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2 // A Different Message
ISSUE #5 | SPRING 2015
Editor: Duncan Lamb
Managing Director
The Completely Group
As the old saying goes: ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’.
In the retail business, I guess perhaps it could be said that it’s
the mother of reinvention. As we head towards our first London
Completely Retail & Leisure Marketplace of 2015, the theme of
reinvention is certainly recurrent in this issue of [different].
The Light is aiming to reinvent the cinema-going experience: finding a
‘third way’ which sits between the mass market multiplexes and the
sometimes rarefied ‘art house’ film experience. KFC is revamping its
offer so that it is more in step with society’s changing tastes for food,
design and service. Pop-up shops look to challenge the status quo
and reinvent the way in which shopping environments work while
the guys at Jamm Living feel they have a new edge in the London
residential development scene.
Reinventing and reinvigorating our offer is a core commitment at
Creative Director: Ben Parer
Art Editor: Andy Fleetwood
Design: Stuart Meades, Matt Hardy
and Stefen Clarke
Photographers: Paul Harmer, Murray Scott,
Matt Alexander and Christopher Bellew
Production Editor: Mark Bailey
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The Completely Group. Whether it’s our events, our creative design
service or our online listing platforms, we’re always looking for a
way to up our game.
Subject: Time to get on your bike? (see p25)
Cover Photography: Matt Alexander
Meanwhile out in the wider world, our politicians are rapidly looking
to refresh their ‘offer’ as polling day approaches while the onset of
spring brings the best reinvention act of all as nature miraculously
makes everything seem better and fresher than it ever was before.
Now wouldn’t it be great if we could all do that for our businesses?
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[different] Spring 2015