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United Way in AFRICA
UNITED WAY, the world’s
largest privately-supported
nonprofit organization, is a
worldwide movement of nearly
1,800 community-based
United Ways in 41 countries
and territories. It advances the
common good by focusing on
education, income and health –
the building blocks for a good
quality life. The United Way
movement mobilizes millions
to action – to give, advocate
and volunteer – to improve
conditions in their communities.
Among the thousands of
organizations (NGOs) in
Africa, United Way uniquely
brings together the power
of corporations, individuals,
and communities. The United
Way business model drives
this cross-sector partnership
toward community impact that
supports long-term change.
United Way Uganda leverages the talent
and expertise of the community to provide
solutions related to health, access to
water and sanitation, and education.
The organization launched the Women
Vendors Malaria Prevention Project,
which has yielded significant health and
economic benefits to women market
vendors in Kampala.
United Way Ghana
Since its inception
in 2003, United Way
Ghana has been
working with grassroots community
organizations, local government, and
corporate leaders in support of stronger,
healthier, educated and self-sustaining
communities in Ghana. Their current
focus areas are: empowering women into
enterprise, reducing incidents of Malaria,
and supporting the acquisition of a quality
education for deprived children.
The Asawasi educational initiative,
focused on encouraging Muslim girls of
school going age in rural areas to attain
secular education, has gained success
in the Brong Ahafo region. The initiative
which engages parents, teachers,
religious and traditional leaders has so
far lead to a 10 percent increase in school
enrollment in less than two years.
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United Way Nigeria
United Way Nigeria
envisions a Nigeria
where all people
attain their full potential in the areas of
education, financial stability, and healthy
living. To help realize this vision, they
work with a group of diverse individuals
and communities on vocational training.
By providing Nigerians access to quality
vocational training, with internationally
accepted certification, United Way Nigeria
is helping to develop a workforce with
skills relevant to the evolving needs within
industries in Nigeria, thereby creating
jobs and enhancing entrepreneurship
Several community conversations on
vocational training have been held with
administrators, government regulatory
bodies, students, and graduates from
around Lagos. These conversations have
not only raised awareness of vocational
education as an alternative to formal
education but they have also identified
the need to equip program graduates with
entrepreneurial skills to start their
own businesses.
Additionally, financial literacy sessions are
available to students of existing vocational
training schools, secondary school
students, under graduates, and recent
graduates in the National Youth Service
Corp. In the area of health, United Way
Nigeria is partnering with organizations
to hold health sensitization initiatives in
low income neighborhoods across Lagos.
Some of the areas of interest will include:
primary health care, water borne diseases,
hygiene, and sanitation.
United Way
Advancing the Common Good
United Way Uganda
Since 2004, United
Way Uganda has
fostered social change
and improved communities by creating
partnerships between donors, volunteers,
and service providers. The organization
has supported a network of programs
throughout Uganda, including Pallisa,
Mbale, Kalliro and Wakiso districts.
As one of the newest
members of the United
Way network, United Way Johannesburg
mobilizes communities to ascertain
their most pressing needs and seeks
to satisfy these needs in collaboration
with key stakeholders within the
community. United Way’s intended areas
of intervention are in line with the National
Development Plan 2030, which identifies
major areas of focus for addressing
the challenges of poverty, inequality
and unemployment.
During its first year of operation,
United Way Johannesburg will focus
on conducting community stakeholder
conversations, transcribing the challenges
and aspirations derived from each
stakeholder group, and utilizing the
information to develop a community wide
initiative. They have selected the Inner City
as their initial geographic area of focus.
Best practices derived from the results
from the Inner City initiative, will
be replicated throughout the region.
Future United Way
in Kenya
We are in the process of
working with corporate
and community leaders in Nairobi to
establish a United Way in Kenya.
Nairobi is emerging as the information
technology hub of Africa and is the
financial and economic hub for
East Africa. A presence in Kenya is a
critical component of United Way’s
strategy in Africa.
To learn more, or to start a United Way in your
country, visit worldwide.unitedway.org or contact
Janet Butler, Vice President, Africa Region and the
Caribbean at [email protected]