READING ROCKS - Communication Clubhouse

The Clubhouse offers highly individualized intervention for kids who are struggling to
read. We use evidence-based practices in the area of literacy combined with highly
specialized Speech/Language Pathology knowledge in the areas of:
phonological processes language comprehension and expression auditory processing multi-sensory techniques that work! Kids develop “cool tools” that can be incorporated into their reading curriculum in
school. We strive to bridge the new skills from the Clubhouse into the home and
classroom. When we’re all “on the same page”, great strides can be made.
Who we are: The Literacy Team at the Clubhouse consists of SLP’s with additional
specialized training in literacy intervention. Our Team Leader for Elementary aged kids
has years of experience in the schools and previously taught at a nationally respected
reading center. Our Clinical Team leader for the Pre-K kids has researched early literacy
for a number of years and has worked extensively with families of young children to
develop pre-reading foundational skills.
The Clubhouse – Celebrating 12 years of quality work with families!