Online Masters in Computer Science

Online Master of Science in
Solutions for Today.
Knowledge for Tomorrow.
Computer technology continues to transform nearly every aspect of modern society.
From satellites to smartphones, the cutting-edge devices we once deemed implausible have
now become major consumer staples. Can you imagine what the next 10 years
of innovation will bring?
If you want to play an integral role shaping
the technologies of tomorrow, the focused
preparation of a graduate degree can provide
you with essential knowledge. New Jersey
Institute of Technology (NJIT) has been driving
innovation for more than 130 years, and our
philosophy is simple: deliver a cutting-edge
education, joined with project-based learning
opportunities, to prepare our graduates for
lasting success at the forefront of technology
and computing. That’s exactly what our
online Master of Science in Computer Science
(MSCS) program aims to do.
Control the Direction of
Your Career
Customize your education to meet your
interests and career goals by selecting one of
three specializations:
Databases and Data Mining
Develop your technical skills to transform
Big Data into big business solutions.
With this future-focused degree you can:
Strengthen your command of the latest
concepts and methodologies actively
driving innovation in Computer Science.
Increase your aptitude for algorithms,
programming, logical reasoning, and
complex computing systems.
Gain the hands-on experience to design
and implement software systems,
computer networks, and data driven
Sharpen your problem-solving skills to
deliver creative solutions for real-world
computing challenges of the 21st century.
Cultivate the professional development
tools to remain competitive and in
demand – now and in the future.
Interact with and learn from a PhD-level
faculty of leading Computer Scientists
and researchers.
Learn to build the cutting-edge computer
networks that connect our world.
Handpick the courses that best align with
your specific career goals and interests.
Upgrade Your
Professional Potential
NJIT also offers Graduate Certificate
programs in:
Data Mining
Software Engineering, Analysis,
and Design
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Designed to Inspire Innovation.
The comprehensive curriculum of NJIT’s online MSCS program is engineered to impart the latest
computing concepts and targeted knowledge that today’s tech-driven employers demand. Comprised of
10 courses – 30 credits total – the program is delivered over five 14-week semesters and can be earned
completely online in about a year and a half. There are 3 terms a year: Fall, Spring, and Summer.
Program Admission
Redefine the Cutting-Edge
To be eligible for this program, you must
meet the following qualifications:
Undergraduate degree in
Computer Science, Information
Systems, Information Technology,
Computer Engineering, or
an undergraduate degree
in Mathematics, Physics, or
Engineering plus a background
in industry in computer
programming, data structures,
databases, networking and
operating systems.
Official transcripts from
all undergraduate and
graduate institutions attended
(transcript evaluation for
international schools)
Minimum 3.0 GPA
GRE scores for US/CAN applicants
without CS or Engineering degrees.
Optional for US/CAN applicants
with CS or Engineering degrees.
$65 non-refundable
application fee
Program Curriculum
Core Courses 12 credits
CS 610
CS 630
CS 631
CS 656
Data Structures and Algorithms
Operating System Design
Data Management System Design
Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols
Specialization Courses
9 credits
Choose from one of the following three options:
Database and Data Mining Specialization
CS 634 Data Mining
CS 632 Advanced Database System Design
CS 643 Cloud Computing
Networking Specialization
CS 643
CS 652
CS 696
Cloud Computing
Computer Networks - Architectures, Protocols and Standards
Network Management and Security
Generalist Specialization
Personalize your program by choosing any three (3) courses from
the online MSCS program’s specialization tracks.
Elective Courses
9 credits
Each student is required to take three Computer Science program
elective courses.
30 credits
*Curriculum is subject to change.
For more information about program curriculum or admission
requirements, call 1-877-616-1171 to speak with an enrollment advisor.
About NJIT
One of the nation’s leading public technological universities,
New Jersey Institute of Technology prepares students to be leaders
in the technology-dependent economy of the 21st century.
Founded in 1881 as the Newark Technical School, NJIT is now
home to nearly 50 laboratories, centers, and business incubators
where hundreds of research breakthroughs have been achieved.
NJIT’s vision stresses innovation, entrepreneurship,
and engagement in addressing the issues facing our society.
The pursuit of excellence, real-world learning, and applied research
are at the heart of the university’s education tradition.
About the College of Computing Sciences
U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 Annual
Guide to America’s Best Colleges has ranked
NJIT among the nation’s “Best National
Universities” and #79 among the nation’s
“Top Public Schools.” NJIT also ranked
among the “Best Grad Schools” for
Computer Science.
The College of Computing Sciences symbolizes NJIT’s desire to make computing a centerpiece
of its educational activities in the 21st century. Its mission is to bring education in a broad range
of computing disciplines to students on campus and at a distance, to carry out cutting-edge
computing research, and to work closely with industry. As the first college of its kind in New
Jersey, the College of Computing Sciences builds on three decades of computing education
and research at NJIT.’s 2014 rankings place NJIT
8th for return on investment (ROI) among
415 public universities in the United States.
NJIT is a high research activity university,
according to the latest Carnegie classification,
and the College of Computing Sciences
is one of only three programs in the U.S.
ranked among the top producers of
Computer Science graduates at the
undergraduate, master’s and PhD levels,
according to a survey by Computing
Research Associates.
NJIT is certified by the Committee on National
Security Systems (CNSS).
NJIT is regionally accredited by the Middle States
Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).
The National Security Agency (NSA) and Department
of Homeland Security (DHS) have recognized NJIT as
a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information
Assurance Education.
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