Crimson Notes – May 11, 2015

Crimson Notes – May 11, 2015
Concord High School’s Weekly Newsletter
from Gene Connolly, Principal
We will ensure every student has full access to our
District’s curriculum.
We will coordinate our instructional programs when
more than one of us is working with a student.
We will use the data we collect to closely monitor our
students’ progress and adjust our instruction when a
student is not making progress.
“Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way” -Paul Simon
Concord High School has a well-earned reputation for academic excellence. Continuing the wonderful tradition
are seven juniors who have earned recognition for the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program: Eli Frydman,
Edgar Lyons, Joseph Ossoff, Skye Reese, Eliot Sands, Kelly Varnell, and Rachel Venator. Congratulations!
Concord Trust Awards
The annual Concord Trust Awards will be presented this
evening at 5:00 PM at the Christa McAuliffe
School. Award recipients should be there by 4:30
PM. The Concord Trust is a Concord gem. For many years
they have awarded modest grants to faculty members to
purchase educational materials that might not be included
in the regular budget. The funds have served as seed
money for a number of innovative programs that have
demonstrated their worth and are now included in the
regular operational budget.
Miss Saigon
The CHS Drama Club presents the
school edition of "Miss Saigon" this
week on May 14, 15, and 16. Tickets
are $12 adults, $10 for students/
seniors, and may be purchased in the
Music Department Office or at the door.
OHT Awareness Week
This afternoon at our baseball game, Wednesday afternoon at our softball game, and all week across the
state, we will recognize veterans as part of Operation Hat Trick. CHS’s own Bill Marston and family will be
our special guests for this afternoon’s game where we will honor their son Blake. We are also looking for
Concord area veterans to be recognized on both dates. If anyone has a family member who would like to
participate and throw out an honorary first pitch, please contact Steve Mello at
[email protected] . Veterans who participate in the ceremony will receive a complimentary
Crimson Tide Operation Hat Trick hat and ball autographed by the team. Press Release Link
Prom Dress Recycling Program
Submitted by Meghan Hall
Standing between lots of people and the 2015 CHS Levee is finding the perfect prom dress! Standing between a
few of those people and the prom is actually the inability to go out and purchase a dress. We are having a Prom
Dress Drive to help “raise dresses” for no cost to help CHS students who are not able to afford their perfect
prom dress. Don’t let your prom dress sit in the closet! Let your prom dress have one last fun time and help a
good cause! Send your gently used prom dress to be recycled and worn again at the 2015 Levee! Accessories,
shoes, etc… are also gratefully accepted. Contact Meghan Hall or Kristina Peare for more information…or send
dresses, to their attention, at the high school. Thank you for your generosity!
Ford AAA Winner—CRTC Wins 1st and 3rd Place—Off to Nationals in Dearborn, Michigan
Submitted by Steven Rothenberg, CRTC Director
I am proud to announce that at the Ford AAA Competition, the premier high school auto tech competition, our
two teams came in 1st and 3rd place this past Saturday. Our 1st Place team of Spencer Carney and Ian Zaczyk
came from Mr. Mayotte’s room and our 3rd Place team of Andre Levasseur and William Thibeault came from
Mr. Emerson's room.
First, only ten teams are selected to participate. A statewide written exam is given and most schools are quickly
eliminated. We were the only school with two teams competing, let alone one.
The competition was held at New England Dragway. Ford and AAA line up thirty new 2015 Fords. All are
“tricked out” to have the exact same set of issues. Teams from NH, VT, and ME compete at the same time, but
teams only compete within their state. Students are given an extensive work order involving a number of faulty
systems. Students bring their own tools, laptops with schematics, and advanced scan tools (we use the Snap-On
Solus), and have a maximum of 90 minutes to compete.
Students make the decision to announce that they are done and our 1st Place winners in fact finished
first. Once "the hood is shut," they drive about 400 feet. The students can choose to return to the bay if they
still have problems to address or they can "pass the point of no return" and have the judges inspect. A total of
six more teams finished, including our other team, and three did not. Our winning team had three small demerits, but when the scoring was complete, we came in first.
Spencer and Ian will receive an all-expense paid trip to Dearborn to compete with 49 other states. Kudos to Mr.
Mayotte, Mr. Emerson, and Mr. Bill.
Of note, in the other major statewide competition, Skills USA, CRTC student Oliver Noble won. He earned a
$5,000 scholarship to Diesel School at White Mountain Community College. A good sweep for us!
CRTC Dessert Night—May 13
Our annual Dessert Night will be held on Wednesday, May 13, at 6:30 PM in the CHS Student Center. This
event is for ALL incoming students and their families. It is an opportunity to focus on the student’s particular
program and in doing so meet our staff, see our facilities, learn about the program, and mostly get warmed
up for next year. Our experience is that almost all new families come.
Anna-Marie DiPasquale is being recognized by the Partnership for a Drug Free NH (PDFNH) at the PDFNH
Spring Rally at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium on May 12 for her role in helping to raise awareness and
disseminate information to parents on ways to talk to their children about drug and alcohol abuse.
New Hampshire youth are drinking and using drugs at an alarming rate. The Partnership for Drug-Free
NH launched the “Check the Stats” campaign, which is a prevention initiative to let parents and caregivers
know that there is a very real problem with drug and alcohol use among New Hampshire’s youth. The
campaign features statistics from national and state drug and alcohol use surveys, and provides parents
and caregivers with information and tools they need to help keep their tweens and teens safe. Parents are
a powerful influence in their kids’ lives – even more so than their peers. Studies show that children who
learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are 50% less likely to use.
Ms. DiPasquale was appointed a "Champion" of the cause and participated in making a video to help increase awareness of the drug and alcohol related issues here in NH, especially among our youth. She has
spoken to parents about these issues at the CHS “Meet the Coaches Night” and has also spoken to student
leaders about ways they can work together to prevent these drug and alcohol problems.
Athletic Attachments (Please Click on Link)
Athletic Schedule - Week of 5/11/15
Fall Sign-Ups— June 3
Mon. 5/11
Tues. 5/12
Wed. 5/13
Thurs. 5/14
Fri. 5/15
Sat. 5/16
Tues. 5/19
Wed. 5/20
AP Exams
Concord Trust Awards Ceremony—5:30 PM—McAuliffe School
AP Exams
Student Review Team—7:45 AM—Main Office
Curriculum Work Time—3:00 PM
CRTC Dessert Night—6:00 PM—Student Center
AP Exams
Graduation Planning Committee—7:15 AM—Main Office
Curriculum Facilitator Meeting—8:00 AM—Professional Library
EEP Meeting—10:30 AM—Main Office
Spring Drama—7:00 PM—Miss Saigon—McAuliffe Auditorium
AP Exams
Spring Drama— 7:00 PM—Miss Saigon—McAuliffe Auditorium
Spring Drama—7:00 PM—Miss Saigon—McAuliffe Auditorium
Gates Spring Testing
Literacy Team—8:30 AM—Main Office
Administrative Council—9:30 AM—Dewey School
Youth Roundtable—9:30 AM—Professional Library
8th Grade Transition Night—6:15 PM
Student Review Team—7:45 AM—Main Office
HOSA Blood Drive—8:00 AM—Gymnasium
Be the Change International Night—6:00 PM
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Thurs. 5/21
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Mon. 5/25
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Curriculum Facilitator Meeting—8:00 AM—Professional Library
EEP Meeting—10:30 AM—Main Office
Memorial Day/End of the School Year Assembly
Memorial Day—No School
Memorial Day Parade—9:00 AM
Trivia Night—7:00 PM
Student Review Team—7:45 AM—Main Office
Film Festival—6:00 PM—McAuliffe Auditorium
Freshman Class Elections—7:50 AM
Curriculum Facilitator Meeting—8:00 AM—Professional Library
Sophomore Class Elections—8:30 AM
EEP Meeting—10:30 AM—Main Office
Honor Roll Ice Cream Social—11:00 AM
State Scholars Night—7:00 PM—McAuliffe Auditorium
Junior Class Elections—8:00 AM