Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. The shop will
be closed this week as we celebrate with family and friends! We will reopen on our regular schedule on
Tuesday, 11/29.
It's a Wrap! Whew, it was great getting to meet all the new knitters and potential knitters at the show,
but I will happily NOT say the phrase "Do you knit or crochet?" for another year! Here are a few pictures
we took while there.
Patty & Nancy - Ready for Opening Day!
Gary wearing the Piggy Slippers from Louet!
We enjoyed the show but those smiles are about Closing Day!
Many Thanks: Allow me to express my appreciaton to all of you who lent a hand, body, item, etc. to the
show. Special thanks to Mom & Gary. Mom came just about every day that she was supposed to be off
and resting and Gary put over 400 miles on his truck, just running back and forth! Special thanks as
well to Glenda Tennis, Angie Chisolm, Leslie House, Betsey Macholz, Sarah Becton and Jenny Slear for
also repeating the phrase "Do you knit or crochet?" too many times to count. And another Thanks to
Jenny for being there when I hit the "wall" on Saturday and threatened to cut the hands off the next
person who casually "pawed" our hand knit samples!
Christmas Stockings: We disappointed lots of people at the Southern Christmas Show by telling them
that they could not buy the finished stockings from Elegant Heirlooms & Googleheims. But I came up
with a great new KAL! Those stockings are truly beautiful, but they can be intimidating to look at when it
is November and Christmas is just around the corner! So why don't you let me set up a "pace" for us all
to have them done for NEXT December? We will shoot for a certain number of "inches" each month
and I will put a few mini classes on the schedule when everyone starts hitting the intarsia part of the
stockings. We will have some mini classes on the embellishment/needlepoint part for those who need
some help on that part too!
December 15th will be our target date to place the order. Go to http://www.elegantheirlooms.com/ to see
all the available choices. The Googleheims stocking will be approximately $37 and the Elegant
Heirlooms stockings will be about $81.
We can still place orders for anyone who wants to get these done by Christmas this year, just let us
know and we will get your stockings on order.
I have two "well loved" Elegant Heirlooms stocking kits at the store as well. The contents in the plastic
bag are all still perfectly fine, but the beautiful gold bags are a little bedraggled. I'll let you have these for
10% off if you happen to like those patterns. Let me know if you are interested!
Cruise! These are the last few days that you can register at our guaranteed rates. Everyone registered
by November 24th (you have to notify gary at [email protected]) will get to help us narrow down
our list of classes. I am SO excited about the cruise and we have excited instructors too! Andrea Wong
is bringing her Mom as her companion and many of you are bringing a spouse. We promise not to
recruit your spouse into the knitting group (aka Gary!)
We will try to get the preliminary selection of classes out to you by the end of this week. Check out the
website for all our current information and a preliminary list of classes. That list will grow because my
instructors have some great ideas and they keep rolling in!
Jane Austen Knits If you are a Jane Austen fan, you will love this magazine! It remembers a time
when hand knitted garments were normal and has patterns that include socks, scarves, shawls and
more! It has lots of interesting articles that explore the Regency Era of Jane Austen.
If you are not a fan, you will still love it. I found several beautiful patters to knit and I really like the cover
pattern! Yes, Patty, the non-frilly girl, likes the cover.
Mountaintop Scarf KAL/CAL: It isn't too late to jump in on this KAL/CAL! I have just barely gotten my
first block done but am hoping to get back on it now that the SCS is done. I'll post a complete schedule
soon and put the "mini" classes on the calendar.
Southwest Middle School Knit/Crochet/Quilt Project: We have received a request for yarn, needles
and crochet hooks for the Southwest Middle School philanthropy project for this year.Their goal is to
make a blanket for every pet in the Charlotte Humane Society. Here is an excerpt from the request that
I think you will appreciate:
Our students will be learning the skills of crocheting, knitting and quilting taught by parent volunteers
and others from our local community. By using these skills the students will create the blankets which
will then be presented to the Charlotte Humane Society.
In addition to developing civic responsibility skills, the students will also be learning a craft skill that they
can use throughout their life. In a world that has become so dominated by technology teaching these
students how to create something with their own two hands will have an impact that will last for years
and show them just how much of an impact one person can make.
If you have yarn that you would like to donate or needles/hooks that you do not use anymore, please
bring them by the shop and we will see that they reach the school.
On Our Needles
It would almost be easier to tell you what HASN'T been on the needles this week than to tell you what
has! At the Southern Christmas Show the huge seller has to go to Universal Yarn's Marina, Marina
Glitz, Tundra and Tundra Glitz. We had these on the needles constantly and were amazing knitters and
non-knitters alike with how easy it is to knit these fun scarves.
Nancy teaching a SCS Exhibitor how to knit with Marina!
Many thanks to the folks at Universal Yarn for not once, but twice, expediting orders so Gary could drive
up and pick them up to re-stock the show.
We also had LOTS of interest and comments on the Entrelac method, Lang's Milli Colori Big and
Chunky Marble yarn. Are you surprised?
We have a little extra of all of these left and will put them on sale for the week we re-open (November
Take a look at past projects "on our needles" for fun and inspiration!
Class Update
The schedule is a little lighter going into the holidays, but check out our upcoming classes for
December! Don't miss Betsey's Entrelac class if you haven't learned this technique before!
Upcoming Classes
Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap - 12/3 (Session 2 of ?)
Portuguese Knitting Intro - 12/3
Learn to Knit - 12/3, 12/8 and as requested
Entrelac Knit Scarf - 12/6 & 12/15
Knit Swirl Intro - 12/8
Check our CLASS SCHEDULE to find out more about available classes!
Our Hours
Closed Thanksgiving Week! We will reopen 11/29
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Knit Mornings (Tuesday & Thursday): 10am - 12pm
Knit Nights (Tuesday & Thursday): 6pm - 8pm
Our Location
1318 Central Avenue, Suite E3
Charlotte, NC 28205
Find Us!
Look for us past the Family Dollar building and behind the Fitness Together!
Call Us!
(704) 733-9053
Join Us!
In addition to the newsletter there are several other ways to keep up with what's going
on at the shop and to contribute to the community if you like. We'd be very grateful if
you participated in the conversation either by joining our Ravelry group at
or by following us on facebook at
or, to be the first to know everything, follow our twitter feed at
We look forward to seeing you soon at Baskets of Yarn!
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