Schacht Matchless (maple with walnut detail) single treadle wheel, excellent... $850.00 comes with Lazy kate, threading hook, oil bottle, 4 bobbins,...

Schacht Matchless (maple with walnut detail) single treadle wheel, excellent condition
comes with Lazy kate, threading hook, oil bottle, 4 bobbins, shoulder strap
2 whorls - fast 13:1 and 15.5:1; medium - 9:1 and 11:1
Plus optional Extras:
Hi Speed whorl 17.5:1 and 19.5:1
4 hi speed bobbins
3 extra regular bobbins
Woolee Winder, level wind flyer, no need to change hooks, comes with 1 special WW bobbin
6 extra WW bobbins
Magnus Drudik Spinning wheel, Oregon Myrtlewood, #267, built in 2000
with Lazy kate, 6 bobbins, all original documentation, in new condition, spins like butter.....
Brother mid guage knitting machine with many accessories, hardly used
Ribbing carriage, Garter carriage, Knit leader, books, Intarsia Carriage,
several misc accessories, punch cards, tool etc.....
Willow basketry tools, Handcrafted by local knife maker, Brian Lyttle, very beautiful tools in new condition
Cleave, peeler, Shave, rapping iron, bodkin, plus instructional video $200
The Basketmakers Association, Willow class 6 hrs instruction, Fred Rogers
John Meck, Russian Paddle wool combs, new condition, with mounting base
Oak Indian head spinner (made by Nick Rehlinger) on treadle base
Bond, Elite knitting frame, with extension bed, like new
1 Pair Clemes and Clemes Cotton Hand cards, new condition
Older Pat Green drum carder, excellent condition, no wear
Pat Green, Triple Picker, excellent condition, with claw for feeding fiber
Ohaus Triple beam balance scale, 5lbs 2oz
LeClerc adjustable Skein winder/swift
Pat Green Triple Picker, excellent condition, like new
Handcrafted maple, 3 Yard Warping Mill. Folds for storage
Yarn Blocker, doubles as Skein winder. ~1.5 yd circmference, built buy Ken Slemko
Spinneret, spinning stand to deliver auxiliary fine yarns when creating novelty yarns
Will Taylor, Purple Heart wood, 6 bobbin lazy kate, tensioned center feed style, with hook
2 large end delivery shuttles with 20 pirns
2 Warping paddles
2 Black walnut warp combs, 1 large, 1 small
2 Swedish Shuttles (1 double, 1 single) with bobbins and pirns
Assorted Rag/flat shuttles, and pick up sticks, 14 pieces total
Assorted exotic hardwood pick up sticks, for Tapestry or hand manipulated work (price for all)
Misc Boat Shuttles, 2 regular sized single, 1 double, 2 large.....
(price for all)
2 Pair Antique hand cards, leather back, excellent condition
Please inquire for more info/pics
Please contact Deb Loosley, [email protected] or text 403-601-0713 for more info or to arrange purchase.
I am in the Calgary area and can possibly arrange delivery on some items
Thank you for looking.