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This is a list of the first books in over 500 mystery series. Many of the books can be found at the
Galesburg Public Library, and all can be found within the local library alliance. Please ask at the
Reference Desk if you’d like to request a copy of any of these books.
Series Name
First Book Title
Abel, Kenneth
Abrahams, Peter
Adams, Harold
Adamson, Lydia
Aird, Catherine
Albert, Susan Wittig
Albert, Susan Wittig
Alcock, Terri
Anderson, James
Andrews, Donna
Andrews, Donna
Babson, Marian
Babson, Marian
Bagshawe, Tilly
Bailey, Elizabeth
Baker, Shannon
Ball, John
Bannister, Jo
Ballard, Mignon
Bannister, Jo
Barclay, Lindsay
Barnard, Robert
Barnard, Robert
Barnes, Linda
Barnes, Linda
Barr, Nevada
Danny Chaisson
Echo Falls
Carl Wilcox
Alice Nestleton
Detective Inspector Sloan
China Bayles
Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter
Samantha Hope
Inspector Wilkins
Meg Lanslow
Turing Hopper
Perkins & Tate
Trixie and Evangeline
Sidney Sheldon homage
Lady Fan
Nora Abbott
Virgil Tibbs
Brodie Farrell
Miss Dimple
Zack Walker
Charlie Peace
Perry Trethowan
Carlotta Carlyle
Michael Spraggue
Anna Pigeon
Cold Steel Rain
Down the Rabbit Hole
A Cat in the Manger
The Religious Body
Thyme of Death
The Tale of Hill Top Farm
In Too Deep
The Affair of the Blood-Stained Egg Cosy
Murder with Peacocks
You’ve Got Murder
Cover Up Story
Reel Murder
Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game
The Gilded Shroud
Tainted Mountain
In the Heat of the Night
Echoes of Lies
Miss Dimple Disappears
A Bleeding of Innocents
Bad Move
Death and the Chaste Apprentice
Sheer Torture
A Trouble of Fools
Blood Will Have Blood
Track of the Cat
Series Name
First Book Title
Barron, Stephanie
Jane Austen
Beaton, M.C
Beaton, M.C
Bebris, Carrie
Beck, K.K
Bell, Nancy
Berry, Linda
Billingham, Mark
Black, Veronica
Block, Lawrence
Blunt, Giles
Bond, Michael
Borthwick, J.S
Boyer, Rick
Boyle, Gerry
Brandon, Jay
Braun, Lilian Jackson
Brightwell, Emily
Brett, Simon
Brett, Simon
Brett, Simon
Brown, Rita Mae
Brown, Rita Mae
Bruno, Anthony
Burke, James Lee
Burke, James Lee
Burke, Jan
Burley, W.J
Butler, Gwendoline
Campbell-Slan, Joanna
Canadeo, Anne
Cannell, Dorothy
Cannell, Stephen
Cantrell, Rebecca
Carl, Joanna
Carlson, P.M
Carlson, P.M
Carr, John Dickson
Casey, Donis
Casey, Jane
Casey, Kathryn
Caudwell, Sarah
Cavender, Chris
Challinor, C.S.
Chambers, Christopher
Chan, Cassandra
Charles, Kate
Chesney, Marion
Child, Lee
Childs, Laura
Chittenden, Margaret
Agatha Raisen
Hamish MacBeth
Mr. and Mrs. Darcy
Jane Da Silva
Biggie Weatherford
Trudy Roundtree
Tom Thorne
Sister Joan
Matthew Scudder
John Cardinal
Monsieur Pampelmousse
Sarah Deane
Doc Adams
Jack McMorrow
Chris Sinclair
Jim Qwilleran
Mrs. Jeffries
Charles Paris
Mrs. Pargeter
Jane Arnold
Mrs. Murphy
Mike Tozzi/Cuthbert Gibbons
Billy Bob Holland
Irene Kelly
John Coffin
Scrap-N-Craft Mystery
Black Sheep Knitting Mystery
Ellie Haskell
Shane Scully
Hannah Vogel
Chocoholic Mysteries
Maggie Ryan/Nick O’Connor
Marty Hopkins
Dr. Gideon Fell
Alafair Tucker
Maeve Kerrigan
Sarah Armstrong
Hilary Tamar
Pizza Lovers Mystery
Rex Graves
Angela Bivens
David Middleton-Brown
Edwardian Murder Mystery
Jack Reacher
Tea Shop Mysteries
Charlie Plato
Jane & the Unpleasantness at Scargrave
Agatha Raisen and the Quiche of Death
Death of a Gossip
Pride and Prescience
A Hopeless Case
Biggie and the Poisoned Politician
Death and the Easter Bunny
Sleepy Head
Vow of Silence
In the Midst of Death
Forty Words for Sorrow
Monsieur Pampelmousse
The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites
Billingsgate Shoal
Angel of Death
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries
Cast, in Order of Disappearance
The Body on the Beach
A Nice Class of Corpse
Wish You Were Here
Bad Guys
Cimarron Rose
The Neon Rain
Goodnight, Irene
Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy
Dine and Be Dead
Paper, Scissors, Death
While My Pretty One Knits
The Thin Woman
The Tin Collectors
A Trace of Smoke
The Chocolate Cat Caper
Audition for Murder
Hag’s Nook
The Old Buzzard Had It Coming
The Burning
Thus Was Adonis Murdered
A Slice of Murder
Christmas is Murder
Sympathy for the Devil
The Young Widow
A Drink of Deadly Wine
Snobbery with Violence
Killing Floor
Death by Darjeeling
Dying to Sing
Series Name
First Book Title
Christie, Agatha
Christie, Agatha
Christie, Agatha
Clark, Cassandra
Clark, Mary Jane
Clark, Mindy
Clark, Mindy
Clarke, Anna
Cleary, Melissa
Cleverly, Barbara
Cockey, Tim
Cody, Liza
Cody, Liza
Cohen, Gabriel
Cohen, Nancy
Colley, Barbara
Collins, Brandilyn
Collins, Max A
Collins, Max A
Conant, Susan
Constantine, K.C
Conwell, Kent
Copeland, Lori
Cornwell, Patricia
Costa, Carol
Cotterill, Colin
Coyle, Cleo
Craig, Alisa
Craig, Alisa
Craig, Philip
Craig, Philip
Crais, Robert
Crais, Robert
Crane, Hamilton
Crawford, Isis
Creasey, John
Crider, Bill
Crider, Bill
Crider, Bill
Crombie, Deborah
Cross, Amanda
Curzon, Clare
Cutler, Judith
Daheim, Mary
Daheim, Mary
Dams, Jeanne
Dank, Gloria
Darrell, Elizabeth
Davidson, Diane Mott
Davidson, Hilary
Davis, Lindsey
de Castrique, Mark
Hercule Poirot
Jane Marple
Tommy and Tuppence
Abbess of Meaux
KEY News
Million Dollar Mysteries
Smart Chick Mysteries
Paula Glenning
Dog Lover’s
Detective Joe Sandilands
Hitchcock Sewell
Anna Lee
Eva Wylie
Detective Jack Leightner
Bad Hair Day
Charlotte LaRue
Kanner Lake
Nathan Heller
Dog Lover’s Mystery
Tony Boudreaux
Morning Shade Mysteries
Kay Scarpetta
Dana Sloan Mystery
Jimm Juree
Coffeehouse Mystery
Grub and Stakers
Brady Coyne
Martha’s Vineyard
Elvis Cole
Joe Pike
Miss Seeton
Mystery with Recipes
Carl Burns
Dan Rhodes
Truman Smith
Kate Fansler
Mike Yeadings
Lina Townend
Bed and Breakfast
Emma Lord
Dorothy Martin
Bernard and Snooky
Max Rydal
Goldy Culinary Mysteries
Lily Moore
Marcus Didius Falco
Burryin’ Barry
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Murder at the Vicarage
The Secret Adversary
Hangman Blind
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
A Penny for Your Thoughts
The Trouble with Tulip
Last Judgement
A Tail of Two Murders
The Last Kashmiri Rose
The Hearse You Came In On
Bucket Nut
Red Hook
Permed to Death
Maid for Murder
Violet Dawn
No Cure for Death
True Detective
A New Leash on Death
The Rocksburg Railroad Murders
A Case of Bad Taste
The Master Plan
Killed at the Whim of a Hat
On What Grounds
The Grub and Stakers Move A Mountain
A Pint of Murder
First Light
A Beautiful Place to Die
The Monkey’s Raincoat
The Watchman
Miss Seeton Cracks the Case
Catered Murder
Introducing the Toff
One Dead Dean
Too Late to Die
Dead on the Island
A Share in Death
In the Last Analysis
I Give You Five Days
Drawing the Line
Just Desserts
The Alpine Advocate
The Body in the Transept
Friends Till the End
Russian Roulette
Catering to Nobody
The Damage Done
The Silver Pigs
Dangerous Undertaking
Series Name
First Book Title
de Castrique, Mark
Dean, Anna
Deaver, Jeffery
Deaver, Jeffery
Delany, Vicki
Dexter, Colin
Dietrich, William
DiSilverio, Laura
Dobyns, Stephen
Doherty, P.C
Doolittle, Jerome
Dorsey, Tim
Doss, James
Douglas, Carole Nelson
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
Duffy, Margaret
Dunant, Sarah
Duncan, Alice
Duncan, Elizabeth
Dunlap, Susan
Dunlap, Susan
Dunn, Carola
Dunn, Carola
Dunn, Sharon
Dunn, Sharon
Dunning, John
Dymmoch, Michael
Edwards, Ruth
Egan, Lesley
Eglin, Anthony
Ehrman, Kit
Eidson, Bill
Elias, Gerald
Elkins, Aaron
Elkins, Aaron
Ellis, Robert
Ellroy, James
Emerson, Earl
Engel, Howard
Esleman, Loren
Estleman, Loren
Estleman, Loren
Estleman, Loren
Evanovich, Janet
Evans, Eric
Evans, Geraldine
Evans, Mary Anna
Evers, Crabbe
Ewan, Chris
Eyre, Elizabeth
Fairstein, Linda
Fanning, Diane
Sam Blackman
Dido Kent
Dance, Kathryn
Lincoln Rhyme
Constable Molly Smith
Inspector Morse
Ethan Gage
Charlie Swift
Charlie Bradshaw
Hugh Corbett
Tom Bethany
Serge Storms
Charlie Moon
Midnight Louie
Sherlock Holmes
Ingrid Langley/Patrick Gillard
Hannah Wolfe
Daisy Gumm
Penny Brannigan
Darcy Lott
Jill Smith
Cornish Mystery
Daisy Dalrymple
Bargain Hunters
Ruby Taylor
Cliff Janeway
Jack Caleb and John Thinnes
Robert Amiss
Jesse Falkenstein
English Garden
Steve Cline
Jack Merchant/Sarah Ballard
Daniel Jacobus
Chris Norgren
Gideon Oliver
Lena Gamble
L.A. Quartet
Mac Fontana
Benny Cooperman
Amos Walker
Peter Macklin
Stephanie Plum
Sam McCall
Rafferty and Llewellyn
Faye Longchamp
Duffy House
Charlie Howard
Italian Renaissance
Alex Cooper
Lucinda Pierce
Blackman’s Coffin
Bellfield Hall
The Sleeping Doll
The Bone Collector
In the Shadow of the Glacier
Last Bus to Woodstock
Napoleon’s Pyramids
Swift Justice
Saratoga Longshot
Satan in St. Mary’s
Body Scissors
Florida Roadkill
The Shaman Sings
A Study in Scarlet
A Murder of Crows
Birth Marks
Strong Spirits
The Cold Light of Mourning
A Single Eye
Manna from Hades
Death at Wentwater Court
Death of a Garage Sale Newbie
Romance Rustlers and Thunderbird Thieves
Booked to Die
The Man Who Understood Cats
Corridors of Death
A Case for Appeal
The Blue Rose
At Risk
The Repo
Devil’s Trill
A Deceptive Clarity
Fellowship of Fear
City of Fire
The Black Dahlia
Black Hearts and Slow Dancing
The Suicide Murders
Motor City Blue
Whiskey River
Kill Zone
One for the Money
Dead Before Morning
Bleeding Dodger Blue
The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam
Death of the Duchess
Final Jeopardy
The Trophy Exchange
Series Name
First Book Title
Feddersen, Connie
Ferraris, Zoe
Ferris, Monica
Fforde, Jasper
Fiffer, Sharon
Fleming, Ian
Flower, Amanda
Fluke, Joanne
Foley, Rae
Fowler, Christopher
Fowler, Earlene
Francis, Dorothy
Francis, Dick
Fraser, Anthea
Fraser, Antonia
Frazer, Margaret
Fredrickson, Jack
Freeling, Nicholas
Freeman, Brian
Friedman, Kinky
Fulmer, David
Gansky, Alton
Gardiner, Meg
Gardiner, Meg
Gardner, Erle Stanley
Gash, Jonathan
Gash, Jonathan
Geagley, Brad
George, Anne
George, Elizabeth
Gerritsen, Tess
Gill, Bartholomew
Gilman, Dorothy
Giorello Sibella
Gores, Joe
Gorman, Edward
Gorman, Edward
Gould, Heywood
Grabien, Deborah
Grabien, Deborah
Grace, Margaret
Grafton, Sue
Graham, Mark
Granger, Ann
Granger, Bill
Graves, Sarah
Grayson, Richard
Greeley, Andrew
Greeley, Andrew
Greenleaf, Stephen
Greenwood, Kerry
Greenwood, Kerry
Amanda Hazard
Katya Hijazi
Needlecraft Mysteries
Thursday Next
Jane Wheel
James Bond
India Hayes
Hannah Swensen
Mr. Potter
Bryant and May
Benni Harper
Key West
Sid Halley
David Webb
Jemima Shore
Sister Frevisse
Dek Ekstrom
Van Der Valk
Jonathan Stride
Kinky Friedman
Valentin St. Cyr.
J.D. Stanton
Evan Delaney
Jo Beckett
Perry Mason
Dr Clare Burtonall
Semerket, Ancient Egypt
Southern Sisters
Inspector Lynley
Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
Peter McGarr
Mrs. Pollifax
Raleigh Harmon
DKA File
Jack Dwyer
Sam McCain
Tommy Veasy
Haunted Ballad
JP Kinkaid
Miniature Mystery
Kinsey Millhone
Old Philadelphia
Inspector Ross/Lizzie Martin
November Man
Home Repair Is Homicide
Inspector Gautier
Father Blackie Ryan
Nuala McGrail
John Marshall Tanner
Corinna Chapman
Phryne Fisher
Dead in the Water
Finding Nouf
Crewel World
The Eyre Affair
Killer Stuff
Casino Royale
Maid of Murder
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
Death and Mr. Potter
Full Dark House
Fool’s Puzzle
Eden Palms Murder
Odds Against
A Shroud for Delilah
Quiet as a Nun
The Novice’s Tale
A Safe Place for Dying
Love in Amsterdam
A Greenwich Killing Time
Chasing the Devil’s Tail
A Ship Possessed
China Lake
Dirty Secrets Club
The Case of the Sulky Girl
Different Women Dancing
The Judas Pair
Year of the Hyenas
Murder on a Girls’ Night Out
A Great Deliverance
The Surgeon
McGarr & the Politician’s Wife
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax
The Stones Cry Out
Dead Skip
Rough Cut
The Day the Music Died
Green Light for Murder
The Weaver and the Factory Maid
Rock & Roll Never Forgets
Murder in Miniature
A Is for Alibi
The Killing Breed
The Companion
The November Man
The Dead Cat Bounce
The Murders at Impasse Louvain
Happy Are the Meek
Irish Gold
Grave Error
Earthly Delights
Cocaine Blues
Series Name
First Book Title
Greer, Robert
Grimes, Martha
Gruley, Bryan
Gunn, Elizabeth
Gur, Batya
Haddam, Jane
Hager, Jean
Hailey, J.P.
Haines, Carolyn
Haines, Kathryn
Hall, Parnell
Hall, Parnell
Hall, Parnell
Hall, Patricia
Hall, Robert
Hallinan, Timothy
Hambly, Barbara
Hamil, Denis
Hamilton, Denise
Hamilton, Lyn
Hamilton, Steve
Hammond, Gerald
Hammond, Gerald
Handler, David
Hansen, Joseph
Hanson, Rick
Hardwick, Mollie
Harris, C.S
Harris, Charlaine
Harris, Charlaine
Harris, Charlaine
Harris, Tessa
Harrison, Jamie
Harrison, Mike
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia
Harstad, Donald
Hart, Ellen
Hart, Roy
Harvey, James
Harvey, John
Havill, Steven
Hayder, Mo
Hayes, J. M.
Heald, Tim
Healy, J. F.
Heley, Veronica
Helton, Peter
Helton, Peter
Hensley, Joe L.
Hess, Joan
Hewson, David
Heywood, Joseph
CJ Floyd
Richard Jury
Starvation Lake
Sarah Burke
Michael Ohayon
Gregor Demarkian
Molly Bearpaw
Steve Winslow
Sarah Booth Delaney
Rosie Winter
Puzzle Lady
Stanley Hastings
Steve Winslow
Kate O’Donnell
Benjamin Franklin
Simeon Grist
Benjamin January
Bobby Emmet
Eve Diamond
Lara McClintoch
Alex McKnight
John Cunningham
Keith Calder
Berger and Mitry
David Brandstetter
Adam McCleet
Doran Fairweather
Sebastian St. Cyr
Aurora Teagarden
Lily Bard
Sookie Stackhouse
Dr. Thomas Silkstone
Jules Clement
Eddie Dancer
Inspector Bill Slider
Carl Houseman
Jane Lawless
Inspector Roper
Ben Tolliver
Undersheriff Bill Gastner
Jack Caffery
Mad Dog and Englishman
Simon Bognor
John Francis Cuddy
Abbott Agency
Chris Honeysett
Inspector Liam McLusky
Donald Robak
Claire Mallory
Nic Costa
Woods Cop
The Devil’s Hatband
Man with a Load of Mischief
Starvation Lake
Cool in Tucson
The Saturday Morning Murder
Not a Creature Was Stirring
Baxter Trust
Them Bones
The War Against Miss Winter
A Clue for the Puzzle Lady
The Baxter Trust
Dead Beat
Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case
The Four Last Things
A Free Man of Color
Three Quarters
The Jasmine Trade
The Xibalba Murders
Cold Day in Paradise
Dog in the Dark
Dead Game
The Cold Blue Blood
Spare Parts
Malice Domestic
What Angels Fear
Real Murders
Shakespeare's Landlord
Dead Until Dark
Anatomist’s Apprentice
Edge of the Crazies
All Shook Up
Orchestrated Death
Eleven Days
Hallowed Murder
Seascape with Dead Figures
By Reason of Insanity
Lonely Hearts
Mad Dog and Englishman
Unbecoming Habits
Blunt Darts
False Charity
Falling More Slowly
Deliver Us to Evil
Strangled Prose
A Season for the Dead
Ice Hunter
Series Name
First Book Title
Highsmith, Patricia
Hill, Susan
Hillerman, Tony
Hilton, John
Hockensmith, Steve
Holt, Hazel
Housewright, David
Houston, Victoria
Hughes, Mary E
Hunt, E Howard
Hunt, James
Iles, Greg
Jacobs, Jonnie
Jacobs, Jonnie
Jacobs, Nancy
Jaffarian, Sue Ann
Jaffarian, Sue Ann
Jaffarian, Sue Ann
James, Bill
James, Miranda
James, P.D
Jance, J.A
Jance, J.A
Jance, J.A
Jance, J.A
Jeffries, Roderic
Johansen, Iris
Johnson, Craig
Jones, Merry
Joss, Morag
Kahn, Michael
Kahn, Sharon
Kaminsky, Stuart
Kaminsky, Stuart
Kaminsky, Stuart
Karp, Marshall
Katz, Jon
Kaye, M.M.
Keating, H.R.F.
Kellerman, Faye
Kellerman, Jonathan
Kellogg, Marne
Kelly, Diane
Kelly, Jim
Kelly, Jim
Kelner, Toni L
Kemelman, Harry
Kemprecos, Paul
Kent, Graeme
Kerr, Philip
Kiely, Tracy
Kienzle, William
Simon Serrailler
Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee
Simon Kenworthy
Holmes on the Range
Sheila Malory
Look Lake Fishing
Craft Corner
Jack Novak
Lieutenant George Hastings
Penn Cage
Kali O’Brien
Kate Austen
Devon Macdonald
Odelia Grey
Ghost of Granny Apples
Madison Rose
Harpur and Iles
Cat in the Stacks
Inspector Adam Dalgliesh
Alison Reynolds
Brandon Walker
J.P. Beaumont
Joanna Brady
Inspector Alvarez
Eve Duncan
Walt Longmire
Harper Jennings
Sara Selkirk
Rachel Gold
Ruby, the Rabbi’s Wife
Abe Lieberman
Inspector Rostnikov
Lew Fonesca
Lomax and Biggs
Suburban Detective
Death in …
Inspector Ghote
Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus
Alex Delaware
Lilly Bennett
Tara Holloway
DI Shaw/DS Valentine
Philip Dryden
P. Laura Fleming
Rabbi Small
Aristotle Socarides
Sergeant Kella/Sister Conchita
Bernard Gunther
Elizabeth Parker
Father Koesler
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Various Haunts of Men
Death of an Alderman
Holmes on the Range
Mrs. Malory Investigates
A Hard Ticket Home
Dead Angler
Wreath of Deception
The Betrayers
The Quiet Game
Shadow of Doubt
Murder Among Neighbors
The Turquoise Tattoo
Too Big to Miss
Ghost a la Mode
Murder in Vein
You’d Better Believe It
Murder Past Due
Cover Her Face
Edge of Evil
Hour of the Hunter
Until Proven Guilty
Desert Heat
Mistakenly in Mallorca
The Face of Deception
The Cold Dish
Summer Session
Funeral Music
Canaan Legacy
Fax Me a Bagel
Lieberman’s Folly
Death of a Dissident
The Rabbit Factory
Death by Station Wagon
Death in Kashmir
The Perfect Murder
The Ritual Bath
When the Bough Breaks
Bad Manners
Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure
Death Wore White
The Water Clock
Down Home Murder
Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
The Cool Blue Tomb
March Violets
Murder at Longbourn
The Rosary Murders
Series Name
First Book Title
Kijewski, Karen
Kilian, Michael
King, Jonathon
King, Laurie
King, Laurie
Kingsbury, Kate
Kingsbury, Kate
Kisor, Henry
Kittredge, Mary
Klein, Zachary
Klensch, Elsa
Knox, Bill
Kornetsky, L.A.
Koryta, Michael
Kozak, Harley Jane
Krich, Rochelle
Kruger, Mary
La Plante, Lynda
Lake, M.D
Langton, Jane
Lanier, Virginia
Larsen, K.J.
Lathen, Emma
Laurence, Janet
Laurie, Victoria
Laurie, Victoria
Lawrence, David
Lawrence, Margaret
Lawson, Mike
Lemarchand, Elizbabeth
Leon, Donna
Lescroart, John
Lescroart, John
Levack, Simon
Levine, Paul
Lippman, Laura
Logue, Mary
Loweecey, Alice
Loren, M.K.
Lourey, Jess
Lupica, Mike
Lutz, Lisa
MacDonald, Marianne
Maitland, Barry
Marston, Edward
Martin, Nancy
Massey, Sujata
Mayor, Archer
McBain, Ed
McBain, Ed
McBride, Susan
McCafferty, Taylor
Kat Colorado
Harrison Raines
Max Freeman
Kate Martinelli
Mary Russell
Manor House
Pennyfoot Hotel
Steve Martinez
Edwina Crusoe
Matt Jacob
Sonya Iverson
Webb Carrick
Gin & Tonic
Lincoln Perry
Wollie Shelley
Jessie Drake
Gilded Age
Anna Travis
Peggy O’Neill
Homer Kelly
Cat DeLuca
John Putnam Thatcher
Darina Lisle
Psychic Eye
Ghost Hunter
DS Stella Mooney
Hannah Trevor
Joe De Marco
Pollard and Toye
Guido Brunetti
Dismas Hardy
Wyatt Hunt
Aztec Mysteries
Jake Lassiter
Tess Monaghan
Claire Watkins
Falcone & Driscoll
Winston Marlowe Sherman
Murder-by-Month Mystery
Peter Finley
Izzy Spellman
Dido Hoare
Brock and Kolla
Elizabethan Theater
Roxy Abruzzo
Rei Shimura
Joe Gunther
87th Precinct
Matthew Hope
Debutante Dropout
Haskell Blevins
Murder at Manassas
The Blue Edge of Midnight
A Grave Talent
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice
A Bicycle Built for Murder
Room With a Clue
Season’s Revenge
Fatal Diagnosis
Still Among the Living
Live at 10:00, Dead at 10:15
The Scavengers
Tonight I Said Goodbye
Dating Dead Men
Fair Game
Death on the Cliff Walk
Above Suspicion
Amends for Murder
The Transcendental Murder
Death in Bloodhound Red
Liar, Liar
Banking on Death
A Deepe Coffyn
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye
What’s a Ghoul to Do?
The Dead Sit Round in a Ring
Hearts and Bones
Inside Ring
Death of an Old Girl
Death at La Fenice
Dead Irish
The Hunt Club
Demon of the Air
To Speak for the Dead
Baltimore Blues
Blood Country
Force of Habit
Sweet Narcissus
May Day
Dead Air
The Spellman Files
Death’s Autograph
The Marx Sisters
The Queen’s Head
Our Lady of Immaculate Deception
The Salaryman’s Wife
Open Season
Cop Hater
Blue Blood
Pet Peeves
Series Name
First Book Title
McCall Smith, Alexander
McDermid, Val
McDermid, Val
McDermid, Val
McEvoy, John
McGee, James
McGown, Jill
McInerny, Ralph
McInerny, Ralph
McKenna, Bridget
McKevett, G.A
Meier, Leslie
Meredith, D.R
Meredith, D.R
Meyers, Annette
Millett, Larry
Monfredo, Miriam Grace
Morris, Gilbert
Mortimer, John
Moyes, Patricia
Muller, Marcia
Munger, Katy
Murphy, Shirley
Murray, Colin
Myers, Beverle
Myers, Tamar
Myers, Tamar
Nessen, Ron
O’Donnell, Lillian
O’Donnell, Lillian
Oldham, Nick
Page, Katherine Hall
Paige, Robin
Paretsky, Sara
Parker, Barbara
Parker, Robert
Parker, Robert
Parker, Robert
Parker, T. Jefferson
Parker, T. Jefferson
Pattison Eliot
Paton Walsh, Jill
Paul, Barbara
Peale, Cynthia
Pearce, Michael
Pence, Joanne
Penny, Louise
Pentecost, Hugh
Perry, Anne
Perry, Anne
Peters, Elizabeth
Peters, Elizabeth
No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Kate Brannigan
Lindsay Gordon
Tony Hill and Carol Jordan
Jack Doyle
Matthew Harkwood
Lloyd and Hill
Father Dowling
Notre Dame
Caley Burke
Savannah Reid
Lucy Stone
Charles Matthews
Megan Clark
Smith and Wetzon
Shadwell Rafferty
Seneca Falls
Lady Trent
Inspector Henry Tibbett
Sharon McCone
Casey Jones
Joe Grey
Tony Gerard
Tito Amato
Den of Antiquity Mysteries
Pennsylvania Dutch Mysteries
Knight & Day
Gwenn Ramadge
Mici Anhalt
Henry Christie
Faith Fairchild
Sir Charles Sheridan
V. I. Warshawski
Gail Connor/Anthony Quintana
Jesse Stone
Sunny Randall
Charlie Hood
Merci Rayborn
Mystery of Colonial America
Imogen Quy
Marian Larch
Beacon Hill
Mamur Zapt
Angie Amalfi
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache
Pierre Chambrun
Thomas Pitt
William Monk
Amelia Peabody
Jacqueline Kirby
The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
Dead Beat
Report for Murder
The Mermaids Singing
Significant Seven
A Perfect Match
Her Death of Cold
On This Rockne
Murder Beach
Just Desserts
Mail Order Murder
The Sheriff and the Panhandle Murders
Murder in Volume
The Big Killing
Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon
Seneca Falls Inheritance
The Mermaid in the Basement
Rumpole of the Bailey
Dead Men Don’t Sky
Edwin of the Iron Shoes
Cat on the Edge
No Hearts, No Roses
Interrupted Aria
Larceny and Old Lace
Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth
Knight & Day
A Wreath for the Bride
A Time for Justice
The Body in the Belfry
Death at Bishop’s Keep
Indemnity Only
A Suspicion of Innocence
Night Passage
The Godwulf Manuscript
Family Honor
L.A. Outlaws
The Blue Hour
Bone Rattler
The Wyndham Case
The Renewable Virgin
The Death of Colonel Mann
Mamur Zapt & the Return of the Carpet
Something’s Cooking
Still Life
The Cannibal Who Overate
The Cater Street Hangman
The Face of a Stranger
Crocodile on the Sandbank
The Seventh Sinner
Series Name
First Book Title
Peters, Elizabeth
Pickard, Nancy
Pickard, Nancy
Pickard, Nancy
Platt, Kin
Pope, Barbara Corrado
Pronzini, Bill
Prowell, Sandra
Prowell, Sandra West
Pulver, Mary
Purser, Ann
Queen, Ellery
Quest, Erica
Quinn, Spencer
Radley, Sheila
Ramsay, Frederick
Randisi, Robert J.
Rankin, Ian
Reaves, Sam
Reed, Mary & Eric Mayer
Rehder, Ben
Rendell, Ruth
Richards, Emilie
Rinehart, Mary
Ritter, Todd
Ripley, Ann
Robb, Candace
Robb, J.D.
Roberts, Gillian
Roberts, Les
Robertson, Imogen
Robinson, Leah
Robinson, Lynda
Robinson, Peter
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
Ross, Kate
Rowe, Rosemary
Rowland, Laura
Rozan, S.J
Rushford, Patricia
Rustage, Alan
Sanders, Lawrence
Sandford, John
Sansom, Ian
Sawyer, Corinne Holt
Sayers, Dorothy
Saylor, Steven
Scoppettone, Sandra
Scoppettone, Sandra
Scott, Jack
Scottoline, Lisa
Vicky Bliss
Eugenia Potter
Jenny Cain
Marie Lightfoot
Max Roper
Bernard Martin
Nameless Detective
Phoebe Siegal
Phoebe Siegal
Peter Brichtery
Lois Meade
Drury Lane
Kate Maddox
Chet and Bernie
Inspector Quantrill
Ike Schwartz
Rat Pack
Inspector Rebus
Cooper MacLeish
John the Eunich
Blanco County, Texas
Chief Inspector Wexford
Ministry Is Murder
Hilda Adams
Kat Campbell
Gardening Mysteries
Owen Archer
In Death
Amanda Pepper
Milan Jacovich
Crowther and Westerman
Dr Evelyn Sutcliffe
Lord Meren
Inspector Banks
Carolyn Sullivan
Lily Forrester
Julian Kestrel
Libertus of Roman Britain
Sano Ichiro
Bill Smith and Lydia Chin
McAllister Files
Inspector Blackstone
Archy McNally
Virgil Flowers
Mobile Library
Benbow and Wingate
Peter Wimsey
Roma Sub Rosa
Faye Quick
Lauren Laurano
Alf Rosher
Rosato and Associates
Borrower of the Night
The 27* Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders
Generous Death
The Whole Truth
The Pushbutton Butterfly
Cezanne’s Quarry
The Snatch
By Evil Means
By Evil Means
Murder at the War
Murder on Monday
The Tragedy of X
Death Walk
Dog on It
Death in the Morning
Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime
Knots and Crosses
A Long Cold Fall
One for Sorrow
Buck Fever
From Doon With Death
Blessed Is the Busybody
Miss Pinkerton
Death Notice
The Apothecary Rose
Naked in Death
Caught Dead in Philadelphia
Pepper Pike
Instruments of Darkness
Blood Run
Murder in the Place of Anubis
Gallows View
Sullivan’s Law
Mitigating Circumstances
Cut to the Quick
Germanicus Mosaic
China Trade
Secrets, Lies, and Alibis
Rendezvous with Death
McNally’s Secret
Dark of the Moon
The Case of the Missing Books
The J. Alfred Prufrock Murders
Whose Body?
Roman Blood
This Dame for Hire
Everything You Have Is Mine
The Bastard’s Name Was Bristow
Everywhere That Mary Went
- 10 -
Series Name
First Book Title
Sefton, Maggie
Seranella, Barbara
Shames, Laurence
Shankman, Sarah
Shannon, Dell
Shannon, John
Shepherd, Lynn
Sherwood, John
Sibley, Celestine
Simenon, Georges
Simon, Clea
Simpson, Dorothy
Sjowall, Maj
Smiley, Patricia
Smith, Evelyn E
Smith, Frank
Smith, Julie
Smith, Julie
Smith, Julie
Smith, Mary Ann
Speart, Jessica
Spencer, Sally
Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Stabenow, Dana
Stark, Richard
Steinhauer, Olen
Stout, Rex
Sweeney, Leann
Sweeney, Leann
Symons, Julian
Tanenbaum, Robert K
Tapply, William
Taylor, Kathleen
Terrell, Jaden
Tey, Josephine
Thomas, Graham
Thomas, Will
Thomas-Graham, Pamela
Thompson, Victoria
Thurlo, Aimee
Tishy, Cecelia
Todd, Charles
Todd, Charles
Toll, Emily
Tracy, P.J
Tremayne, Peter
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan
Truman, Margaret
Turnbull, Peter
Turnbull, Peter
Ulfelder, Steve
Waddell, Dan
Knitting Mystery
Munch Mancini
Key West
Samantha Adams
Lt. Luis Mendoza
Jack Liffey
Charles Maddox
Celia Grant
Kate Mulcay
Inspector Maigret
Dulcie Schwartz
Luke Thanet
Martin Beck
Tucker Sinclair
Miss Melville
Chief Inspector Neil Paget
Rebecca Schwartz
Skip Langdon
Talba Wallis
Poppy Rice
Rachel Porter
Inspector Woodend
Reverend Clare Fergusson
Kate Shugak
Milo Weaver
Nero Wolfe
Cats in Trouble
Yellow Rose
Joan Kahn-Harper
Butch Karp/Marlene Ciampi
Stoney Calhoun
Tory Bauer
Jared McKean
Alan Grant
Erskine Powell
Barker and Llewelyn
Ivy League
Gaslight Mysteries
Ella Clah
Kate Banning
Bess Crawford
Ian Rutledge
Booked for Travel
Sister Fidelma
Callahan Garrity
Capital Crimes
Hennessey and Yellich
P Division
Conway Sax
Nigel Barnes
Knit One, Kill Two
No Human Involved
Florida Straits
First Kill All the Lawyers
Ace of Spades
The Concrete River
Murder at Mansfield Park
Green Trigger Fingers
Ah, Sweet Mystery
The Crime of Inspector Maigret
Shades of Grey
The Night She Died
False Profits
Miss Melville Regrets
Fatal Flaw
Death Turns a Trick
New Orleans Mourning
Louisiana Hotshot
Love Her Madly
Gator Aide
The Salton Killings
In the Bleak Midwinter
A Cold Day for Murder
The Hunter
The Tourist
The Cat, the Quilt, and the Corpse
Pick Your Poison
The Man Who Killed Himself
No Lesser Plea
Bitch Creek
Sex and Salmonella
Racing the Devil
The Man in the Queue
Malice in the Highlands
Some Danger Involved
A Darker Shade of Crimson
Murder on Astor Place
Blackening Song
Jealous Heart
A Duty to the Dead
A Test of Wills
Murder Will Travel
Absolution by Murder
Every Crooked Nanny
Murder in the White House
Fear of Drowning
Deep and Crisp and Even
Purgatory Chasm
The Blood Detective
- 11 -
Series Name
First Book Title
Wall, Kathryn
Walters, Mike
Wambaugh, Joseph
Wan, Michelle
Warfield, Gallatin
Waugh, Hillary
Webb, Betty
Weir, Charlene
West, Richard F
Westermann, John
Whellams, David
White, Kate
Wiehl, Lis
Wilhelm, Kate
Wilhelm, Kate
Winspear, Jacqueline
Wood, Simon
Woods, Paula
Woods, Sara
Woods, Stuart
Woods, Stuart
Woods, Stuart
Woods, Stuart
Woods, Stuart
Wright, Eric
Wright, Eric
Yaffe, James
Young, Nicole
Zellnik, M. J.
Zigal, Thomas
Zilinsky, Ursula
Zito, Chuck
Zubro, Mark
Zukowski, Sharon
Bay Tanner
Inspector Nergui
Hollywood Station
Death in the Dordogne
Gardner Lawson
Fred Fellows
Lena Jones
Susan Wren
Old Gang of Mine
Orin Boyd
Peter Cammon
Bailey Weggins
Triple Threat
Barbara Holloway
Constance and Charlie
Maisie Dobbs
Aidy Westlake
Charlotte Justice
Anthony Maitland
Ed Eagle
Holly Barker
Rick Barron
Stone Barrington
Will Lee
Charlie Salter
Mel Pickett
Patricia Amble
Libby Seale
Kurt Muller
Crime Club
Nicky D’Amico
Tom and Scott
Blaine Stewart
In for a Penny
The Shadow Walker
Hollywood Station
Deadly Slipper
State v. Justice
Road Block
Desert Noir
The Winter Widow
Old Gang of Mine
High Crimes
Walking Into the Ocean
If Looks Could Kill
Face of Betrayal
Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos
The Hamlet Trap
Maisie Dobbs
Did Not Finish
Inner City Blues
Bloody Instructions
Sante Fe Rules
Orchid Beach
Prince of Beverly Hills
New York Dead
The Night the Gods Smiled
Buried in Stone
A Nice Murder for Mom
Love Me If You Must
Murder at the Portland Variety
Into Thin Air
A Happy English Child
Habit for Death
A Simple Suburban Murder
Hour of the Knife
- 12 -