formance. Shannon Fitzgerald, Grade 10, is

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growing larger, pg 4
Jazz on Canterbury, pg 25
Interview with Olympian
John Fairbairn, pg 15
Top ten undervalued
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March 2014
Scarlett wows at the Alberta International Band Festival
By Cassandra Betts
From February 19 to 25, band students of all grades participated in the Alberta
International Band Festival (AIBF). Held at
the University of Calgary, the AIBF gave
students the opportunity to showcase their
musical talents in a competitive atmosphere,
and receive recognition and feedback for
all the work that they have completed up
to this point in the year. Jonathan Bell, the
jazz and choir director described the AIBF as
“the premier festival that occurs in Calgary
every year.” He stated that “although there
are other festivals around, the AIBF brings
together some of the best adjudicators in the
continent and the best musical ensembles
in the city and surrounding areas” and was
very excited about his bands’ participation
and performances. The festival gave all band
students the opportunity to play their pieces
with pride and, of course, to get out of class
and have a few musical laughs along the
Jazz 3 and Jazz 2 kicked off Scarlett’s participation in the festival on February
20, playing some classy tunes that helped set
the bar for the rest of the festival. Both bands
are led by the outstanding Bell and practice
twice a week. Jazz 3 was given an “Excellent,
Excellent” by the adjudicators. The Jazz 3
band is mostly composed of Grade 10s, with
one Grade 11 to take on a leadership role and
show them the way. Although the Grade 10s
have all come from different junior highs
and different musical backgrounds, the have
gelled together beautifully and created some
outstanding-sounding music for their performance at the festival. During the song “Time
to Testify,” Chella Noble, Grade 10, played
a fantastic solo on the alto saxophone that
added texture and heart to an already wonderful performance.
The Jazz 2 band is a mixture of
Grade 10s, 11s and 12s. For their festival
performance they played “Easy Money,”
“Summertime,” (featuring Alexandra Palandino on trumpet) and “J.B.” The song
“Summertime” is from the popular opera
Porgy and Bess and has become something
of a jazz standard. Jazz 2 certainly did the
infamous song justice, and they received an
“Excellent, Excellent” for their entire per-
formance. Shannon Fitzgerald, Grade 10, is have two years of Scarlett jamming under The band lived up to expectations at the
a member of Jazz 2 and was quite pleased their belts. Most of the members of Jazz 1 festival, receiving a “Superior, Excellent.”
with their performance. “The festival adjudi- play in many other bands as well, and are They played “Ghost Train,” “Lyric Essay,”
cators gave us some really great feedback,” some of the most talented musicians in the and “Pageant,” all of which are complex
she stated, “and I think it was a good oppor- program. Michael Callander was featured songs that the Wind Ensemble tackled with
tunity for us to perform in a setting without on the trombone during the song “Not To an enduring determination.
Be Forgotten,” and the band should be very The last band to take the stage was
the pressure of too large of an audience.”
After Jazz 2 had finished their per- proud of the performance that won them the the Grade 10 Band. They are the only stuformance, they had the chance to work with
dents who receive band
the adjudicator Reggie Thomas. He gave
as an in-school course
the budding musicians some invaluable
year-round. The Grade
advice stating that “music happens on pur10 Band can be looked
pose; your instrument is only a speaker for
upon as a heterogeneous
the music inside of you to come out.”
mixture of talent; they
On February 21, Jazz 1, Jazz
all come from different
Combo 1 and Jazz Combo 2 all showcased
junior high schools and
their talents at the AIBF. Jazz Combo 1
have different musical
received the highest title that a band can
backgrounds, yet they
obtain: “Superior, Superior,” and they
manage come together
were awarded the top combo in the festito make beautiful music.
The diverse mixture of
val award for the fifth time in the last seven
years. The Jazz 1 Combo is a much smaller
instruments and personband then the other jazz bands, and in conalities makes for exciting
sequence, each individual member is really
performances. Many of
allowed to shine. As is evident from their
the students in the Grade
incredible festival results, the Jazz 1 combo
10 Band also play in one
Photo by Bobbie Callander
is full of incredibly-talented musicians, and Ethan Hamshaw, Grade 12, Johnathan Bell, staff, and Michael Cal- of the jazz bands, and
the structure of the band is perfectly suited lander, Grade 11, proudly display the trophies they won at the AIBF their dedication to their
to highlight their superior sound.
music certainly shows.
Jazz Combo 2 plays a variety of prestigious Gold Award.
They received an “Excellent, Excellent” for
music and does not limit itself to just one After February 21 the jazz por- their performance at the AIBF after playing
genre. Sometimes they play show tunes or tion of the festival was over and the focus “Foundry,” “Star of Dream,” and “As the
movie scores; sometimes they play pieces turned to concert bands, which are led by Pat Summer was Just Beginning.” As a whole
that were arranged by the students them- Brown. Band students had three days to rest they performed extremely well, especially
selves. Jazz Combo 2 is composed of mu- up and practice their pieces before their next considering the fact that the woodwind and
sicians of all grades who play a variety of performance on February 24. That morning, the brass classes are separate, and that they
instruments, which leads to their unique the Symphonic Band took the stage with only get to practice together once a week.
and engaging sound. Although they only re- the hopes of impressing the adjudicators. The AIBF was an important opporceived a result of “Good, Excellent” at the The Symphonic Band is the Grade 11 and tunity for all band students. Bell and Brown
festival, that was mainly due to the fact that 12 band, and is full of talented young musi- were both incredibly proud of their students’
their choice of music did not necessarily suit cians. They played “Khan,” “The F Suite,” achievements, as was the rest of the school.
the theme of the festival. Their sound and and “Lux Aurumque.” “Lux Aurumque” The results that Scarlett obtained were some
energy, however, was excellent and the Jazz proved to be challenging, as the students had of the best in the festival, and can be looked
2 Combo will continue to impress through- only one practice before the performance upon with pride. The next big event for all
out the rest of the year.
to learn the music; however, they pulled band students is the Winds from the South
Jazz 1 was also highly honoured through splendidly and received an “Excel- concert, which Scarlett annually hosts at the
at the AIBF. Like Jazz Combo 1, they also lent, Excellent” for their efforts.
Jack Singer Concert Hall. The band students
received a result of “Superior, Superior,” The Wind Ensemble it often look forward to once again showcasing
which is an incredible achievement and re- thought of as one of the most prestigious their incredible musical talent, and improvsulted in a Gold Award. Jazz 1 can be con- bands at Scarlett. In order for students to be- ing upon their already stellar performances
sidered one of the most experienced bands long to the Wind Ensemble, they must audi- based on the advice that they received during
at Scarlett. Composed mostly of Grade 12s, tion at the beginning of the year and show the AIBF.
the band is made up of students who already a high level of commitment to their music.
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British invasion continues
their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” was released in September of 2011, the
The British Invasion may have team has continued to make two more wildbegun around the 1960s, but as the saying ly-successful albums. Although the band is
goes: “History has an odd way of repeating blessed with fans and haters alike, the world
itself.” Canada and the U.S. alike have be- has been left to ponder how the band became
come captivated with modern
so widelyBritish culture. From beauty to
known in
music, the UK seems to be havthe
ing a greater influence on North
place. What
America than it ever has.
makes their
Ranking third on the
group stand
list of most powerful countries
in the world, Britain has been
the rest is
identified as the most influential
a mystery,
culture. The number of famous
Brits has sky-rocketed in the
when there
past three years, some of them
are Amerieven robbing the Americans of
fivetheir roles; the roles of Spiderboy bands
man, Batman, and Superman,
that create a
for example, have all been grantsimilar style
ed to actors of British descent.
of music.
In the film Lincoln
Quite likely
(2012) Abraham Lincoln himtheir Britself is played by none other than
ish origin is
Daniel Day Lewis. The sixteenth
part of the
president of the United States
Photo by Cleo Williams A l o n g
was unmistakably American, yet
mucasting directors chose an Eng- The union jack proudly displayed on a lamp with
sic and TV,
lishmen to bring the role to life.
Citizens of the UK are slowly taking control the British have also taken over YouTube.
over all fields of entertainment. The problem Beauty gurus like zoella280390, and vlogis nobody seems to be objecting. Perhaps gers like Jack and Finn Harries from Jacksthe admiration has something to do with the gap are influencing the Internet to a great
sophisticated accent or, more commonly ex- extent. Getting famous over YouTube has
pressed, the charming ways of British peo- become common place over the past few
years, and somewhat of a clique has formed
Thor, the godly Marvel movies within the YouTube world; the social group
series has been subject to the infatuation. consists of a dozen YouTubers who are all
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, the star roughly around the 1.5 million subscribers
of the movies, has a minute fan-base when mark. The majority of them sport British accompared to his British co-star Tom Hid- cents.
The second British Invasion is in
dleston. Both actors have appealing accents, but the public seems to commonly favour full effect and, to be honest, the infatuation
tea-drinkers over surfer-boys, although it is more a longing for the unknown than anyseems the stars are not quite sure why either. thing else. Countries all around the world
“I am surprised people like Loki have been asking themselves why the Britso much. I’ve been asking myself this three ish appeal to them so much and the question
times now,” expressed Hiddleston at the pre- “Why do Americans love British people?”
miere of Thor: The Dark World, when taken has been a frequently-asked question on a
aback by how many fans were present to number of web forums.
No matter the situation, a sophistisupport him.
In resemblance to the British Inva- cated accent can often be pinned as the culsion of the mid-60s, more and more British prit for the obsession. Seeing UK citizens on
bands are becoming well-known. With a sim- TV screens, computer screens, and stages
ilar fandom to the Beatles, the most popular has resulted in North Americans being eager
British band is undoubtedly One Direction. to learn more about them, and in doing so the
First becoming a group at the suggestion of continent’s inhabitants have somewhat idolX Factor judge Simon Cowell, the five boys ized Great Britain.
have taken the world by storm. Ever since
By Cleo Williams
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 3
Rolls Royce rolls into uncertain territory with Wraith
By Loula Agelopoulos
Back in 2013, RollsRoyce announced they would be
pushing automotive boundaries
and using innovative engineering
to create a better car. They did not
consider though, that the boundaries may be there, because there is
no need to go beyond them. The
model they based their design on
is the Wraith, which was originally
produced in the late 1930s. The car
has been altered both in its appearance and function. The new car is
reportedly the fastest and most luxurious British car to ever be made
by Rolls-Royce. The reason: its
ability to read the road ahead.
The goal behind the
Wraith was, in the words of company co-founder Sir Henry Royce,
“To take the best that exists and
make it better; when it doesn’t
exist, design it.” That is what the
company has done by creating a
car completely new to the world. A
processor in the car translates turns
and ramps into shift commands so
the car can get maximum power
from its engine. It may not sound
like much, but considering the car
is inanimate, it is an impressive
feat. To achieve this maximum, the
Wraith uses Satellite Aided Transmission (SAT) to process GPS data
to predict the driver’s next move
and switch into the right gear. It
also has a more direct steering response to aid precision in corners,
and also contains more dynamic
spring and damper settings. Another notable feature of the Wraith
is its luxurious interior. It features
Canadel Panelling in a beautiful
open wood grain and the Starlight
headliner, previously exclusive to
its Phantom models.
All of these features make up a
very luxurious, very fast, and very
expensive car most can only dream
of owning; however, it also raises
some questions such as whether Wraith is whether automotive com- will therefore try to gain prefer- would therefore not like being renor not technology can replace a panies should be spending money ence through luxury, in an increas- dered unnecessary. If this is just the
human’s instincts. The Wraith has and time developing unnecessary ingly environmentally-aware soci- beginning, soon the world could be
the ability to change gears according to the road ahead, but people
have that exact same ability. Better yet, they do not have to rely on
satellites and processors. People
can see ahead and interpret using only their brain which, when
the driver is alert, does not have
as many possibilities for error as
a machine. Though the technology used is undoubtedly some
of the finest, there is always the
chance that there could be a glitch
or something could go wrong, and
in the case of driving a car, this
could lead to devastating results.
An attentive driver would easily be able to see if the car was
in the wrong gear, but if the car
changes it to the wrong gear, the
driver would not know. While
Rolls-Royce would have surely
ensured that error is nearly impossible, there is no need for a car to
change the gears when a human
could do it with little fear of error.
Others might argue that
having a car read the road ahead
would take the fun out of driving. Some people enjoy doing all
the work, anticipating the road
ahead, changing gears, feeling
the car and acting or reacting accordingly. Those people would
probably find the Wraith a waste
Photo by Loula Agelopoulos
of time, and while it may be a
just out of reach
beautiful car, there is no need to
add all the extras meant to make it features for their cars, when they ety they will have to produce cars seeing cars that drive themselves
“the best.” Without the excitement could be putting those resources to with more than just fancy interiors without the person having to do
of actually driving the car, the better use, for instance exploring and the ability to read the road.
anything at all and there are not
No matter how one looks many people who would be happy
owner of a Wraith misses out on electrically-powered cars or hy- the driving experience regular cars brids. If companies spent as much at it, the Wraith is an impressive with that; therefore, automotive
provide. Others, however, would effort developing environmentally- car. Rolls-Royce is undoubtedly companies like Rolls-Royce should
disagree with this opinion, saying friendly cars as they did luxurious leading the automotive industry focus their attention on developing
the Wraith would provide a more ones, there would quite possibly into a new era, an era of smarter cars that are more fuel-efficient
relaxing drive, without the worry be no more cars running on gaso- cars that can do more for them- and environmentally-friendly, and
line and gases emitted could be selves; however, this is not neces- offer a smoother and faster ride
of having to change gears.
Yet another question that reduced. While companies may be sarily a welcome era. Many people without taking control away from
could be asked in respect to the competing against each other and like driving cars, they enjoy it, and the driver.
Page 4
-- Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
CBE class sizes start growing as budget cuts escalate
By Sam McIntosh
Beginning this year, students may
have noticed that there seems to be a few
more people in their classes than usual. All
over Calgary high schools the average class
sizes have jumped 10% from an average of
26.8 students per class last year to an average
of 29.6 students in a class this year. Compare
this number to five years ago when the average students in a class were just 24.2, and the
jump is even more apparent.
The suggested average number of
students in a high school class is 27 and only
Central Memorial, Jack James, and specialized programs were able to have averages
that meet that.
There have even been reports of up
to forty students in one class at some schools
and that is raising concerns from parents.
They are worried that their child will not be
able to ask questions or get specific help from
The substantial increase in high school class
sizes, however, is due to a slash in budget
by the Calgary Board of Education (CBE)
to high schools of 11% or around $62 million dollars. This cut is worsened by the fact
that the number of students already in the
high school system are at 110 763 students,
an increase of 3.4 percent from last year’s
107 132 students. This is likely to increase
as well, with an estimated 9 000 students
entering high school next year which will
put an even bigger strain on the resources of
The increased student population
comes at odds with the CBE decision to reassign many teachers who have become lower
grade or substitute teachers, in order to fit a
budget that has been a grievance to both students and parents. CBE trustee Lynn Ferguson had been very critical of the budget but
stated that “there are a number of factors that
influence how a
student learns.”
This dismissive
turn on the CBE
as it seems to be
the CBE against
the teachers according to an
from last September.
T h e
CBE had been
trying to brush
allegations of enlarged classes,
teachers but the
Alberta TeachPhoto by Sam McIntosh ers Association
Increasing class sizes means the amount of desks in this room could soon be conducted
the new average in the school if the budget cuts continue after this year
own survey and
teachers and those teachers will become too found that each high school had mentioned
stressed to perform their jobs properly. This forty students in a single class and some
increase is even more surprising considering classes even had around fifty students. The
younger grades have barely had to increase class averages for each school is also skewed
their class size. Kindergarten to grade three as there can be options with barely twenty
classes barely had an increase in class sizes, students and core classes with around forty
while grade four to six saw no increase at all. students.
The situation does look very grim for
the CBE, students, and teachers in general
as the increase of students and lack of teachers does not make a very promising combination. The provincial government has also
been crippled by a lack of solid action; the
many are not able to live up to their full potential.
A vast number of students in a
single class could have a variety of different questions about a subject and few teachers would be able to handle 40 and up to 50
Photo by Sam McIntosh
If the CBE budget continues to decrease, this hallway could get much busier during school
Minister of Education Jeff Johnson asked
in the fall for any classes of forty or more
students to be reported to him, but responses
have been slow. Johnson later said he would
not intervene in local school board decisions
and that class size are not the only factor in
determining a child’s success. Johnson may
be slow to respond because of the fact that
the Alberta government has slashed the budget for education which has led to this.
This has also had an adverse effect
on the teachers. As Frank Bruseker, head of
the Alberta Teachers Union Local 38, says:
“Larger class sizes make it more difficult for
the teacher to get around and provide that individual one on one consultation with a kid.”
Without this one on one consultation and the
student not seeking further help from other
resources, such as a tutor or class help room,
a student is bound to fail.
Even worse is the fact that only 34
new teachers were hired when enrolment
in schools was increased by 3 631 students
in the past year. This is a worrying trend
in which a lack of teachers could have an
adverse effect on future generations where
students in a single class without it causing
their teaching to suffer.
It is important that high school students are given the best chance to succeed
as they are the next wave of young people
ready to go make their mark on the world.
Kindergarten to grade nine has been preparing students for high school where they
branch out and find out what they want to
do with their lives. With these budget cuts,
larger classes, and fewer teachers, there is
an increased chance that some students will
not do the best they can because they were
not able to receive the attention that they deserved or needed.
Even though the CBE reported that
two thirds of the 3 631 new students were
enrolled in the elementary level, and that is
why they focused most of their funding at
the kindergarten to grade three levels, increased high school class sizes will inevitably affect even these students when they get
older. Students right now need to figure out
what the best course of action for their future
is and the CBE does not seem to be helping.
March 2014
Scarlett FEVER
Problems with the
Sochi Olympics
By Abdelrahman Assad
The 22nd Winter Olympic Games have just concluded
in Sochi, Russia. The event kept
millions of viewers glued to their
television sets in order to cheer on
their home countries; however,
the road to the Olympics was not
as successful as the games themselves.
Sochi is a resort town
located in a subtropical region
and the Sochi National Park. This
resulted in many demonstrations
outside of those Olympic venues
by passionate environmentalists. Dozens of environmentalists
have been put in jail because of
the demonstrations; many people
believe incarcerating the environmentalists did not put Russia’s
reputation in a positive light.
This year’s Winter
Olympic Games cost an estimated
Photo by Loula Agelopoulos
This year’s Winter Olympics have been very costly for the goevrnment
of Russia with very mild winter $50 billion; the previous games in
temperatures, causing limited Vancouver only had a price tag of
amounts of snow which is a ne- around $7 billon, the construction
cessity for the winter games. As price of one of Sochi’s Olympic
well as the climate, safety was a ski-slope mountain highways
alone. The high cost of the
“Prior to the
Olympics could possibly
Prior to the
have a negative impact on
event, suicide
event, sui- bombers set off a the Russian economy, which
cide bomb- series of bombs in can lead to higher rates of
ers set off the nearby city of corruption.
Complaints about the
a series of
athletes’ accommodations
were also raised as athletes
the nearby
city of Volgograd, which caused stated that they did not have run34 deaths and approximately 100 ning water, did not have enough
injuries. The United States gov- beds, and that the hotel room
ernment also warned American doors could not close. Recent
and foreign airlines to take cau- reports claim that the reason for
tion, as terrorists may try to hide these poor accommodations is the
explosive devices in toothpaste extremely high price of this year’s
tubes in attempts to hijack the Olympics, resulted in these acgames. Russian President Vladi- commodations being the best that
mir Putin ensured the safety of all the Russian government could
athletes stating that he would an- provide.
Not everything about
nihilate all the terrorists that tried the games was quite as negative,
to interfere with the Olympics.
There have also been however. Canada welcomed their
a few environmental concerns. biggest winter Olympic team
The construction of the various ever, and they received a total of
sporting venues has been causing 25 medals; 10 gold, 10 silver, and
harmful effects to the UNESCO 5 bronze. The 22nd Winter Olymprotected sites in Sochi, such as pic Games proved to be very sucthe Caucasus Biosphere Reserve cessful.
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 5
Incriminating evidence of abuses
in North Korea in UN report
By Sam McIntosh
tion of human rights on the part of by the findings in the report. The
On February 17, a UN re- the EU and Japan in alliance with a inhumane treatment in North Koport was released that showed the hostile U.S. policy,” has led to ten- rea has many parallels between the
reports findings and crimes combrutal tactics that the North Korean sion in the region.
The report also identifies mitted by the Nazis in World War
government uses to stay in power and keep its people in line. Wide- around 80 to 120 000 prisoners Two. “When you see that image in
spread use of torture, murder, slav- that have been put in prison camps your mind of bodies being burned,
ery, starvation, and sexual violence where hundreds of thousands of it does bring back memories of
keep the government in power North Koreans have died through the end of World War Two, and
while keeping “the population in starvation, torture, and execution. the horror and the shame and the
submission” the United Nations Many of their fates are unknown shock,” said retired judge Michael
Commission of Inquiry on Human to their family, and the government Kirby who was a part of the invesRights reported. This is not the first uses this to spread fear among tigation. Many of these acts are intime North Korea has come under the populace so they stay in line. credibly barbaric and are used for
fire for human rights abuses as Famines in these prison camps are no better reason than to keep the
there have been previous reports as common as they are in the rest population submissive so they do
of starvation and prison camps, but of the country where lack of food not rise up against the government.
Though many counnever to this degree has there been killed many in the 1990s. The gov- ernment uses control of food as tries in the past few years have
confirmation of the abuses.
Ever since the Korean another way to control the popula- risen up against dictators in counWar, which lasted from 1950 to tion. Controlling the people even tries such as Egypt, Tunisia, and
1953, North Korea has been ruled more is the enforced class struc- Libya, there is little hope that the
by a family of communist dictators ture implemented in the country. people of North Korea could have
who have ruled with an iron fist The report states that North Korea a chance of organizing an opposis a nation “that does not content ing party. The oppressive regime
and have locked
uses “state surveillance
nearly everyone
which permeates the prielse out of the
vate lives of all citizens
country with only
to ensure that virtually
a few controlled
no expression critical of
visits. People who
the political system or of
have escaped have
its leadership goes undetold horror stotected,” the report states.
ries of people be“Citizens are punished for
ing sent to work
any ‘anti-State’ activities
camps never to be
or expressions of dissent.”
seen again and an
The government has been
increasing lack of
ruthless in taking down
any perceived opposi
Now, 320
tion; even when Kim Jong
eyewitness testiPhoto by Sam McIntosh
confirm Tensions simmer in the far east as North Korea faces scandal Un’s uncle was thought
to be conspiring against
that the abuses can
be traced directly to the highest itself with ensuring the authoritar- the government, he was swiftly arlevels of North Korean govern- ian rule of a small group of people, rested and executed. The people of
ment. The North Korean govern- but seeks to dominate every aspect North Korea have no institutions
ment has received condemnation of its citizens’ lives and terrorizes other than government-approved
ones which further tightens their
from nearly every country; the them from within.”
grip on the country.
United States in particular praised
With little political presthe report and wants North Korea have many allies but one of the few to take “concrete steps to improve that it does is also one of the most sure on North Korea to stop these
the conditions of the North Korean powerful countries on the planet, vile practices due to their close
China. The North Korean govern- business relationship with China,
These steps may be a little ment conducts many business deal- only political banter and the work
difficult for North Korea to take as ings with China and they are im- of non-government organizations
they have historically not had the portant allies. Even though many can help shed light on these crimes
best relationship with the US, and who have read the report want against humanity and hopefully
the west in general, as North Ko- the International Criminal Court build enough pressure on North
rea has taken a very radical stance and the UN Security Council to Korea to stop and give up all
against them. Even though the do something, China is one of five guilty parties involved. Even with
UN has sent Kim Jong Un a letter permanent members on the council all of that, military action may be
warning he could be prosecuted that can veto any decision so calls the only way to properly secure
for crimes against humanity, he for action do not pass. This, in turn, the freedom of the North Korean
is not likely to leave North Korea incapacitates the UN from launch- people. In any case, one can only
anytime soon. The warning com- ing any criminal investigation into hope that the poor souls trapped
bined with North Korea’s refusal the Crimes Against Humanity that in the camps and in the country as
a whole, will be able to see their
to participate in the study and their are presented in the report.
Many non-government freedom from a tyrannical governimmediate rejection of its findings, calling them “a product politicisa- organizations have been outraged ment.
Page 6
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Algae-powered proposals slowly turning the world “green”
Karlee Selent
A French chemist by the name of
Pierre Calleja was working on a way to harness the special abilities of microorganisms’
found in bioluminescent algae to help ease
some of Earth’s most pressing problem of
global warming. Calleja’s solution came
in the form of a cylindrical algae-powered
lamp that requires no electricity, making it
self-sufficient, operating through a process
wherein all the energy produced during photosynthesis is collected and stored in a battery that helps to power the light in the evening.
Bioluminescent algae are tiny
fresh-water weeds that grow in shallow
ponds and glow at night by emitting light
produced by energy from chemical reactions
occurring inside the algae. In other words,
they soak up sunlight, absorb carbon dioxide, and breathe out oxygen, like most plants,
while emitting a soft fluorescent glow. In essence, it is nature’s all-in-one version of a
solar panel, a carbon sink, and a light bulb.
Though the idea of a lamp powered
by bioluminescent algae sounds promising,
many question how much of a difference
these little marine organisms can make in
everyday life. The fact is that microalgae
are incredibly efficient at removing carbon
dioxide from the atmosphere, approximately
150 to 200 times more than trees. An algae
lamp can remove as much carbon dioxide in
a year as a tree would in its lifetime. Extracting algae from aquatic environments,
such as oceans, could potentially save fish
and other marine life since rapid increases
known as algae blooms have caused a widespread mortality due to harmful toxins that
are sometimes released.
Calleja noted that about 25% of
carbon dioxide present in the air is thought
to be generated from car exhaust. By using
the algae lamps for roadside lighting, two
social problems would be solved at once,
fairly bright and consistent neon radiance.
“The light that goes through the lamp is very
special,” Calleja said, “it is a very soft light
because it goes through a live animal.”
Bio-engineering such a scenario has its challenges though. Sceptics are still waiting
to hear how Calleja
plans to overcome
some of the plant’s
problematic characteristics, such as the
qualities of dense
plumes of algae”
and maintenance to
prevent the “dirty
fish bowl” effect
in which a murky
build-up starts to
accumulate on the
glass of the lamp
over time.
Calleja’s idea, designer Mike Thompson, who invented
the Blood Lamp,
has created the Latro
Lamp. The lamp dePhoto by Karlee Selent
rives energy from an
Mike Thompson’s verison of Calleja’s bioluminescent algae-powered algae chamber that
lamp, the Latro Lamp, needs only water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight
requires only sunwith each unit absorbing an estimated ton of light, carbon dioxide, and water to operate.
emissions per year.
An individual simply fills the glass chamber
Having recently filmed a with water, leaves the lamp outside, breathes
TED Talk, Calleja describes the genesis of into it, and the lamp begins to emit light.
his concept and how he hoped to implement The lamp features a battery that stores enthe invention. During his presentation, he ergy made by the algae throughout the day
showcases a prototype that appeared to emit and a light sensor that controls the lamp’s in-
tensity, preventing the algae from becoming
Calleja’s start-up, FermentAlg, has
been studying algae for nearly two decades
and has attracted millions in investments.
Although, the company performs many
kinds of algae-based research, such as using
it for food and biofuel.
Eukaryote-based design is not a foreign concept to urban planters and architects. The
blueprint of an algae-powered federal building in Los Angeles, winner of the 2011 Metropolis Magazine’s competition, incorporates an algae farm and bioreactor onto the
sunny southern side of the building to provide energy, and clean wastewater and air at
the same time.
A video on YouTube, uploaded by
an international cross-media program by the
name of Shamengo, demonstrates how the
lamp works. Though it has about 312 000
views, the comments prove that individuals
do not seem to buy the idea, citing the lightsmothering qualities of dense plumes of algae and the need to frequently clean them.
Also pointed out is how much the lamps
would weigh and how they would prevent
many overhead applications, as well as how
vandalism would have to be taken into consideration.
Though this breakthrough idea may
have potential to solve one of humanity’s
greatest problems regarding the planet, it
is highly questioned whether or not it will
become a reality in the near future. If this
proposal goes through and is approved, then
there is a chance that algae-powered lamps
and buildings will begin to pop up in our everyday lives.
Frigid, cold winter weather in Southern Alberta persists
By Natalie Ward
The province has been suffering
a cold winter this season and it is not over
just yet. Albertans have spent much of this
winter in temperatures that have dropped below minus thirty and this is not taking into
consideration the extreme cold produced by
wind chills blowing through the province.
Environment Canada has recently
delivered wind chill warnings throughout
parts of Alberta, such as Drumheller, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer, with
temperatures expected to drop below minus
forty in those areas, even getting as cold as
minus forty five and minus fifty. Not only
does wind chill drop the temperature, but it
also increases the chances of frostbite on the
skin. The extreme cold of this weather has
highlighted the importance of remembering
the basic rules of staying safe in cold weather.
On December 6, Alberta was one
of the coldest places on Earth. Whether that
is something to be proud of or not, that is
for readers to decide. During the two months
of December and January, about five loca-
tions in Alberta (including Banff, Brooks, ing. Such awful conditions on the roads have homes and businesses due to the extremeClaresholm, and Pincher Creek) had broken led to many vehicle collisions. On Sunday, ly cold weather. Not only have there been
their coldest record temperatures, dropping December 8, Calgary police reported that maintenance problems, but events and facilito minus thirty five and even colder. Banff, there were 241 crashes on streets around the ties such as Canada Olympic Park have been
for example, dropped to minus thirty-seven city, which resulted in traffic tie-ups. High- cancelled, rescheduled or closed until the
point five degrees Celsius, which beat their
weather warms up.
1922 record of minus thirty-three.
On Friday, December 27, EnviLately, the weather in Alberta has been so
ronment Canada had also issued a flash
horrible, that even NASA noticed. NASA
freeze warning for Calgary. A flash
recorded the weather in Edmonton and comfreeze is when the weather conditions
pared its data with the weather conditions on
cause a drop in temperature within two
Mars. They discovered that Mars was only
to three hours from above the freezing
slightly colder than Edmonton.
mark to below the freezing mark. During
Snow drifts have been a reoccurFriday night, for example, the temperature dropped from minus nine degrees to
ring dangerous menace this winter with the
minus nineteen degrees Celsius with five
snowstorms and blizzards. The harsh winds
centimeters of snow falling.
blowing the snow around have created large
Though it may seem as if Canada
drifts along streets, buildings, houses, drivePhoto By Lourdes Morand will never warm up, things are looking
ways, parked cars, etc. These drifts have
made driving and parking difficult, turning Mackezie Sewell , Grade 12, freezing outside Scarlett up. The weather should begin to improve
many two or three-lane roadways into sinon the first day of spring, March 20. Ungle-lane ones.
ways have also had to be closed off due to til then, keep the winter coats, gloves, hats,
This extreme cold weather has more serious crashes, such as Highway 881, and boots out and handy. The wind chills
caused many problems for Canadians around which was closed on Monday, December 9. that are hanging around are still a danger to
the country, as well as Albertans. Worsen- The Calgary Fire Department has anyone who does not have the appropriate
ing weather conditions increased icy condi- been responding to water issues that have winter clothing with them to stay warm.
tions on roads and a need for slower driv- been reported throughout Calgary in many
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 7
Media Campaign Aims to Discourage Smoking in Youth
Brianne Godsman
their relationship with tobacco,” he
The Federal Agency
alongside the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on
February 4, that it is launching a
$115 million multimedia youth tobacco prevention campaign. The campaign is called
“The Real Cost” and aims to discourage teens from starting smoking and to encourage youth who already smoke to quit. The campaign
launched on February 11, 2014
across multiple media platforms
including over 200 different advertisements that are now present
on television, in magazines, and
on a variety of social networking
sites. The objective is to educate youth on the harmful effects
of tobacco with the goal of reducing the number of youth consuming tobacco in North America.
Mitch Zeller, the director of the
FDA’s Centre for Tobacco Products, hopes that this approach will
be effective. “We think it’s important to reach out to teens— not to
lecture them, not to throw statistics
at them — but to reach them in a
way that will get them to rethink
Zeller, overseeing the
new campaign, calls it a “compelling, provocative and somewhat
graphic” way of grabbing the attention of more than 10 million
young people aged 12 to 17 in
North America who are using tobacco.
The ads depict youth with
yellowing teeth and wrinkled skin,
attempting to show the “ugly truth”
associated with tobacco.
The campaign shows
smoking for what it is, a widespread health issue, not a moral
issue, not a reason to discriminate
the smoking minority, not an opportunity to moralize or lecture,
but an opportunity to raise awareness and concern for the long-term
health of the youth of North America.
This campaign works
to personify smokers, rather than
turning the individual into a number on a page. The issue of smoking is never simple enough to be
presented in a graph or a pie chart.
Kurt Vonnegut, an American writer, and honorary president of the
fully the campaign will
American Huhelp to bridge the gap bemanist
Assotween youth understanding
ciation, shared
the effects of tobacco and
a similar opinyouth understanding that
ion: “The public
they are personally at risk.
health authori
In 2011, the
ties never mention the main
FDA said it planned to
spend about $600 million
Americans have
over five years on camfor
paigns aimed at reducing
heavily, which
death and disease caused
is that smoking
by tobacco.
is a fairly sure,
The campaigns’
fairly honoureffects will be measured
able form of
through a multi-year insuicide.”
person evaluation of the
T h e
same 8 000 youth over a
two year period.
Evaluation rehowever, seem
sults will be used to assess
to disagree with
changes in key tobacco reVonnegut. FDA
lated knowledge, attitudes,
beliefs, and behaviours
over several years to meaMargret HamPhoto by Brianne Godsman
sure the impact the camburg
“while Sabrina Yu, Grade 11 supports the campaign’s aim of decreasing paign is having.
youth smokers by 300 000 over the span of the next three years
most teens unthem.”
goal is to reduce the number of 12
derstand the serious health risks
The campaign aims to
to 17 year old cigarette smokers
associated with tobacco use, they
raise awareness about the long
by 300 000 over the span of three
often don’t believe the long-term
term risks and make teens more
consequences will ever apply to
informed on their choices. Hope-
Page 8
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Violence in Ukraine continues as president flees
By James Ewart
One of the most trending civil unrests today is the rioting, violence, and protesting in Ukraine. Every day there is a new
horror story coming out of this European
country and it does not look like it will end
This whole calamity started on
January 19, 2014 on Hrushevskoho Street in
Kiev, Ukraine when new anti-protest laws,
which were quickly dubbed by protestors as
the “Dictatorship Laws”, were announced.
In the three days that followed, many riots
broke out, police retaliated, and a magnitude
of damage was inflicted on streets and buildings due to rioters building small bombs.
Then, protestors became further angered by the arrests of activists and the police brutality they received. The people have
two goals in mind: the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovych, and the disallowing of the passing of the anti-protest laws.
After four days of rioting, the protestors built a blockade in Kiev’s Independence square, where they built an encampment. Police used aggressive force in an
attempt to remove the barricade but it resulted in 200 injured and three dead. The protestors blocked off several roads in the city and
every day they violently clashed with riot
police that resulted in the injuring of dozens
more people.
Early in February, protestors started to take more drastic measures to attain
their goals. One terrible story is the attack
on a government building. Protestors lit it on
fire, 120 were injured and twenty were killed
in the crossfire, and arrests were made. On
February 20 the president and protestors had
called a truce in order to stop the violence
that has caused a death toll of 26 and the injury of 425 people. The country is in conflict over their
national identity; their loyalties are split be-
tween Rusthe most violent event
sia and the
in that country since
West. Ukraiit emerged from the
Soviet Union in 1992.
live in North
The president fled
America are
the country on Febconstantly
ruary 24 and citizens
are touring his estate.
about their
Much to their shock,
the president has been
and the news
living in lavish wealth
of a truce is
while the country has
putting them
had bailout after bailat ease. That
truce, how
As the conflict
Photo by James Ewart rages on, people are
short-lived Daniel Caine, Grade 11, searches the web for the lastest hoping that this terupdates on the current state of Ukraine
and dozens
rible event will end
of people were killed in a gun battle in In- soon and there will be peace again. Unfortudependence Square on February 20, caus- nately, it will be very difficult for the people
ing the death toll jump to 77. All around the and the president to gain the trust of each
world, people were shocked as it has been other.
Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate over the ultimate question
Karlee Selent
On the night of February 4, 2014,
two scientific rivals faced off in a debate on
evolution. Widely known as the “Science
Guy” Bill Nye and Australia-native Ken
Ham, founder of the Creation Museum in
Petersburg, Kentucky, debated on the topic
“Is creation a viable model of origins?” at
the Creation Museum. The event, announced
in January, rapidly sold out its 900 seats, and
visitors from twenty-nine states bought seats
for the debate that streamed live for almost
three hours on the Internet.
Nye, the former host of the popular
children’s television program Bill Nye the
Science Guy, describes himself as “a man
with a mission: to help foster a scientifically
literate society,” according to his website. It
has been questioned if Nye really is a legitimate scientist; however, as Nye has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and
is currently the executive director of The
Planetary Society, a space interest organization.
Ham is a young-Earth creationist,
who advocates a literal interpretation of the
book of Genesis and is president of Answers
of Genesis, a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry that promotes the belief that the
initial chapters in Genesis should be taken as
literally true and historically accurate.
The debate began with humorous
opening comments from the moderator,
CNN’s Tom Foreman, before Nye stepped
out in his infamous bowtie and Ham with his
intriguing accent. The two shook hands and
readied themselves behind their respective
Apple MacBooks. Since Ham won the coin
toss, he began his five-minute opening statement mentioning that textbooks in American
public schools have been indoctrinated by
Darwin, and then proceeded to name scientists who believe in biblical creationism
through a slideshow.
When it came to Nye’s turn, he bones somewhere between Sinai and Aus- Ham if all animals were vegetarian before
dropped the first references to fossils and the tralia? Somebody would have been hopping the events following Noah’s Ark, to which
Grand Canyon to point out to Ham that the around along there and died, and we’d find Ham replied that they seemed to be.
Earth is not 6 000 years old. The two men him.” Nye then added that fossils of kan- Nye then went on to insist that even
then had thirty minutes to present their full garoos have only shown up in Australia, to his New England shipbuilding ancestors
arguments. Ham clicked through slides of which Ham explained that, according to the could not have built a ship like Noah’s Ark,
great scientists who happen to be atheists, as Creation Museum, logs from trees destroyed to which Ham defended, “Why would you
well as scientists who believe in creationism. in the flood carried animals across the globe. say Noah was unskilled? I didn’t meet Noah.
enNeither did you.” Foreman then shuffled
through Q&A cards to pick up the pace.
Questions such as, “How does creationto folism account for celestial bodies?” and
low peo“How did the atoms that created the Big
ple like
Bang get there?” were directed at the
that and
two men. While Nye openly answered
m a k e
that he did not entirely know and that he
t h e m
loves the mysteries behind the questions,
their heHam did not hesitate to link his answers
to the Bible.
Ham an
The debate ended with the quesnounced.
tion “What is the one thing, more than
anything else, upon which you base your
H a m
belief?” directed at both Nye and Ham.
Ham ended the question-and-answer
concludsession by stating his love and belief for
ed his arthe Bible which explains the origins of
with his
all living matter and ideas and history
Photo by Karlee Selent on Earth, while Nye quoted Carl Sagan,
explanat i o n The debate over whether creationism or evolution is a viable model of origins has been an “When you are in love, you want to tell
of the on-going question among various scientists and young-Earth creationists for many years the world,” and that he bases his beliefs
on “the information and the process that
C’s of Life (Creation, Corruption, Catastro- At the one hour mark, Nye began to discuss we call science.”
The debate drew a few supporters
phe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Commu- the purpose of reproduction among living nication), Nye presented a large portion of organisms and moved on to talk about the of Nye in the audience, including Aaron
Kentucky limestone and proceeded to state Hubble telescope. Ham defends the age of Swonley, who wore a red bowtie and a white
that it could not have existed if the Great Earth using Hebrew definitions in the Bible lab coat to the event. “I think they did a good
Flood, following the story of Noah’s Ark, and 45 000-year-old wood being found in job outlining their arguments without gethad happened 4 000 years ago.
millions-of-years-old basalt rock. “There’s ting too heated, as these debates tend to get,”
Nye then showed a visual represen- no dating method you can use that you can he said. Many were impressed by both Ham
tation of the kangaroo conundrum. “If there absolutely age date a rock,” he concludes. and Nye’s presentations and the debate’s rewas a kangaroo on Noah’s Ark,” he started, Once Ham started his rebuttal at the eighty spectful tone. By the end of the debate it was
“and Noah’s Ark landed somewhere in the minute mark, the live stream froze due to the clear, however, that Nye and Ham would
Middle East, and kangaroos ended up in more than 500 000 people who tuned in. The just have to agree to disagree.
Australia, why haven’t we found kangaroo connection returned in time to hear Nye ask
March 2014
Scarxxlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 9
Pink shirt day promoted actively by Lancers school-wide
the event was a great success, as
it encouraged students and spread
awareness of the very prevalent
problem in society that is bullying,
and made them think about what
actions they can take forward to
and they find it is easy to torture
someone else and boost their selfesteem and feel powerful, despite
the impact that their actions create
on others.
Bullying is a life chang-
ceived compliments on her looks.
A stranger convinced Todd to bare
This year the seventh anher breasts on camera. The indinual Pink Shirt Day was held on
vidual later blackmailed her with
February 26 nationwide. Schools,
threats to expose the topless phoanti-bullying activist groups, and
tos to her friends unless she gave
even individuals who just
a “show.” Two years after
wanted to make a difference
this incident, Todd returned to
took part in it. At Scarlett, the
live with her mother in March
halls were flooded with Lanc2012. Todd was later told by
ers adorned in pink, whether
the police that the photo was
the pink was found on shirts
circulating on the Internet.
or other articles of clothing.
After several other abusive
The idea of Pink
messages posted on her FaceShirt Day was officially
book account, she tried comgenerated at Central Kings
mitting suicide by drinking
Rural High School in the
bleach, but she survived after
community of Cambridge,
being rushed to the hospital to
Nova Scotia, when a grade
have her stomach pumped. “It
nine boy was being bullied
killed me inside and I thought
due to his choice to wear
I actually was going to die,”
a pink shirt to school. The
Todd commented in her video.
boy had decided to wear a
After returning home, Todd
pink polo shirt on his first
discovered abusive messages
day of school, and it did not
about her failed suicide attake very long for peers to
tempt posted to Facebook.
pick on him. That same day
Six months later, further mesDavid Shepherd and Travis
sages and abuse were still bePrice who were bold grade
ing posted to social networkPhoto by Labeeba Mahmood ing sites. After, a long period
12 students at a Nova Scotia
school took matters into their Scarlett staff Gitana Rassin, Angela Barclay, and Caroline Hendry sporting their pink of no justice, struggling, and
own hands, turning the tables
bullying, Todd felt she had no
on the bullies and creating what contribute to ending it once and for ing event that may cause people to way to end this all and, therefore,
completely lose their self-esteem, committed suicide on October 10,
became the inaugural Pink Shirt all.
Bullying has been a seri- and when things do not change, 2012. She was found hanged in her
Day. Shepherd and Price went to a nearby mall and bought over fifty ous issue for many years. It hap- victims may feel that they are home.
Many other investigapink shirts and tank tops and gave pens everywhere: in schools, work- worthless, and some feel that the them out to the students for free places, shopping malls, and even only thing they can do to end the tions and surveys that took place
and requested them to wear them online. Even if one has not been a torment is to commit suicide. At after Todd’s suicide declare that a
victim of bullying, he or she likely the age of 15, Amanda Todd com- social networking site that can be
to school the next day.
In the days leading up to knows someone who has been. It mitted suicide by hanging herself used anonymously should not be
the event, students were invited to could be a friend, a classmate, or a at her home in Port Coquitlam, used by people who are not menwrite their own messages on what sibling. Bullying can include cruel British Columbia. She was being tally strong and cannot afford to
they would do to stop bullying on words, and physical violence. It is bullied by a teenager who was 19. be bullied. People make mistakes,
paper copies of pink shirts that a persistent problem in communi- Todd posted a nine-minute You- when often they try to change the
were hung up throughout the hall- ties- a problem that seems to have Tube video entitled “My Story: world outside their house does not
ways. Angela Barclay, Scarlett’s no cure and is spreading like wild- struggling, bullying, suicide and let them do it. “The world never
CALM teacher, was definitely in fire.
self-harm,” which was a silent vid- forgives or forgets” said CassanMany people believe that eo but showed Todd using a series dra Betts, Grade 11. Todd has left
the spirit of Pink Shirt Day as she is the teacher sponsor of this event. bullying mostly happens in junior of flash cards to tell her experienc- a story behind her, a story that will
“Bullying is a matter that can high schools where, unfortunately, es of being bullied. The video post never be forgotten and hopefully
change someone’s life, never for some students think that they are went viral after her death on Octo- will make a change one day.
High school students algood and always for bad. It needs entitled to do anything they want. ber 10, 2012, receiving over 1 600 to come to an end,” says Barclay. Bullying is a serious problem that 000 views by October 13, 2012. ways think that bullying begins
Barclay is a great supporter of Pink can take a significant toll on some- During the video, Todd stated when from junior high schools, this is
Shirt Day as she not only wore her one’s self-esteem and attitude to- she was in grade 7 (2009-2010), often true. Between the ages of
pink shirt with pride, but donned a wards life. Those who are bullies she used video chat to meet new 13-14 children have hormonal
bright pink wig as well. Overall, are usually insecure themselves, people over the Internet and she re- changes in their bodies which can
By Labeeba Mahmood
make them think they can do anything and it will never bother anyone. Bullying can change anyone’s
life. “The transition from a child
to a teenager brings this thought
to a teen’s mind that they have the
right to do anything, and they are
just testing their boundaries; things
change when they come to high
school. They become more mature
and slowly realize the impact of
bullying on victims,” says Brianne
Godsmann, Grade 11.
A victim often thinks that
nothing can ever change; no one
in the world will take a stand for
them. This is not true at all. Things
can change, and people like the
Calgary Police stand up for them.
“W5’s Predator’s Playground”
tells the story of Eric from Whitby,
Ontario. At age 12 he was targeted
online by who he believed to be
a cute, blonde, 14-year-old girl
named Ashley Matthews. Prompted by the suspicions of Eric’s mother, an ensuing police investigation
revealed “Ashley” to be a 38-yearold local male school teacher. It
was a stunning betrayal of trust for
Eric, the community, and dozens of
other victims of the male teacher’s
online luring – some of whom he
had convinced to strip and perform
sexual acts on their webcams. At
the predator’s home, police found
eighteen external computer hard
drives loaded with child pornography including 9 500 pictures and 2
000 movies. Sandy Garossino, one
of the founders of The Red Hood
Project, demonstrates how easy it
is for an online stalker to use social
media platforms such as Instagram,
Omegle, Kik, and Facebook to lure
and exploit potential victims.
While bullying is still
an unfortunate reality all over the
world, events such as Pink Shirt
Day are definitely a step in the
right direction. If enough people
are committed to making a change,
then change will inevitably happen. Here is hoping that soon there
will not be a need for anti-bullying
events, as bullying will be eradicated.
Page 10
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
by Natalie Ward
March’s Author of the Month is
Abbi Glines, New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling
author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze,
Vincent Boys, and Existence series. She is
a dedicated booklover, and keeps an active
Twitter account. She writes young adult, romance and paranormal romance genres. Her
first novel Breath was released in May 2011,
and is the first novel in her Sea Breeze series, she then went on and continued to write
and publish her work. She has seven New
York Times Bestsellers and one number one
New York Times Bestseller. Recently I had
the pleasure and honour to interview and ask
Abbi Glines a few questions about her writing and the books she loves to read as well.
FEVER: How did you start writing?
Glines: When I was a kid I sat down at the
dinner table every night and my parents
asked my brother and me about our day. I
wanted my day to be more exciting than it
actually was so I lied. I told big elaborate
stories where flying elephants and mermaids
visited the school that day. My parents listened to me, but in the end made me admit
that wasn’t true. One day my mother bought
me a notebook and told me that when I wanted to tell an interesting story to write it down
instead of telling it like it was the truth.
So, my writing began. I have always written stories. I wrote them for me.
I loved writing them, but I didn’t think anyone else would want to read them. Finally,
my husband bought me a MacBook and told
me to write a book and that it was time I got
published and shared my stories with the
world. I wrote Breathe and it was released in
May 2011. My life was forever changed.
FEVER: What inspires you to write?
Glines: My imagination is always going
nonstop. A line in a song can spur an entire
book, a couple I see holding hands or even
fighting in public, even something as simple
as a photo I see online. It doesn’t take much
to get my gears turning. I can think up a story in a couple of hours. I rarely live outside
my head.
FEVER: You make such amazing characters
that readers can connect with and see themselves in. Where do your characters come
Glines: I think of favourite traits that I’ve
seen in people I know or have met over
the years. I’m sure several ex-boyfriends
from my high school years have somehow
inspired different traits in my characters. I
that others can help me
make my story better. Being humble is very
When someone bashes your work
remember everyone has an opinion. I have
bad reviews on my books all the time but
I have more good reviews. Books that one
person may hate thousands may love. Once
you put your work out there you are opening
yourself up for the bad and good. Learn to
balance it and not let it get to you. Accept
that you’re writing stories you love and want
to share and not everyone will love those
stories too. It’s life. Get over it.
Write what makes you happy,
not what you think readers want to read. If
you write what is in your heart then
someone is going to love it. I thought
I was supposed to write sweet fairytale romances because that was what
I assumed readers wanted. I was
wrong. Breathe got horrible reviews
but it didn’t stop me. I realized readers wanted real problems, issues they
could relate to and they didn’t want a
perfect heroine. I wrote The Vincent
Boys and it soared to the top. The
heroine cheated on her boyfriend. She
was real. She made mistakes and she
suffered for them, but in the end she
found her way.
Never Give up.
It was such an honour to be able
to interview Glines. Glines makes a
perfect author of the month because in
Photo submited by Abbi Glines
her writing people can see themselves
Abbi Glines is the writer of the ongoing series Sea
in the characters, readers can connect
Breeze which consists of seven books so far
with them ether it be with the same
did not just admit all that and that I do not situation they are going through or how the
own a Gryffindor robe... because maybe that character lives, and a people can see themis hanging in my closet... maybe.
selves and connect. This is something people
FEVER: Finally, is there any advice for up- do not see very often in books and reading it
coming young writers?
in her books makes them all the better.
Her books also have a little someGlines: Write every day. Writing is a muscle that grows with use. Write even when you thing for every type of romance reader; they
think it stinks and you have to trash it the have the paranormal in the Existence trilogy,
then the steamy romance in Sea Breeze, with
next day. WRITE.
Share your stories. Don’t keep the mix of steamy and sweet in the Vincent
them to yourself. My literature teacher in Boys series and the Rosemary Beach series.
high school always encouraged me. She This is why she has been chosen to be this
loved reading my stories and she was al- month’s featured Author of the Month. For
ways supportive. Listen to critique. Don’t more information and a list of all her books
get defensive. You won’t get better if you visit plus look out for
don’t do this. I have seven New York Times the seventh book in her Sea Breeze series
Bestsellers and one of those was a #1 New called Bad for You where addiction meets
York Times Bestseller and I STILL ask for innocence, hitting bookshelves April 1st,
critique when I finish a book. I still admit 2014.
have never actually written a character after
someone I know, just things about them that
I liked or didn’t like have made it into the
characters in my books. The rest is from that
imagination of mine I mentioned.
FEVER: What are your favourite reads?
Glines: Samantha Young’s Dublin Street series is one of my all-time favourites.
Mia Sheridan’s books [too]; anything that
woman writes is gold.
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire [as
I am a huge Potter fan. Harry Potter
is the only series I have read over five times.
I have my own wand, Butter Beer mug and
even my own broom. We will pretend like I
Does learning a new language
and spending a few months abroad in a
different country interest you? If so, being involved in an exchange program is an
absolutely wonderful way for one to experience this. An exchange provides one
with the opportunity to explore new countries, meet the local people, and discover
a different culture, all the while learning a
new language. There are so many options
about where one can go, what languages
can be learned, and how long one can go
for, such as going to Spain for ten weeks
to learn Spanish, which is what I am currently a part of.
It all began in my grade ten year
in May, while I was taking Spanish 30,
when I was presented with the chance to
be a part of the Spanish exchange program. This would enable me to go spend
ten weeks in Spain to learn and improve
my Spanish while living with a host family. Immediately I was interested, as travelling and languages are something that I
really enjoy. As a result, I quickly signed
up and was selected as one of the three
students from Dr. E.P. Scarlett to participate in the program.
Throughout the months of May
and June, I attended a couple of meetings with the other exchange students.
The organizers of the program taught us
everything we would need to know about
the first half of the exchange: hosting our
partners for their ten-week stay here in
Canada. By the end of May, I was also
matched up with my partner, Elena. We
emailed back and forth often, used Facebook frequently, and used Skype twice to
get to know each other before we met in
On August 23, my family and I,
as well as the other Canadian exchange
students and their families, arrived at the
airport to pick up the Spanish students. It
was a tremendously-exciting time for all
of us (the Spanish and English students)
when we finally met in person. That was
the beginning of the first two and a half
months that we would spend together, and
the beginning of the best two and a half
months I have ever experienced in my life.
During this time, I became exceptionally close with Elena. We were
matched splendidly, and got along instantly, becoming best friends in a short
amount of time. The first week was slightly more difficult while Elena got settled
into the Canadian lifestyle, which included living with my family, attending school
at Scarlett, and making friends, though she
handled it very well.
Continued on Page 11
March 2014
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
from Page 10
Elena and I spent the majority of our time together, hanging out and having fun at home,
or going out to meet up with the
other Canadian students and their
partners. We went shopping at
the malls, swimming in the river
in Fish Creek or at leisure centres
around Calgary, as well as to a few
of our houses for parties. Everyone
in the exchange program befriended each other immediately and we
became close friends with each
On the weekends when
Elena and I were not involved in
school or having fun getting together with the other exchange students, my family and I took Elena
sightseeing as often as we could.
We explored around Calgary, Banff
and Canmore, and even drove up
to the glaciers in Jasper for a day.
In August, we also managed to get
away to spend a week at our cabin
in Cranbrook, British Columbia,
where Elena, my sister, and I went
swimming, kayaking, sightseeing,
and walking every day. By the end
Elena for nearly four months after
we said goodbye, as my ten weeks
began on February 26. Over these
months, Elena and I continued to
email, usually every few days,
though we used Skype frequently
as well, usually spending an hour
and a half on it every weekend together just talking about anything
and everything.
The second weekend of
February, I attended one last meeting with the exchange group and
the organizers as we prepared for
our ten weeks away in Spain. We
learned about the culture and language shock, the adjustment and
adaption period, what we needed
to pack with us, and what sort of
things we would be doing over in
Spain (such as attending school).
There were a few people there
who had attended the exchange
program in previous years and had
volunteered to share their experiences with us. They told us what
it was like, how they adapted to
the new culture and language, and
what sort of things they did there,
as well as answered any questions
we had.
Photo by Doug Brandt
For exchange students from foreign countries like Spain, adjusting to the
change in lifestyle in Canada can often prove to be quite the challenge
of Elena’s ten weeks in Canada, we
had gone swimming, hiking, golfing, kayaking, horseback riding,
and shopping.
The most difficult part of
the exchange was the goodbye at
the end of the two and a half months
spent with the Spanish partners.
On November 1, Elena had her
bags packed in the back of the car
and my family, Elena, and I drove
towards the airport to meet up with
the rest of the exchange students.
We had two hours to bid the Spanish students farewell until the end
of February (when we would see
them again on our two and a half
months in Spain), and during this
time, nearly everyone had at least
a few tears in their eyes. I, for one,
was nearly sobbing near the end, as
was Elena as she and the rest of the
Spanish exchange students disappeared into security.
I would not be seeing
During the last two weeks
I had left in Canada before I departed for Spain, I was kept busy
packing and finishing schoolwork,
as well as getting help from my
teachers about organizing my
homework and exams that were
to be completed while I was away.
The last weekend was spent with
my sister, parents, and grandparents, having our last get together
before I would leave them for three
After that, everything was
set and ready to go and all I had to
do was attempt to wait patiently for
the 26 of February to come around
before I would leave with the rest
of the Canadian exchange students
and finally see Elena again after
nearly four months apart. Seeing
Elena after all this time and meeting her family for the first time was
amazing and it is something that I
will never forget.
Scarlett FEVER
Page 11
Many families find them- the chorizo sausage was very good, their menu titled “Box’d” which
selves wondering which restaurant with a hint of spice, but not to the boasts their renowned, “Soul in a
would be a suitable destination for extent to overwhelm the dish. The Bowl” Poutine. While a novel form
Mother’s or Father’s Day plans. quantity of chorizo was also im- of breakfast dining, the breakfast
The age-old dilemma when it pressive considering the size of the bowl is a hearty meal that boasts
comes to eating out is finding a res- dish, and for the price they were a variety of ingredients, certainly
taurant that keeps everyone satis- not stingy with the meat they pro- a new class of breakfast altogether.
fied with their meal, and it is often vided. That being said, the appar- A notable choice for
difficult for everyone to agree on a ent lack of peppers and vegetables lunch are the sandwiches, such
restaurant where they get what they in general was quite disappointing, as the Grilled Chicken N’ Bacon
want to
sandwich, which came loaded
eat, eswith white chicken breast,
rather than “beefed up” with
in larger
unnecessary, and cost-reducfamilies
ing, stacks of bread. Soup or
or when
salad is offered as a side, and
the Signature Tomato Basil
out with
soup which was selected was
phenomenal. The flavor and
spicing was spot on, and as a
f a m i l y.
whole, the soup was almost as
Luckgood as homemade.
ily, many
The atmosphere and espromithetic appeal of Ricky’s was
n e n t
lacking, their decor was dated
c h a i n
and could use some modernrestauPhoto By Lauren Morris izing, but on the whole this
rants are
quite suit- Ricky’s Chicken N’ Bacon Sandwich with a delicious side of soup made little impact on the dining experience as the food itself
able for
this purpose; they offer a range of as it would have not only made the was quite enjoyable and the service
choices so that there is no need for dish more nutritionally sound, but good.
Overall, Ricky’s was betcompromise when it comes to meal also more flavorful and varied.
t e r
One such restaurant is
Ricky’s All Day Grill, which ofo n e
fers an extensive breakfast and
lunch menu, both until 4 pm.
e x For breakfast, Ricky’s offers all
pect a
the breakfast classics: pancakes,
omelets, eggs Benedict, “brekkito be,
bowls,” while lunch selections
a n d
include salads, soups, burgers and
t h e
sandwiches, pastas, steaks, pizzas,
and other entrees. The dinner menu
expehas many choices included on the
lunch menu, along with the addiw a s
tion of fish and a limited selection
i m of “all day breakfast” foods.
One interesting brunch
Photo By Lauren Morris c o m selection is Ricky’s “BrekkiBowl,” a dish featuring “breakfast The Chorizo “Brekki-Bowl,” a unique yet classic breakfast mashup p a r e d
potatoes with sautéed peppers, on- The dish however was very satis- to the mediocre expectations of
ions and seasoning, topped with fying due to the variety of foods excessive cost reduction and copithree fluffy scrambled eggs, a trio combined together in the bowl, and ous amounts of salting. While not
of cheeses, diced fresh tomatoes its size was perfect, filling without comparable to gourmet restaurants
and green onions, all smothered in being excessive. The breakfast or independent businesses that ofranchero-hollandaise sauce.” The bowl in itself is an interesting form fer unique dining experiences, the
Chorizo Brekki-Bowl came with of breakfast food, one that is not quality of Ricky’s food was comchorizo sausage mixed in with the particularly common in the brunch parable to that of Earl’s, yet less
rest of the fixings. While the hol- world, besides at Calgary’s Over costly, a good option for dining
landaise was absolutely average, Easy, which hosts a category on with a family.
Page 12
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
Book Your Road Test Online
March 2014
March 2014
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 13
The centenary of
World War One
gin its four-year long centenary
Natalie Ward
By Helena Gagnier
Photo by Lourdes Morand
Poetic author Markus
Zusak weaves a deeply moving
and unforgettable tale of love,
loss, and the power of words in
his fifth novel, The Book Thief.
Zusak is an established Australian author who grew up in Sydney and first began writing when
he was 16 years old. Published
in 2005, The Book Thief quickly
rose to the top of the New York
Times Bestseller list and remained
there for over 230 weeks.
The plot begins in Nazi
Germany where the protagonist,
a young girl named Liesel Meminger, is meeting her foster parents
for the first time. A unique tone
is established immediately as it is
revealed that the narrator of the
story is Death, who, contrary to
popular belief, is depicted as being sympathetic and remorseful
about taking lives. Death comes
to know Liesel’s heart-breaking
story through the discovery of her
journal, and soon realizes that he
had been present for almost all of
the tragic events in which she was
involved. Zusak breathes life into mans’ paradoxical tendency to be
the Holocaust by giving the reader inhuman towards one another.
Enhanced by Zusak’s
an emotional connection and in- sight to the tragedy,
which is often lost in
the two-dimensional
words of history textbooks.
words are poetic and
raw, cutting straight
to the heart and leaving the reader with a
sense of melancholy
weighing heavily on
their mind. Through
Hitler’s speeches and
Liesel’s writing, the
undeniable influence
of words over humans is spotlighted
in both positive and
perspectives. The importance
of words is stressed
from the very beginning of the story,
where Liesel begins
Photo by Lourdes Morand
to learn to read from Rachel Esser, Grade 10, enjoying a real page-turner
her adopted
father, who himself is fluid writing, The Book Thief
only just beginning to un- holds depth and believability that
derstand the impact that creates a world of anticipation
and hope for the future. The cast
words can have.
Intricate and thoughtful, of characters are relatable and rethe plot is easy to fol- alistically faulted, making them
low but remains unpre- easy to root for. An eternal sense
dictable with twists and of foreboding is carried throughturns that leave the reader out the novel, which gives more
breathless and eager to weight and significance to every
read on. As the charac- move the characters make. As
ters develop, it becomes they falter and stumble through
easy to sympathize with their lives, the reader is pulled
them and their precari- along behind, left wishing they
ous circumstances while could lend a helping hand to the
wondering what their characters.
The Book Thief is a
fates will be. Notes of hope are woven through- must-read for anyone looking
out the overall depressing for a book that will both warm
time period, adding hints and crush their heart. Beautifully
of sweetness to the other- crafted and elaborately thought
wise bitter perception of out, Zusak gives the reader many
humankind. As a result of thoughts and ideas to reflect upon.
the distinctively immortal It is a story that sticks with one
narrator, Zusak is able to forever, and is definitely worth
Photo by Lourdes Morand
Look for The Book Thief standing out among explore the strange habits reading.
other books in the Dr. E. P. Scarlett library of humans, such as hu-
For some, it may be difficult to imagine that the deadliest
war in history occurred one hundred years ago. World War One
was an important turning point in
world history, impacting the lives
of people all around the planet and
claiming millions of lives.
This year, 2014, will mark
the centenary of the First World
War, meaning the one hundredth
anniversary, and even today, this
one-hundred-year-old war continues to move and influence the
Due to the introduction
of modern warfare and technology, the devastation and tragedy
of WWI was incredible. The total
number of military and civilian
casualties was over 37 million and
10 million of these were military
About two-thirds of military deaths were in battle, which is
unlike previous conflicts where the
majority of deaths were caused by
diseases. The high death toll also
meant that WWI is still ranked
among the deadliest conflicts in
human history.
WWI begun on July 28,
1914 and was directly set off by
the assassinations of the Archduke
Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his
wife, Sophie. Though this conflict
began between Austria-Hungary
and Serbia, other main powers
of Europe became involved very
quickly, resulting in what was a
war between two countries becoming a world war.
Soldiers in WWI dug sixfoot-deep trenches in the ground
and fought most of their battles
in these dugouts. Trenches were
located at the front lines in these
land battles. The land between the
trenches of the enemy and ally was
known as No-Man’s Land and was
the most dangerous part of war as
the soldiers were out in the open
with no cover from their enemies.
During the four years WWI lasted, this was typically how it was
fought: trench-style.
The war officially ended
in June of 1919 with the Treaty
of Versailles, which was a peace
settlement between Germany and
the Allied Powers (France, Britain,
and Russia). Most people believe
that the punitive conditions towards Germany in the treaty were
the reasons for WWII to begin.
Now, the world will be-
of WWI, from 2014 until 2018.
Countries around the world will be
planning official commemorations
in remembrance of those who lost
their lives and of those who fought
to change the history of the world.
These memorials will be anything
from movies and football matches
to concerts and exhibitions, all
commemorating the anniversary.
Among those commemorating are
Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Britain,
Belgium, and Turkey.
Canada will not only be
commemorating on its own, but
with the rest of the global community. It will be part of an international effort planning the one hundredth anniversary of WWI, which
will begin this year. The plan is to
have events marking the centenary
in the countries most affected by
this war and there will be several
of them. Many of the commemorations and celebrations will begin
next year, 2015, in France, Turkey, and other European countries;
Canada will participate in the oversea events.
It has been one hundred
years since the Great War. Today,
it may seem as if this war is distant
history. In a sense, it is. Today, we
only have black-and-white films of
old-looking clothes, horses pulling
worn wagons, and more unfamiliar
scenes as evidence of what went
on all those years ago. Yet the last
soldiers who had taken part in the
war have only recently passed, and
those who were too young to fight
but still experienced WWI are still
Millions of people still
feel strong connections to WWI,
though. They knew the people
whose lives were changed by it.
The countless documentaries, evidence, and art that still exist today
continue to influence those who
see and experience them, whether
they have direct ties to the war or
The war continues to link
people of separate nations together
because it creates a common sense
of history between the nations and
their people.
It is incredibly important
to keep the memories and evidence
of this significant war alive. It is
slipping towards the edges of living memory and the centenary
of the war is there to keep us remembering and holding onto these
memories for as long as we can.
Page 14
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Exclusive with Herald
journalist Stephen Hunt
hired to take a position.
James Ewart
March can be a difficult time to find lored blazer. One thing for sure is that floral
the perfect outfit, especially for the fashion prints are once again making a comeback.
conscious teen. With the fluctuating Cana- In the past, many pieces were more neudian weather, a girl is never quite sure what tral and monochromatic. Now, in the most
to wear. recent fashion shows, designers create flo
Luckily, Scarlett students can beat ral pieces that have edgier, bolder patterns.
the chill by following some
While the pattern may be
of this season’s coziest, and
more dramatic, most tops
cutest, trends straight off the
should be flowy and looseParis runways. Paris Fashfitting, as it will add a hint of
ion Week ended in October
feminism and romance to the
2013, leaving all trendsetters
look. This ongoing trend has
with visions of fresh new
been spotted on the runways
fashion. From pale pastels
of Burberry Prorsum, Dolce
to bright florals, no concepts
and Gabbana, and Christian
were left untouched which
resulted in an influx of fash Though
ionable street stylers and stumight not always be able to
wear the bold designs that
Formerly known
this years’ trend has to ofas music-festival-wear only,
fer, there are several ways
Photo by Michella Thai to incorporate it into everyfringe is making its comeback.The fad has proven Libby Kizer, Grade 10, sporting day wear. In order to wear a
floral denim and a stylish vest
itself versatile by being
floral design today as a base
featured on runways such as Calvin Klein, pick a top with light colours with a more
Emilio Pucci, and Marc Jacobs. Although dramatic floral print. This way, the colours
it seems intimidating, fringe is unbeliev- will not overpower each other.
For the more laid- back Scarlett
ably simple to pull off. No longer confined to its bohemian stereotype, fringe has taken students, pair a lighter- coloured floral print
the runways in the shape of formal wear top with dark- washed jeans that are cropped
and casual essentials. A simple fringe top just above the ankle, and finish with a lightcould easily be worn over dark-wash jeans washed jean jacket with a pair of classic
as a statement piece or dressed up with a
black Conhigh-waisted skirt. The simple tasseled silverse. If one
houette has the appearance of a complex
design so the trend should not be worn with
more daring,
another eye-catching article to avoid busypair a bolder
printed flo
The most flattering colours of
ral top with
fringe that work on almost all skin tones
white jeans,
are cream and tan. The basic, earthy tint
neutral cokeeps the look simple so accessories and
loured flats,
makeup do not feel overdone; however,
and a light
other colour options are always available
pink stateand a pastel pink tank with light fringing
ment neckwould look more than exceptional with
some light-wash denim. For the bolder
wearing such
Scarlett student, fringe can be taken to the
light colours
Photo by Cleo Williams
next level: biker-style suede jackets and Yoshi Gallant, Grade 10, wearing with the bold
dark gothic dresses are a more extreme a fashionable green fringe top top, the outfit
way of exhibiting the trend. Just make sure
will not seem
the outfit follows one inspiration; nothing is overpowering, and the neutral colours will
worse than degrading a gorgeous piece by balance the bold print. overthinking it.
Now that the snow is slowly melt
An ensemble should be simple to ing, spring is just around the corner. This
put together. If one finds herself stressed out also means that some Scarlett student may
over what would pair well with a new gar- have trouble finding an outfit that is suitable
ment, chances are, going back to the basics for Calgary weather. So, if one is having
will solve the problem. Sometimes less is trouble, try one of these spring trends that
more, which describes fringe perfectly. Stu- are fresh off the Paris runways. If fringe and
dents should take advantage of the fad while floral are not ideal designs, no worries; there
it lasts through the warmer months. are several other trends that will compliment
There are also some trends that just keep every style. Just remember that the complete
showing up on the runways again, including outfit must have components which complithe little black dress, or the perfectly- tai- ment, rather than clash with each other.
Regardless of grade level, students
at Scarlett are always wondering what they
will do after they finish high school. It is
most likely students will choose a particular post-secondary institution to go to and
a field to study in. Probably one of the most
fast-paced jobs of today is a journalist, one
FEVER: Describe a day at work as a journalist.
Hunt: Some days I work at home, and other
days I go into the office. What I usually do
is write or finish stories so the editor can
review them. I re-listen to interviews and
write them down and edit them. The working hours range from eight to fourteen
Photo by Phil Ewart
The Fever sat down with Steven Hunt at Higher Ground Cafe to conduct the interview
that requires strong research skills, deter- hours at work in a day. As a theatre critic
mination, broadcasting talent, various writ- I attend and review the newest play(s) and
ing skills, critical thinking skills and, above write them up for the Calgary Herald.
all else, the drive to win the race in being FEVER: What should a critic be reviewing
the first to deliver the news to the public. while attending a play?
Over the exam break, the FEVER Hunt: You should ask yourself “Are you
sat down with Calgary Herald
interested in what the play’s
theatre critic Stephen Hunt to “You have to be about?” and then ask yourself
discuss what it takes to work a good listener “Why?” or “Why not?” You
in the fast-moving media. Af- so you can write should also critique the design,
ter travelling around across down everything acting style, and story. Also note
the continent to places such as
how the audience is enjoying it.
said at an
Los Angeles, New York, and
FEVER: When writing an artiinterview.”
Winnipeg and trying out sevcle, what does the editor look for?
eral different types of writing including TV Hunt: Start with the story’s most important
pilots, Hunt wrote for many different news details, so it grabs attention and use visuals
sources as a freelancer writer before com- such as pictures or videos.
ing to Calgary and working for the Calgary FEVER: How does online newspaper afHerald.
fect you?
FEVER: What is required to become a Hunt: It affects my job a lot, but in a posijournalist?
tive way. I have my own blog. The stories I
Hunt: You have to be a good listener so write for the Calgary Herald will get posted
you can write down everything said at an on the Calgary Herald’s website.
interview. Having many different writing Journalism is a career some may
skills is a good foundation as well as doing want to pursue due to the intense, relentother careers involving writing.
less work that results in being delivered to
FEVER: Did you start right away at the the public on a daily basis, but regardless of
Calgary Herald or did you work for another which careers students choose, it’s impornewspaper?
tant to know the skills, duties, conditions
Hunt: When I was a freelance writer, I sold and characteristics required for the job.
stories to other media but the Herald was
the first newspaper where I actually was
March 2014
Scarlett FEVER
all Calgarians have felt themselves
slip into the gloomy gray thrum of
the wintertime doldrums because
of the seemingly eternal Canadian winters. Here are ten ways to
brighten, lighten, and appreciate
chilly days that make winter a time
to enjoy:
Ten- Café hunting - Explore the streets of downtown Calgary, keeping an eye out for cozy
cafés that have potential to become
a shelter on blustery days. Try out
their signature drinks and treats,
appreciating the atmosphere and
listening to the music that they
play. Bring a book or laptop for
entertainment, or just look out the
window and people watch. Savour
Café on Fourth Street is a particularly good place to begin the hunt
for the perfect café. Relax, and
watch the world walk by.
Nine-Movie marathonForget the snow by hunkering
down under a pile of blankets
and watching a marathon of personal favourite movies. Complete
the night by inviting friends over,
making a bowl of buttery popcorn,
and watching as many movies as
possible. The Harry Potter series
and The Lord of the Rings trilogy
are guaranteed to sustain the marathon for hours on end. Otherwise,
gather together a collection of favourite Disney movies and reminisce childhood. If that is still not
satisfactory, create a marathon organized by mood. For example, a
sad marathon might include movies such as Titanic or Marley and
Eight-Hit the hill - Make
good use of the snow. Embrace the
great outdoors by going skiing or
snowboarding. Canada Olympic
Park is close by and easy to access,
for anyone looking for a quick getaway. Nakiska in Kananaskis is
farther away, but is highly praised
by many avid skiers.
Seven-Read by the fire
- Curl up by the fire with a good
book and a piping hot cup of tea,
and get lost in the world of words.
Forget about reality for an hour or
two as an adventure is played out
in the imagination. The Legend
trilogy by Marie Lu will provide
a high-paced journey to last the
reader for days. The Night Circus
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
by Erin Morgenstern allows the
reader to enter a world entirely unlike anything reality has to offer,
and is an ideal way to escape the
S i x Visit the zoo - There is nothing
more heart-warming than seeing
animals being their delightful,
furry selves in the thick of a cruel winter. Go to the zoo for a day
and enjoy the animals’ adorable
Botanical Gardens are full of thriving plant life and delicately fluttering butterflies that, if nothing else,
represent summer to the fullest.
Five- Go skating - Break
out the skates and get on the ice.
Playing hockey, figure skating,
speed skating, and just fooling
around are all great ways to get
outside and be thankful of the cold
weather. Places to do so include
Lake Bonavista and Park 96 in
Parkland, which are
both located outdoors
and are decently
large, but still have
cozy and welcoming
Another rink is located
indoors at Canada
Olympic Park, and
is an excellent option for skaters who
are seeking a larger,
more weather sheltered environment.
Four- Thrift it Photo by Helena Gagnier A cozy fireplace is a great spot to read beside
Thrift shopping can
be fun, adventurous,
antics, all the while sipping a de- and productive. Search the streets
lectable cup of hot chocolate. The of Inglewood for any thrift shops
Destination Africa exhibit may that seem promising, and explore
be particularly appealing, as the them. It is impossible to know what
steamy, warm environment full of lies in the realm of thrift shops, but
lush plants and twittering birds will there are often some brilliant finds,
likely transport visitors to a place if one looks hard enough.
Three- Explore the ice
of warmth and sunshine. Also, the --
Page 15
caves at Fish Creek Park - Adventurous people will definitely find
value in checking out one of Fish
Creek’s many attractions: the ice
caves. Although it may be a bit of a walk to get to them, they are
natural beauties that people will not
regret visiting. A thick layer of ice
coats the caves walls, creating the
illusion that it is entirely formed
from ice. As the visitor views this
outstanding phenomenon, they are
often left remembering the undeniable marvels that winter has to offer.
Two- Visit the Devonian
Gardens - For the people who are
completely sick of winter, the Devonian Gardens are a place that
one can escape the blustery world
outside. Located inside The Core
mall, the gardens have a variety
of ponds and plants that create a
tropical world right in the midst of
Calgary’s heart.
One- Build a snowman No matter how childish
this may seem, the best way to
escape winter is to enjoy it. Building a snowman creates something
pleasant out of the snow and transports people back to childhood,
when happiness is second nature.
Carefree and light-hearted, building snowman is a fun activity to do
either alone or with friends.
Olympic athlete John Fairbairn trains at Scarlett
By Cassandra Betts
On February 14 and
15, twenty-nine-year-old John
Fairbairn competed at the Sochi
Olympic Games in Russia, finishing seventh in men’s skeleton.
This Calgarian native graduated
from Strathcona Tweedsmuir High
School and went on to become a
track and field athlete at the University of Calgary. It was there that
Fairbairn encountered Scarlett’s
own Kim Cousins, and where an
enduring relationship would form.
Before Fairbairn flew off
to Russia to achieve his incredible Olympic results, the FEVER
had the opportunity to sit down
and chat with the talented athlete.
While Fairbairn pedaled furiously
on a bike in Scarlett’s weight room,
the FEVER settled in to ask all the
questions about his training, his
life, and of course, his spectacular
FEVER: What does your day-today routine look like?
Fairbairn: Today is a pretty typical day I’d say. The first thing I
usually do is have my workout
in the morning; actually a lot of
times I come here to Scarlett and
do my workout with Mrs. Cousins.
We start around nine-thirty or ten
o’clock in the morning and we’ll
do a weightlifting session or some
speed and plyometrics (jump training). Recovery and nutrition is really important to do right after your
workout, so I’ll go make sure I get
something to eat, rehydrate myself
and then usually in the afternoon
I’ll have some kind of physical
therapy, so either a physiotherapist or a massage therapist to keep
my body healthy. Later in the day
I will do some more recovery-type
activities. I’ll do exercises that my
physiotherapists have prescribed
to me, like stretching, cold tub
or something else like that just to
make sure my body stays healthy.
Probably what a lot of people don’t
realize is that while doing your
workout really hard is important,
what’s just as important is how
well you recover from that, because you won’t be ready to go the
next day if you don’t recover properly from your first workout.
FEVER: How did you get into
Fairbairn: I used to be a track and
field athlete. Mrs. Cousins was
actually my track and field coach
for a long, long time when I was
with the University of Calgary Dinos’ track team. I graduated from
school and I was just kind of done
track and field. I knew that I had
kind of reached the peak of what
I was capable of achieving and I
still wanted to be competitive in
something. I knew there would
be opportunities in skeleton, so I
did some recruitment camps and
things like that and they thought
I was good enough. So we started
sliding that October [2006]. I was
lucky enough to race on one of the
developmental circuits right away
called the America’s cup, and I got
to be coached by Duff Gibson who
had just won a gold medal in skeleton in the 2006 Torino Olympics.
I had a really great introduction
to the sport, to be coached by the
world’s best at that time.
FEVER: What is the most enjoyable part of your sport?
Fairbairn: That’s a good question.
I don’t think I’ve ever been asked
that one before. [Pause]. I think
what I like best about skeleton is
the challenge to strive for perfection. We always talk about “oh
there’s no such thing as the perfect
skeleton run,” but you can come
really close, and when you achieve
that really “as close to perfection
as you can” and you cross the finish line and you see that your time
is really fast, that you’ve finished
well in a race, that’s pretty cool because it’s a lot of hard work. There
is a lot of preparation that goes into
that so that you can achieve your
FEVER: What do you find the
Fairbairn: I’d say the hardest
part is the travel: being away from
friends and family. There were
a couple winters where we were
overseas for seven weeks at a time,
and so you miss your wife, and you
miss hanging out with friends and
family. You have Skype calls and
stuff like that so you can still call
back home, but it’s not the same.
FEVER: So your sport requires a
lot of travel?
Fairbairn: Our season starts midNovember, early-December and
we’re pretty much on the road all
the way from then until the end of
February. We’ll have one or two
weeks back home here and there
in that time frame, but we’re on
the road a lot. So head to Germany
on December 29, and we just got
back from being overseas on the
seventeenth. So, you know, eleven,
twelve days at home over Christmas and then back on the road.
We’ll be back at home for one or
two weeks before the Olympics.
The travel’s a lot of fun at the same
time. It’s a pretty great opportunity
to get to go all over the world and
compete but you still miss home
FEVER: What is the process that
you must follow in order to make it
to the Olympics?
Fairbairn: It’s kind of complicated. We could qualify by achieving
four top-six results on the World
Cup or by our coach’s nomination. I made my selection through
coach’s nomination, but you also
have to be in the top three ranked
in the country at the time of the
Olympics, which you achieve
through the results on your World
Cup races.
FEVER: What are your goals regarding the Olympics?
Continued on page 28
Page 16
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School
Isolated Islands: Frenchowned Kerguelen Islands
Hailey Payne
dant rainfall combined with the glacial melt
3 300 miles or 5 310 km from the
southern tip of Africa, the Kerguelen Islands
are one of the most remote groups of islands.
With a population of 130 (as of 2012), most
are scientists, engineers, and researchers
who stay at the main base on Port-aux-Francais.
The Kerguelen Islands are a territory of France. The main island is called
Grande Terre, also called Desolation Island.
Grande Terre is surrounded by at least another 300 smaller islands and islets, forming
an archipelago, or a chain of islands.
Grande Terre is of volcanic origin
and about 150 km east to west and 120 km
north to south. Surprisingly, no point on the
main island is more than 20 km from the sea.
The highest point on the Kerguelen
Islands is Mount Ross with an elevation of 6
068 feet. Mount Ross has also been thought
to be the youngest volcanic peak, its elevation is not overly high when compared to
other volcanoes, but it is not the lowest either.
The first sighting of one of the
Kerguelen Islands took place in 1522, when
Juan Sebastian Elcano, a Spanish explorer,
sighted Amsterdam Island. Later, in 1559 a
Portuguese sailor sighted Saint-Paul Island.
Even with these sightings, there were no
landings until 1633 when a Dutch explorer,
Anthonie van Dieman, visited and named
Amsterdam Island. Dutch explorers were
on a roll, Willem de Vlaminh, was the first
who landed on Saint-Paul in 1696. Unusually, there were no indigenous people; when
they landed they found the islands bare of
With the visits to different Kerguelen Islands, it is surprising that all stayed unclaimed until February 1772, when Yues-Joseph de Kerguelen de Tremarec discovered
and claimed the Kerguelen archipelago for
France. When he returned to France, he received a royal charter to further explore and
colonize the islands. He set out on his second
expedition later that year when he founded
the future capital city of Port-aux-Francais.
The Kerguelen Islands were under
British control during the Napoleonic Wars
and remained in British hands until 1815,
when they were returned to France by the
Congress of Vienna.
The climate of the islands consists
of frequent high winds that make it chilly but
not severely cold throughout the year, much
like that of the outer Aleutian Islands of
Alaska and the Faroe Islands. The surrounding seas are generally rough while remaining ice-free year round. With precipitation
falling almost every day of the year (averaging 300 days of the year), it is really wet
and windy which makes a bad combination
if people are trying to stay warm.
Cook Glacier covers nearly one
third of Grande Terre Island, and the abun-
water keeps numerous streams and lakes full
of water. Peat marshes, lignite, and guano
deposits are found throughout the island.
The vegetative growth is limited
by rocky land and constant winds making
it impossible to construct any airports. The
primary vegetation consists of tussock grass,
mosses, and Kerguelen cabbage. The cabbage served as a life-saving source of vitamin C for early explorers. It has drawn attention for its unique style of cross-pollination,
which relies solely on the island’s winds because no insects exist on the island.
Despite the climate, several animals
and birds make homes or use the islands as a
stopping point in migrations or in breeding.
There are several species of penguins, along
with elephant and fur seals, and dozens of
birds including terns and albatrosses.
The sea makes this sanctuary possible; the islands are located along the Antarctic Convergence Zone, where icy waters of
the Southern Ocean meet the warmer waters
of the Indian Ocean. The waters’ mixing areas are very rich in nutrients, which support
the ocean plants, phytoplankton, which are
the foundation of the ocean food web.
There are only around four trips
open to tourists to visit the Kerguelen Islands per year. A trip to the Kerguelen
Islands leave from Reunion, one of the
twenty-seven regions of France, and takes
twenty-eight days, half on land and half at
sea. It is necessary for tourists to travel half
the time on land because they have to travel
through other islands. The ship covers 9 000
km in the Indian Ocean and visits three or
four islands, usually in this order: Crozet,
Kerguelen, and Amsterdam before returning
to Reunion.
A few small cruise ships have made
stops in the Kerguelen. Heritage Expeditions
offered a cruise visiting Kerguelen and other south Indian Ocean islands in late 2012.
Quark Expeditions has also visited a few
times, but the Russian scientific ship they
used retired after the December 11 2011 to
January 11 2012 voyage and they are not
planning to make any similar voyages.
If one who chooses to take the trip
which leaves from Reunion is not an enthusiastic seafaring person, one can stay in a
cabin for €15 000 and only have to endure
the twenty-eight day journey going there and
then again coming back. This could help because one can get a good rest on land before
heading out again or staying on the ship.
In summary, the Kerguelen Islands
are a beautiful place with life-saving plants
and an insanely long voyage. They also have
high winds and rough seas. Dutch explorers
were first to land and to see the animal life,
but as beautiful as the Kerguelen Islands are,
it may not be the best vacation destination.
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Getting in bed with gadgets
Jessica Morris
The number of people who use
technology is currently at an all time high.
While many view this as a good thing, the
amount of time spent with electronics can
affect one’s sleep. Research done by the
Sleep Foundation shows that 95% of people
browse the web, text, email, or watch television before going to sleep. This statistic is
surprisingly high and what is more surprising is how electronics affect people even
after they turn out the lights. 1 in 4 people
do not silence their phone before sleep and
as a result 1 in 10 people are awakened;
even if a person wakes up for reasons unrelated to technology, 50% of people will immediately check their phone. The problem
is most people do not understand the effect
that electronics have on the brain prior to
Cell phones and computers interfere with sleep because the screens are
bright and it affects the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) as the hormone is
produced in dark surroundings. Melatonin
is produced in the pineal gland of the brain
and is a sleep inducing hormone that is responsible for setting the body’s sleep cycle
into motion.
The secretion of melatonin is increased soon after one is placed in the dark
and decreases soon after exposure to light.
In dim light, melatonin levels will start to
rise about two hours before habitual bedtime and peak about two hours afterwards.
This is partly responsible for tired feelings
before bedtime. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica night-time light exposure
suppresses the production of melatonin that
controls sleep and wake cycles. Even just a
two hour exposure to light from electronic
displays suppresses melatonin by 22%,
says the US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health.
Studies done by the National Institutes of Health showed that melatonin suppression can increase the risk of cancer, impair immune system function, and possibly
lead to cardio metabolic consequences such
as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome,
obesity, and heart disease.
The importance of sleep for teenagers and everyone else alike is obvious.
Unfortunately most people fail to realize
the negative role their precious phone and
other electronics play on sleeping. A study
by the National Health Institute showed
that 63% of people who used gadgets before bedtime did not have their sleep needs
met. The best way to enjoy technology and
sleep is to put away the electronics away 60
minutes before bedtime.
Most teens want to have their
phone by their bed because it allows them
to stay connected with the world. Often
times, even if someone does put the phone
away, the temptation to check it when it
dings, or to see if one got a text or email, is
too strong to resist. By keeping the phone
out of armsreach and putting it on “do not
disturb” mode, the temptations can be more
easily resisted. It is important for everyone,
especially teenagers, to be well-rested. In
order to get a good night sleep one needs
to reduce the amount of blue light and stop
sleeping with technology.
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
School has begun again,
and it seems as though one cannot get to bed early enough. This
often leads to panic in the morning, when one finds out what time
they’ve woken up. More often than
not, when one is running late, they
will skip breakfast in the morning
and head straight for the door. If
one finds themselves running late,
try one of the following breakfast
ideas. They’re easy to make, tasty,
and packed with nutrients.
If one is running insanely
late in the morning (like 15-minutes-to-get-to-school/work late),
yogurt cups can be a life saver,
since they are so convenient. They
may seem easy to get and healthy,
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
will know what they’re eating. To
create a yogurt cup, one will need
a half pint jar or any resalable container, half a cup of plain, wholemilk yogurt, two tablespoons of
mixed berry jam, three tablespoons
of strawberry’s, chopped, a teaspoon of honey, and a one tablespoon of chopped or crushed almonds for added crunch. If one
prefers a different jam, fruit or nut,
feel free to change it ones liking.
To start, take the jar, or container,
and begin by layering the jam on
the bottom. Then, layer the fruit,
followed by the yogurt. To top
off this intricate breakfast, drizzle
the honey and sprinkle the nuts on
the top. Seal the container, grab a
spoon, and
takes less
than 5 minutes to complete, making it easy
enough to
create during
even be prepared the
before. Please
mind that
the recipes
should be
adjusted according to
the number
of servings.
One of
Photo by Michella Thai the
Photo by Michella Thai basic
Healthy smoothies are one of the best ways to start the day c o m m o n
b r e a k but yogurt cups from the grocery fasts are smoothies. What makes
store are often over-processed and smoothies so popular? They’re
packed with sugar. Why settle for easy to make and nutritious, just
the yogurt cups at the grocery store like the following recipe. This
when it’s possible to create one at recipe is easy to make, and easy
to eat. The best part is, for all the
Preparing yogurt cups at vegans out there, this recipe does
home can help save money as well not contain any milk. This detoxias the environment from all the fying recipe calls for 1 cup mixed
plastic. But more importantly, one frozen berries, 1/2 cup unsweet-
ened pomegranate juice, and 1/2
cup water. If the preferred taste is
a creamier smoothie, then feel free
to substitute the water for milk.
The recipe only calls for one step;
place all of the ingredients into a
blender and blend away until the
drink is smooth. To bring this to
school or work, pour the smoothie
into a reusable double wall cup.
(You know, the ones that look like
Starbucks cups). This smoothie is
simple, yet refreshing. The mixed
berries will contain vitamins such
as Vitamin C, while the juice from
the pomegranate is an exceptional
source of vitamin A, C and E and
minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium, and iron.
Ever want savory food for
breakfast but never have the time
for it? This two minute shortcut to
scrambled eggs recipe will satisfy
that crave for savory food. All that
is needed is 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons
milk, 2 tablespoons shredded
cheese, a pinch of salt and pepper,
along with any herbs that one may
want to include. To begin this delicious recipe, coat a 12 oz. microwavable bowl with cooking spray,
like PAM. Next, add the eggs and
milk. Beat until the eggs and milk
are smooth. Then microwave the
dish for 45 seconds on high. The
eggs will not be fully cooked after
45 seconds, so when the 45 seconds pass, take the dish out and stir
until everything is evenly mixed.
Continue to microwave the eggs
for another 30-45 seconds, or until the eggs are set. Top this warm
breakfast with cheese, season with
salt and pepper, and garnish with
any herbs desired. This recipe is
perfect for colder mornings, since
the eggs will warm one right up.
There we have it; three
simple and easy breakfast ideas
that are sure to lighten those hectic mornings. One will not always
have the time to sit down and have
a big breakfast, but there are little
recipes that are almost as good as
one of those sit down breakfasts.
These simple and delicious, not to
mention healthy, breakfast ideas
will energize and push one through
the morning.
There is an urban legend
called “The White Death” about a
cute little Scottish girl who is just
like every other little girl: sugar
and spice and everything nice.
though, she was extremely unhappy. She hated life and did not
want to exist anymore. Finally,
she hated life so much that she decided to kill herself and was able
to go through with it.
Her family, of course,
was heartbroken. Seeing them,
she realized that though she was
physically gone, her memory was
still alive in her family. They all
coincidentally died days later,
their limbs torn apart. Not one
member of her family would remember her now. Her memory
was finally gone and she got the
life or, rather, the absence of life
that she wanted.
The legend goes on to
say that when someone learns
about the “White Death,” the
girl’s ghost might come for them.
She knocks repeatedly on one’s
door, with each knock becoming
louder and louder until the door is
opened. Then she proceeds to kill
the victim in fear of her existence
being told to someone else. Her
main goal is to prevent anyone
from knowing about her.
To disprove the story,
many people think of this legend
as a modern Aesop Fable. Aesop was an ancient Greek storyteller. Many say he was a slave
who pleased his master with his
stories. He pleased his master so
much that he was given his freedom in reward of his talent.
Most of his stories have
animals as characters, some of
which are personified with human speech and emotions, though
most still have animal characteristics. Aesop uses those qualities
to focus on human traits or wisdom. Each tale displays a moral
to be learned through the fable.
For example in “The Tortoise and
the Hare,” the moral of the story
is that slow and steady wins the
Another one of his entertaining fables is “The Fox and
the Goat.” The story is about a fox
who falls into a well and is stuck
Page 17
there for quite a while before a
goat wandered by asking what the
fox is doing.
“Stay away,” snarls the
fox. “This is my water.”
“That’s not fair,” snaps
the goat. “Why should you get all
the water?”
Before the fox can say
another word, the goat jumps into
the well. Quick as a flash, the fox
leaps on the goat’s back and out
of the well. He runs happily off,
leaving the goat stuck in the well.
The moral of this story is not to
always believe what one hears
from someone who is in trouble.
To relate “The Fox and
the Goat” to “The White Death,”
the girl knocking on the door
would be like the fox convincing the goat to jump into the well.
Both of these characters are manipulating the situation to get the
outcome that they want. They are
only thinking about themselves
and not about how their actions
affect the goat or the person opening the door. The people opening the
door, or the goat, are not taking the time to think about their
responses and the direction that
they want to go. They are allowing others to directly influence
their actions. Instead of seeing the
fox’s cunning lie, the goat jumps
to the most obvious conclusion,
that he needs that water as well.
If he took the time to figure out that the fox was stuck with
no way out, he would not have
ended up switching positions with
the fox.
In real life, few want
to be the cunning liar or the manipulated victim. Most strive for
the balance between becoming a
liar and being so easily manipulated, thinking of oneself as being
able to see though the lies, being
knowledgeable in making smart
decisions’ and being able to trust
people who will not lie and not
those who would.
So, the next time readers
hear a knock on their door, they
should hope that they have put
their trust in the right hands.
Page 18
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Top Ten Undervalued Indie and Alternative Bands
Aaron Schmidtke
MGMT-The management, formally known as “MGMT,” have concurred the
indie music scene for the past eight years.
The band started in late 2004 at Wesleyan
University in Connecticut, USA. The two
founders, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben
Goldwasser, attended Wesleyan and just
starting playing music together for fun.
Their balance between indie and psychedelic
pop is one never before seen in the music
industry. Since starting the band, it has only
become more and more recognized.
They came to Calgary this past
May and sold out the MacEwan Ballroom
in minutes. The show was given a great review. MGMT began touring in 2005 after
VanWyngarden and Goldwasser graduated.
To promote their brand new EP
Time to Pretend, they went on tour with the
already indie stars, Of Montreal. After their
tour, the band decided to sign with Columbia Records and release their debut album:
Oracular Spectacular. The album sold over
one million copies worldwide and was nominated for best international album at the
2009 BRIT awards.
Their follow-up album Congratulations did not reach the potential at all
that viewers wanted after the huge success
of Oracular Spectacular. They did not live
up to expectations from their previous album, but Congratulations earned them new
respect in the music industry. They completely changed their sound from Oracular
Spectacular which was more the indie side,
to Congratulations which exemplifies the
psychedelic aspect of their music.
Their new self-titled album MGMT
did not receive much praise either, but also
continued down the psychedelic road. In the
band’s short-lived career thus far, they have
already achieved various honours and praise
from Rolling Stone magazine including being ranked 494 on the best 500 albums of
all-time (Oracular Spectacular), having two
of their songs in the best 100 songs of the
2000’s (“Kids” and “Time to Pretend”) and
being given the distinction of eighteenth best
album of the last decade (Oracular Spectacular).
MGMT has a number of popular
tracks such as “Time to Pretend,” “Kids,”
and “Electric Feel,” but a really underrated
song to check out, is “Of Moons, Birds, and
Monsters” from their album Oracular Spectacular.
hit it big. The album nearly tripled the sales over six years, this band has grasped the
Bon Iver-The name Bon Iver, pronounced over the previous, and this time was not only attention of alternative music lovers every“Bonne hiver,” the French term for “Good recognized in the indie world, but worldwide where. The name Passion Pit comes from
a slang that was used to describe drive-in
winter,” was chosen because the lead singer as well.
In 2009, Bon Iver won the Grammy movie theatres back in the day. They would
Justin Vernon is from Wisconsin which is very cold. Well, cold for the United States for Best New Artist and won Best Alterna- call them Passion Pits because of the privaanyway. Bon Iver is one of the most roman- tive Album (Bon Iver), not to mention being cy and romantic allure for teenagers during
tic indie bands, or bands in general, out there nominated for Song of the Year and Record these drive-in movies.
The indietronica music group has
right now. At the moment, the band is tak- of the Year with their hit song “Holocene” a reputation of covering other indie arting a break
ists and doing very well. Not only has
and explorthe band covered such indie icons such as
ing other
Tokyo Police Club, Gotye, and Imagine
but rest asDragons, but they have also covered a fair
share of pop culture music as well includsured, they
ing such stars as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars,
and Katy Perry. A few songs, such as
“Take a Walk” and “Sleepyhead” by the
group have received the attention of some
popular alternative radio stations, but the
broken up.
band has many more hidden in their alVernon
Two studio albums have been recertainly is
leased from the band: Manners in 2009
taking adand Gossamer in 2012. Gossamer revantage of
ceived praise for its steady sound and providing a consistent energetic vibe. Gosother opsamer had a number of great songs on it,
tions. He
but readers should be sure to give “I’ll be
also leads
Alright” a listen. This may be one of the
weirdest songs one will hear in a lifetime
bands Volbut a masterpiece in its own respect.
cano Choir
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic
Zeroes-Without a doubt, Edward Sharpe
& the Magnetic Zeroes came to work in
the past couple years releasing two alcontinues
to donate
Photo by Aaron Schmidtke bums from May 29, 2012 with the release
his voice Jane Geller, Grade 10, strums on her air guitar getting pumped to listen to these bands of Here to June 23, 2013 with the release
of the self-titled album Edward Sharpe &
on backthe Magnetic Zeroes. This was quite strange
ground music for Kanye West. The band’s from the album Bon Iver.
Many still question whether the because their first studio album Up from Bedebut album was completed almost single- handedly by Vernon. Vernon travelled to his band will ever play another show again, low was released nearly four years earlier.
cabin in Medford, Wisconsin to recuperate but with their amazing skill set and voices This is one of the most unique bands out
from the events of the previous year such as matched by no other, further performances there.
The band consists of a revolving
his old band DeYarmond Edison breaking would do the world a huge favour. Readers up. He had no intention of writing and mak- should check out the song “Michicant” from line-up of twelve people lead by Alexander
ing music. The purpose was for time alone, their album Bon Iver, see if they feel the Ebert and Jade Castrinos. This Los Angeles
indie-folk band’s sound evokes the hippie
and to be where it was cold, a climate which same way.
Passion Pit-There are not many movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The rephis previous home in North Carolina, did not bands out there with the unique sound of utation of Ebert was to preform barefooted
provide for him.
Instead, Vernon created a master- Passion Pit. This is why the bands genre of and with a smile on his face, singing to his
piece dubbed For Emma, Forever Ago. The music is dubbed indietronica: a mix of indie relationship partner and band member, Jade
opening album was recognized worldwide and electronic. Passion Pit has a very short- Castrinos, whom he met outside a Los Angeby indie lovers for its uniquely intriguing lived history only dating back to September les café and started the band with.
sound. The band then released a self-titled of 2007.
For only being around for shortly album, Bon Iver and this is where they really Continued on page 20
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
There is an overwhelm- Harris, and Lydia Persuad are tal- down to earth attitude of these
ing amount of music in the world ented vocalists who combine their musicians; though they were
and, as a result, so much good voices to create angelic harmo- tired after performing at Salmon
music goes unheard. There are so nies with an unmatchable blend. Arm Roots and Blues in the summany songs that go unnoticed be- The group draws inspiration from mer, the group did not leave the
cause they have been created from groups such as the Wailin Jenny’s festival until, it seemed, they had
feelings other than the desire to and the Andrews Sisters. The personally thanked each person
sell merchandise and breed Twit- genres they cover include jazz, for coming out, shaking hands,
ter followers. It is impossible to folk, R&B, Celtic, bluegrass, and taking pictures, and handing out
think that one will be able to find original music. The young women free t-shirts.
and listen to
According to
all the muband member
sic that has
Devon Coyever been let
ote “Performloose
ing live has
the universe;
an energy to
listeners just
it that is unhave to keep
like anything
on searching
else I have
and treasure
in this life.
they do find.
Jaminthethen brings a is a
whole differgreat site for
ent sensation
anyone on
of ultimate
Photo by Joanne Godsman
the hunt for Brianne Godsman, Grade 11, with Devin Cyote, D’Arcy Booth, and Dylan Ranney creativity. It’s
new music.
all about the
The traveling studio goes across released their debut EP Our Own music. That’s what drives us.”
The Born Ruffians are
North America searching for au- July 2, 2013. Their original song thentic artists from all genres. The “Golden Boy” features the three a Canadian electronic indie rock
van is a full service production singers and an upright bass player group formed in 2004 in Midstudio, running their equipment performing the song in their own land, Ontario. The band consists
of Luke Lalonde, Mitch Derosier,
entirely on green energy gener- home.
Devon Coyote began as Any Lloyd, and Steven Hamelin.
ated by solar panels on top of the van. The jam sessions on their a lone wolf with a stomp box, an The band gained momentum afYouTube channel provide a space acoustic guitar, and a harmonica. ter appearing on the British teen
for bands and artists to showcase Recently, though, he has solidified drama Skins playing their song
their own unique talent, but also a power trio with bassist D’Arcy titled “Hummingbird” in 2009.
to collaborate with each other Booth and drummer Dylan Ran- Recently, the band released a new
providing innovative blending of ney. With powerful vocals and album Birthmarks on January 16,
genres, allowing the listener to ex- intricate guitar work, the group 2014. The album was partially
perience opulent blends of music. blends rock, country, and blues to recorded in an old farmhouse in
It sometimes comes as a surprise create their own distinctive sound. rural Ontario. One song on the
how many musicians can fit in In 2013, the band released the al- album, “Needle,” appears to be
bum Broken Down.
an upbeat song with nonsensical
such a small space.
The van showcases ev- The group has received lyrics about haystacks and watererything from rappers with pan- exposure through playing Ca- melon seeds, but after listening to
flute-playing beat boxers, to tuba nadian festivals such as Salmon it more closely the song reveals
players and gospel singers. The Arm Roots and Blues, Sunstroke, itself as an anthem to the underYouTube channel is a great place Dancing Barefoot, and Center of dogs. It portrays the struggle to fit
to discover this organization and Gravity. The group played over in; the lyrics describe feeling like
the artists they showcase. Brows- 180 shows in 2013 playing with a song without an album. Like
ing the site is almost like being at artists such as The Sheepdogs many other artists, this group
a music festival, all one needs is and AWOLNATION allowing for plays for its audience not to its
an open mind and time to spare their fan base to spread like wild- audience focusing on being relatsimply exploring and listening. fire. Songs such as “Mona Lisa” able to the listener.
Until next time keep
The following is just a small showcase slower more intimate sampling of some of the talented side of Devon Coyote with only in mind the wise words of Rusgrowing groups and artists who a guitar and a harmonica, while sian pianist and composer Sergei
would benefit from some open the song “Always in The Gray” Rachmaninoff: “Music is enough
really exemplifies the bands rock for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not
The O’Pears are a vo- and blues inspiration. After meet- enough for music.”
cal jazz group. Meg Contini, Jill ing the group, one can observe the
Page 19
Kimye engagement
By Cleo Williams
though Kardashian has denied that
Superstar couple Kim the marriage was a publicity stunt,
Kardashian and Kanye West, Humphries attempted to catch his
known to fans as “Kimye,” are ex-fiancé in a lawsuit for “breachnow engaged. The spectacular pro- ing fiduciary duty” (a term used
posal was aired on February 9th on when a trusted individual has used
season nine of Keeping Up with another’s profit for their own benThe Kardashians. Since they first efit without mentioning their mobecame romantic in 2012, the pair tives prior). The accusation stated
has allegedly been inseparable. The that Kardashian only went through
36-year-old rapper proposed to the with the marriage to benefit from
33-year-old reality star at AT&T the profit, and was never loyal to
Park in Chicago on Kardashian’s Humphries. The couple was not
birth date of October 21. As sus- yet fully divorced until April of
pected, the proposal was anything 2013, when Kardashian was albut subtle. The fifteen-carat cush- ready seven months pregnant with
ion-cut diamond ring and a jumbo- West’s child.
tron reading “PLEEEASE MAR- After the divorce was fiRY MEEE!!!” are expected to be nalized, West took no time to projust the beginning of the couples pose, waiting only five months beover-the-top behaviour.
fore he popped the question.
West and Kardashian first “She knew I was eventually going
met in 2004, but
to ask her to marry
“The fifteen-carat me; it was just getonly became familiar, not romantic. cushion-cut diamond ting that ring right!
At the time they ring and a jumbotron I worked with four
were both involved reading ‘PLEEEASE different jewellers.
in other relation- MARRY MEEE!!!’ are Three rings were
ships. West was en- expected to be just made; only one acgaged to long-time the beginning of the tually hit the finger
girlfriend Alexis couple’s over-the-top with Lorraine [the
Phifer, while Karjeweller]. That ring
dashian was going
was, like, less than
through her first
four hours old by
divorce with then husband, Damon the time I gave it to her,” revealed
Thomas. The couple ironically first West on Power 106’s Big Boy
clicked on the set of Jimmy Kim- Morning Radio Show.
With the help of future
mel’s failed comedy central show Alligator Boots in 2008. Since mother-in-law and well-known
Kardashian and her boyfriend at “momager” Kris Jenner, West kept
the time, Reggie Bush, were still his intent to propose a secret from
romantically involved Kanye the rest of the family. This made
it even more of a shock when the
could not yet pursue her.
“I don’t know why it took fifty piece orchestra came out to
so long for us to get together,” play “Knock You Down” by Keri
gushed Kardashian when inter- Hilson, Ne-Yo, and West himself.
viewed on Oprah’s Next Chapter, With a proposal like that, Kar“but I think I needed to go through dashian could not refuse. Now
all my experiences.”
with seven-month-old baby North
One notable experience in her life West, the couple is currently renowould surely be her marriage of vating their own mansion so they
seventy-two days to Boston Celtics can continue building their family.
player Kris Humphries. Rumours The wedding is set to be held this
have circulated that the marriage June in Paris, France.
was just a ruse to begin with. Al-
Page 20
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Cœur de pirate releases
album for popular Quebec
television drama
Karlee Selent
has now sold more than 1 000 000 albums
As fans continue to patiently wait across the globe.
for darling Montréal artist Cœur de pirate’s Her latest cover album, released
follow-up to her 2011 sophomore album on January 14, 2014, shows off her ability
Blonde, artist Béatrice Martin recently re- to adapt a song of an entirely different genre
leased a soundtrack for the popular Quebec than her own into a hauntingly beautiful
television drama series Trauma for its fifth collection of piano-driven performances.
season. Following in the footsteps of other This is not Martin’s first time releasing covsuccessful artists who have contributed to ers. Her earlier rendition of The Weeknd’s
the show, such as Ariane Moffatt and Mar- “Wicked Games” rapidly became a fan fatha Wainwright, Martin recorded twelve vourite.
cover songs that feature both new and old Trauma continues to see Martin taking
songs never associated with her Parisian
Cœur de pirate is the solo project pop stylings and transforming them into
of awardstripped-down
pieces that focus
singer and
on the melody
pianist of
and her uniquetwentyly
four yearvoice. old MarComprised
some haze, hints
tin, who
of jazz, and some
has been
60s style pop, it
is piano driven
piano and
with a genuine
simplicity, giving
since the
the listener the
chance to hear
three. Her
the lyrics and
internathoughts, as well
feelings, that they
debut almay have missed
bum was
the first time.
Photo by Karlee Selent
Kate and Anna
The fifth series of Quebec’s popular television series Trau- M c G a r r i g l e ’ s
in 2008. ma’s
soundtrack brings out Martin’s unique musical talents
1990 reggae-inN o r t h
American and European tours followed, as fluenced song “Heartbeats Accelerating”
she did studio collaborations with Kardinal gets pared down to a simpler acoustic numOfficial and David Usher. This led to two ber that proves both timely and timeless,
Felix Awards in 2009 and 2010, a 2010 Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No
Victorie de la Musique Award for “Com- Good” gets a similar somber treatment to
mes de enfants” for Song of the Year, and that of her Weeknd cover, and Martin’s take
a Juno nomination and long-listed for the on fellow Montréaler Patrick Watson’s Polaris Prize-winning “The Great Escape” is
Polaris Prize.
In November 2011, her highly-an- now an echoing, guitar-powered piece that
ticipated album Blonde was released, which is, arguably, better than the original. Other
was co-produced by the Québec native and stand-out renditions include Bon Iver’s
Howard Bilerman, who has worked with the “Flume,” “Ain’t No Sunshine” originally
likes of Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black performed by Bill Withers, and “Summer
Empire, and The Dears. Since then, Blonde Wine” by Lee Hazelwood.
Martin’s voice brings a different
received the most nominations at l’ADISQ kind of ache to these songs, while manag2012 and a second Juno for Martin.
The album has achieved world- ing to keep their original intentions. Careful
wide success, allowing Martin to tour in the not to stray from the roots, Martin manages
United States during the winter of 2012 and to make the songs just as meaningful and
the autumn of 2013, including a sold-out heartbreaking as the originals.
show at New York City’s Highline Ball- Although there is no original maroom. The popularity of Blonde has made terial present on Trauma, fans do get an auher a celebrity in France and has renewed thentic voice from an artist who has shown
the public interest towards Cœur de pi- time and time again that she can dominate
rate’s first effort, which achieved a French French and English music, as well as origiDiamond certification (selling over 500 000 nal and adapted works. The album can be
copies) in September 2012. In total, Martin purchased on iTunes, and is in stores now.
Scarlett FEVER
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After a long stint in rehab, Ebert
reinvented himself as a peace giver and a
problem solver. During his time there, Ebert
created a messianic character that was sent
down to save and heal mankind. This character’s name was Edward Sharpe.
They continue to stay very active in
the music and film industry. They have various songs featured in movies and TV shows,
and has a documentary which involves their
band among others in the Grammy winning
documentary Big Easy Express. The documentary follows Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, Old Crow Medicine Show,
and the very popular Mumford & Sons. It
follows the three folk bands as it performs
six unique outdoor shows beginning in Oakland, California and ending in Austin, Texas.
From their album Here, the track
“Better Days” will have listeners in paradise.
Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams is one
of the last artists that can single handily sell
out a show just sitting on a stool on stage,
playing his acoustic guitar and harmonica.
Slowly, yet surely, a steady career has been
built by the 39-year-old alternative rock/folk
artist including thirteen studio albums to
Adams began his career playing in a couple
of small town bands. From 1991-2000, he
slowly built up confidence and experience
playing gigs with two main bands, The Patty
Duke Syndrome, and Whiskeytown. After
the year 2000, he spread his wings and began
a solo career where he released a number of
his biggest hits.
When 2004 hit, Adams thought it
would be a better idea to settle down with
a band, and that lucky band was named The
Cardinals. The Cardinals lasted until about
2009 where the band split due to Adams’
cited hearing loss from Meniere’s disease,
and disillusionment with the music industry.
Since 2009, Adams has married,
and began to play gigs with his former bands.
Adams has almost done it all in the music
business. Not only has he put together a solid
musical career solo and in numerous bands,
but he has also helped produce albums for
artists Fall Out Boy, and Willie Nelson, as
well as collaborating with big bands such as
Weezer and the Counting Crows. The future
of The Cardinals remains foggy, but Adams
has not ruled out a reunion album/tour. For
a mellow, indie song, check out “Oh my
Sweet Carolina” from his solo album, Heartbreaker.
Alt-J-The album An Awesome
Wave stormed into 2012 with unreal reviews
and praise from reliable sources such as
iTunes. The band started in 2007, but did not
release their first studio album until 2012,
(An Awesome Wave). Alt-J now carries a
fairly heavy name in the alternative-rock
world despite their short career thus far.
Gwil Sainsbury, founder and guitar/bassist, started in the band in a university
in England back in 2007. Since then, Sainsbury has left the band, but the band continues without him. Alt-J and Sainsbury remain
to be very close and it was a peaceful departure.
March 2014
The band’s songs appeared in various popular television shows such as Sons
of Anarchy, Suits, Homeland, CSI: NY, and
Weeds, providing some exposure for their
more well-known tracks.
Alt-J has the privilege of having Joe Newman as their lead vocalist. His
unique voice gives the listeners something
to rave about. There is yet to be a band that
matches the exclusive sound of Alt-J. In the
track, “Fitzpleasure,” the exclusiveness will
be proven beyond belief.
The xx-The xx took much longer
than others bands do to produce their first album, but they showed that patience pays off.
From 2005-2009, the band slowly grew and
began playing small performances until the
release of their first studio album in 2009, xx.
The album received hype from critics everywhere, and reached the number 9 spot on the
Rolling Stone’s top albums of 2009.
Since then, the band has released
another album, titled Coexist in 2012, and
the band has played in five of the biggest
music festivals in the world with Coachella,
Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Austin City Limits,
and Lollapalooza. With this band, the sky is
the limit. Their single “Fiction” from their
newest album Coexist is recommended for
listeners everywhere and is sure to be remembered as a key piece in their future.
The Head and the Heart-Yet another unbelievable band comes out of the
musical talent producing city of Seattle,
Washington. Since the band started in 2009,
it has released two studio albums and looks
to release a third. The indie-folk band has
been compared to Mumford & Sons and
plays similar music to Edward Sharpe & The
Magnetic Zeroes. They can play slow to fast
songs varying on both their albums. “Down
in the Valley” is a track that is one of their
more popular ones, but it is sure to make the
listener satisfied.
Ben Howard-The indie songwriter
is already getting huge credit for his rare
voice and musical style. He has been featured on BBC radio, and in big music festivals including Bonnaroo and Glastonbury.
The artist had his album Every Kingdom premier on iTunes commercials and the front album for the new iPods and iPhones, which is
huge publicity in its own right. Every Kingdom is the only studio album to date but it is
worth the wait for a second one. “Keep Your
Head Up,” a track from that album, gives the
listeners a stellar mixture of steadily soft yet
an enthusiastic brand of sound to it, and is
highly recommended among indie forums.
Yukon Blonde-This Canadian
band is undervalued, if valued at all. This
past year they have toured with the fellow
Canadian band who hails from Saskatchewan, The Sheepdogs, opening for and befriending the group. They give a different
style of alternative music with a twist. The
band was formally named Alphababy but
later changed it to Yukon Blonde after two
EPs. The band is currently looking for a new
bassist at the moment, but is on the rise in
2014. Look out alternative market. “Stairway” is a huge hit of theirs and will continue
to be known for years to come.
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
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Batman vs. Superman seems like a distant dream to fans
By Loula Agelopoulos
Superhero fans around the world
rejoiced when Warner Bros. announced they
would be making a Superman versus Batman movie. This movie has been anticipated
for a very long time, but the excitement of
most fans soon turned to worry. Questionable casting choices and the move in release
dates have left superhero fans wondering if
they will ever see the Superman versus Batman movie they have been wishing for.
The most controversial of decisions regarding the film is the casting of Ben
Affleck as Batman. Fans of the hero were
undoubtedly hoping Christian Bale would
reprise his role, as he is to many, the best
Batman thus far. Many base their judgement
of Affleck on his portrayal of Daredevil in
the 2003 film based on the Marvel Comics.
While it seems most do not mind him playing heroes in both the Marvel and DC universes, they do believe he cannot pull off the
role of Batman. While it is uncertain whether
or not he can play the icon hero well, one
thing is certain: this Batman will be different from previous ones, with Warner Bros.
announcing the focus will be more on Bruce
Wayne rather than Batman. Few people have
seen the Batsuit that will be used in the upcoming movie, but it is widely rumoured to
be a complete reinvention. A new suit could
be a positive for the film, or it could be too
different and enrage loyal fans. Either way,
when it comes to this movie’s Batman, Warner Bros. is treading on thin ice.
Another controversial casting
choice is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.
Most were shocked when the announcement
was made that Eisenberg would be playing
the famous villain, as many believe that he
is too young. Warner Bros. claims that they
wanted to take a different approach to this
character too, making him a young businessman that is on top of the world. Fans are worried though, as they do not think Eisenberg
the first recent Superman film. Another
popular decision was Jeremy Irons being
cast as Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler. The
character of Alfred is one that is very dear
to many comic book fans, as he is Batman’s
ed by secrecy. The only hints for the plot are
online leaks that are not confirmed as real.
The new Batsuit has not been revealed, and
though it is fair to keep it a surprise, a peek
would satisfy fans. Without any knowledge
about the premise of the film, apart
from the main two heroes and a few
of the casting choices, fans are forced
to put their faith in Warner Bros. and
hope that the movie it produces will be
well worth the wait.
With all the controversy and all the
secrecy that surrounds the film, fans
are left worried that the final film will
not deliver. Though there may be high
expectations, they are not unreasonable. Warner Bros. knew the reaction it
would be getting from fans when they
decided to make the movie, so they
must know they have to tread carefully.
One wrong choice could send everyone into a frenzy, and completely ruin
any chance of success the movie might
There is no doubt, however, that the
Batman vs. Superman movie will not
go unnoticed. Whether it is a hit, or a
miss, it will go down in movie history.
Movies that are on such a large scale,
bringing so many iconic heroes together are usually sure to generate great
success. Marvel’s Avengers movie,
which similarly brought many heroes
Photo by Loula Agelopoulos
together, in one film, did brilliantly in
Nikki Chopra and Anna Lally, Grade 11, enact an epic battle between Superman and Batman
the box office, so it is fair to say that
fits the character, and when it comes to such loyal helper, and possibly best friend. Many Batman vs. Superman could do equally well.
a well-known character, it is crucial that the believe Irons to be a good choice, as he has If they want the movie to succeed, Warner
actor fit the part.
successfully played a wide array of roles and Bros. will have to stay faithful to the comics,
The casting choices have not all is probably able to perform the role capably. and listen to the fans. The movie’s release
been questionable though. Fans are happy The casting though, is not the only date is set for 2016, so until then, fans will
with the return of the cast of Man of Steel, problem. The entire movie has been shroud- have to wait and hope for the best.
The commonly-known rubber ducks rise to fame
By Hailey Payne
The rubber manufacturing that
started happening in the late 1800s is directly linked to the exciting invention of rubber
ducks. The earliest rubber ducks were made
of hard rubber and lacked squeakers. Modern rubber ducks are a symbol of baths, bathtubs, bubbles, and children from babies to
toddlers everywhere, but rubber ducks have
not always been as popular as they are today.
The rubber duck evolved to float
and be made of a softer rubber. Even with
this evolution though, rubber ducks were
not all that common. They were popularized
by Jim Henson in 1970 by performing the
song “Rubber Duckie” as Ernie on Sesame
Street. The song was such a success that it
had two follow-up songs called “Do de Rubber Duck” and “DUCKIE.” Children saw all
these songs and wanted to be like Ernie, so
they whined to their parents and, ta-da, rubber ducks were officially awesome.
The rubber ducks have even
achieved iconic status in the US. Fast forward a few years and the demand for rub-
ber ducks had cooled down a bit, but was
still a common Children’s bath toy. Then in
2001, The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper
reported that Queen Elizabeth ll had a rubber
duck (that wore an inflatable crown) in her
The duck was spotted by a worker
who was repainting her bathroom. The story
prompted sales of rubber ducks in the United Kingdom to increase by 80% as moms
noticed rubber ducks’ coolness. It gave the
common child a little bit of royalty.
Rubber ducks have also become a
collectors’ item with many people deciding
to devote time to finding the most and coolest rubber ducks. The largest recorded collection of rubber ducks, a Guinness World
Record numbering 5 631, belongs to Charlotte Lee who started collecting in 1996.
Charlotte Lee, needing to express herself
with her rubber ducks, created a rubber duck
website called Duckplanet.
It is said that Duckplanet has the
most extensive duck news and information
on the Internet. Lee voted for the rubber
duck to be on the National Toy Hall of Fame
for a couple of years before giving up after
countless letdowns. Only a few months later,
the rubber duck rose to the top. It has now
been inducted into the Strong Museum’s
Hall of Fame.
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is
the creator of the largest giant rubber duck
in the world, measuring 16 X20 X32 metres and weighing over 600 kg. He also had
a tour named “Spreading Joy Around the
World” which was established in 2007.
His goal was to remind everyone
of childhood memories by displaying his
giant duck in fourteen different cities. It is
unknown where this giant rubber duck is
now, though he is rumoured to have made
different versions of his giant rubber ducks
ranging from sixteen to fifty feet in height.
Rubber ducks have become so
popular that there is an annual Duckfest.
Last year was the 9th annual Rubber Duck
Fan Convention held on June 22 in Hesperia, California. During these Duckfests everything is, of course, rubber duck-themed.
From meeting with other duck fans to playing rubber duck-themed games, Duckfest
has everything a person would need. The
hostess of the latest Duckfest, Colleen, has
created a list of the most awesome things
about Duckfest.
Some highlights include that visitors get to see one of the largest collections
of rubber ducks, has an opportunity to meet a
bunch of people who also love rubber ducks,
can buy the five Duckfest ducks that are
made especially for Duckfest, and may come
away with one of the free rubber ducks. Visitors also enjoy a free lunch, including a rubber duck-themed cake.
Ernie had it right when he sang:
Rubber Duckie, you’re the one,
You make bathtime lots of fun,
Rubber Duckie, I’m awfully fond of you
Rubber Duckie, joy of joys,
When I squeeze you, you make noise,
Rubber Duckie, you’re my very best
friend it’s true.
Page 22
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
At some point in time, most comic
book fans must have asked themselves if
they think Hawkeye, Marvel’s archer, or
Green Arrow, the archer from the DC universe, is better. It may be a tough call, both
are great heroes and have proven to their
fans time and time again that they deserve
their admiration. The only way to make a
definite, well-thought-out decisions is to
compare several aspects of the two heroes,
including origin, skills and suit, and accomplishments.
Oliver Queens, aka Green Arrow,
lost both his parents at a young age and
grew up as heir to Queen Industries, a multimillion dollar company. He always had everything he wanted and led a careless lifestyle, up until he was shipwrecked. He was
stranded on an island, where he learned to
use a bow and fight for his survival. When
he got back to Star City, he decided to use
his new-found skills to do good, and became
the vigilante or superhero known as Green
Clint Barton, Hawkeye, was also
orphaned at a young age. He spent six years
in an orphanage before running away with
his brother to join the circus. There he became the apprentice of the Swordsman, who
along with Trick Shot trained him to be a
master archer. After a confrontation between
Barton and the Swordsman, Barton left the
circus and adapted his archery skills. He was
inspired to become a masked hero when he
saw Iron Man in action. After a misunderstanding, he went on the run and met Black
Widow. Together they tried to steal from
Iron Man, but when things went south, she
fled. Barton was later allowed to join the
Avengers, and was considered a hero from
then on.
Both heroes have interesting and
admirable origins, Queen having to face the
island, and Barton overcoming the hardships
of his life. The advantage Queen has is that
he is self-made, he taught himself how to
shoot and fight, while Barton was trained.
Skills and Suit:
Both heroes are master archers,
and skilled in combat, and they both have
trick arrows that can help them in fights.
Although Green Arrow had more money
and resources to make better arrows, when
March 2014
Vampire Academy: where
vampires do not sparkle
By Riannon Laarz
Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow
Scarlett FEVER
By Loula Agelopoulos
he lost it all it evened things out, and he
proved he could make the most of what he
had. When it comes to suits, they are both
visually appealing; however, Green Arrow’s
dark green suit is stealthier than Hawkeye’s
purple and blue. Hawkeye from the Ultimate
comics does have a darker suit, and is therefore stealthier than Green Arrow, but that is
only Ultimate Hawkeye.
Green Arrow is also a bit tougher
than Hawkeye. During his time on the island, Green Arrow had to become ruthless in
order to survive, so when it comes to taking
down enemies, he does not hesitate. Hawkeye on the other hand, does not kill. He refuses to, and while that is honourable, it is a
hindrance when it comes to fighting villains.
This difference would also be visible in their
fighting, as Hawkeye would hold back to
avoid killing, Green Arrow would not.
Green Arrow takes this round too,
as he is the tougher of the two and more willing to make the tough calls than Hawkeye.
Both archers are part of a superhero
organization, Green Arrow belongs to the
Justice League and Hawkeye to the Avengers. Both have also saved the world multiple
times; however, Green Arrow has also had
to face the loss of his company and almost
everything he ever had. His city was turned
into a giant forest, in Brightest Day, and he
still managed to make the most of it and do
everything he could to protect the people of
his city. Hawkeye has not had it easy either,
but he has never had to face anything similar to that. Green Arrow also had a sidekick,
Speedy, who later became a superhero himself, known as Red Arrow. Hawkeye has
never had a sidekick, though he did train the
This is one round where the result
is clear, Green Arrow has definitely faced
more and accomplished more than Hawkeye.
Green Arrow and Hawkeye are
both great superheroes, but only one of them
can be the winner. Though Hawkeye is extremely well-trained, and has defeated many
enemies, Green Arrow wins. He has had to
face more; he has defeated more enemies,
and has proven himself one of the best superheroes the comic book world has seen.
and the clothes looked like something a girl
or guy would wear every day.
The writing of the script is very well
done; Water uses flashbacks which supply
more information on why the girls run away
and who they are. The film gives explanations to the viewers about the different types
of vampires and the history of the academy
which one would normally not receive in
movies that are adapted from a novel.
The editing and filming was exceptional. The scene transition were seamless.
The overall colour of the film was a mix of
dark and pale. There are some scenes in the
movie that are dark, especially during the
fighting, and pale in the other scenes; overall the movie had a very metallic look. The
movie was set in the state of Montana but
filmed in London, so the dark, gloomy look
was part of the location of filming.
The music and soundtrack of the
film was breathtaking, except for a song
right at the beginning of the film which was
out of place and put in a spot that did not
need when Rose (Deutch) begins to talk. The
rest of the music in the film fit perfectly to
Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters is
based on Richelle Mead’s best-selling book
series Vampire Academy. The series has six
novels: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bond, and
Last Sacrifice. The movie is adapted from
the first novel. The name was changed from
Vampire Academy to Vampire Academy:
Blood Sisters because that is the name of the
novel in many foreign countries.
The plot was not very predictable
and most viewers will be surprised by the
ending. The movie is attention-getting, but
not always in an “edge of my seat” way.
There were some parts where the action
could have been sped up. The director Mark
Waters, who is most known for directing the
movies Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Mr.
Poppers Penguins, did an overall good job in
directing this movie. and brought the world
that Rachelle Mead had created in her novel
onto the big screen. The film’s tone alternated between anticipation and, at a steady
pace. The battle scenes were seat-gripping;
however, there were times when
the movie pace was slower.
The film stars Zoey
Deutch, Danila Kozlovsky, Lucy
Fry and Dominic Sherwood as the
leading roles along with Sarah Hyland from Modern Family and Joely Richardson as Queen Tatiana
Ivashkov. The acting is very well
done in this film considering that
it is mostly a cast of no-name actors. The chemistry between Rose
(Deutch) and Lissa (Fry) is believable and young girls are able to
see themselves in these characters.
Photo by Loula Agelopoulos
The most chemistry was between
Rylee Spada being bitten by Kieran Mort , both Grade 12
Fry and Dominic Sherwood.
In the film Sherwood plays the
role of Christian Ozera, Lissa’s love inter- the tone and mood. The song played at the
est, and the chemistry between them is so very end of the film during the credits is very
intense it is like they were actually in love catchy and works with what the movie was
off-screen. Definitely at some points of the about, the name of the song is “Bela Lugomovie the character Rose got to be a little too si’s Dead” by Chvrches.
The overall impression and experimuch and many viewers will really want her to stop talking but the overall quality of the ence of this film is above average. The movie followed the novel in all parts and fans of
cast was very good.
The costumes were great. Rose’s the novel will appreciate this. The actors did
battle costume was the bomb because most very well in their roles and the film location,
high school girls would totally wear it. The London, gave the movie the right look. This
school uniforms are appropriate because is a cult flick and fans have started a group or
they are more modern and appealing, not rebellion of sorts trying to get more people
so preppy. In most movies the costumes are to see the film and spread the word. One unso out-there and irrational to wear. The cos- named critic called this movie “just another
tumes in this movie are more realistic and Twilight” yet when this film is nothing like
something anyone would wear. If they were Twilight. The only thing they have in comto wear fancy ball gowns or hundreds of mon is that they are both movies about vamdollars’ worth of dresses to the dance scene pires; in Vampire Academy the vampires do
in the movie it would make the movie cos- not sparkle. This is a great film to see with
tumes look like the girls were millionaires one’s best friend or as a date, even with a
or make the costumes have this unrealistic group. The film has a little something for evlook. The way costumes were done in this eryone: action, romance, mystery and comfilm made the girls look like average teens edy.
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 23
The Monuments Men is a monumental art-war film
James Ewart
that initially keep him from entering the war, There have been many onscreen
stories about World War II, but most are
about the violence, gore, and horrors of the
conflict. The Monuments Men is the first
that is light-hearted film that deals with the
cultural aspects. The film follows the true
story of seven men who go into war-torn Europe to recover pieces of art that were stolen
by the Nazis. The film has a star-studded cast
consisting of George Clooney, Matt Damon,
Bill Murray, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville, and Cate Blanchett, who all have positive onscreen chemistry and strongly help
the story carry through; a surprise as most
movies with many stars tend to flop. After Lt. Frank Stokes (Clooney)
convinces President Roosevelt to allow the
Monuments, Arts and Archives Program, he
and Lt. Donald Jeffries (Bonneville) recruit
artist James Granger (Damon), architect
Richard Campbell (Murray), sculptor Walter Garfield (Goodman), and painter Jean
Claude Clermont (Jean Dujardin), and dance
director Preston Savitz (Bob Balaban). Each
man has his own setbacks and disadvantages
but with millions of pieces of artwork on the
line and some help from a French Resistance
woman named Claire Simone (Blanchett),
the Monuments Men are more than ready to
protect some of the greatest achievements in
history. The film is historically accurate as
it portrayed real events in great detail. At the
end of the film, the credits show photos of the
real Monuments Men carrying and storing
art pieces, an appropriate extra as it is based
on a novel that recounts the same events.
Several of the main characters have different
names than their real-life counterparts. For
example, Stokes is actually George Stout,
Granger’s real last name is Rorimer, Campbell is based on Robert Posey, and Garfield
is actually Walker Hancock. The film had an
original release date of December 18, 2013
but director Clooney delayed it because he
was having trouble balancing humour with
the serious nature of the subject matter. Art
and history play an important part as the
Germans and the Americans were in a race
to save historical pieces of art.
While the trailer gives the impres- perfect mix of comedy, drama, and history
sion that there are plenty of tense action mo- and anyone with a creative side, or one who
ments, there were only a few action sequenc- appreciates art will definitely enjoy Monues, and the mood felt more comical than ments Men.
serious. The film deserves three and
a half out of five
stars. It lacked
the intensity one
from a war film,
but makes up
for it with comic timing and
the appropriate
amount of drama. Those viewers expecting a
war film with
lots of action and
destruction may
be disappointed;
Photo by Douglas Brandt
however those
Gavin Wilson, Caleb Jemmot, Jared McGowan, Zach Bainbridge, Lucas
expecting a good Schewerman, Connor Kelly, and Lachlan Little, all grade 10, recreate The
story with a nearMonuments Men stoic stares and poses
Jimmy Fallon replaces Jay Leno on The Tonight Show
By Aaron Schmidtke
From Johnny to Jay, and from Jay
now to Jimmy, The Tonight Show’s sterling
reputation continues as the torch was passed
for the first time in over twenty years from
Jay Leno, to Jimmy Fallon. From the years
1992-2014 (except for a highly controversial
leave of absence in 2009-2010 when Leno
was replaced by Conan O’Brien), Leno
hosted The Tonight Show with unmistakable
grace and class.
Fallon replaced Leno on The Tonight Show on February 17 2014, a milestone in entertainment history. Leno capped
off his 4610th episode, (more likely to be remembered as simply his last episode) with
a return appearance of the first guest to ever
come on his show back in 1992, Billy Crystal. Fallon started his first ever show off with
musical guests U2 and actor Will Smith.
Before The Tonight Show, Fallon hosted Late Night, where he will be replaced by now former Saturday Night Live
head writer and Weekend Update host, Seth
Meyers. Fallon held his gig at Late Night
for a sturdy five years after replacing Conan
O’Brien on the show. Fallon’s first show on
Late Night included Robert De Niro, Justin
Timberlake, Nick Carter, and Van Morrison
and he ended his last show with Andy Samberg alongside The Muppets.
When Fallon scored the Saturday
Night Live gig, it was a dream that had just
become a reality. Since he was a boy, Fallon
watched the show intensively and observantly. He has always credited Saturday Night
Live creator and producer of his previous
show Late Night, Lorne Michaels, for all his
success. Fallon left the Saturday Night Live
in 2004 to pursue his movie career. After a
few stints in some smaller production films,
Fallon was hit with the unexpected: the opportunity to host a late night television show.
Fallon’s net worth is now at a projected $25
million dollars and will only grow as the
host of The Tonight Show.
It is unknown whether Fallon will
was well known for its hilarious games and
song spoofs. People everywhere are wondering if Fallon will take them to the big stage,
or if Meyers will continue the tradition.
From Late Night, Fallon’s house band, The
Roots, has been brought over to The Tonight
Photo By Aaron Schmidtke
Jack Banister, Grade 10, speaks into the microphone, like Fallon on The Tonight Show
continue his crazy antics on a larger stage
with a more substantial audience. Late Night
Show with their already immaculate resumé
to date.
The list of impressive achievements grows larger every day for Fallon. He
has already hosted the MTV Movie Awards
in 2001 and in 2005 as well as the MTV
Music Awards in 2002. After a five year absence from hosting an award show, Fallon
skyrocketed to the top when he was asked
to host the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy
Meyers hosted Weekend Update
for eight years. He co-anchored from 20062008 with Amy Poehler and then again in
2013-2014 with Cecily Strong. In between
years Meyers hosted the show solo while
also working as head writer on the show. Replacing him on Weekend Update is his former co-anchor Strong and comedian Colin
Without a doubt, Fallon is a key example of how hard work pays off. Throughout his career he continued to climb the ladder of greatness beginning with stand-up
and his now world-renowned impressions in
small theatre comedy clubs to now hosting
the biggest talk show on television.
Fallon’s Saturday Night Live audition tape which is available on YouTube,
shows him performing impressions he is
well known for including Jerry Seinfeld,
French Stewart, and at that time, a member of the Saturday Night Live cast, Adam
With Leno gracefully stepping
aside, this leaves Fallon with a ceiling of
opportunity. He has done it all except for
something as big as this. Fallon looks at this
challenge with open eyes and a positive outlook. This new project will undoubtedly be a
challenge, but nothing the 39 year old cannot
Page 24
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Theatre Calgary’s Major Barbara sparks student debate
By Emily Conacher
On Thursday, February 27, a group of
Scarlett students from various English and
Drama classes had the opportunity to go
on a field trip to Theatre Calgary to see a
matinee performance of the play Major
Barbara. The play is running at Theatre
Calgary from February 11 to March 9 and
is the fifth play in their 2013/14 line-up.
Major Barbara was written by
prominent Irish playwright George Bernard
Shaw in 1905. Originally described by Shaw
as “a discussion in three acts,” the play consists largely of characters conversing with
one another on central topics of poverty, morality, and salvation. It uses a comedic tone
to comment on serious topics such as social
problems and religion.
ther, a wealthy businessman who owns a munitions company.
Barbara becomes disillusioned with the Salvation Army’s goal of
Christian salvation because she perceives the
acceptance of money
from such sources as
hypocritical. Barbara is
ultimately forced to confront her own morals,
values, and ideas about
life as she learns more
about her father’s business.
Calgary production stars
Photo By Douglas Brandt
Journalism students wave as they make their way out Scarlett’s doors to see Major Barbara at Theatre Calgary
Gretchen Hall as
Barbara Undershaft
and Dean Paul Gibson as Andrew
Undershaft, Barbara’s father. Gibson
portrays Andrew
Undershaft as both
an antagonist and a
voice of reason in
the play – although
his actions may
be detestable, his
logic is sound and
Photo By Douglas Brandt
his arguments are
The play Major Barbara has been a huge success for the Theatre Calgary
convincing. Hall’s
The titular character, Barbara Undershaft, is portrayal of Barbara’s moral conflict is reala Major in the Salvation Army, and is com- istic as well. Barbara’s disillusionment and
pletely committed to her mission to save the subsequent moral crisis are tangible in her
souls of the poor. At the beginning of the expressions, actions, and speech throughout
play, the Salvation Army is facing financial the play.
The play’s other actors also did a
difficulty and decides to accept donations from a whiskey distiller and Barbara’s fa- marvellous job portraying their characters,
from the straight-laced, overbearing Lady
Undershaft to Adolphus Cusins, Barbara’s
infatuated fiancé and an enthusiastic scholar
of Greek. The main source of comedy in the
play is in the varied cast of secondary characters, especially Snobby Price, a frequenter
of Barbara’s Salvation Army shelter, and
Charles Lomax, the comical fiancé of Barbara’s sister Sarah, who commonly draws
the ire of Lady Undershaft for his careless
speech and lackadaisical manner.
The set design also plays a vital role
in communicating the play’s message. The
scenes set inside Lady Undershaft’s manor
house contrast with the ever-present backdrop of decrepit window frames to highlight
the gap between wealth and poverty that is
at the play’s core. The set pieces, which include rickety tables at Barbara’s Salvation
Army shelter and bombs looming overhead
at Andrew Undershaft’s munitions factory,
serve to emphasize the impact of each scene
and bring the play to life on the stage.
Reactions to the play by Scarlett
students were mixed. Some thought that Ma-
jor Barbara’s noted lack of action and abundance of dialogue rendered it uninteresting,
while others appreciated the comedy and
came away re-evaluating their own thoughts
on the play’s themes. “It made me have an
existential crisis on the bus back to school,”
says Carmen Soltys, Grade 12. On the other
hand, Kristin Monteith, Grade 12, gave the
play a less favourable review, saying she
found the play “boring, dull, and humourless,” and “the father was the only relatable
Even if Major Barbara is a little
verbose, it offers interesting discourse on a
variety of social issues and has its moments
of humour. Although it may not be a play
to watch for light-hearted entertainment, it
is worth seeing for the discussion points it
raises about society. The wonderful acting,
costumes, and set design of the Theatre Calgary production definitely enhance the experience as well.
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Page 25
Jazz on Canterbury showcases talented musicians
By Brianne Godsman
On Wednesday February 5 the Dr.
E.P. Scarlett stage was alive with the sounds
of Kenny Ball, Jeff Jarvis, and Eddie Harris,
a patchwork of uplifting melodies from the
1920- 90s performed by Scarlett’s own Jazz
guitar player, comments on the night. Bryan
Cole, Grade 11 base player says “This night
is a night where several junior highs get to
see the Scarlett bands and also get to perform. Jazz isn’t about knowing what notes
to play; you have to know why they need to
perform without a conductor; everything
is done entirely by the groups of students.
Both junior high and high school students
performing were able to showcase their talents, only stopping for a brief intermission
halfway through the night. Both students
and teachers alike worked hard to make
the night a success; the show would not
have come together without the organization and leadership of the band teachers from each junior high and the direction of Scarlett’s own Paul Brown and
Jonathan Bell.
The event featured amazing soloists
Lauren Crowe Grade 12, Michel Calendar Grade 12 and Ethan Hamshaw
Grade 12 along with many more and
also featured vocalists Shakemm Kongetiman, Grade 11 and Brett Schneider,
Grade 12, who performed two songs,
“Soul Man” and “Try a Little Tenderness” alongside the remarkable Scarlett
Showcase Band. Shakemm Kongetiman, Grade 11, says “it was such a great
experience to sing with jazz band. It
was so much fun.”
The show was entertaining to watch
and listen to as the musicians and conductors engaged the audience by telling
jokes, moving with the music and invitPhoto by Brianne Godsman ing the audience to clap along. “If you
Scarlett students display their jazz skills at an event that also included several junior high bands
One, Two Three Combo and Showcase band
along with jazz bands from Fairview, Nickel
and Panabaker Junior High.
The show featured a wide variety
of song selections, everything from “Not to
be forgotten” by Pat Methany to “The Final
Countdown” by Europe. “The night is an
opportunity for us to advertise for Scarlett, to
show junior high students what high school
jazz looks like,” Ethan Hamshaw, Grade 12
be played.”
The level of dedication these young musicians have is incomprehensible; the talented
individuals often play in more than one band
and are constantly sacrificing their mornings
lunch hours and evenings to practice. The
combo and showcase bands were undeniably
The bands are both student-led
small groups of musicians who practice and
Photo by Brianne Godsman
Jhonson Phung, Ryan Stelter, Braden Shewchuk and Lucas Campo are prepared to perform
can’t dance to the music you aren’t playing
it right. You’ve got to move and groove, feel
the music, be the music,” Johnson Phung,
Grade 12 trumpet player, shares his motto
for playing jazz.
Even from a seat in the audience
one can observe the tight knit and supportive
community formed among these musicians.
The theatre was overflowing with students
standing all along the back wall and sitting
in the aisles to support their peers. Every
solo was followed by a roaring applause and
every song, followed by one even louder.
Though these musicians are humble
their talent should never be underestimated,
Zoe Duncan a Grade 12 Scarlett base player
proved this. When one of the junior high
schools was short a base player, Duncan
stepped in after hearing the conductor talk
about it in the hall. Within minutes Duncan
was up on stage playing songs she had never
practiced in support of her fellow musicians.
When the show ended with Scarlett’s Jazz One and the musicians cleared
the stage for the last time, the audience was
left feeling full of music and life and energy.
Students should definitely consider coming
to one of the bands upcoming performances,
Winds from the South or Moonlight Nights,
and get the opportunity to observe the sort of
talent Scarlett is home to.
Page 26
-- Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
-- Scarlett FEVER
March 2014
Senior Girls Basketball team shoots for the playoffs
By Loula Agelopoulos
This year, the Senior Girls Basketball team is making the school proud. They
have had an incredible season, winning every game they have played so far. They are
ranked first in their division and are headed
straight to playoffs.
So far the girls have played eight
tation of a tough-to-beat team. Apart from
intimidating their opponents, their winning
streak also helps boost their spirits and gives
them the motivation to keep on doing exceptionally well. The girls are a strong team, not
just on the court, but off as well. Even the
girls on the bench participate in the games,
yelling encouragement to their fellow team
During their game against the WiseWood Warriors, the girls scored many succesful freethrows
Brooks, also deserve some credit though,
as they have guided the girls throughout the
season. They have assessed each girl’s abilities, using them to the advantage of the team,
and helping them improve where they may
be lacking.
All photos by Loula Agelopoulos
One of the Senior girls shoots the ball toward the hoop as the rest of the team waits to assist
The girls on the team are
all in grade twelve, which
means this is the last year
games. Their first game was against Sir members and
for them to be on the ScarWinston Churchill, in the beginning of De- c h a n t i n g .
lett team. They have made
cember. They played a decent game and They demthe school proud though,
won 64-55. In their second game against onstrate
and demonstrated their love
Notre Dame, the girls really shone. They special bond
for the sport during every
played incredibly, beating the other team that
game. This season is sure to
by 54 points, with a score of 70-16. This is only be crebe one they remember, as it
an impressive feat, and the girls should be ated through
has been such a success for
congratulated for it. Their third game was t e a m w o r k
them. They are ranked first
against Bishop Grandin, and they won 58- and love for
in their division and have
46. In January, the Lancers had another very their sport.
the most points, along with
impressive win, beating Bowness’ team Centennial, which is ranked
handily, 97-40. Their first game in February Throughout
was against Earnest Manning and the Lanc- the season,
As the girls move into the
ers won 57-46. They went on to play against the girls have
playoffs, Lancers should
Henry Wise Wood and once again won that worked hard,
do their best to show their
game, 70-38. Their next victory was against giving their
team spirit by going to their
Bishop Carroll with a score of 62-49. Their all, even at
games to cheer them on,
latest game was against St. Mary’s on Febru- p r a c t i c e s .
wishing them good luck on
ary 24 and the Lancers won easily, 71-41.
game days, and congratulat
The Senior Girls have been on a have
ing them on their incredible
roll this year, and have proven they are a for- focused, permidable team. They have gained the repu- fecting their The Scarlett Lancers won their game against the Wise Wood Warriors at the school’s gym, 70-38 season when they see the
girls around school.
skills and acquiring new ones. Now all their
efforts are paying off as playoffs are fast approaching, and they are heading confidently
right for them.
Head coach Jim Bamford and assistant coaches Ashley Hill and Randee
March 2014 --
Scarlett FEVER
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Senior Boys march
towards city playoffs
By Sam McIntosh
The Senior Boys Basketball team
is right there in the playoff race as the season winds down and the playoffs are set
to begin. Currently sitting in fourth place,
they have a record of four wins and four
losses and are getting ready to face their
playoff opponent. This season, the team has
had a few bad losses but they have always
been able to come back with a win. The
team is competing very closely with a few
fully committed.”
After three months of hard playing and practice, the squad eyes their next
game with anticipation, but knows the playoffs are not far ahead and need to prepare
for that challenge. “All of our games have
been close; our toughest game hasn’t just
been any single one,” says Coach Hauser.
“They are looking forward to the playoffs
and the opportunity to try and knock off
some of the best teams. Playoffs bring the
Photo by Ayesha Shaikh
The senior boys team posing for their team photo with their coaches in the school gym
other teams and are in fact tied with Bishop
O’Byrne for second place with only a few
games to go.
The team started the season on
a good note with a win over Forest Lawn
70-64 and then beat Bishop O’Byrne 9387. They then suffered two losses against
Bishop McNally and Father Lacombe, but
then bounced back with a win against Bishop Grandon before losing again to Ernest
After a win against the Henry
Wise Wood team and an unfortunate home
loss against Western, they are back tied
for second place for points but are still
in fourth due having played more games
than the other team tied with them, Bishop
The team has played with a very
fast pace and always play hard; they are
incredibly exciting to watch. The tension
in those final minutes of a close game are
elevated when one has have no idea what is
going to happen next. If the game does not
go the Lancer’s way, Coach Chad Hauser
says “I try to encourage the boys and let
them know that they are good enough to
beat any team; however, they have to be
most excitement to the boys and the fans,”
the coach says.
With the playoffs being a win or go home
situation, preparation is all the more important, but as Coach Hauser states “There is
no difference; however, the boys realize
a playoff game is a one-time shot. They
lose and they are out of playoffs, so they
do change their energy level knowing they
have to give it their all and not give up.”
Chemistry also helps as many players and
the coach have known each other for years.
“I have enjoyed coaching these players.
They are a great bunch of boys and we have
lots of fun together on and off the court,”
states Coach Hauser.
The chess match that occurs on
the basketball court is a difficult one that
takes great skill, which our Senior Boys
team has in spades. No matter what happens, they always play with tenacity until
the game is over. Now with the playoffs
ahead and a one loss situation, that chemistry will be needed to overcome opposing
teams and hopefully win the city championship.
Page 27
Junior Boys Basketball not
going down without a fight
68 against Earnest Manning High School.
By Karlee Selent
Over this past winter, Scarlett’s “I’m hoping that in the playoffs,
Junior Boys Basketball team made it their we’ll go all the way to the second division,”
top priority to put every amount of time, en- said Farquharson, “I think that’s the curergy, and spirit into each game they played. rent goal for the team.” With the support
The season has not been an easy one for the of Scalett students, the boys are hoping to
team; despite their recent loss to Centennial take home a winning title for the playoffs.
High School on February 25th, losing 58 to “The support we get from fans at our
92, the boys all agreed that it would not stop Home games is awesome. It’s nice to see
them from focusing on future games and, everyone cheering us on,” said Landon
overall, playing the best they possibly can. Dueck, Grade 10. According to Dueck, the
“We got over it. The loss wasn’t Junior Boys are “headed in the right direcdifferent than any other time we’ve lost a tion” and are “moving forward as a team”
game this season,”
stated Nathan Kinnie, Grade 10, in
regards to how the
team dealt with their
game against Centennial. “I think we
need to just play a
tougher defense the
next time we play
them. We have to
box them out.” Kinnie also mentioned
that because of the
up-beat and hightempo
throughout the seasons, the team was
able to learn new
plays in a more motivational and energizPhoto By James Ewart
ing way to prepare Landon Dueck scans the court, deciding his next move against the ‘Yotes
them for their games.
W h e n
asked what the team’s strongest and weak- Overall, the Junior Boys Basketest points were, Ethan Bromley, Grade 10, ball team is aiming to be the best in the
answered, “Definitely the energy we give playoffs this season. With their determinaoff on the court, but our defense brought us tion and energetic spirit, the boys are sure
down.” The proudest moment for Bromley to dominate the court and take home a vicwas winning 55 to 41 against Henry Wise tory. Be sure to check the Calgary Senior
Wood High School, while Aaron Farqu- High School Athletic Association webharson, Grade 10, thought the team’s low- site to see when the team will be playing.
est point of the season was losing 57 to
Page 28
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School
Junior Girls Basketball
trounce rival Warriors
By Helena Gagnier
for his team, knowing that they are able to
and Michella Thai
compete with better pace, and continues to
Now that the Junior Girls are in the
midst of the basketball season, the desire to
make it into playoffs is greater than ever. It
may not have been their most stellar performance of the season, but the Scarlett Junior
Girls basketball team still managed to clean
the floor with the less-than-impressive Wisewood Warriors in a 61-42 victory on Tuesday, February 11, 2014.
Right as the game began, Scarlett took charge. It was Wisewood who
first gained possession of the ball during
the jump, but the Lancers quickly shifted
momentum and scored the first two points.
Wisewood retaliated, going for the ball with
high hopes, constantly making an effort to
score with layups and two-pointers. Though
Wisewood attempted to take the lead in the
first half, it was Scarlett who scored most of
the points, ending the second quarter with a
resounding lead of 27-12.
During the second half, Wisewood
began to pick up the pace and started playing more aggressively, eager to close the 15
encourage them to strive and reach to be the
best that they can be.
“We had a goal to do better than we
did, but the girls really stepped up after the
first half,” Rasmussen said, indicating that
his team can definitely play at a higher, more
intense level. When asked what is needed
to be improved upon in order to reach their
goal of maintaining their current ranking of
second place in the south, Rasmussen explains that the girls needed to “slow down
and control themselves better, to play our
game instead of their game.”
It seems as though the strengths
and weaknesses are apparent and recognized
by the entire team, since the girls also agree
that they are capable of better and bigger
achievements than what the game demonstrated. Even with the weaknesses, they
believe that they have potential to be great.
“We had strong defense, and our offense
was kind of shaky at the start, but we were
able to pull it together,” says Allyse Oland,
Grade 10.
Photo by Michella Thai
Mckenna Howard, Grade 10, prepares to shoot a free throw in the first half of the game
point gap. However, their efforts were made
in vain. Scarlett refused to let the Warriors
phase them, and they continued to push forward, managing to score another 34 points
before the game ended. Scarlett stood victorious with a final score of 61-42.
Throughout the game, the Lancers
played the Warriors with skill and aggression, which resulted in a couple of stumbles
and scratches. Despite their win, not everyone was fully satisfied after the game had
ended. Coach Rasmussen has high hopes
Now that the playoffs are quickly
approaching, the girls are being encouraged
and are practicing hard, since it is a much
anticipated time for the team. Going to the
playoff games would mean that the girls
would get to experience the skills of different teams, as well as increase their competitiveness. The first playoff game, the Quarter
Finals, is being played on March 10, 2014
at 7:00 pm, at Saint Francis High School,
and the lancers will be facing off against the
Scarlett FEVER
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March 2014
don’t think I was ever the natural athlete. I
mean, I always did well but I was never the
best. But I just kept working hard at it and
obviously the hard work has paid off.
FEVER: Who are your role models?
Fairbairn: Mrs. Cousins obviously
[laughs]! One person I have looked up to is
Adam van Koeverden, the kayaker, for some
of the same reasons that I mentioned before.
He said that he wasn’t always the natural
athlete at more traditional sports. I kind of
saw myself in him, in [the way] that it was
just a matter of finding our own sport that we
could be great at.
FEVER: How do you find time for yourself,
to be able to relax?
Fairbairn: Yeah, that’s tough. My wife and
I always take a little time every evening to
just hangout together, maybe watch a little
TV and catch up on our days. So extra down
time is certainly precious.
FEVER: What’s your favourite snack food?
Fairbairn: I like a cheese-and-crackers
kind of thing. I’m not much of a snacker, as
you can tell by my small physique [laughs],
Fairbairn: Obviously I’ll shoot for the podium but for me before saying that you just
have to put your own personal best before it.
So [I want to] do everything that I’ve
learned throughout my career and my preparation, physically, mentally, with my equipment, all that kind of stuff so I can go out
and be my best when it comes to those two
race days in February. All you have control
over is yourself. I can’t control how good or
how bad my competitors do, but I know that
if I’m at my best pace I’ll be in the mix, and
that’s all you can ask for.
FEVER: Do you find that there is lots of
pressure for you to succeed, either from
yourself or from others?
Fairbairn: I think that I give myself more
pressure than anyone else, [but] for sure
there’s pressure from coaches and media and
stuff like that. But I think that everybody is
on your team; they’re all rooting for you to
do your best, so for me it’s mostly personal
with that
self-imposed pressure?
It’s kind of
a motivating thing.
T h e r e
be pressure
if it wasn’t
a big deal
and so because
that you can
say “okay, I
Photo by Cassandra Betts
need to do
everything Olympic skeleton athlete John Fairbairn and his trainer Kim Cousins, staff, stand
that I need together after one of Fairbairn’s intense workouts in the Scarlett weight room
to do and
that I can do to best prepare myself for those much to Mrs. Cousins’ chagrin.
days.” You just have to use it as a motivating Cousins: Yeah, we’re working on that.
FEVER: How is Mrs. Cousins as a trainer?
thing rather than a fearful thing.
FEVER: When you were younger, did you Fairbairn: She’s the best. She has been
ever see yourself getting to where you are my coach for fifteen years now. I certainly
couldn’t have done it without her, and I
Fairbairn: Not doing skeleton, that’s for couldn’t have done it with the help of E.P.
sure! I always had the Olympic dream; I re- Scarlett High School. We spend a lot of
member watching Donovan Bailey win the time here at school, in the weight room, in
gold medal in Atlanta in 1996, which was the summer, before and after Mrs. Cousins’
an inspiring thing for me. I always had the classes, getting in the work that we needed to
dream to want to go to the Olympics, but I do. This has been a really great facility for us
just had to find the right sport for me. [As I to do our work in, and I definitely couldn’t
mentioned before,] I did track and field be- have done it without the help of the school.
During the Olympics, students were
fore skeleton, and I played hockey before I did track and field. I did okay at those sports cheering on Fairbairn through their televibut they weren’t for me. I just had to find sion screens as he slid down the Sochi track.
that thing that clicked with who I am and Although Fairbairn expressed how lucky he
was to have Scarlett as a training facility,
then keep working hard at it.
FEVER: What advice do you have for any- the school is equally lucky to have had an
Olympic athlete wandering the halls. Both
one who aspires to be an Olympic athlete?
Fairbairn: [Exactly what I was saying be- Fairbairn and Cousins deserve huge amounts
fore:] Don’t be afraid to try new things, and of praise for their accomplishments, and the
set goals, and work hard and deliberately FEVER wishes Fairbairn luck in all his futowards them. When I was in high school I ture endeavors.