May 2015 - Community Pharmacy Humber

Strategy Implementation Pharmacist Report - May 2015
Core Work
Chair's Conversations
Chair’s conversations cycle has completed with 6 Committee members returning
feedback. Total pharmacies giving feedback was 43 out of a possible 80. The
feedback is summarised below:
 EPS Tracker Awareness is good with 70% of respondents aware of how to
access the tracker and several pharmacies reporting successful use of the
 EPS Bundle switching awareness was also reported as good, but, anecdotally
it is clear that the issue isn’t understood and further support is required.
Where contractors do have good understanding of the risks they report that
the time burden of preventing financial loss is significant. The LPC will
attempt to produce a tool to help contractors identify such financial loss.
 Awareness of asthma inhaler supply to schools was high, but some
contractors weren’t aware of the mechanism of making a supply should one
be required.
o General feedback on EPSR2 was mixed and is summarised below
 Driffield surgeries not even using release 1
 Split prescriptions causing communications issues in prescription collection
 Locums reported difficulty in understanding how to maintain their
A summary of PharmOutcomes data will be presented separately.
‘Flu Vaccination Service
The 2014-15 Flu vaccination service has ended. A summary of the outcomes will be
presented separately.
Not dispensed scheme
o Confirmation of the commissioning of the Not dispensed scheme has been received
and the service is planned to launch on 1st June. Work has commenced on:
 PharmOutcomes template to record activity and receive payment
 An implementation pack supporting the service for contractors including
example counselling points and a template letter to notify GPs if an
intervention is repeated on the same medicine.
Post-discharge MUR and NMS referrals
o HEY and Boots UK have agreed to pilot a referral mechanism for NMS and MUR that
will utilise PharmOutcomes and refer patients to community pharmacy. The system
will be made available to all contractors when it is ready.
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Strategy Implementation Pharmacist Report - May 2015
o Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medication Service (PURMS) in NHS East Riding of
Yorkshire has been extended to 30th June.
Awards night
o Work continues on the preparation for an awards event to be held alongside our
IT infrastructure pending any potential relocation
o Planning has commenced to support any office relocation so that the office can still
be supported by Humber Foundation Trust.
NHS England budgets
o We have continued to update and refine our budgeting process in preparation for
the requirement to submit them to NHS England.
Contract Applications
o Responses for the following applications were prepared:
o Care Meds UK Ltd t/a MEDS UK, Bridlington – no significant change relocation
o Boots UK Ltd, Flemingate, Beverley – unforeseen benefits application
Strategic Development
Service Development
o MRSA/MSSA eradication scheme has been approved by Hull CCG but it is unclear
whether there is any implementation support available to support the transition in
the Hospital. This needs to be resolved before the service can be commenced.
o E-NRT Voucher - There continues to be difficulties with inaccurate claims being
made by some pharmacies, this leads to payment runs being delayed. Hull City
Council are aware of the issue and are carrying out a second check on claims to try
to prevent inadvertent over-payment.
o East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s redesigned EHC service has been delayed until 1st
June 2015 due to issues with updating the contract framework.
o We are still awaiting a launch date for any Hypobox refill service in the East Riding.
Steve Mosley
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