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Concrete Storage Solution
Modular Fluid Storage Solutions
Concrete Storage Solution
Our concrete water storage tanks are constructed from
pre-cast, pre-stressed modular concrete panels. These are manWall heights are custom made to suit the project, with the most
are available to reduce a system’s footprint.
for both the concrete panels and liners.
Our concrete storage tanks use a series of layers to retain the
contents and protect against leaks which includes a premium
1.9ML 3.7ML
ideal for contaminated or other waste to ensure the liquid is
safely contained prior to treatment.
15.5ML & 25.5ML
Economical & Environmentally Friendly
The concrete liquid storage systems are designed to be fully
relocatable to meet the demands of changing project needs.
The unique modular design allows for low removal and / or
24m 30m
The majority of the tank and ancillary components can be
durable. It has been engineered and designed to meet the highFire
Corrosion & Chemical Impacts
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