Knitting That’s Simply Beautiful and Beautifully Simple SK 270 Fine Gauge Punch Card

SK 270 Fine Gauge Punch Card
Knitting That’s
Simply Beautiful and
Beautifully Simple
Fine Gauge Punch Card Knitter
With the Model SK 270 fine gauge knitting machine, you can create lightweight knitted fabrics with fine and medium-fine yarns. And you can do it
with ease. The 270 has a unique drum mechanism for needle selection. It lets
you choose various attractive patterns in various stitch types, including Fair
Isle, Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving and Plating at the touch of the Cam
Lever. Large Single Motif patterns up to 30 stitches wide and 60 rows long
can also be produced from punch cards in combination with Magic Cams and
Point Cams. For your convenience, 20 pre-punched cards are supplied with
the machine and a number of options are also available, including Fine Lace
Carriage and Knit Contour attachment.
Optional Ribbing Attachment FRP70
Converts your fine gauge knitter from a single bed to a 500-needle double
bed machine. Will add a whole new dimension to your knitting. It will do
much more than knit ribs to give a professional finish to your garments.
With the FRP70, you can produce an incredible variety of new stitches,
including Swing Rib, Fisherman’s Rib, Punch Tuck Rib, Drive Lace, Mesh
knitting and Pile knitting. Add the Yarn changer to knit Double Jacquard.
Garment pattern from
Knitwords magazine
Needle Pitch 3.6mm 7 gauge
250 Needles Stitch repeat
size 30 stitches by 60 rows.
Weight 12.6kg
Automatic YC 6 Yarn Changer
Allows you to select and work with any combination of 4 yarns to create
Double Jacquard- a fabric similar to Fair Isle but without floats. Fine Prepunched Card Set for Double Jacquard patterns is also available.
See a Model SK 270 soon. It’s the knitting machine that’s opening up new
possibilities in home knitting.
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