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Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
It is once again my
pleasure to present to you
our Catholic Charities
Annual Report for the year
2010. On behalf of Bishop
Steven Roach
Paprocki, the Corporate
Board of Directors, staff,
Executive Director,
advisory board members
Catholic Charities
of the Diocese
and volunteers, I wish to
of Springfield
extend my most sincere
in Illinois
gratitude to all of you who
continue to support the
Mission and programs of Catholic Charities
throughout the Springfield Diocese.
In 1925, Bishop James A. Griffin
established the Catholic Social Service,
which was organized in Springfield under
the direction of Reverend J.C. Straub. Miss
Elizabeth Kuhlman was hired as the first
Catholic social worker, and she began her
duties on March 1, 1925. The first office
was housed at St. John’s Hospital and it was
the intention of the Bishop to first organize
this field of work in the city of Springfield
and to subsequently extend it throughout the
Granite City
Carlinville Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities of Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties
Decatur Catholic Charities
Effingham Catholic Charities
Madison County Catholic Charities
Quincy Catholic Charities
Springfield Catholic Charities
8Online at
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
Providing Help. Creating Hope.
Dear Friends of
Catholic Charities:
As our nation continues its arduous
economic recovery, Catholic Charities
continues to address the needs of thousands
of individuals who turn to us in their time
of crisis. While the challenges to meet
these needs are endless, we have remained
steadfast, over the last 85 years, in our
commitment to do everything in our power
to overcome the financial, programmatic and
sometimes political obstacles that stand in
the way of providing hope and help to those
in our society who are most vulnerable.
Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities USA®
Caring for those who need it most
Over the next eight and half decades,
Catholic Charities fulfilled the vision of
Bishop Griffin by establishing area offices
in Alton (1941), Decatur (1944), Quincy
(1945), Granite City (1949), Effingham
(1981), Carlinville (1989) and Mattoon
(2001). Services are not only provided
in these cities but also the surrounding
rural communities, and clients come to
Catholic Charities every year from virtually
every town and zip code in the diocese.
Whenever possible, outreach efforts and
satellite locations bring services to people
living in remote areas.
Today, Catholic Charities in the
Springfield Diocese is a nationally accredited
and licensed child welfare agency providing
professional, quality social services to
children and families with a wide range of
needs. Through our Foster Care program
and the Catholic Children’s Home, we
serve abused and neglected children by the
hundreds. Through our MedAssist program
and the St. Clare’s Health Clinic, we minister
to the sick. Through our food pantries, the
St. John’s Breadline and Meals On Wheels,
we serve those who are hungry and thirsty.
Through our counseling and intact family
services programs, we work to keep families
together and to make them whole again.
Through our adoption and pregnancy
support programs, we facilitate the prolife mission of the Church. Our resale
stores provide free clothing to hundreds
of individuals every year and our crisis
assistance programs help keep families from
being put out on the street. Finally, through
our St. Anne Residence, Faith in Action and
senior services programs, we work to ensure
that seniors can live out their lives with
dignity. In all of these efforts, we are guided
and directed by our Catholic Social Teaching
and the Corporal Works of Mercy.
Of course, all of these things are
not possible without the dedication of
our staff and volunteers as well as the
incredible generosity of the people in the
Springfield Diocese. Our decades of care
and compassion have been propelled by
generations of donors who have given
freely from the blessings that have been
bestowed upon them. In his 1919 appeal
to the people of the diocese to support the
construction of a new diocesan orphanage,
Bishop Griffin wrote, “There can be nothing
better for the soul than at least once in life
to go outside of self and the range of self,
family and parish – since parish work is
serving oneself – in order to make a great
offering to Almighty God….It clears away
the mists from mind and heart and shows
life to be meant not merely to add money to
money or acre to acre.”
We at Catholic Charities will continue to
honor your generosity by working tirelessly
to fulfill the vision of Bishop Griffin and the
mandate of love given to us by Christ Our
Steven E. Roach, M.S.
Executive Director
Catholic Charities
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
of the board
Dear Friends in Christ,
Catholic Charities
in the Diocese of
Springfield in Illinois
continues its tradition of
helping the vulnerable
and the poor in our
Most Rev.
midst. For over 85
years in our diocese, it
Thomas John
has been the mission
of Catholic Charities
Catholic Diocese of
to support and protect
Springfield in Illinois
the sanctity of human
life at all stages of growth President,
Catholic Charities
and development and to Board of Directors
work to strengthen families
and marriage. This includes responding to
the needs of those who are economically
disadvantaged and in need of basic assistance.
Every year, Catholic Charities serves
thousands of families and individuals of all
faiths across our diocese who are in desperate
Catholic Charities embodies the corporal
works of mercy by providing programs
that support the young and old, those who
are hungry or sick and those who have
been abused or abandoned. Guided by
the principles of Catholic social teaching,
Catholic Charities strives on a daily basis to
extend to all the healing and empowering
presence of Jesus.
I take pride that the professional staff
and nationally accredited programs of
our Catholic Charities give witness to the
compassionate love of Jesus by reaching
out to senior citizens, troubled families and
children, who come with many needs, serving
them with dignity and offering them hope.
Our Catholic Charities area offices would
not be able to perform these ministries or
respond to these needs without your financial
assistance. I ask you to continue your
generosity this year. Please help Catholic
Charities to address the needs of today’s
families and to provide hope to the most
vulnerable of our brothers and sisters.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Thomas J. Paprocki
Bishop of Springfield in Illinois
The Mission Statement
of Catholic Charities
of the Diocese of
Springfield in Illinois:
To extend to
all the healing
and empowering
presence of Jesus.
Executive Staff
Left: Steven E. Roach, Executive Director
Middle: M. Elaine Perine, CPA, Director of Finance and Administration
Right: Michael P. Sakolsky, Director of Operations
Providing Help. Creating Hope.
Area Directors
Sr. Carol
Catholic Children’s
Corporate Board of Directors
Most Reverend Thomas John
Paprocki, President
Rev. Msgr. Carl Kemme
John Maxwell
Marlene Mulford
Larry Clark
Reginald Coleman
Thomas Cullen
Deanna Demuzio
Ted Eilerman
James Graham
Michael Hoffmann, Chairman
Bridget Hogan
William Kessler
Michael Ludvigsen
Amy Maher, Secretary
Clare McCulla, Vice Chairman
Rev. Joseph Ring
Robert Schultz, Treasurer
Sr. Jomary Trstensky, OSF
Andy Watson
John Webster
Duane Deters
Jayne Genta
Mary Anne Hanner
Carolyn Harmon
Heather Kuykendall, Finance Officer
Jim Littleford
Marian Mattingly
Mike Metzger, President
Teresa Metzger
Maria Miller
Tim Monahan
Ben Ragle
Michael Ramage
Julie Robinson
Marilyn Strangeman
Barb TenEyck, Secretary
Carl Walworth
Linda Wente, Vice President
Jolene Young
Dorothy Parn
Melissa Sorrill
Vieve Vieth
Area Office Advisory Boards
Carlinville Catholic Charities
Jessie Bumpus
Connie Dunn
Julie Griffin, President
Barbara Hagelstein, Secretary
Ed Hagelstein, Finance Officer
Janis Johns
Lee Johns
Audrey Kates
Robert Kates
Cheryl Ogden
Eric Ogden, Vice President
Charles Theivagt
Catholic Charities of Decatur
Sue Breheny
Peter Castelli
Ann Dawson
Gary F. Geisler
David H. Goebel, President
Maria T. Granzotti
Bruce M. Huber
Mary Jane Kefalas
Kevin L. Kehoe
Joseph S. Kerns, Finance Officer
Daniel J. McGuire
Robert Anthony (Tony) Musick
Nicholas J. Neiers
Deacon John O’Brien, Secretary
Dennis L. Reinhart
Theresa J. Rutherford
Richard T. Smith, Vice President
Sean E. Streaty
Christopher Tietz
Effingham Catholic Charities
Kay Conder
Harold Davis
Cindy Gebben, Secretary
Ed Grunloh
Andy Hanfland
Mark Hemmen
Dave Jansen
Phyllis Jansen
Tina Keller
Lisa Mette
John Nava-Sifuentes, Finance Officer
Dan Niebrugge
Gregory Oseland
Jody Probst
Margie Probst
Kelly Sager
Kent Schmidt, President
Karla Schumacher
Diane Siemer
Linda Simmons
Nancy Wood-Huels, Vice President
Madison County Catholic Charities
Mary Beth Bazzell
Ruth Birmingbam
Rose Marie Chadwick
Rev. Christopher Comerford
Mary Eckhouse
Rick Faccin, Financial Officer
Michelle Felisky, President
John Geismann
David Gensert
Anthony Jacobs
Penny Jestes, Secretary
John Julian
William Keller
Blake Kohlbrecher
Gina Clary Loepker
Andy Macias, Vice President
Tim Palermo
Stephen Pennell
Denise St. Peters
Mary Pat Vernardos
Catholic Charities of
Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties
Kathy Augustine
Kathryn Clapper
Denise Cooling
Don Dawson
Quincy Catholic Charities
Chris Altmix
Jolene Beaber, Finance Officer
Sue Chiodini, President
Todd Chiodini
Mary Courty
Kandi Ehrhart
Deacon John Esselman
Diane Frankenhoff, Vice President
Donna Gail
Dr. Eli Goodman
Phil Holt
Dennis Ippensen
Katie Ippensen
Mary Ann Klein
Lisa Klitz
Karen Koenig, Secretary
Cathi Kroner
Aaron Kuhn
Lexze Mann
R. Mary Matychowiak
Sarah Novinger
Springfield Catholic Charities
Kevin Broeckling, Finance Officer
Peggy Curtain
Cliff Erwin
Terrence Farmer
Bonnie Flynn
Sally Grieme
Betty Horwath
Eric Madier
James McDermott DDS
Joan Naumovich
Chris Peterson, President
Mary Jo Seiz, Secretary
Sandra Vicari, Ph.D, Vice President
Catholic Children’s Home
James Begnel
State Rep. Dan Beiser, Finance
Mark Cousley, Vice President
Gigi Darr
Sue Fitzgerald
Richard Gibson
David Hayes
John Hopkins
Martha Kane, President
Deb Kasten
Matt Kelly
Mike McNamara
Don Norton
Dee Oller
Fr. Steven Pohlman
Mary J. Powell
Alice Reinecke, Secretary
Minnie Stalker
Mary Terry
Larry Thompson
Bonnie Vega
Catholic Charities Senior Programs and Services
“You have cared for my needs 100%. I will soon be 94 years
of age, and everyone has been kind to me.” Faith in Action
program participant
Catholic Charities is pleased to be able to give seniors an
opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. Often,
health issues or financial problems
put older citizens in circumstances
that are less than ideal, and many
have no family members to assist
assistance and the Granite City program currently serves 175
total clients, with about 30 receiving services every month.
The staff at Catholic Charities is
dedicated to helping our elderly in
need through a variety of programs
and services to help keep seniors
healthier and more independent,
especially in the Decatur area.
Greg Fritzgerald, Senior Services
Supervisor for Decatur Catholic
Charities, says that the need for these
services continues to rise in the face
of government cutbacks.
Each meal supplies one-third of the
federal nutritional recommended
daily allowance and one-third of
the recommended calorie intake.
When necessary, meals can be
prepared for people with special
dietary needs. Currently there are
six meal options available: general,
low-sodium, low-fat, diabetic, renal
and bland. A typical meal includes
meat, vegetables and other items,
such as dessert.
In Macon County, Meals on Wheels is
funded primarily by United Way of
Decatur and Macon County, East
Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging, U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture. Volunteer drivers and financial
contributions support this worthy effort.
“Over the next 20 years, the demand
for services to seniors will increase
as the baby boomer generation
ages,” Fritzgerald said. “We are
also seeing a trend of less people
qualifying for government services to
stay independent, and that’s why our
programs are more important than ever.”
The specialized programs Catholic
Charities of the Diocese of Springfield
offers for seniors include:
Eldercare Options (Decatur):
Eldercare Options is a program that
can assess, counsel and determine
the need for guardianship for disabled
adults who are no longer able to make
sound judgments on their own. People
have special needs, especially as they
grow older. When someone can no
longer manage his or her personal affairs,
finances, or health care, our staff will
coordinate to secure an appropriate decision
maker. Last year, this program offered 186
clients alternative services to guardianship, such as
referrals to other agencies, and information and education
about guardianship to families.
Elderly Guardianship (Decatur):
Last year, the Elderly Guardianship program provided
76 clients appropriate decision-making and advocacy for
elderly adults who lack the ability to make proper judgments
concerning their health, well-being and safety after being
named Guardian of Person. Our caring staff makes decisions
with input from the individuals and with assistance from
other professionals on such issues as housing and living
arrangements, medical decisions and proper burial. Staff
visits with the wards on a monthly basis.
Faith in Action (Decatur and Granite City):
Faith in Action serves homebound individuals, age 55 and
older. The program helps them maintain their independence
and dignity. Services are provided at no cost to care
recipients through a network of trained volunteers from area
churches, service organizations and the community at-large.
Some of the services provided are visiting, transportation,
escorting, shopping and errands, minor home and yard
maintenance, letter writing and reading, respite, and
occasional meal preparation. Last year, the Decatur program
matched 95 area volunteers with 152 seniors who needed
Meals on Wheels (Decatur):
The Meals on Wheels program, administered by Catholic
Charities of Decatur since July 2002, is geared
toward ensuring the nutritional well being of the
elderly, helping seniors stay happy, healthy and
independent. On weekdays, lunches are planned
by registered dieticians at Decatur Memorial
Hospital and prepared in the facility’s kitchens,
then provided to homebound seniors in Decatur
and several smaller communities in Macon
County. An array of cheerful, caring volunteers,
deliver hot, nutritious lunches with generous
servings of kindness to program participants,
many of whom live alone and leave their homes
only on a limited basis. Generally, eligible
persons are age 60 and older and have limited
incomes. Last year, 599 clients were served
more than
79,400 meals.
Strong For Life (Decatur):
Strong for Life is a home-based strengthening
exercise program designed by physical therapists
from Boston University for home use by older adults
to improve strength, balance, and overall health.
Therabands (elastic resistive bands) are used to provide
force for strengthening muscles.
The program goal is to exercise three times a week. Last
year, 283 participants age 60 and over were trained and
encouraged by volunteers who go through a two- hour
safety and implementation training course.
The St. Anne Residence (Beardstown):
Opened in 2005, the St. Anne Residence is a 23-unit
apartment community in Beardstown for seniors meeting
age and income requirements. Located at the intersection
of Ninth and Clay Streets in Beardstown, it features onebedroom units, which are wheelchair accessible and
complete with full kitchens. A community room provides an
accessible place for socializing, activities and events. The
facility offers elevator access and a central laundry room
is available to all residents. An on-site resident caretaker
oversees daily operations.
Eligible applicants must be age 62 or older, and at least one
spouse must meet the age requirement for couples. Rent
is based on income and the monthly rent and electric bill
paid by a resident will not exceed 30 percent of household
income. Applications are accepted in accordance with fair
housing regulations, which prohibit discrimination based
on race, color, gender, religion, handicap, familial status or
national origin.
Catholic Charities Welcomes Two New Area Directors
more than 150 clients as the service began to grow. The program was
a natural fit for Madison County Catholic Charities’ Granite City Office,
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois recently
which provides a variety of crisis assistance services to the community.
announced the hiring of Deborah Albin and Taryn Markezich to serve as
“Adding the Tri-Cities Area Faith in Action program was a great fit
area directors in two of its offices.
for everyone involved,” said Maureen Robinson, area director
Albin brings a background
of Madison County Catholic Charities. “We could help the
of training and management
program save on administrative expenses, and it offered
experience to Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities another avenue to provide a lifeline to those
of Coles, Douglas and Edgar
people in our community who most need it.”
Counties, which provides
The Faith in Action program is open to people age 55 and
services through its office located
older who live either in a home or an apartment, who can walk
in Mattoon. She held positions
on their own or with a walking aid and who are free of extreme
with Illinois Power, the United
health issues, according to Katie Whalen, FIA Coordinator.
Way, and the American Red
Volunteers provide FIA carereceivers with transportation,
Cross with job responsibilities in
staff development, accounting, New area directors Taryn Markezich (l) and Debbie Albin (r) friendly visiting, companionship, phone conversations, yard
cleanup and holiday cards and gifts, said Whalen. During the
and media relations.
time change to and from daylight savings time, volunteers also change
“I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve Catholic Charities
clocks, light bulbs and batteries. She said there are now about 175
in this capacity,” said Albin. “These are difficult economic times for many
people in the program and 30 who receive services every month.
people, and Catholic Charities has always been a community leader in
“We get about 1 or 2 requests for help each week,” said Whalen.
helping those who are in need. We will work to continue meeting the
“Most people don’t need this type of assistance until something happens
demand for service to the best of our abilities, and to identify ways to
that affects their ability to drive. They hear about our services mostly
enhance awareness of programs already in place,” she said.
through friends or family, or through their church.”
Catholic Charities of Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties operates the
Whalen said there are about 10 consistent volunteers in the program,
15,000-square-foot “Vintage Shoppe” resale store and Ebay service, as
and that attracting more volunteers is the main goal right now. She said
well as provides a voucher assistance program for store items. The office,
many of the volunteers over the past years have become carereceivers.
which served more than 35,000 people in need last year, also operates
“A survey of those who received care through the FIA program
a MedAssist pharmaceutical assistance program, the “Blessings” food
showed that 96 percent reported a better quality of life, and 100 percent
pantry, the “Back-to-School” clothing and school supply distribution, and
reported better access to healthcare,” said Whalen. “The volunteers have
adoption and referral services. Volunteers assist in the operation of the
a tremendous impact on the lives of those they assist.”
resale store, the food pantry and many special activities.
The Tri-Cities Area Faith in Action program is located at the Madison
Markezich comes to Carlinville Catholic Charities with many years of
County Catholic Charities Granite City Office at 2266 Madison Avenue,
social work service in school districts. She is a native of the area, and
and provides services to Granite City, Madison, Pontoon Beach, Mitchell
has worked with several area community organizations throughout the
and Venice. For more information, call 618-877-9020.
last decade. Markezich holds a Master’s degree in both Counseling and
in Public Administration.
Simmons Law Employee Fund Donates Auction Proceeds
“I’m very passionate about working in a setting that allows me to assist
to Catholic Children’s Home
those who are in need,” said Markezich. “Catholic Charities gives me the
The Catholic Children’s Home in Alton, which provides residential
opportunity to both utilize my counseling skills and to fully participate
and special education services for more than 200 children in the
in its mission to reach out to individuals in need. I’m looking forward to
Madison County area, was the grateful recipient of the proceeds of a
working with the Area Advisory Board, volunteers and staff to continue
recent Simmons Law employee fundraiser.
the good work already in progress.”
A check for $105,000 was presented to the Children’s Home following
Carlinville Catholic Charities serves Macoupin, Montgomery and
the fourth annual Simmons Employee Foundation Charity Auction event
Greene counties with a diverse array of services to enrich the community.
at the Gateway Center in Collinsville. The auction, attended by more
The staff provides Professional Counseling Solutions, which delivers
than 500 people, included a cocktail hour, a silent auction and a live
professional and confidential therapy services to individuals, couples
auction featuring items ranging from vacations to an Apple iPad.
and families; Intact Family Services and Extended Family Support, which
“The employees of the Simmons firm were proud to support the
keeps troubled families together through intense case management
Catholic Children’s Home,” said David Bamper, a board member of the
and education in parenting; the MedAssist pharmaceutical assistance
Simmons Employee Foundation and the firm’s CFO. “The work they do
program, and adoption and referral services.
makes a real impact in the lives of children and on the surrounding Alton
Volunteers help in the operation of the food pantry and the resale
store, which recently moved to accommodate its growing popularity in
Simmons Law firm is in the process of consolidating its operathe community. Last year, Carlinville Catholic Charities helped more
tions and moving its offices to the former Jefferson Smurfit buildthan 26,500 area people who needed assistance.
ing in Alton. Its Employee
“We are so pleased to have these outstanding individuals in
leadership positions in our offices,” said Catholic Charities of the Diocese
financial support and
of Springfield Executive Director Steven Roach. “Both displayed great
volunteer hours for local
qualities of leadership and compassion, and I am confident they will
charitable organizations.
guide their programs to the next level of success,” he said.
Candy Hovey, administrator for the Children’s Home, said the Simmons funding will be used to
Faith in Action Program Joins Madison County Catholic
renovate its residential kitchen and bathrooms. Planned improvements
include upgraded bathroom plumbing, floors, showers and sinks, plus new
Since 2001, the Tri-Cities Area Faith in Action (FIA) program served
kitchen sinks, appliances and cabinets. There are approximately 65 clients
the needs of senior citizens in the Granite City area facing challenges to
annually at CCH, ages 11 to 21, who are served through the residential,
independent living. Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,
transitional living and independent living program.
which encompasses more than 1,000 programs across the country, Faith
“We are always so impressed to see the generous spirit of our
in Action is a national program to provide volunteer care to those facing
community,” said Hovey. “Thank you to Simmons employees, and also
various health-related issues. On July 1, 2010, the Tri-Cities Area FIA
the citizens and businesses who donated items or came out to support
officially became a program of Madison County Catholic Charities.
the Charity Auction and in return provide our work here with needed
Members from 15 area congregations and two health service agencies
resources,” she said.
formed the core group of supporters, and volunteers began caring for
All Counseling Programs
868 Clients
Adoption and Pregnancy
Adoptions (completed)
Post-Adoption Services
Supportive Pregnancy Services
11 Cases
33 Clients
398 Clients
Family-Based Services
Foster Care
Foster Aftercare
Intact Family Services
Extended Family Support
Residential Care
Special Education
322 Children
49 Children
115 Families
11 Families
65 Children
138 Children
Elderly Guardianship
Eldercare Options
Strong for Life
Faith in Action
Meals on Wheels
St. Anne Residence
Community Services and
Health Assistance
Crisis Assistance
31,051 Clients
Education and Advocacy
27,201 Clients
Food Pantries
79,341 Served
Resale Stores
114,711 Customers
Resale Stores (Voucher Assistance) 15,704 Clients
St. John’s Breadline
218,092 Meals
1,844 Clients
St. Clare’s Health Clinic
Adults (18+)
1,144 Clients
Children (18 and under) 2,018 Clients
Totals are for the year ended June 30, 2010
Faith in Action
Volunteers are matched with homebound seniors, age 55 and
older, in Macon County and the Granite City area, to provide
companionship and non-medical assistance.
Meals on Wheels
Lunches are delivered on weekdays by caring volunteers to
homebound seniors in Decatur and Macon County.
The St. Anne Residence
A 23-unit apartment community in Beardstown for seniors meeting age and income requirements. Opened in 2005 and still
welcoming leasing applications.
Statement of Activities
atholic Charities is privileged to touch the lives of thousands
of individuals and families throughout the Springfield Diocese
every year. We reach those at the very beginning of life, those
nearing the end of life’s journey, and everyone in between. Each of
our programs is designed to meet real needs, while our caring, compassionate staff strives to treat each person with dignity and respect.
Our programs and services are as follows:
We provide permanent homes for children who cannot remain in or return
to their birth parents’ home. Our staff prepares loving families to adopt and
supervises the placement until adoption is finalized.
Supportive Pregnancy Services
Our staff assists expectant parents during unplanned pregnancies by offering
practical help, material assistance, education and counseling and adoption
Year Ended June 30, 2010
United Way
United Way
Service Fees
Legacies & Bequests
Service Fees
Fees & Grants Gov. 65%
Fees & Grants Gov. 65%
Sales to the Public
Investment Income
Our therapists offer professional, compassionate services to individuals,
couples and families striving for emotional wellness. We also provide counseling to foster children, students and women in crisis pregnancies.
Intact & Extended
Family Services
Intact & Extended
Family Services
Residential Services
13% Counseling
Service Fees
Miscellaneous Income
Professional Counseling Solutions
Special Events
Fees & Grants Government
The Alton-based home provides special education and therapeutic services
for students ages 5-21 and residential services to boys aged 11-18.
Crisis Assistance
United Way
Private Grant
Catholic Children’s Home
We provide basic necessities including food, clothing, vouchers for household goods, and utility and rent assistance.
Senior Outreach
Total Revenue
Foster Care & Adoption
Program Services
Foster Care & Adoption
Special Education
Residential Services
Intact & Extended Family Services
Counseling & Supportive Pregnancy
Breadline & Pantry
Resale Stores
Elderly Services
St. Francis Community Clinic
St. Clare's Health Clinic
Advocates assist eligible clients with chronic health conditions in obtaining
maintenance medicines free of charge from major pharmaceutical companies. Many clients have no health or drug coverage.
Meals on Wheels
Crisis Assistance
Referral Services
Intact Family Services
This program’s goal is to keep troubled families together by offering them
intense case management and education in parenting, and linking them with
related services in their communities.
Foster Care & Adoption
Residential Services
Food Pantries
Our staff serves the nutritional needs of families by helping with immediate
problems and searching for future solutions. Donations of food, time and
money are necessary in order to respond to local hunger.
Foster Care
Children receive compassionate foster care through traditional, relative and
treatment programs. We license and support foster families who give of
themselves to provide security to children.
Support Services
Support Services
Special Education
Special Education
Community Services
Community Services
Total Program Services
Catholic Charities is part of a close-knit network of agencies in each community. We are knowledgeable of other agencies’ services and refer people for
help when we are unable to assist with a particular need.
Supporting Services
Resale Stores
Management & General
Fund Raising
Our stores are ideal places to find gently worn clothing, housewares and
furniture at nominal costs, and much is given away free. Volunteers and
community donations help keep our stores going strong.
Total Support Services
Total Expenses
St. Clare’s Health Clinic
Preventative and basic health care is provided to families in Springfield who
could not otherwise afford it. Includes physicals, dental services, vision
exams and glasses, and hearing and vision screenings.
St. John’s Breadline
Nestled in Springfield, our Breadline serves more than 600 meals a day to
the low-income and homeless at no charge.
Eldercare Options
We assume guardianship of seniors and assess, counsel and determine the
need for guardianship for disabled and aged adults.
Copies of audited financial statements are available for review at the
Administrative Office of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield
Excludes Permanently Restricted Revenue
The Mission Statement of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois:
“To extend to all the healing and empowering presence of Jesus”