2013 Camp Newsletter Toon Town Carnival! WE’RE ALMOST READY FOR THE

2013 Camp Newsletter
July 15, 2013 Volume 42, Issue 4
Camp Director:
José V. Torres
August Camp Director
Marie Del Tejo
Assistant Director:
Nancy L. Torres
Office Manager
Ariana Ayala Woods
Luz A. Gomez
Extended Day and Canteen
Lysa M. Gonzalez
Facilities/Athletic Coordinator:
Leslie Kohen
Aquatic Coordinator:
Caitlin Baer
Lori Collman
Orissa Woods
Marie Del Tejo
Pioneers & C.I.T.’s
Nicholas Klinovzky
 Unescorted Campers cannot arrive before
 For Safety, sneakers
must be worn every day at
ACT, water shoes are required for water activities.
 Send a water bottle so
campers can fill up at the
water stations.
 All campers must bring
a lunch and water bottle
on trip days. ACT Tshirts are a must on trips
including XClub trips for
Voyagers and Pioneers.
Between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, we will assemble over 35
games on the Pulpit Green, Front Drive, Playground, and ACT gyms. On Thursday at 10 a.m. performances by Mini-ACT, Prep groups, Discoverers, Trailblazers
and Voyager X Club Members begin in the Front Gym. At 11:30 a.m., the whole
camp assembles on the Pulpit for the ribbon cutting ceremony that announces the
official opening of all the rides and games. Each camper starts with 15 ACT dollars
that serve as tickets for games and rides. Campers can earn additional ACT dollars
by successfully completing various challenges like trivia questions, exercises or special tasks by a coordinator or me. Campers should wear bathing suits and water
shoes so they can happily participate in the festivities for both days.
Campers must stay with their buddies at all times while they explore the Carnival.
Specialists will be strategically located around the grounds as monitors. There will be
clear and carefully delineated boundaries, and we’ll hold group buddy checks
throughout the day. In addition to enjoying the all the games and activities, all
campers will have a shift working at their group’s booths. Campers learn that with
freedom comes responsibility. Many a camper has grown up to become an entrepreneur after his/her ACT days are over. We sometimes say, “It all started at an
ACT Carnival…” Try to come to ACT at 10 a.m. for a show on Thursday, July
19th or stop by during the Carnival from noon - 3 p.m. Thursday or from 11 a.m. – 3
p.m. Friday. You’re welcome to bring young friends. If you do, find me and I will
give them ACT dollars so they can join the fun! Nancy Torres
ACTion: Week three
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Camp Newsletter
This Week’s Events
Monday July 15th 2 p.m.-3:30
Preps Theme Event: Toon Stations.
Wednesday June 17th
Prep Trip to Rockland Lake.
Campers must wear bathing
suites and ACT & Shirts. Bring
lunch, sunscreen, hat, change of
clothes. Leave at 9:45 A.M.
Thursday July 18th
Camper Assembly 10 a.m.
Carnival 11:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m.
Canteen is open for business.
Coming up
Tuesday, July 23rd: Circus
Assembly 10 a.m. by the Bindlestiff Family Circus.
Wednesday July 24th: Prep trip
to Rye Playland leaves at 9:30
a.m. Please be at camp by 9:15
a.m. We will return at 5 P.M.
Thursday July 25th: Voyager
Trip to Mountain Creek. 9:30
a.m. – 5 p.m. Please be at
camp by 9:15 a.m. We will return at 6 P.M.
Friday July 26th:
Prep Circus Event
Location: Front Gym 10 A.M.
Friday, July 26th 2:30 p.m.
Voyager Circus Event and Closing Ceremony for July Summer
Location: Back gym
Camp closes at 4 p.m. - so staff
can prepare for Session II.
Friday, July 19th: 9:30 a.m.
Group photos on the Pulpit. If
you missed getting an individual
portrait on July 5th you can send in
form attached to this letter
10 a.m. Show for Preps’: “The
Great Max Magic Show”
10:30 a.m. Show for Voyagers’: Banjo, the Clown Music
and Magic Show.”
Carnival: 11 A.M. -3 p.m.
Canteen is open for business.
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Camp Newsletter
A Message From Lori Collman,
Mini ACT Coordinator
Week Three found Mini ACTers
painting, cooking, exploring,
singing and dancing in Toon
Town. We’re gearing up for an
exciting week preparing for carnival where each group presents
two games for all ACT to play.
Campers dress in hand made
costumes related to their
themes. We can’t wait to showcase our singing at the Toon Assembly Thursday at 10 a.m. in
the ACT gym, then on to play
the games with all of our friends
for two days. Please speak to
me if you can join your camper
for part of Toon Town Carnival .
Lots of fun during this past
week of Toon Town: made ice
cream and homemade play
dough and prepared to celebrate
carnival chaos next week. Since
the Navigator's theme is Winnie
the Pooh, we will make Tigger's
Tail and Eeyore's Ears in theme
art. We will also play Animal
Charades at lawn games and
One Fish Two Fish in cooking.
Most of all, we look forward to
our 100 Acre Obstacle Course,
Pin the Tail on Eeyore, and lots
of fun games at the carnival.
Emily, Maya and Fatima
We enjoyed an amazing week of
laughter, fun, and connection.
Our Carnival theme is Dr. Seuss,
and we’re reading The Cat In The
Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish,
Blue Fish, and Green Eggs and
Ham. Campers love to listen to stories and then complete sentences
and rhyme words while we read. Campers are making Cat In The Hat
hats and bow ties and will paint our banner and game station for Carnival. Ball toss is one game; one fish, two fish and water blast squirter
is the other. We will practice and then perform a Cat in the Hat
song. Gloria, Alex.
Next week the group uses our Lyle the Crocodile theme to prepare for
Toon Town Carnival. Campers will create and then wear special crocodile hats during Carnival. Detectives plan to use their special artistic
touches to paint and embellish signs for our games, “Knockin’ Rockin’ Croc” and “Catch the Croc.” At the Toon Assembly we will sing
“Teasing Mr. Crocodile.” During our Morning Meetings, we learn
about the American Crocodile. Ask your mini-actor these questions
about crocs: How long do they live? Where do they live? What do
they eat? How much does a full-grown croc weigh? It’s going to be a
“crocking good time”.- Robin, Crystal and Diego
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A Message From Orissa Wood,
Prep Division Coordinator
Last week was Toontastic! Campers began work on
their carnival banners, costumes and games. Art specialists have been busy listening to campers’ ideas and incorporating them in their carnival projects. Costumes
being created include platypus beaks for Perry; bows
and ears for Mickey and Minnie; car shirts for the racers; scarves and vests for pirates; eyes for minions in
Despicable Me; shirts for monsters; and bat capes to be
worn at the Hotel Transylvania. Campers wear their
costumes when they perform Thursday at 10 a.m., and
then use many of the items to decorate their booths.
The trip to Shepherd Lake was a great success. Campers
and counselors were in the water from the moment we
arrived but there was still time to hand knit, play softball, Frisbee, soccer and enjoy the jungle gym.
During our theme event today, campers divide into
groups for: ACT Toon Jeopardy, Toon cookie decorating, Super Hero GaGa, Toon Rockwall Challenge, Parachute games and Disney Wii Dance. Ask your camper
what she/he did this afternoon.
We continue to have a blast on Wednesday at Rockland
Pool; then there’s The Toon Town Carnival Thursday
and Friday.
Camp Newsletter
 Lost and Found:
Many items are not labeled with camper’s names. Please check the lost and
found for clothes, water bottles and
lunch boxes. Please Label
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Camp Newsletter
A Message From Marie Del Tejo,
Voyager Division Coordinator
Toon Town Games: Voyagers
have been working with art specialists on backdrops for their
Toon Booths. During Theme
ACT, counselors help campers
design costumes and work with
them to develop and practice
games. Each group has devised
games that require skill and
some luck so all campers can
participate. Look at these diverse activities:
Adventure Time
Rainbow Unicorn Throw
Adventure Obstacle Course
Wreck It Ralph
Wedgits Building Challenge
Lupo Wreck it Challenge
The Croods
Crood Zoo Toss
Bobble Head Ring Toss
DC Justice League:
Justice League Maze: Col
lect kryptonite to protect
Capt. America Destroys the
Villain Spiderman/Black
Widow Challenge
Important Reminder about
Columbia Pool time:
Surveyors will be going to the
Columbia Pool on Monday and
Tuesday of this week and next
week. Please have them wear
bathing suits to camp and bring
a towel and change of clothes.
(It is not necessary to wear ACT
Voyagers should wear bathing
suits Thursday and Friday to
enjoy water rides.
Week three:
This week’s Voyager award for
organizing opening and closing
meetings goes to:
The Challengers!
Congratulations to all groups
for great work.
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Camp Newsletter
A Message From Nick Klinovsky,
Pioneer Division Coordinator
Our camping trip last week was
incredible! Pioneers were involved in many team building
activities that required cooperation and thoughtful strategies.
Pioneers and Surveyors participated in a plethora of games all
around our Pirate theme. The
Senior Pioneers had first place
showings in the long distance
relay and Pirate Trivia contest.
The Junior Pioneers engineered
a cardboard boat that was able
to hold almost Two pounds of
apples while under pirate attack
at Stony Lake. Other games included the Pirate Spit, Cannon
Fire(water balloon launching),
Cannon Ball run, Walk the
Plank, Test of Bravery and sack
relays. The Tavern Party on our
last night included games of
chance, tattooing and a Pirate
try to knock down “Meg” in a
game similar to Whack-A-Mole.
Stay tuned for the X Club
Newspaper which will list the
final tally of loot and announce
which crew became The King of
WATER SHOES are a must
for all the water games at the
Coming up this week we prepare for our Toon Town Carnival. Another strong example of
teamwork, groups have spent a
great deal of time brainstorming
the logistics of developing their
carnival area as well as plan how
they will effectively run their
The Senior Pioneers will bring
the family of “Family Guy” to
life and are inviting carnival goers to test their reflexes as they
Junior Pioneers 2 will focus on
Space Jam characters,
and have a Space Jam Free
Throw contest booth, as well as
a booth where players neutralize
the “Monstars.”
Junior Pioneers 1 will focus
their attention on Tweety and
Sylvester, and challenge visitors
to their booths to games of skill
using water blasters as well as a
basketball type game that engages players in getting Tweety back
to his cage.
Don’t forget Pioneers should
wear suits to camp this
Monday and Tuesday and next
Monday and Tuesday for swim
at Columbia.