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Wishing you and your pets a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.
elcome to your autumnal issue of Wag! This Wag is packed with
plenty of your favourite successful rehoming stories, fun items
from our Christmas gift catalogue, a report on Greyhound
welfare, appeals for knitted dog jumpers to help homeless dogs
feel cosy – and of course it’s jam-packed with fabulous dogs on every page!
Look who got left out in the rain
Wag! News
All that’s going on in the world of Dogs Trust…
Bilingual Babushkas
Photo: Ross Parry Agency
from the
Greyhound industry agrees
to inspections
Search for the Pupparazzi star
of 2012
Look who got left
out in the rain…
Keep Our Canines Cosy
Deana Selby
Snooping Around Loughborough
We’ve Got Christmas All
Wrapped Up
PS Thanks to everyone who wrote saying Wag should
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I will never second-guess the British summer again!
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Behind the scenes this issue...
Lizy, Bea and doggy Myrtle wonder how many
more times they have to run over the hill
The Tail End
Volunteer dog walkers on
the Harefield field
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Springer spaniel
Myrtle, springing
Autumn 2012
Myrtle’s cream-crackered
after all that zooming
Front cover: Myrtle (ex Dogs Trust Evesham) with
Elizabeth and Beatrice Evans by James Lincoln
Dogs Trust ‘at home’ to
Pets at Home
eep your eyes peeled for the new Dogs
Trust “adoption and advice centres”
based at the Pets at Home superstores.
Earlier this year we joined forces
with the nationwide chain of pet superstores
to give free advice and handy tips on choosing
and caring for a dog - at three of its branches
– Birstall (Leeds), Barnstaple (N. Devon) and
Telford (Shropshire). Dogs Trust rehoming
centre staff are on hand to let shoppers know
all about some of the fantastic dogs needing
homes at their nearest rehoming centre.
Helen Woods, who works at Dogs Trust
Leeds and also at the advice centre in Pets at
Home in Birstall, explains,
“We take a different dog into the store
every day and it’s good to speak to so many
customers who didn’t even realise they can get
a gorgeous dog just a few miles away.
I get such a kick when I know that someone
I’ve spoken to has gone back to the rehoming
centre and actually booked a dog. It’s even
better when they visit us again with their lovely
new rescue dog in tow!”
'You and your puppy’
Our new easy to use pup training app is available on
all smartphones, tablets and now also on Android
devices. Visit your app store now for our essential
guide to all the early training and socialisation your
new puppy needs. It costs £1.99 for iPhone, £2.99
for iPad, £1.80 for Android phones and £3.20 for
Android tablets.
On one of the wettest days of a very wet year, a
12 week old puppy was abandoned by its owner
on a Leeds street.
A kindhearted passerby took pity on the pup,
taking her to the local dog warden, who then
brought her to Dogs Trust Leeds, where she was
swiftly dried off and warmed up. Staff were amazed
to see that the Staffy cross had not a single hair
on her body. As manager Amanda Sands says,
“Poor Splash had endured an awful day by the
time she was found. The rain was relentless, and
as she is only 12 weeks old she would have been
terrified by all the water and noise.”
At the time of going to press, Splash was
recovering very well from her ordeal and was
receiving treatment for her skin condition. Thanks
to an appearance on ITV’s Daybreak and Calendar,
Splash had already been offered a myriad of
homes from the brilliant dog loving British public.
Amanda is confident that she’ll be well enough for
rehoming fairly soon, so we’ll keep you posted.
‘Him off telly’
checks out Bally
Here’s Eamonn Holmes and his son, Jack, checking
out the gorgeous dogs during their recent visit to
our Ballymena rehoming centre. Wag hopes they’re
pointing out a potential playmate for Maggie, the
bouncy terrier cross he and wife, Ruth Langsford,
rehomed from our West London centre last summer.
Autumn 2012
Wag! News
Wag! News
Greyhound industry
agrees to inspections
Bilingual Babushkas
Say ‘Strasveetye’ to Lena (5) and her daughter
Mishka (2), two lovely German Shepherd lasses,
who baffled our Snetterton staff by appearing
to be slightly dim and/or disobedient – both
highly unusual traits in a GSD.
All became clear when a letter from their
previous owner arrived days later, explaining
that the dogs only understood Russian. The
dogs had been handed over when their
heartbroken (Russian) owners had a change
in circumstances and felt they were no longer
able to look after them. Luckily, Snetterton
receptionist Mel’s partner speaks the language
fluently, and was able to supply a list of Russian
words which the girls might understand.
With the language barrier well on the way
to being overcome, Lena and Mishka are now
looking for homes, preferably with new owners
who don’t mind learning a little Russian to help
them feel at home!
Says Diane McLelland Taylor, Snetterton
manager, “Our staff are adept at teaching hand
signals to help deaf dogs, but this is the first
time they’ve had to learn a whole new language.
As both dogs are still relatively young we’re
hoping that with a patient owner they will
be able to grasp English commands and
become bilingual!”
Please call Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953
498377 if you would like to learn more about
either dog. Spaseeba!
Cassie opens
Lena checking her dictionary
for ‘I’d love a new home please'.
Ollie ♥'s Paws for Progress
It seems that Ollie’s time on the Paws for
Progress scheme at Polmount Young Offenders
Institute provided the perfect stepping stone
to finding a permanent home.
Ollie the pup had been rehomed three
times by our West Calder team, but each
time had been returned for reasons such as
chasing cats and just being too much of a
mischievous pup. He was then at the centre
for several months looking for a home but
kept being overlooked by visitors, despite his
friendly nature.
West Calder’s behaviourist, Julie Morrison,
felt Ollie would really benefit from the one to
one attention he would receive if he joined the
Paws for Progress scheme. How right she
was. Ollie thrived on all the extra mental
stimulation and thoroughly enjoyed all of his
training sessions with the young offenders.
Once he’d finished the 6 week scheme he
eventually met his ideal family, the Melroses.
The Melrose family are besotted with
Ollie, who now leads a very active lifestyle
surrounded by children, cats, dogs and horses!
50 Shades of Grey(hound)
Groom for
improvement at
ith his limpid brown eyes, dashing
stripy coat and ‘old school’
manners no wonder the staff
at Dogs Trust Glasgow call this
dapper chap Gentleman Jim.
Retired racer Jim proved his gentlemanly
credentials by visiting elderly residents at the
Croftbank care home in Uddingston, and was
such a big hit that he has been invited back for
more cuddle and stroke therapy just as soon as
Waitrose is now stocking the Dogs Trust
grooming range, specifically the anti-odour
shampoo (£6.99), conditioner (£6.99) and dry
shampoo (£5.99).
All items are on sale at most Waitrose stores
around the UK, and a third of all profits will come
to Dogs Trust. Every product in the Dogs Trust
range, including the unique snout balm, is not
tested on animals and paraben-free. The full range
is also available at
Autumn 2012
Collie cross Cassie was guest of honour at the
Canine Swimathon held at the Rainsbrook
Veterinary Practice this summer.
Eighteen dogs swam in Rainsbrook’s
new hydrotherapy pool over a period of 12
hours, raising £800 for Dogs Trust and Dogs for
the Disabled.
Regular Wag readers will recall Cassie, the
Falstaffian Fido who had been fed on human
food all her life and was so large she could barely
walk. Staff at Dogs Trust Kenilworth worked very
hard to help Cassie shed her excess weight, with
regular hydrotherapy sessions at Rainsbrook
playing a vital role in her recovery.
As Alison Coxon, veterinary nurse at the vet
practice, explains: “We were thrilled to invite Cassie
back to kick start our swimathon - she’s the perfect
ambassador for the benefits of hydrotherapy.”
his social diary allows it.
According to supporter relations officer, Vicky
Kelly, who was Jim’s chaperone for the day, many
of the home’s residents were delighted to meet
Jim, and their faces lit up when he came over for
a stroke – as can be seen from the photos.
Gentleman Jim and nine other sweetnatured Greyhounds are available for rehoming
at Dogs Trust Glasgow, please give them a call
on 0141 773 5130.
ogs Trust welcomes the news that
the Greyhound racing industry’s
governing body, the Greyhound Board
of Great Britain (GBGB) is to inspect all kennels
at trainers’ premises at least twice a year.
It has also promised to make funding
available for an extensive programme of
kennel repairs. Until now there was no way of
ensuring consistency in kennel inspections,
but the board has agreed to set up a working
committee to look into all aspects of
inspections, as well as the standards of care
given at each trainers’ premises.
Given that a racing Greyhound spends
the majority of his life at the kennels of his
trainer, the news that their premises will now
also come under regular inspection is warmly
welcomed by Dogs Trust, which acts as the
chair of the Greyhound Forum.
Furthermore, the GBGB’s equivalent in
the Republic of Ireland, the Irish Greyhound
Board, is now making greater efforts to
rehome their retired dogs in Ireland, instead
of shipping them to the continent. Dogs Trust
is pleased they have recognised the need to
tackle their welfare problems at home rather
than export them overseas.
As regular Wag readers will know, Dogs
Trust has worked closely with the racing
industry for many years, in order to improve
the lives of these beautiful dogs ‘from cradle
to grave’. We will continue to work with the
industry until we are satisfied that Greyhound
welfare is protected at every stage of their lives.
Autumn 2012
Wag! Feature
Wag! Feature
for th
Our junior
canine carer
Photography James Lincoln
alling all budding David Baileys!
If you’re a keen photographer - and
animal lover - aged between seven
and 13, then this is the perfect
competition for you!
At Dogs Trust we know that dogs
and children can often make the perfect
partnership. We’re here to help young
people understand both the joys - and
responsibilities - that come with properly
caring for a dog. Our youth education officers
give school and youth club talks throughout
the year, encouraging the dog owners of
tomorrow in making the right choices today.
Top tips from Pentax
1. Keep your hands nice and
steady when you’re taking
your picture so it doesn’t blur.
2. When capturing your pet’s
movements try and take two
or three shots quickly one
after the other. You can then
stop, look through them and
choose the best one.
3. Keep your photos simple,
don’t put lots of things in the
background that will take
away from your main focus.
Autumn 2012
What to do..
We’re asking you to take your camera and
capture your image from “a day in my dog’s
life.” We don’t mind whether your dog is in your
picture or not, as long as it follows the theme.
If you don’t have a dog of your own we’re
happy for you to snap a friend’s dog – please
remember to ask their owner first!
All you need to do is upload your photos
to our online Flickr gallery at
groups/jcc2012 and then add your short
comment explaining the ‘tail’ behind your
picture. You could also send a print to Dogs
Trust head office.
The winners will also each
receive a fabulous Pentax
Optio RZ18 digital compact
camera, worth £149.99. This
funky camera features an
Upgraded Pet Mode, which can detect the
faces of dogs and cats with great accuracy,
and takes exceptional images thanks to the
combination of 16 megapixels and a high
performance zoom lens.
The categories
A prize will be awarded to each of the
following age groups: 7 years, 8 years, 9 years,
10-11 years and 12-13 years. Please remember
to clearly write your date of birth by your
entry, and let us know both your email and
postal addresses.
Closing date
The closing date for entries is 1st December 2012.
The prizes
Five lucky winners will get the chance to
become a Junior Canine Carer for the day at
their nearest Dogs Trust rehoming centre.
• You’ll be able to groom, feed, train,
play with and generally have fun with
the dogs in our care.
• You’ll get to see what life is like as a canine
carer, and get the chance to be really
hands-on with some of our dogs.
Autumn 2012
Wag! Feature
Wag! Feature
Keep Ou
Dogs Trust helps in
South Africa
ogs Trust has recently committed
to helping the Mdzananda small
animal clinic in South Africa.
Based in Khayelitsha township in
Cape Town, the clinic operates out of six metal
sea containers, and carries out some excellent
animal welfare work in an area where poverty
and unemployment are rife.
Over a period of 12 months Dogs Trust will
be helping the clinic to extend its opening
hours from five days a week to seven, allowing
staff to perform even more operations.
We will also be helping to improve their
basic facilities, upgrade their veterinary
equipment, including an improved anaesthetic
machine and biochemistry equipment.
Additionally, we will be increasing their
outreach capacity, allowing their mobile clinics
to spend longer with each patient and have
Autumn 2012
more regular visits into the townships.
David Newall, International Director for
Dogs Trust, visited Mdzananda recently, telling
Wag, “I saw a long queue of people holding
their dogs waiting for the clinic to open, all
so keen to have them vaccinated. The local
community is very supportive of Mdzananda,
and I was overwhelmed by their commitment
to ensuring their pets’ health, despite all the
other pressures in their daily lives.”
The clinic was founded in 1996. By creating
jobs, running fundraising schemes and
holding one-day initiatives, the clinic aims to
engage and empower the local community
while at the same time helping to improve
animal welfare.
For more information please email
[email protected] or
Lazola Sotyingwa,
welfare assistant, an
d friend.
"One basic
animal clinic for
1.5 million people
and their dogs; we
are thrilled to be
able to help"
David Newall, Dogs Trust
lease pick up those knitting needles
and knit one, purl one in order to
help homeless hounds really feel
the benefit this winter.
Your ravishing Rover-shaped jumpers
will be added to the canine hampers that
we distribute, as part of our Hope Project
for homeless people’s dogs, each year.
Non-knitters can also contribute to the
hampers by buying toys and treat stockings
for the homeless dogs from the website and look at list
no.99188. Don't forget to give the Dogs
Trust address as the delivery address!
Regular Wag readers will already know
about our Hope Project, which offers free
and subsidised veterinary treatment to
dogs whose owners are homeless or living
in temporary accommodation. Many of the
owners have been forced to choose this life
because they have found it difficult to find
accommodation where dogs are accepted.
Clare Kivlehan, Dogs Trust Hope Project
Manager, explains: “The bond between any
dog and owner is a strong one, but for some
homeless people their dog can be their only
friend. We hope this year that we will be able
to make their festive season a little brighter
with the addition of some cosy dog jumpers
and fun toys.”
So before you set your needles clicketyclacking, please have a look at our sweater
suggestions: The jumper design should be
practical for a dog to wear, so please no
dangly adornments that a dog might chew
off and swallow!
Many of the dogs helped by the Hope
Project are medium to large in size, so we
would especially appreciate jumpers that
would fit ‘dogs of stature’!
Wag reader and keen canine knitter,
Linda Dennis, urges people to get involved:
"These animals are a great comfort to the
homeless and deserve the best we can do
for them.”
For free dog jumper patterns, type “Dog
jumper patterns” into your internet search
engine and you’ll be shown many options. Or
"I have been
knitting dog
coats for the Hope
Project for about 12
years and I like to
think it helps keep
our four-legged
friends warm
through the cold
winter nights"
Linda Dennis, Wag reader
email [email protected]
If you have no internet please call Dogs
Trust customer services on 020 7837 0006
for a free pattern. Jumpers should arrive at
Dogs Trust Head Office, 17 Wakley
Street, London, EC1V 7RQ, no later than
23rd November.
Autumn 2012
Wag! Feature
Wag! Feature
around ough
Splish-splash, she was
taking a bath
Clutching Lurcher pups is all in a day’s work for Nikki
Smith with canine carers Aimee Turner and Marie Cover
A quick chat with Nikki Smith, Ma
Poppy and Benji are all ears in the training
barn with behaviourist Nico
Berry welcomes you to
Loughborough. P.S. he belongs
to Nico, our behaviourist.
Loughborough’s been open a
few weeks, what’s been your
highlight so far?
There have been so many! Maestro
was our first dog to be reserved, which
was brilliant. It was also lovely holding
the official opening ‘do’, and showing
so many local people around our
amazing centre.
What would you love to happen
this weekend? Chuck and Izzy,
our longest staying residents, to be
reserved by brilliant new owners. Favourite canine resident? I had a
soft spot for Bob T Labrador as he had
"We’re looking for another Lurcher to
join our family” say Eva, Ruby and Lula
Autumn 2012
Roll over Rover, time
for a vet-check
Wussell has pinched
Nico’s walkie talkie
"Leicester is deaf so we've been "What an excellent centre. You hear so many
shown how we can train him bad things about kennels but you don’t feel
using sign language." sorry for them here as it’s so much like home."
Jim and Beth, Loughborough
The Brooks Family
such a lovely face and carried a toy
everywhere! I also fostered Caspar, a
beautiful Staffy who liked to sleep on
my bed, and I’m currently fostering
Mork, a Jack Russell cross, whom I
hope to rehome myself very soon!
Funniest moment? That would
have to be having our staff photos
taken with the different dogs in the
centre - we snuggled up for closeups with our canine pals and most
of us got lots of licks and kisses with
slobber, hair and mud everywhere
by the time we’d finished! The photos
are fab!
What advice would you give anyone
thinking of visiting the centre?
Just come! Our building is amazing
and well worth a visit and if you’re
looking for a dog we’ll really try to find
you your perfect match.
Thanks Nikki – get back to work now!
Visit Dogs Trust Loughborough at Hill Farm, Wide Lane, Wymes Wold,
Loughborough LE12 6SE, or call 01509 880070. We’re open every day from
12 – 4pm EXCEPT Thursday when we are closed to the public.
Autumn 2012
Photos: Martin Phelps
Nikki what are you up to right now?
I’m currently working with my team on
refining the centre’s daily processes to
make sure the dogs are given all the
behavioural and veterinary support
they need. I also helped take in 14
new dogs at 7.30pm last night.
Wag! Feature
Wag! Feature
Marilyn and Ray tell Wag, “Beau settled
into our home immediately and is the
most loving dog you could ever wish to
meet. His favourite place is lying on our
bed, although he sleeps in his own bed all
night, just as long as he has four toy pigs
with him.” Daniel, the editorial spaniel,
always sleeps with two pheasants. Each
to their own.
Ian and Viv Ballinger tell us Angus used to be
quite nervous, but now he loves to play, eat
and sleep – and not necessarily in that order!
“He gets a lot of love but also gives a lot of
love in return, and we would not want to be
without him.”
Is there anything better than a nice cup of tea,
a Hobnob and pages of wonderful readers’ dogs?
These hairy beauties have all been given a
second chance by you, and rehomed from
Dogs Trust rehoming centres.
Put the kettle on…
“We had a dog from your good selves over 12
months ago, and what a great dog ‘Meadow’
has turned out to be. She is loving, caring,
very tame, so we thought we would send the
attached picture which hopefully shows just
how happy she is.” Thanks, Paul Betts and Sue
Hallow, that’s our smile of the month!
Graeme and David would like to
introduce Caspar, telling Wag,
“He has had a very nice lifestyle
(as you can see) and loves the
beach here in West Sussex.
We would be so chuffed if
you could include him in Wag as he
turns 13 very soon!” Chuff away,
and happy birthday Caspar!
Carol and Ken Malone took this beautiful shot
of Lucy frolicking among the daffs last spring. “Lucy is doing really well with her training
and also responds well to commands. She is
very sociable with other dogs and has a few
friends that she sees daily at the local dog
walking field. Thanks for taking such good
care of Lucy whilst she was with you, we can’t
imagine not having her here with us now.”
Autumn 2012
Molly (she’s the one on the right) is
having a nice nap next to owner Martyn
Jones. Martyn tells Wag, “According to
the book, Bull Mastiffs are calm, quiet
and stoic. Sadly, Molly hasn’t read the
book.” Molly is our official 'big-bonced
honey' of the month!
Molly’s head is
ten times bigger
than mine
Autumn 2012
Wag! Feature
Wag! Feature
“We were so lucky to find Alfie at
Ilfracombe, we’ve had him for over two
years now and he is such a lovely boy.
He loves his daily walks on the beach
and adores a swim in the rock pools
too. He’s so full of love, we feel blessed
to have him as part of our family.”
West Calder
Here’s Junior with Tracey Scott’s neighbour’s
children, whom he adores. Tracey believes
Junior might be a Nova Scotian Duck Tolling
Retriever, just like Millie from Wag spring
2012, but the jury’s out on this one. Either
way, the verdict on Junior is he’s one lovely
looking dog.
Dr Spencer Reid
Isn’t he lovely? Photogenic Suggs
is the adored family pet of the
Robinson-Walshes, and as mum
Dawn adds, “When we moved to
Devon, we were thrilled to be able to
go to Ilfracombe Dogs Trust and find
a family pet. Suggs had been found
lost and hungry, and had been
at the kennels for a week by the
time we arrived. He loves playing
ball and jumping the waves. This
photo is a professional one taken by
Morwenna Photography in Bude.”
Millie Brown, aged 12, tells Wag, “We
collected Trixie, my collie-cross from
Glasgow Dogs Trust three years ago
when she was seven years old. When
we were being told about her by the
carers they said Trixie liked tennis balls;
they were not wrong, she goes nuts for
them! She is a big softy and always has
a big wet lick ready for you when you
come home from school.” Awww.
Autumn 2012
Oodels and Tess
Wag can’t resist a dog with a title, so meet Dr
Reid, who is living proof that you can indeed
teach an old dog new tricks. Eleven year old
Dr Reid had been in our care for over a year,
and was not too keen on other dogs.
However, Steph and Alec tell us, “After 6
months of plenty of love, routine and a bit of
training he is now the best gentleman in the
park. He even has a favourite lady friend! We
named him Dr. Spencer Reid after one of the
best, intelligent sidekicks on the TV, and he has
certainly lived up to his name!”
Sylvia Davis wishes to thank canine carer
Tracey Casewell, of our Shrewsbury centre,
for finding Oodels and Tess for her in 2009.
Oodels was a black collie cross with a
sad past, Sylvia says, “He could easily have
been mistaken for a grizzly bear, but one
look into his beautiful brown eyes and I
fell in love with him.”
She also rehomed his kennel mate
Tess, a wiry terrier, and the two were the
best of pals for over 18 months. When
Oodels passed away last year both
Tess and Sylvia were heartbroken. “He
may only have been with us for a short
time, but that time was a world of love,
happiness and security.”
The Davises are a motorbiking family,
and Tess now enjoys regular rides on
Sylvia’s specially converted pillion.
Autumn 2012
The Tail end!
Wag! The Tail end!
Old dogs teach
new tricks
How you are all helping to help Dogs Trust
We’ve got
all wrapped up
Our Christmas catalogue is back and better than
ever. We have a fantastic extended range of products
so you will be able to find that pawfect gift. There’s
even more choice online, with new gift ideas being
added all the time on
If you didn’t receive a catalogue with this copy of Wag!
just call 0844 324 8520 or email
[email protected]
After the Twelve Days of Christmas enjoy
the 12 dogs of the month with our
Dogs Trust 2013 calendar.
A welcome break with
your four-legged friend!
Sprout Sprint Crackers
A cracking way to start the
Christmas dinner and maybe
even a sprout to the finish.
Cuddly Dog Toy Zoo
When your canine companion
finds this squeezy canvas toy in
his stocking he’ll be sure to send
a bark of thanks to Santa Paws.
Stop. Raffle time!
GIL1247 Winter Raffle ticket art v3_GIL1247 Winter Raffle ticket art v2 31/05/2012 10:51 Page 1
Winter Raffle 2012
L 12345678
Be a lifesaver this winter...
Please play our raffle and help Dogs
Trust to care for us this winter. At just
£1 a ticket, you could win one of our
pawfect prizes below!
of bubbly like Miss L
Smith from Fife, who
Thank you
We hope you’re a winter winner!
won our special prize
1 £7,500 £5,000 £2,500 £1,000 £750 £500 £250
draw! Unfortunately raffle
books can not be sold or
bought by persons under the age of 16, are only available to residents of Great
Britain and not available to residents of Northern Ireland. On behalf of all the
dogs in our care thank you for your support and good luck!
To get your paws on more books, please call our ticket hotline on 020 7833 7672.
Registered Charity Numbers 227523 and SC037843
You could be lucky like our Spring 2012 Raffle winners:
1st Prize £7,500 Mrs I C Wood, Aberdeen 2nd Prize £5,000 Mrs J Jackson, Hertfordshire 3rd Prize £2,500 Miss B Read, Northumberland
4th Prize £1,000 Mrs S Hard, Dyfed 5th Prize £750 Mrs M Goodlad, Surrey 6th Prize £500 Mrs H Ashton, Salisbury
7th Prize £250 Mrs J Lynch, Berkshire
Autumn 2012
Photos: Martin Phelps and Tim Lloyd
Our Winter 2012 Raffle is now open, so get your skates on for your
chance to win one of nine tinsel-tastic prizes. Not only could you win
BIG but by supporting our raffle you are helping us to care for even more
stray and abandoned dogs.
For more information on how to play or if you would like to get your
paws on additional raffle books please visit or
call our ticket hotline on 020 7833 7672.
If you’re our top ticket seller you could be celebrating with a magnum
Doggy All Stars
What better way to say
Happy Christmas to friends
and family than with these
cheeky canine cards.
veryone needs a holiday – so this winter
why not stay a little closer to home?
Thanks to Welcome Cottages, you can
take your favourite four-legged friend away
on a pet friendly holiday in one of their
beautiful cottages. A cottage holiday is both
relaxing and great value, especially when you
save on those kennel fees and you don’t get
charged for your pet!
Discover quaint thatched cottages,
luxurious mansions and even the odd castle.
Choose from properties with good facilities,
an open fire, a beautiful garden, a swimming
pool, and even a great pub close by. There
really is something for everyone.
You can take a short break of two, three or
four nights, or get away for a week or more.
All the cottages on offer are maintained to
the highest standard, providing everything
you need to ensure your holiday runs
totally smoothly.
Welcome Cottages will donate to Dogs
Trust for every booking made. So - while you
are escaping the everyday and enjoying the
freedom of doing what you want, when you
want, on your holiday - you also know you
are helping Dogs Trust look after even
more dogs.
Search and book securely online at to find
your perfect cottage. Alternatively, call our
friendly sales team on 0845 604 3933.
Attention, bookworms!
We’ve teamed up with GreenMetropolis to give
you a new way to buy, read and recycle your
books. Here’s how you can support Dogs Trust
through GreenMetropolis:
• Help raise money for Dogs Trust by buying
and selling books
• For every book you buy or sell on behalf of
Dogs Trust – 50p or £1.00 is donated
• Because all books cost just £3.75 (most
include free delivery) you’re sure to bag a
bargain in the process!
So whether you choose to buy or sell with
GreenMetropolis you can sit back in the comfy
chair and relax in the knowledge that your book
reading isn’t costing the earth. Start shopping
now at
A trio of very old dogs have taught Amy
Leadbeter if not quite a new trick then something
even better; a love of dogs.
Like many people, Amy was scared of dogs.
Although she’d never been bitten she would
always give dogs a wide berth, crossing the road
to avoid contact with them. All that changed
when she met Cola, an elderly dog owned by
her friend Laura.
Laura is one of Dogs Trust’s Dogmobile
drivers, and had rehomed Cola from our
Kenilworth centre, knowing that Cola had
cancer and her vet had estimated that she
would have three months left to live.
Happily, Cola lived another 18 months with
Laura and her partner Helen. It was during that
time that sweet, affectionate Cola totally changed
Amy’s mind about dogs. Cola’s gentle manner
allowed Amy to see that not all dogs were
aggressive. Fairly swiftly, Amy switched from being
disinterested in Cola, to stroking her, to taking her
for walks. Eventually, she and her partner Simon
agreed to look for a dog of their own.
The Dogs Trust website showed that there
were two older chaps, Jake (16) a Bedlington
cross, and his son Alfie (13), at the Oakfield Old
Dogs Home (part of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury)
seeking a quiet home. Amy and Simon fell in love
with them as soon as they met. Now, thanks to
Cola, Jake and Alfie, Amy has transformed from
someone who was terrified of them to being the
proud of owner of not one, but two, senior boys!
Amy has the final word: “I’ve realised that it
wasn’t dogs that I was scared of, but dogs that
were allowed to leap up by thoughtless owners.
I’m definitely a dog person now! When Alfie
comes bounding up to greet me when I come
home from work it’s the most wonderful feeling.”
We still need your used first and second class,
foreign and old stamps! But ‘no thanks’ to standard
issue Queen’s head ones. Please send to….
Autumn 2012
Wag! The Tail end!
Getting to know you, getting to
know all about you…
Wag! The Tail end!
The gift that keeps
on giving…
Meet our dogs
Bring your
own dogs
Urgent Christmas Appeal
Your details:
Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (Please circle)
First Name:
028 2565 2977
01656 725 219
20 - 21 Countryside Live show, Yorkshire showground
24 - 25 Morrisons, Moreton Park, Darlington
Darlington’s Spook Night, an evening of spooky fun for children
and dogs, call 01325 333114 to book.
31 - 1 Nov Tesco, Shrewsbury
01227 792 505
01325 333 114
00 353 1 879 1000
01386 830 613
Payment details:
0141 773 5130
YES! I want to help abandoned dogs this Christmas by donating
01271 812 709
Pet photographer at W. London
14 – 15 Abingdon town centre
Ilfracombe’s Christmas Fair, Braunton Parish Hall
Morrisons, Johnstone, Glasgow
20 -21
22 - 23 Tesco Middlewich, Cheshire
22 - 23 Asda, Livingston
24 - 25 Pet photographer at W. London
Glasgow’s Christmas Fair 12-3pm
Shrewsbury’s Christmas Fair, 12-4pm
27 - 28 Melton Mowbray High Street
28 – 29 Morrisons, Bulwell, Nottingham
01926 484 398
0113 281 4920
Loughborough 01509 880 070
0151 480 0660
01488 658 391
01980 629 634
01273 452 576
01952 770 225
01953 498 377
West Calder
01506 873 459
West London
0845 076 3647
Other £__________
Holy muttrimony
Congratulations to David and Michelle Franklin
(née Powell), who tied the knot in July, and were
delighted when their dogs Simba, Scruffles and
Thomas made a surprise appearance at the
reception, courtesy of their cunning colleagues
from Dog Trust Kenilworth. The happy couple
first met and fell in love while working as canine
carers at our Kenilworth rehoming centre.
Autumn 2012
West London
For the rehoming centre
opening hours please visit
I enclose a cheque (payable to Dogs Trust) for the sum of
photo: Martin Phelps
Bridgend’s Christmas Fair 11-3pm
Merseyside’s Christmas Fair 12- 4pm
Darlington’s Christmas Fair - 12-4pm
Loughborough’s Christmas Fair 12 – 4pm
Kenilworth’s Christmas Fair 12-4pm
Leeds Santa Paws Weekend 12-4pm
Shoreham’s Christmas Fair, 11am-1pm
Newbury’s Christmas Fair, 10am -12pm
Asda, Rugby
Leeds Santa Paws weekend 12-4pm
Pet photographer at W London
Salisbury’s Christmas Fair December 12-3pm
15 - 16 Pet photographer at at W.London
Snetterton’s Boxing Day Walk 10.30am
Postcode:Supporter Number:
Please debit the sum of £___________________________from my card
Card no.:
Valid from:
ver the past year we have been extremely touched by the huge
amount of our supporters who have pledged to leave us a gift
in their wills. We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of
those who have taken the time to consider not only their own
futures, but the future of Dogs Trust.
Like our four-legged friends, these very special gifts have come in all
shapes and sizes and have helped to contribute in some way to life at Dogs
Trust. From bedding and biscuits to an entire veterinary suite, these are
just some examples of what is a wonderful way people have left a lasting
memory of their love for dogs.
Leaving a gift in your will is an amazing way to ensure that your
support can continue, even after your own lifetime. For further information
please fill out the coupon below or call us on 020 7837 0006 to speak to
someone in confidence.
Legacy Coupon
Huge thanks to Eve Godwin, aged 8, who did a sponsored silence for
a whole hour – which was very difficult as she is a proper chatterbox
- and raised £46 for Dogs Trust as a result. Many thanks too to Katie
Pittel, who bravely skydived and managed to raise over £1,100.
Many thanks indeed to Eamonn Holmes, who kindly nominated
Dogs Trust as one of his charities during his presidency of the
Television and Radio Industries Club. He has very generously raised
£5,000 for Dogs Trust.
Special thanks to everyone who
has run, jumped, walked, swum
and generally supported Dogs Trust
this year! If you fancy challenging
yourself by running a 10K race or
even a marathon, skydiving, cycling
from London to Paris or trekking in
Peru (phew!), please get in touch at
[email protected] or
call 020 7837 0006.
Cardholder's name (as printed on the card):
Gift Aid
I have already remembered Dogs Trust in my will
Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (Please circle)
Issue no.:
Please send me a free legacy information pack which provides full
information about how to leave a gift in my will to Dogs Trust.
Sound of silence
Expiry date:
Full Name:
to help her reco
Eve hugs Bobby
If you are a UK taxpayer, make your donation worth
almost a quarter more at no extra cost to you.
Gift Aid means that for very £1 you give, we can claim up to 25p
from the Government. This means that your donation of £10 can
be worth up to £12.50 and it doesn’t cost you a penny more! Just
tick and date below:
You must pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or UK Capital Gains
Tax in each tax year at least equal to the tax that dogs Trust will claim
from the Government on your Gift Aid donations.
Yes, I agree that Dogs Trust can treat all the donations I have made in
the last 4 years (prior to this year) and all future donations I make from the
date of this declaration as Gift Aid donations.
Today’s date
Supporter number (if known):
1. 2. 3. 4. Email address:
Telephone Number:
All information will be treated as strictly confidential
Please return this coupon to:
Legacy Information
Dogs Trust, Freepost WD360,
17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 1NA
Autumn 2012
Please notify us if you change your name or address, or if your circumstances change and you no longer pay sufficient tax.
You can cancel the declaration at any time by notifying us and we
will cease to reclaim tax from your donations.
If you pay Income Tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.
If you have any questions about Gift Aid please phone us on
020 7837 0006.
Registered Charity Nos. 227523 and SC037843.
Please return TO: Wag! Response, DOGS TRUST,
lease give a donation this Christmas to
help us continue to provide comfort
and care for our dogs. With your gift,
we can provide heating, food, cosy
beds, veterinary care and most important
of all - love! We look after 1,300 dogs over
the festive period so your donation really is
essential at this time of year.
Sadly, many dogs are abandoned during
the festive season, like young Jingle, who
came into Dogs Trust Evesham as a stray
on Christmas Eve. Once treated for an eye
infection and some minor cuts, Jingle was
back on his paws again and was able to have
a happy, safe and warm Christmas in our care.
Jingle was only saved thanks to the generosity
of our supporters – so please send a donation
today and give a very happy Christmas to our
dogs. Thank you.
Please see over flap for donation form
Give the
gift of...
to an
dog this
Christmas dinner
cosy bed
You may
already know
what you’re
hoping for
this Christmas…
Photo: Martin Phelps, Andy Catterall
hat are we hoping
for? The answer is
simple. We want
the dogs in our
care to have a special Ch
filled with love, warmth
happiness, safe fro
in the
and loneliness of life ou
is busy
cold. The festive period
for our 19 rehoming ce
But it’s also a time to
because we truly can giv
our dogs the Ch
deserve and it’s all
your suppor t.
Please send a donation today. Thank you