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KeenanSuggs Insurance
Insurance Industry Leader
KeenanSuggs is a fully integrated insurance, risk management, benefits and
HR services firm, serving businesses and individuals throughout the Southeast
and beyond. With offices in Columbia, Greenville, Raleigh and Charleston,
they focus on learning about their clients and their businesses to identify risks
and provide solutions. They want their clients to be successful, and therefore
approach insurance as a strategy, rather than a commodity, for the best pathway
to successful outcomes for their clients.
Commitment to Client Service
At KeenanSuggs, they view the ultimate measure of success through the
success of their clients. Their team strongly believes that insurance goes beyond
establishing appropriate coverages. Client service is at the core of serving clients’
In 2009, KeenanSuggs formalized this model by establishing KeenanSuggs
Client Services Department, providing Risk Management Services in a
professional and pro-active model designed for middle market commercial
clients. By establishing this robust service model, KeenanSuggs is positioned as
a strategically valuable risk management and insurance resource for their clients.
Insurance Is Complicated…
…and life is busy. Whether it is in your personal life or business, KeenanSuggs
believes that insurance shouldn’t get in the way of your goals, but rather be the
support you need to reach them. With more than 60 companies available for
coverage for their clients, they go beyond gimmicks to provide the best possible
coverages at the best prices – at every phase of your life and your business.
Specifically, KeenanSuggs specializes in customized coverages for high
net-worth individuals in their Private Client Program. This relationship includes:
• An aggressive annual review of your current insurance policies to ensure that
you are not over paying or under protected;
• Custom coverage drawn from more than 60 respected national and regional
insurance carriers with proven customer service and highly competitive rates;
• A comprehensive, Home Inventory Recording of your home, vehicles and
• Your own Personal Account Manager in Columbia, SC who is your
dedicated point of contact for questions about any aspect of your coverage,
guides you through the claims process, and who is always happy to speak with
you in person; and
• Ongoing updates from KeenanSuggs that provide insight and up-to-date
information on issues related to insurance and personal security affecting your life
and livelihood.
Take the time to enjoy your life and your business, and not worry about
insurance. Because at KeenanSuggs, they know what you need to know about
KeenanSuggs Insurance
1330 Lady St., Columbia, 29201
Tommy Suggs
Mitch Watson
Robbie Bowers
John Brigman
Eric Elkins
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