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One egg is a fortune :
memories and recipes to share
- Compiled by Pnina Jacobson & Judy
One egg is a fortune is more than a recipe
collection: it is a book full of heart, an
anthology of cultural vignettes with food
as a central motif. Fifty well-known Jewish
figures from around the world have
contributed recipes and anecdotes,
showcasing the diversity of contemporary
Jewish life. While each person tells a
unique story, their anecdotes reveal that
the enjoyment of food is the common
thread that binds us together
Hope : a tragedy
- Shalom Auslander
Hope : A Tragedy is an hilarious and
haunting examination of the burdens and
abuse of history, propelled with
unstoppable rhythm and filled with
existential musings and mordant wit. In
this comic and compelling story, Solomon
Kugel moves his wife and young son to the
rural town of Stockton New York to start
again. To begin again. To start anew. But it
isn’t quite working out that way for Kugel…
“Funny, fierce and subversively felt” - The
New York Times Book Review.
My Innocent Absence : tales
from a nomadic life
- Miriam Frank
Manny Peleg, a 60 year old widower,
surprises his children by closing down his
business to go backpacking in South
America. Some months later he disappears
and his son Dory has to go searching for
him. Inbar, a young radio producer, after
visiting her mother in Berlin, makes a
decision on the spur of the moment in the
airport, not to go back to her job and
partner, but to fly elsewhere. From here to
there, by air, sea and mainly by caravan,
the heroes make their way to the climax of
the story, to a curious and exciting chapter
in Israel’s alternative history, from where
they will come back very different.
Miriam Frank was born in Barcelona, spent
her early years in France under the Vichy
regime, received her primary education in
Mexico and her secondary school and
university education in New Zealand
where she graduated in medicine. By the
age of twelve Miriam had fled two wars
and lived on three continents. She finally
returned to Europe where she married
Kortokraks, a German artist and begins her
journey from a fragmented start to
wholeness. This is a beautifully written
memoir of a fascinating life.
Unorthodox : the scandalous
rejection of my Hasidic roots
Israel’s silent defender : an
inside look at sixty years of
Israeli intelligence
Lost lives, lost art : Jewish
collectors, Nazi art theft and
the quest for Justice
- Deborah Feldman
- Edited by Amos Gilboa, Ephraim Lapid
- Melissa Muller Monika Tatzkow
In this arresting memoir, Deborah Feldman
reveals what life is like trapped within a
religious tradition that values silence and
suffering over individual freedoms. Raised
by her strictly religious grandparents
together with a rotating cast of aunts and
uncles, Deborah had to submit to customs
with an emphasis on rules that govern
everything, from what she could wear, to
whom she could speak to and what she
could read. It wasn’t until she had a child
at nineteen that Deborah realised that
regardless of the obstacles, she would
have to break out of that world and forge
a path to her own freedom.
Israel’s silent defender is a compilation of
thirty seven essays written by experts and
leaders of Israeli intelligence. The Israeli
intelligence community has earned a
worldwide reputation for excellence.
Through its professionalism, daring and
creativity, it has made important
contributions to intelligence services
around the world in the struggle against
global terrorism. This book about the
essence of the Israeli intelligence
organization is published in memory of its
fallen heroes – those who laid the
groundwork for the security of the state of
In Lost Lives, Lost Art, authors Muller and
Tatzkow chronicle the tragic stories of
fifteen Jewish collectors, tracing the
dispersal of their extraordinary collections
and following their fate as they died in
concentration camps or had the good
fortune to secure a visa to a safe country.
Inevitably, the collections were
confiscated by high ranking German
officials, sold by Nazi party member art
dealers or seized for state collections. The
stories of the clashes between heirs
determined to retrieve their inheritance
and current owners are enthralling but
(Knitted Kippahs)
Good Morning
Mr. Fidelman
Dan et Aaron
- Eshkol Nevo
Screwed on backwards
- Nava Semel
During one long night in intensive care in a
Tel Aviv hospital, a young nurse reads out
from yellowish pages to an old patient in
coma. Will the mysterious love story wake
him up? Slowly Thomasso’s story unfolds:
adopted from a Torino orphanage, the boy
lives on a farm with the young opera
singer Madlena and her mother. During
the summer of 1943 he feels there is a
strange entity in the house. His innocent
questions are met with an aggressive
response from the two women he loves,
who call him a lunatic, a liar and “screwedon-backwards”. Offended Thomasso
escapes to an imaginary world: Is there a
princess in captivity in the attic?
How is this linked to the patient in coma?
How far should one go to save a life?
A Film
The Write Your Story program offers support, through classes and editorial advice, for
people to write their autobiographies.
Initially, the memoirs were written primarily for the children and grandchildren of the
authors, but it soon became apparent that they had an importance beyond the private
Therefore, they are now part of a growing archive, housed at the Lamm Jewish Library
of Australia that will furnish future readers and scholars with primary source material on
the social history of the Melbourne Jewish community.
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