period to which it relates. The employee must obtain the signature of an authorised
representative of the Client as verification of execution of the timesheet.
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ConSol Partners, LLC - Assigned Employee Agreement
Customers' Benefits You will not be eligible and shall never make any claim to participate in Customers' benefit
plans, to share in the Customers' financial gain arising from your work, or to receive benefits or other valuable things
from them under their plans, programs, policies, or practices. Customers' benefit plan communications and
compensation materials do not apply to you. If it is ever officially determined that you are entitled to any such
benefits or valuable things, you acknowledge that they are not part of your employment bargain, that you have no
expectation of receiving them, and that you hereby waive any right to receive them and elect currently and
retroactively not to participate in or apply for them.
You will not accept any payments from Customer and will bring all non-operational employment-related problems,
issues, inquiries, and responses first to us. If Customer's officers or employees initiate non-operational employmentrelated discussions with you, you will immediately report such discussions to us.
Confidential Information and Trade Secrets In your employment with us on assignment to our Customers, you may
be exposed to their trade secrets or other confidential information. During and for five years after each of your
assignments, you shall not reveal or make use of such confidential information, except in the proper performance
of your employment duties for us on assignment to the Customer who owns the information. When your
assignments terminate, and at any other time at our request, you shall promptly deliver to us or to our Customer all
of such confidential information then in your possession or control.
Every invention, discovery, creation, and copyrightable work that you produce in the course of your employment is
a "work for hire" under the law, and you will not claim or acquire any rights to it. If you nevertheless acquire rights
to such a work, you agree to assign and hereby do assign those rights to us without compensation and will execute
any documents necessary to accomplish the assignment.
Work For Customers After Assignments For the 180 days immediately after each of your Customer assignments,
you will not, without our written consent, provide your time or your labor or their fruits ("your services") to that
Customer as:
 an employee of the Customer;
 an independent contractor, agent, or distributor of the Customer; or
 an employee of a staffing firm, consulting firm, or vendor other than us.
Our consent may depend on contractual arrangements or on payment of a fee by that Customer.
Employee's Statement:
Copy the following sentence in longhand script or manual printing:
"I have read all of this agreement, I understand it, and I agree to its terms."
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ConSol Partners, LLC - Assigned Employee Agreement
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ConSol Partners, LLC - Assigned Employee Agreement