Ben Cuevas

Email: [email protected]
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA
Ben Cuevas
Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
• Bachelor of Arts, May 2010
• Concentration: Studio Art (Mixed-Media Installation & Photography)
Los Angeles City College, 2005-2007
• Major: Film & Video
California State Summer School for the Arts, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia,
CA, 2003 & 2005
• California Art Scholar of Film & Video
Exhibitions &
Solo Shows & Installations:
Anatomical Knit Hoods. Art Basel Hong Kong, Joyce Boutique. Hong Kong. May 2013.
Duality #1: Knit Culture Studio, Los Angeles, CA, Feb.-March 2013
Transcending the Material, Knit Culture Studio, Los Angeles, CA, Sept.-Nov. 2011
Healing Disparities: The Condition of Embodiment, Canal Gallery, Holyoke, MA, May
Media Coverage, Los Angeles, CA & Harold F. Johnson Library, Amherst, MA, May 2009
The Waiting Room, Centrum Gallery, Amherst, MA, April 2009
Privatization: The Alchemical Property of Water, Harold F. Johnson Library,
Amherst, MA, March 2009
Group Shows:
Fiber 2 Form. Salem Art Works. Salem, NY. June 2013.
The Queer Pile-Up. For Your Art. Los Angeles, CA. November 2012.
Install:WeHo. Los Angeles, CA. September 2012.
Home is where the Needle Marks. Pop Tart Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. July 2012.
A Degree of Privacy. The York. Los Angeles, CA. Feb. 2012.
Downtown Art Walk. Spring Arts Tower Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. Aug. 2011.
In-Organic. Collar Works Gallery. Troy, NY. Aug. 2011.
The Dirty Show. City Center Motel. Los Angeles, CA. June 2011.
Tasting Cultures: The Art of Latino Foodways. Latino Arts Center. Milwaukee, WI.
March-July 2011.
Tompkins Projects West. Dan Graham Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. Jan. 2011.
Vogue Knitting Live. New York Hilton. New York, NY. Jan. 2011.
The Wassaic Project Summer Music and Art Festival. Wassaic, NY. Aug. 2010.
All at Once. Canal Gallery. Holyoke, MA. May 2010.
Lo-Fi Arts Festival. Smoke Farm Arts Collective. Arlington, WA. Aug. 2009.
Benbot 5000: Get Money Get Paid. The Lexington. Los Angeles, CA. June, 2013.
Planet Queer. Akbar. Los Angels, CA. Feb. 2009.
The Island. Robert Crown Center, Amherst, MA. Feb. 2009.
Jock Strap. Robert Crown Center, Amherst, MA. Fall 2008.
Anatomical Knit-Hood Series. Joyce Holdings Lmtd. Beijing, China.
Film & Video
Spiritual Eugenics, 2012.
• Collaborative Artist
Let’s Meat, 2005.
• Writer, director, editor, producer, cinematographer
Division, 2005.
• Co-writer, director, editor, producer, cinematographer
Fat Kid, 2005.
• Writer, director, editor, producer, actor
ArtSlant Showcase,, Feb. 2012.
Joe Liebling Grant for Film & Video Projects, Hampshire College, May 2010.
Best of the Druid Underground Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 2008.
Best Photography for Cinema, Los Angeles City College, 2007.
The Wassaic Project Summer Artist Residency, May-Aug. 2010.
Artist’s Assistant to Susan Robb, Seattle, WA, June-Aug. 2009.
• Assisted in the production and installation of mixed-media art.
Artist’s Assistant to Edgar Arceneaux, Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 2008-Jan. 2009.
• Produced large scale paintings, drawings, and installations.
• Museum Preparator: Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania Jan. 2009.
Artist’s Assistant to Kate Rhode, Vilnius, Lithuania, Jan. 2009.
• Assisted in production of sculptural, mixed media installation.
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