Tweed Hat and Scarf

Tweed Hat and Scarf
Loom: All n One Loom
Hat Yarn: 130 yards of worsted weight
yarn. Knit Picks City Tweed HW,
Morning Glory color was used in
sample. (1 skein)
Gauge: 8sts x 12 rows= 2” in
Hat Size: Fits adults (up to a 22” around
Scarf Yarn: Worsted weight yarn, 328
yds. Knit Picks Tweed HW in sample (2
Gauge: 9sts=2” 11 rows=2”
Finished scarf: 6” X 48”
HAT single knit
Loom Setting – Set with 5 peg sliders, 84 pegs. Stitches: K, P
To begin, cast on 84 stitches; join to work in the round.
Round 1- Round 6: *k2, p2; rep from * to the end of round.
Row 7: k to the end of round. Repeat Row 7 until item measures 7.5 inches from
cast on edge.
Crown Decrease: Next round: *k2tog, rep from * to the end of round (42 sts rem)
Adjust loom for rem sts. Since you have open pegs, it is necessary to adjust the
amount of pegs being used after each k2tog round to the amount of rem sts.
Release the tension on the slider and carefully begin moving the loops to
consecutive pegs as the slider moves in to adjust for new size. Once you have
the rem sts on consecutive pegs incl the slider, secure the slider. Repeat last
round: 21sts rem. Next round: *k2tog to last st, k1. (11 sts rem) You have knit a
total of 3 decrease rows and have only 11 sts for bind off. Use Gather Bind Off
method. Weave ends into knit. Steam/block if desired.
SCARF double knit
Loom Setting – 1cm spacing. Stitches R, S
Cast on 24 stitches using anchor yarn cast on method. Work 14 rows in ribbing
stitch. Work 43” inches or more in stockinette stitch. Work 14 rows in ribbing
stitch. Bind off with crochet hook. Bind off at anchor yarn. Scarf is ready to wear.
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