Women`s Voice Power Workshop

What You Can look Forward To:
Building on your Success
Your coach knows you - and he knows your voice
• Eliminate negative speaking habits
• Find your strengths to build on
• Discover your full potential
Choosing your Ideal Outcomes
Knowing you will be successful, set your Personal Goals
• Choose the type of speaking you want to improve
• Target specific listeners and audiences
• Focus on presentations that you must do well to
advance your career.
Learning “Best Practices”
Women’s Voice
Power Workshop
Dates: Monday, March 30th, 2015
Place: 44 Price St. Toronto
Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
This is for my clients who want to improve the
power, tone & clarity of their voices and get
more enjoyment from speaking.
You will be coached through a wide range of voice
strengthening exercises and simple practices.
The most common challenges include:
• Choose and learn only the practices that you enjoy
1. Needing a stronger voice
• Learn how to measure your progress
2. Needing to “sound” more assertive
Planning for Continuous Improvement
3. Not being heard in meetings
This is not a “one-time” event. You can continue to
improve for weeks, months and years.
4. Sounding “younger”
• Use the “Voice, Breath and Relaxation” audio narrated
by your coach - at home and at work
5. Experiencing occasional “nasality”
6. Voice higher or tense under pressure
• Find and develop materials to support your work
Alumni Fee: $650.00 + HST
Ongoing Support
Throughout your career, your speaking ability will be
your most important leadership skill. We will help you
as for as long as you want. You can:
Non-Alumni Fee: $850.00 + HST (limited places available for non-alumni)
Includes Lunch, your Handbook, a complete set of voice and relaxation
exercises, and the “Breath, Voice & Relaxation” audio, narrated by John Plank.
• Receive regular updates by email
• Attend a second Voice Power workshop at half price.
Thereafter, you can attend future Voice Power
workshops for $150. (Lunch & all materials included.)
For More Details:
Call John Doucette at 416-968-6771 or
email [email protected]
Limited Enrollment - Register Now on Page 2
R E G I S T R AT I O N 2 0 1 5
❏ March 30th, 2015
For Commanding Presence Graduates
All workshops are held at one of our
spacious, naturally lit facilities in
downtown Toronto.
Limited enrolment.
We recommend you reserve your place
as soon as possible.
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Lunch included)
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CP Alumni $650 + HST $84.50 = $734.50
Non-Alumni $850 + HST $110.50 = $960.50
Voice Power Alumni $325 + HST $42.25 = $367.25
(HST number 140-546-359)
Which 2-Day Workshop did you attend, if applicable? (Month/Year) ____________________________
Fee includes breakfast, lunch, the Voice Power Handbook, a complete set of exercises, and the “Breath,Voice and Relaxation” audio, narrated
by John Plank.
❑ I enclose my cheque made out to the Personal Performance Group
Please put this on my Credit Card # ________________________________________________________________
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Expiry date ____________________________
Cancellation Options: When you provide notice* of 11 business days or more, a full refund, minus a $50 administration fee is available. With 5 to 10 business days notice
you may choose either a) a 50% refund and a 50% credit for a future workshop; or b) you may send a replacement participant. With less than 5 business days notice there is no refund
but you may send a replacement - otherwise you will receive a 50% credit to a future workshop (non-transferable). For last minute cancellations please call the Office Manager,
John Doucette at 647-242-8083.
* The number of days of notice is calculated from the business day following the cancellation to the business day prior to the workshop.
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