Why Choose Competitive Goals Summer Camps? I would like to

Why Choose Competitive Goals Summer Camps?
I would like to personally thank each and every parent who has supported our Clinics and Camps at
Competitive Goals Hockey Training. Our “Goal” is to provide players with a dynamic learning
environment that maximizes their skill development and challenges them to be the best player they can
be. The following are a few highlights that differentiate our Camps.
1. Our curriculum and skill development philosophy utilizes the best of the best from all over the
world. My experience growing up through the Hockey Canada system, combined with my
professional playing experience in the US and 12 years in Europe is reflected in our teaching,
methods, drills and unique skill development progression.
2. I personally run each and EVERY Camp. You will not be getting high school kids teaching your
children. Every Camp is run by me and my professional coaching staff. My coaches are
handpicked and must have NCAA and/or pro hockey experience. Your player will receive the
same level of coaching as the top local talent that I have helped develop, many of which have
moved on to play Pro and in NCAA D1 programs.
3. Our Camps isolate age groups (Mites/Squirts and PeeWee/Bantam) allowing me to focus more
on age appropriate training both on the ice and off. The players benefit greatly by feeling
comfortable throughout training and in the locker room when they are surrounded by peers of
the same age.
4. Each Camp will include 3 hours of dynamic ice time per day focused on individual technique and
maximum repetition. The time on ice is geared to push players to work hard to take advantage
of their optimal training window. Too much ice time per day results in fatigue, going through
the motions and reinforcement of bad habits.
5. Our Camps include two 45 minute sessions of off ice training per day. The first session focuses
on flexibility, balance and functional movement and will include elements of yoga and Pilates.
The second session focuses on dynamic strength training of core, upper and lower body utilizing
plyometrics, body weight training and exercises geared to improve speed and quickness. Our
off ice training is REAL training and not simply to pass time between on ice sessions.
6. Our Camps will have a maximum of 25 skaters in each group. This allows for more repetitions,
higher intensity training and more individualized attention from our coaches. Space will be
limited but you will not see 40+ kids on the ice at our Camps.
I truly believe our Camps are designed to maximize each child’s skill development in a challenging and
fun environment and will give them the tools both physically and mentally to reach their potential as
players and athletes. Please join me this summer and experience the Competitive Goals difference.
Thank you again for your support,
Shayne Toporowski
Head Coach - Worcester State University
Certified, HP1 High Performance Hockey Canada
18 Years Pro Hockey Player (NHL,AHL,Europe)