ith the knitted fashion
world set to enter an old
Hollywood glamour era
of sparkle and glitter
Angelina in its many
guises could play a leading role. But
Angelina can metamorphise itself into so
many other forms covering function and
decoration that it can find multiple
applications in technical uses and as
heterogeneous materials.
The immediate impression in
looking at ‘Angelina’ is of a glistening
and luminescent effect. Because it
can be metallic and sparkling it should
be harsh to the touch. Not so. Touching
the fibre is said to give an “almost
cloud-like” softness.
Made of a polyester or nylon base,
Angelina is available in new luminescentiridescent colour ranges. The luminescent
fibres can contain more than 100 layers of
polyester and acrylic polymers. It is
produced in metallised and non-metallic
colour ranges, holographics, in clear
nylon or polyester suitable for dyeing or
cross-dyeing. Subtle luminescent
iridescent highlights, soft metallic
highlights, heavy metallic effects, clear
sparkle or ultra high-tech colour refractive
sparkle can be achieved using as little as
2-3 per cent of Angelina in the fibre mix.
“Textile yarns including a wide range of
knitted fabric and garment possibilities,
non-wovens, paper, fishing lures, wall
coverings, carpets or crafts are not the
only uses for Angelina. ‘Angelina’ fibres
made of metals such as copper, brass,
steel for brake linings a full colour of
aluminium fibres and substances such as
Angelina fibre colours
Meadowbrook Inventions’
‘Angelina’ fibre has created
something of a textile
sensation since its exposure
in High Tech – High Touch
fabrics created by Ornella
Bignami and Li Edelcourt at
Sample of knit fabric
incorporating Angelina fibre
Kapton® add further possible
end-uses”, enthused Meadowbrook’s
Roberta Ruschmann from the
company’s New Jersey base.
Angelina is manufactured in a wide
range of deniers and staple lengths.
Available as fine as 8 denier, it is
suitable for blending with natural and
synthetic fibres such as cotton, acrylic,
wool, polyester etc. There is also a
special “deckel” and soft crimp version
that combines the advantages of a
crimped fibre but still retains two flat
surfaces for optimum light refraction
and a jewel-like effect.
At Pitti Filati, Angelina was shown
in luminescent soft fibre colour
ranges as follows:
● Angelina polyester luminescent fibres
● Angelina aluminium 100 per cent metal
effect/technical fibres
● Angelina ‘hot fix’ heat bondable fibres.
Known as heterogeneous fibres these
comprise fibres that are literally bonded
together. The unusual chameleon effects
as they change with light refraction are
unusual and can be lavish.
As well as heat bondable
Angelina fibres aluminium “anti-stress”
fibres, titanium, copper and carbon
black are available.
A number of mills are actively working
with Angelina fibres and give an indication
of its wide commercial scope. Some
examples include:
Brodnax Mills is actively continuing
its development using Angelina fibres
for home furnishings, residential and
commercial as well as contract and is
working with Angelina technical metal
fibres in various combinations with other
fibres for non-apparel end uses,
according to Buddy Nixon.
New Fil has included Angelina metal
fibres in their Tamigi and Mississippi
ranges for apparel and non apparel uses.
Linea Piu, has included Angelina fibre
in a spectacular vibrant luminous colour
range called Rhum in a lofty merino wool
mixed with Angelina.
Yarn Mavens has complemented
their range with the addition of a clear
Angelina fibre which incorporates the
dimension of light into the fabric and
gives it an ultra soft hand. “Angelina
gives a shimmering effect to our rayon
and cotton blend yarns, which are great
for sweaters, wovens and socks”
commented Felise Erdal.
Philos has mixed aluminium metal
Angelina fibres with ultra soft worsted
wool which results in a glowing soft wool
yarn suitable for knitted and woven
fabrics. This creates a crisp yarn with an
ultra soft hand and a paper touch effect.
Ecafil, Best Spa’s Vision yarn offers the
properties of very fine, metallic finish
Angelina yarns which are deep and full of
luminous colour with uneven surfaces.
The matt shiny surfaces are sophisticated
rather than aggresive and present a new
visual personality.
Lanas Merinos in Mexico has created
several beautiful yarns incorporating
Angelina that glow with luminescence in
an incredible fascinating manner that
must be seen to be appreciated.
Jilj in a high-tech/natural approach, has
developed a very appealing heather-like
yarn using a very small percentage of
Angelina creating a sophisticated
luminescent “peek-a-boo” appearance for
upholstery as well as hosiery.
Other mills working with Angelina
fibre include, Werbak, Ilaria S & L
Corona, Wiscassett, Ronile, Kraemer
Textiles, Cavelier Textiles, Du Re
Textiles, Ormspun in Canada and
Tricots Liese for knitted fabrics.
Angelina fibres are also said to be
suited for sliver knits and fleece like
fabrics. Terrific Pacific has some
mixed Angelina fibre fabrics that
give new dimensions to typical flat
look fleece like products. Other
companies working in fleece areas
include Huntingdon Mills.
Angelina fibres
100% metal
fibres and yarn
by Brodnax
Mills USA
containing the