Jenny Spangler serving as radio commentator for the
2013 Chicago Marathon.
Congratulations to club fall marathon runners for
putting their training to the test and in many cases
achieving a PR and a BQ. During this marathon
season we watched the elite athletes claim the
glory of crossing the finish line first and the
mid-pack runners work on slicing minutes off their
PB. Then there is the eclectic group of runners that
deserve a medal simply for their imagination. This
trend spurred on by the popularity of marathons
has inspired multi-tasking fun runners and their bid
for weird and wonderful records. Check out feature
writer Giles McSully as he offers up his masterful
insight -- in this month’s issue he highlights club
members that have joined the ranks of runners
combining a marathon with their favorite skill or
Good luck to local runners and coaches heading to
State in Peoria this weekend. LFHS's Steve
Clegg's girls team is sending seniors Haley Horvat,
Lizett Pink, Gabrielle Simeck and Claire Yandell;
juniors Emma Allen, Etta Eckerstrom and Hannah
Flagstad; sophomores Nora Burgener, Katie
Condon and Kelsey Schmidt; and freshmen Haley
Click and Alex Manley. Coach Nate Sweet is
heading down with LFHS boys qualifier Mark
Myers. Woodlands Academy is sending senior
Caroline Watts. Vernon Hills Coach Mark Whitney
will head downstate with son Kyle a senior who
"I believe that every human has a finite number
of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine
on exercise."
...said "Its one small step for man" Neil Armstrong
A note of congratulations to the LFLBRC 60+
men’s team: Ed Packel, John Albanese, Geoff
Wilson, Michael Roberts, Andy Hamlet, Jack
Zordan, Bob Holliday, Eric Burgess and Bill
Bracken. Not only have they clinched the 60+
team category, but they have a maximum score
of 150 with 10 first places CARA races. Well
3rd Annual Illinois Running Club X-country
If you have any racing left in your legs and/or
your brain, club racing directors Ed Packel and
Steve Clark are encouraging you to sign up for
the 3rd Annual Illinois Running Club X-country on
Saturday, November 9th.
finished 3rd in the sectionals along with a strong
boys and girls team.
Here are the results from the recent fall marathon
calendar – lots of personal bests!
The club has entered teams in the first two years
and done quite well and everyone has really
enjoyed this low pressure event. While there are
no age groups beyond Masters, there is an age
graded category and that is where some of you
might be of real help to the club. If you are email
Steve or Ed at [email protected]
Congratulations to our own Greg Petry! The
Waukegan Park District has won the 2013
National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park
and Recreation Management and Greg is the
Executive Director of the Park District.
Steve Clark, Rob Wiley, Tom Frazer, Dave Zeisler, Jon Foss
And congratulations to everyone that
received their official Boston
Check Out this Simple VO2 Calculator
Trying to quantify your aerobic fitness is a
daunting task. It usually requires access to an
exercise-physiology lab. But researchers at the
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
in Trondheim have developed a remarkably
low-tech means of precisely assessing aerobic
fitness and estimating your “fitness age,” or how
well your body functions physically, relative to
how well it should work, given your age.
Marathon confirmation card in the mail
this week!
Chicago Marathon:
Alec Bath 2:59:21
Andre Bennatan 2:53:34
Steve Clark 2:47:26 PR
Jon Foss 2:55:01 PR
Rich Foss 6:35:03
Julian Gordon 5:10:28 3AG, Official Pacer - within
28” of target time
Megan Hahn 3:52:35 PR
Debi Hall 6:00:01 John Hall 5:18:27
Carol and Megan Lundahl 4:29:13
Brad Moats 2:57:22
Scott Pomerich 3:15:51 PR
Jim Sykora 3:26:09
Lauren Sykora 3:13:26 PR
Lisa Victorius 3:37:52
Geoff Wilson 4:13:56
The researchers evaluated almost 5,000
Norwegians between the ages of 20 and 90,
using mobile labs. They took about a dozen
measurements, including height, body mass
index, resting heart rate, HDL and total
cholesterol levels. Finally, each volunteer ran to
the point of exhaustion on a treadmill to pinpoint
his or her peak oxygen intake (VO2 max), or how
well the body delivers oxygen to its cells. VO2
max has been shown in large-scale studies to
closely correlate with significantly augmented life
spans, even among the elderly or overweight. In
other words, VO2 max can indicate fitness age.
In order to figure out how to estimate VO2 max
without a treadmill, the scientists combed through
the results to determine which of the data points
Dave Zeisler 2:44:47 PR
* Special thanks to marathon escorts: Kristy
Burgess, Jimmy Burgess, Tommy Frazer, Robbie
Wiley and Eddie Zylka
Thomas Frazer 5th OA 2:22
Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon
Jim Nolan 3:26:52 First BQ!
Prairie State Marathon
Shelley Cook 3:37:47
Friday, December 6th at the Deer Path Inn in Lake
Forest- Cocktail hour will be from 6-7pm followed
by dinner, 2014 LFLB Board of Director
Announcement, & entertainment.
Invitations were given out this
morning at the club run (11/2)- the
rest will be mailed over this next
week (11/4-11/9). If there are
questions on membership status, please email
[email protected]
Thursday, November 28th at 8am- A fun,
non-competitive neighborhood 5K and 10K open to
all, with food, drink, and a souvenir gift after the
Sponsored and produced by the Lake Forest-Lake
Bluff Running Club. Location start at West Lake
Forest train station - NW corner of Waukegan and
Everett Roads. (Note: This is not the same train
were most useful. The researchers found that
putting just five measurements — waist
circumference; resting heart rate; frequency and
intensity of exercise; age; and sex allowed them
to predict a person’s VO2 max. The study was
published in the journal Medicine & Science in
Sports & Exercise.
The researchers have used all of this data to
create an online calculator (
/cerg/vo2max) that allows people to determine
their VO2 max without going to a lab. You’ll need
your waist measurement and your resting heart
rate. To determine it, sit quietly for 10 minutes
and check your pulse; count for 30 seconds,
double the number and you have your resting
heart rate. Plug these numbers, along with your
age, sex and frequency and intensity of exercise,
into the calculator, and you’ll learn your fitness
The results can be sobering. A 50-year-old
man, for instance, who exercises moderately a
few times a week, sports a 36-inch waist and a
resting heart rate of 75 — not atypical values for
healthy middle-aged men — will have a fitness
age of 59. Thankfully, unwanted fitness years,
unlike the chronological kind, can be erased. A
youthful fitness age is the single best predictor of
current and future health.
Halloween Hustle 5K - Oct 26, Palatine
Kelli Tosic 24:20 (3rd 11-14 AG)
Kristine Burgess 24:21 (costume inhibited)
Jenny Spangler 20:26 (2nd AG)
Lois Gilmore 32:44 (1st AG)
Greg Urbaniak 19:48
Ken Hermann 18:41
Jim Nolan 20:55
Miki Tosic 20:51
Eric Burgess 19:57 (2nd AG)
John Albanese 21:11 (2nd AG)
Ed Packel 22:43 (1st AG)
Jack Taylor 26:04 (1st AG)
Wayne Gilmore 35:05 (2nd AG)
Naples Halloween Crazy 8k October 27th
Jim Sykora 35:36 2nd masters
Sycamore Pumpkin Run October 27th
Lauren Sykora 40:15 3rd OA Female
station the club meets at for Saturday morning
runs.) Try and arrive before 8:00 am in order to
park and warm up adequately. There is NO
REGISTRATION FEE -- the run is free, but we are
asking everyone to bring donations for the
Northern Illinois Food Bank. Note... the food bank
welcomes cash donations as well as
non-perishable food items and paper goods.
Saturday, December 14th
at 8am at the East Lake
Forest train station
(normal club run location)As usual, Santa Claus will
be joining us to trim the
tree and sing a few carols
before we run back to the
train station for goodies.
Please feel free to bring
tree trimmings (including old running shoes!) and
cookies or other seasonal treats. Families &
children are encouraged to attend this event! The
club will be providing coffee and bagels.
AND RUN 26.2
Dear Giles McSully: You often
mention that our club members are
very accomplished outside of running.
In every marathon I see 26.2 miles of
juggling, basketball dribbling, Elvis in
gold lame jumpsuit, a jogging banana,
etc., but never on Saturday mornings.
Where are these people in our club? In
the village where I come from these
skills are much more respected than
say a 2:17 marathon.
Marco Panadero
Lago del Bosque
Meet up for impromptu runs during the week.
Check with the group at the club's Saturday 8:00
am run to confirm schedules as dates, times and
locations may change. Post-run cool down may
lead to coffee and sometimes lunch.
TUESDAY Evening: 6:00 pm Ft Sheridan. Meet
at north train commuter parking lot, six mile run
through Ft Sheridan.
THURSDAY Morning: 11:30 am Lake Forest
College. Six miles through Lake Forest. Meet at
the college’s Sports & Rec Center.
THURSDAY Evening: 5:30 pm Lake Bluff - Hill
Repeats. Head out from the main square in
downtown Lake Bluff for the warmup, take on the
hill a few times and then cool down back to the
starting point where well-deserved post run
goodies await at Lake Bluff Brewing Co.
Headlamps and reflective gear are
recommended. Check with Mike Terry
[email protected] on the schedule as it is
weather dependent.
SATURDAY Morning 8:00am: East Lake
Forest Train Station. Weekly club run
preceded by announcements. Run or walk 6
miles through Lake Forest. Dog walkers
SUNDAY Morning: 8:00am: “Sticky Buns” trail
run. Meet at the parking lot located at the south
east corner of Route 60 & Milwaukee Ave. Run
or walk with distances up to 10 miles (or more).
8:30am Saturday Nov. 17 & Dec. 7
Independence Grove
To Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project
COOL 5K, 10K
Saturday, November 30,
9:00 a.m. Libertyville
Join us for the COOL RUN / WALK to benefit
COOL Food Pantry and Transitional Housing
programs in Lake County, Illinois.
Cross Country Border War
UW-Parkside, Kenosha, WI
Nov. 16, 2013
Illinois vs. Wisconsin
5K XC race to determine border supremacy.
Dear Marco: The popularity of
marathons have created opportunities
to showcase unique skills and talents
combined with running. Examples of
recent records that have been set or
broken include dribbling a basketball
(4:42:54) and fastest marathon
wearing a gas mask (3:12:11).
As a result, new
types of records
and categories
are just
beginning to be
pursued by our
members. So
where do we
stand as a club
competing in these new categories?
Giles McSully working closely with
Guinness researchers and drinkers
Dave Zeisler and Craig Fox, set out to
identify several folks intent on
smashing world records. The current
time for fastest married couple is held
by Kelvin Amos (3:12:04) and Shane
Amos (2:51:03) Total: 6:03:07. This
target is now in the cross hair of
Jimmy and Kristine Burgess as they
are in training to claim the world title of
fastest married couple. In the far-out
record of fastest marathon dressed as
an astronaut (3:53:21) who could be in
a better position to eclipse this mark
than our very own astronette – Susan
Savannah River Bridge Run
Savannah, GA
If you're looking for a
challenging late season race
in a destination city, the
River Bridge Run is worth
traveling to. The race was
initially conceived as a
"hometown race" but now
draws beyond local borders
due largely to its 2006 and
2007 selection as 'race of the month' in Runner's
Held annually the first Sunday in December,
runners and walkers cross the Talmadge
Memorial Bridge over the Savannah River. The
approximate 1 mile ascent at 5.5% grade isn't
easy but the view from the top is spectacular.
The bridge is crossed once by 5K racers, twice
by the 10K contingent and three times by those
competing in the "Double Pump" which combines
times in both 5K and 10K races.
This year, race weather conditions were
typical for Savannah in December, - 52
degrees at the 5K start and mid-60's by the time
most runners and walkers completed the10K.
Following the race, the Michelob Ultra postrace
party serves up live music, traditional Brunswick
stew and beer in true southern hospitality style.
Visit for info.
Hopefully, I'll see you there.
Rod Makes 'Em, We Frame 'Em
to hold licenseplates made from the loving hands
of Illinois' indicted governors and a U.S. Senator,
these classic frames are 100% recycled
high-impact polystyrene, featuring special
retaining clips designed to hold the license plate
in place.
Lovell pictured below at a race with
Kelli and Patti Shuma.
The frames are black with the LFLB logo
imprinted in white. Get your frames 'hot off the
presses' from Joy or Kimberly. AT ONLY $5 IT'S
you can still buy LFLB singlets, cold weather
head gear and more!)
Giles McSully asks you to please
cheer Susan on, as she prepares to
launch her training program.
But perhaps, our most serious
contender for a new record is Leigh
Stewart. An avid knitter, she recently
became intrigued by a world record
few people knew existed but one that
neatly tied together her two passions
by coloured yarn.
Leigh had read about the Guinness
record for longest scarf knitted while
running a marathon and the fact the
people from Guinness had thought it
interesting enough to place the record
in their book of such things. Her
competition? Susie Hewer of the UK
set the original world record at the
London Marathon, producing a
multicolored scarf 5 feet 2 inches long
as she ran, and extended the mark
Lisa Victorius & Pacer Kristine Burgess
Julian Posing as a Pacer
(literally) with another one that
measured 6-9. The current crown
holder is American David Babcock,
who smashed the record when he
stepped across the finish line at the
Kansas City Marathon with a blue,
purple, red and orange scarf that was
12 feet 1 ¾ inches long. Local
competition may include club member
Sandy Berg, another knotting knitter
considering her own challenge to
Hewer and Babcock.
Giles McSully asked Leigh how
she fared in her first attempt at
running with knitting needles. "All my
friends thought it would be dangerous,
cool, fun and interesting and add a
little flair to the marathon, so they
encouraged me to do it. I couldn’t
believe the response I got from all the
runners. I heard that people were on
their last breath and I gave them a
second wind. Their legs were giving
out on them and I helped pace them
all the way to the finish line by giving
them a surge of energy. So that alone
inspired me to want to continue to do
that." Now, Leigh says, she will
continue to do marathons to inspire
runners and give them some form of
entertainment. Leigh began knitting as
a kid and said it was her dream to knit
everywhere she went, whether it was
hiking Machu Picchu, driving, at the
supermarket, or Starbucks she’d have
needles and yarn in her hand. Leigh
is becoming somewhat of a celebrity
on the marathon circuit and is
Post Marathon Liquid VO2 Max Test
Walter Hahn, Megan Hahn, Ed Zylka
Jenny's Kidz
LFHS Boys XC Wearing Boston Strong Shirts
Liam Gayter, Matthew Mekaelian
frequently asked for autographs at
airports, restaurants and marathon
expos. "It's really amazing how
everyone is so receptive of me," she
said. "That’s why I continue to do it.
Now if I could only get Keith to run
and knit with me it would be cool if we
could be knitting on the same scarf
from opposite ends together,” she
said. “Something like that I think would
be a dream.”
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are always welcome.
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