Strengthening Our Community... One Person At A Time Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011
Strengthening Our Community... One Person At A Time
Table of Contents
Who We Are!
We are a place where people come together to give help, to receive help and to support the work of others.
At Child & Family, we hold two core beliefs:
that individuals and communities
thrive when supported by strong families and that a community works best when
it accepts responsibility for all of its members. These beliefs influence everything
we do and have guided our growth since we first opened our doors in 1866.
Today, Child & Family is the largest and most comprehensive social service
provider in Newport County. As the cornerstone of compassionate care for this
area, we work closely with other agencies and not-for-profit organizations to offer
a continuum of services to people of all ages. Our ties to the communities we
serve are vital. They allow us to support Newport County residents in a meaningful
way, and in turn, the positive impact our programs and services have on children,
teens, families and elders is made possible through the generous support of
our community.
Dear Friends,
Dear Friends,
Over the past two or three years it seems that every President’s Letter, in every
Not-For-Profit Annual Report, has addressed the impact our stalled and
sputtering economy has had, and continues to have, on our communities’
most vulnerable families and how, while the challenges facing these families
continued to grow, funding cuts and budget deficits have continued to reduce
the availability of real and meaningful help.
Throughout the past year negative economic news has dominated the headlines.
It is difficult to go through a day without hearing or reading about the increasing
number of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other financial calamities affecting
our community. At the national, state, and local levels, the discussion regarding
what services government should provide and how those services should be
delivered and paid for, is unending.
But the struggling economy has created another dynamic in our community, a
dynamic in which many families, who never dreamed they would be vulnerable
and in need of help, are now finding that their very existence as a family is
dependent on their receiving help from their neighbors and agencies like
Child & Family.
We at Child & Family are keenly aware that the decisions that result from this
debate will have a direct impact on the services we are able to provide our
community. We understand that times like these create a tremendous
amount of stress for families. Consequently, the need for our services has
never been greater. Our dedicated staff continues to provide quality service
while seeking new and better ways to help people with complex problems.
Every day Child & Family staff and volunteers meet and work with new families
in our community seeking help. Their stories are both ordinary and extraordinary.
Their hardships, struggles and triumphs are real. It’s the mother attending
community college, who never dreamed she would lose her good paying job,
and now finds herself without work or housing for her two children. It’s the
young teen, failing as he moves from school to school, as his father struggles
to find a job. It’s the 90 year-old widow, whose savings have dwindled down
to nothing, who falls and can’t make her own meals or dress herself. Child &
Family was there when these families, and thousands more like them, needed
our help because our community has always been there for Child & Family.
These are difficult times but they are also times of great opportunity: opportunity
for neighbors to reach out and help each other; for agencies like Child & Family
to find better and more cost efficient models to accomplish our work; for families
to realign their priorities as to what is important in life and what is not, and
for communities to reclaim their responsibility for our most vulnerable citizens.
Sometimes our greatest accomplishments are achieved when we are faced
with the most difficult of challenges. With the incredible staff, volunteers,
and community support that forms the very essence of who and what we are,
I am confident that Child & Family will not only successfully overcome our
community’s current challenges but will continue to build on our past success
and become an even stronger and more capable resource for those we are
so privileged to serve.
Peter DiBari, President & CEO
Child & Family’s objective is to strengthen the community by strengthening
families. Since 1866 we have been enormously successful in meeting this
goal. Throughout the past 145 years, Child & Family has faced many challenges;
however, through community support and our dedicated staff, we have always
risen to the occasion.
As you read through our annual report I ask that you pay particular attention
to the description of all the services Child & Family provides. Each program
meets a critical need in our community. After reviewing our programs, take a
look at the section that discusses the number of volunteers that give their
time to Child & Family. Our volunteer program is in many ways what defines
our success; community members helping other community members. Finally,
look at the number of contributors to Child & Family. Be it financial support
and, or the gift of time, the message from our contributors is loud and clear;
Child & Family fulfills a dire need in our community.
Thank you all for your continued support.
Donald McCall, Chairman, Board of Directors
President | Chief Executive Officer
Peter M. DiBari
Board of Directors
Donald McCall
Vice Chairman
Mary C. Johnstone
Mary Ambrogi
Laura Hurteau DaLomba
Stanley P. Brown
Ann F. Conner
Charles L. Cronin
Lynette Dawley
J. Peter Dugan
Ken Fransson
Erica Gregg
Sara M. Hiebner
James M. Mason
Colleen Medeiros
Amy Oakley
Patrick Noel Sullivan
Gerald L. Willis, Ed.D.
Kay Worden
Programs & Services
Rhode Island Care Management Network
Child & Family is the lead agency in the Rhode Island Care Management
Network (RICMN), a partnership with four other well-established
organizations (Communities for People, The Key Program, Inc., The
Providence Center and Community Solutions, Inc.). This system of
care for families provides a comprehensive array of coordinated services
to youth and their families that promotes permanency, ensures safety,
and keeps them connected to their communities.
Recognizing the best place for a child to grow up is in a family,
our services emphasize a strength-based, solution focused, family
centered philosophy. While these are our guiding principles we
know that cookie cutter solutions don’t work so our support it
tailored to best meet the needs of each client.
This past year the Rhode Island Care Management Network supported
approximately 1,000 youth and their families.
Family Counseling
The Family Counseling program helps individuals and families throughout
Aquidneck Island manage complex issues related to mental health, substance
abuse and recovery. Our team of independently licensed clinicians including
social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists,
substance abuse treatment specialists and a psychiatrist helps individuals and
families navigate difficult times with compassion and care. Because successful
outcomes are enhanced when support is tailored to individual needs our team
provides services in a variety of settings including the home, outpatient offices,
schools and even assisted living facilities and retirement homes. Unfortunately,
the demand for counseling services including new programs is growing. Hours
of service provided last year increased by 29% over fiscal year 2010.
There are times when life takes turns you never expected and
you need help. This past fall, Valerie sought help when she
had thoughts of suicide. She had lived in Washington with
her husband and two grown children when he surprised her
with a petition for divorce. The news was devastating to Valerie.
She came to RI to spend time with her brother and rebuild
her sense of self. Child & Family provided ongoing weekly
therapeutic support, a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
and medication management for her severe mood disorder.
Happily, Valerie reclaimed hope for her future, moved
back to Washington and entered a college program
to continue her education.
Mental Health Counseling
Life can present all sorts of challenges for families and individuals of every age so
our team provides counseling or psychiatric services including medication
management based on the most appropriate setting.
For elders who may feel overwhelmed with issues like the loss of a dear spouse
or the fear of losing their independence our team of compassionate experts
provides support to them in their homes.
Substance Abuse and Recovery Counseling
If someone is struggling with substance abuse it also affects those closest to
them – and it even affects the community. Support and understanding from family
members can be valuable in helping individuals make better choices as they
work to overcome their abuse or addiction problems. For this reason, our full
range of services include individual, group, couples and family counseling,
psychiatric services, medication management and ongoing toxicology screening.
Community Based Services
Community Based Services (CBS) support families with children from birth
to age 20 in their daily environments with a wide variety of programs to
address individual strengths and needs with the goal of providing the tools
and support to create a strong family. Because these families and children
are often high-risk, in crisis or already accountable to other organizations we
work collaboratively with many other community providers to ensure care is
coordinated and meets the ‘best practice’ standard of care.
Our programs zero in on a particular situation or need but the goal is building
and keeping a healthy, strong family. The Family Preservation Program (FPP)
provides families with real-time, strength based consultation and coaching
during their most vulnerable moments. From this hands-on approach families
gain the skills needed to make sustainable, long-term improvements. Another
service provides children and caregivers with a safe place to reconnect and
build trust, a necessary step in rebuilding a family. A preventive service
helps families with children from birth to age three who exhibit environmental
and developmental risk factors.
For youths who are accountable to other systems of authority such as
Department Children, Youth & Families, Truancy Court, Juvenile Probation
our Outreach and Tracking (OT) team helps them, and their caregivers,
identify and prioritize responsibilities and obligations. The team also helps
to eliminate any barriers to meeting the expectations of those entities
or systems.
August 20, 2010 marked the first annual “Embrace the Race” triathlon. Funds
raised through the event provided recreational activities for youth enrolled
in community based programs.
Sometimes all a child needs is the chance to burn off energy, have
fun and make new friends. Through Community Based Services
(CBS) Alex was able to get a membership to the Newport
Athletic Club. It helped turn him around. Alex isn’t failing any
more, he always does his homework and he is on track to graduate
from Thompson Middle School.
And sometimes it takes someone introducing you to the right
opportunity. Josh was a high school drop out and not sure what
his next steps would be. A counselor from Community Based
Services took Josh on a tour of Job Corps, a residential trade
school where you can obtain a GED and learn a skill. The
CBS counselor even helped Josh get into Job Corps.
Ophelia Programs for Girls & Young Women
At 15 years old, Emily struggled with issues of self-esteem as a
young teenager especially after her father walked out on the family.
School was difficult and it was hard for Emily to make friends.
A perceptive teacher recommended that Emily attend the Ophelia
Programs. She quickly made friends and looked forward to the
regular gathering where she could freely talk about the issues bothering her – plus she had fun. As a result of Emily’s engagement
with the Ophelia Programs her grades improved and she now plans
to attend the University of Rhode Island upon graduating
high school.
The Ophelia Programs celebrated its 12th year of success by continuing to
inspire and support girls and young women in Newport county with its unique
mentoring and clinical approach. Young women ages 11 through 18 meet
regularly over a meal to talk about everything from relationships to career goals
to everyday problems. This year they also had the opportunity to participate in
some highly creative events and to meet some inspiring women. Some of the
highlights included An Evening of Fashion with RI Designers , a lovely evening
with Karen Weinreb, an internationally known writer, and local jeweler Erica
Zapp shared her success story and attendees made several pieces of jewelry
for the holidays.
The clinical component of the Ophelia Programs continued to provide a unique
level of behavioral health assessment and support for young women struggling
with issues like self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors, eating disorders and
substance abuse.
The third Ophelia’s Wardrobe fundraising event at the spectacular Ochre Court,
the heart of Salve Regina University, was its most ambitious and successful to
date. Over 300 guests enjoyed a one-of-a-kind fashion experience with a runway
show hosted by Style Week Providence and a clothing sale that generated direct
financial support for the Ophelia Programs.
Iron John Programs for Boys and Young Men
School-Based Services
During Iron John’s first full year of programming, with the support of the RI
Foundation Newport County Fund, boys and young men between the
ages of 13 and 19 enjoyed several opportunities to meet motivating and
compelling men from the community who shared their stories, talents and
perspectives. The highlights were a performance by pianist John Davis at
Ochre Court, and a trip to Simmons Farm for a hayride and barbeque with
the Simmons family. Participants also learned about the family’s commitment
to organic farming as well as healthy and local eating. Iron John will end
the year with five weeks of Karate classes to build self-confidence in the
young men in our community.
Child & Family partners with the public schools on Aquidneck Island to offer
students and their families a variety of programs focused on substance
abuse prevention, family engagement, intervention, and referral services.
With Child & Family staff on-site in the schools, these programs play an
important role in helping young students stay away from drugs and alcohol
by engaging families and educators in nationally recognized programs
for success.
Clinical support is also provided to help teenage boys successfully manage
issues related to oppositional and attention deficit disorders and substance
abuse prevention.
Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) educates and counsels high-risk students
about the dangers and effects of substance abuse through Project Success,
an evidence based substance abuse prevention model. Counselors work
both individually and in small groups to identify risk factors, and provide a
safe environment for students to talk about their substance abuse related
concerns. They also help students link up with community resources,
collaborate with school faculty and participate
on community prevention task forces in
three high schools and two middle schools.
In partnership with the Portsmouth school
department, our Parent Liaison services
help the families of elementary school
children navigate school policies and
procedures, and collaborate with faculty
to identify student needs and access
community resources.
And perhaps most importantly for building a strong family, our Parent Liaison
services help improve parent participation in school-sponsored events.
Residential Homes for Children & Teens
Bobby and Ricky are brothers aged 6 and 7 respectively. In
their young lives, they have been bounced between mom, dads, and
neighbors to be looked after. Several different people abused them
but they were so young they didn’t recognize it was wrong. Bobby
and Rick were also neglected medically and not given their anti
seizure medication properly. Finally, a third party reported the abuse.
The boys were removed from their home and placed at Child &
Family’s Program for boys ages 6-12 years old. Despite several
challenges we were determined to keep the brothers together. The
structure and safety of the program was something Bobby and
Ricky had never experienced. They attended school regularly and
were seen by medical professionals. They learned coping skills to
manage their anger and frustrations. In seven months Ricky and
Bobby have made enormous strides both individually and as brothers.
Over the last few months Bobby and Ricky’s mother also sought
help to make positive changes. The family utilized the full range of
Child & Family’s support services and has clearly benefited. In
just a few weeks, the boys are due to be reunified with their mother
and begin their journey together again as a stronger, healthier family.
Bobby &
Children and adolescents from troubled homes are welcomed into Child & Family’s
residential homes where they are nurtured, kept safe and fully supported.
Surrounded by their peers and a skilled and caring team our young residents
have opportunities that most children take for granted - like camping, going to
an amusement park or a play or spending the day at the beach riding the waves
and building sandcastles. These experiences are not only fun but also create
positive and happy memories for these children.
Our team of hard working professionals is dedicated to seeing our youth thrive
and meet with success. The central philosophy is that positive changes happen
when children and teens have a solid relationship with committed adults who
celebrate and build on their strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses.
Some of the most dramatic and rewarding changes occur when a trusted adult
inspires a young person to strive for goals they may not have ever believed
were attainable. Our young residents receive educational support, and have
opportunities to build self -esteem and other skills to successfully manage the
challenges of life. The team likes to use those small “teachable moments” that
happen in the normal course of a day to motivate residents to make different
choices or see a situation differently.
In 2010, over 156 children and adolescents ages six through 20 lived in our
residential homes located throughout Newport County. Through a collaborative
team effort, we reunited families or found alternative family placement options
for nearly 80% of our residential clients last year.
Supportive Housing for Mothers & their Children
Homeless mothers and their children can make a fresh start at Child & Family’s
safe and supportive apartment-style housing in Newport Heights. Women
recovering from substance abuse, an abusive relationship, or financial
difficulties due to the economic downturn are just some of the challenges
these women face. Child & Family’s supportive housing allows women to
preserve the family entity because their children are also welcomed thus
averting another potentially devastating hardship.
Women rebuild their self-esteem and gain the skills to become healthy and
self-sufficient in an environment that is family-focused, culturally sensitive
and built on a family’s individual strengths and needs. A range of services
are offered including parenting classes, educational tutoring, cooking
classes, and job coaching to help residents gain the skills and self-confidence
they need to make healthy, independent choices for their family. The selfesteem and confidence that comes from having a place to live and saving
money for the future is not easily measured.
Presently this program serves 15 mothers and
20 children. These families create a positive
community where everyone is moving towards
a positive life of self-sufficiency. This past year,
over 26 families were served. The program has
a 75% success rate of transitioning mothers
and their children into independent housing.
Unfortunately, with the ongoing economic
crisis, the demand for Supportive Housing for
Women and Children continues to grow.
Just recently Child & Family’s Supportive Program for homeless
women and their children said goodbye to a remarkable resident, Sara.
She has successfully graduated from the program and moved with her
young daughter into her own apartment. Sara is a living testament to
the program’s philosophy of empowering women to make healthy independent
choices leading to self-sufficiency.
Sara is a hardworking, 28 year-old single mother. Her unit at Child
& Family’s Supportive Housing Program was vibrant and clean, plastered
with pictures of her child, toys strewn about and college books piled on the
desk. She was an extraordinary client who aside from being a mother,
student and employee was also a recovering drug addict and victim of
sexual exploitation. Upon entering the Program in July 2010, Sara
had been drug free for a year and was working on becoming a reliable
parent to her infant daughter. Throughout the past year, she worked
extensively with her counselor and staff to develop her self-esteem, overcome
guilt and walk the difficult path of sobriety. Moreover, having been in
residential programs as a child and sexually exploited as a young adult,
Sara chose to pursue a certificate in Children’s Residential Programs.
She became trained to run groups and speak to adolescent girls in
residential programs about exploitation from a survivor’s perspective.
Sara was also able to build a savings account and pay off debt. Sara
will be greatly missed and serves as a powerful model of success for
future clients. It’s also a great example of the real benefits we can all
make to our community when we support those who need help.
Elder Care
Our elder population is growing nationally and locally. It is our privilege to help
elders maintain a healthy lifestyle with dignity and independence. Elder Services
of Child & Family provides a comprehensive quality program of support for elders
and their caregivers.
Margaret lived in Newport all her life – and she lived in the
same house for over 60 years. During the last fourteen
years of her life she became very close to Grace, the homemaker from Elder Services, who came in every day to make
her lunch and dinner, drive her to her weekly hair
appointment, and to walk with when the weather was good.
They both enjoyed their time together. Margaret would tell
stories about what Newport used to be like and Grace would
ask for advice on dealing with her teenage son. Because of
the services of the Home Care Program Margaret remained
independent and safe in the comfort and privacy of her home
until she peacefully passed away with dignity at
the age of ninety-eight.
Our involvement may start with a son or daughter requesting an assessment
from our state-certified Case Management Program about whether in-home
services are needed for an older parent. From there Elder Services provides
recommendations and contact resources to support the well being of the parent.
It may be determined that the parent just needs some companionship at home
which can be provided by the volunteers in our Friendly Visitors Program. Or
in-home counseling by a licensed clinician may help an elder address more
serious concerns. Perhaps making meals, getting to doctor’s appointments
and remembering to take medications are getting too difficult in which case
our Home Care Program provides certified nursing assistants and homemakers.
Because caring for an older loved one brings added responsibility and stress
we also hold monthly caregiver support groups, as well as offer individualized
Unfortunately, elders are particularly vulnerable to abuse, neglect and crime.
Through advocacy, education and outreach Elder Services seeks to prevent
and mitigate the damages from these types of situations.
In an effort to provide innovative ways to support the older members of our
community Elder Services developed Living Well in Newport in 2011 for those
aged fifty and over. The goal is to facilitate aging at home by providing a range
of services and trusted resources including social and educational opportunities.
Living Well in Newport was designed by Elder Services of Child & Family to help those aged 50
and over maintain their independent and healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their own home.
With one call a concierge membership connects individuals to a wide variety of trusted resources
and providers in the community. The benefits of Living Well are far reaching and growing in
response to member requests. If someone is looking for a ride to regular medical appointments,
needs help planning and preparing meals, has a broken dishwasher or an overgrown garden,
wants to take exercise classes recommended during rehab, or a worried child wants to know that
someone local has checked in with Mom or Dad daily, Living Well can take care of all of that, and
more. There are also discounts and priority service, a volunteer resource program, and social and
educational opportunities.
As members age and needs increase they can rest assured that the oldest and most recognized
social service agency in Newport County will continue to find innovative ways to keep those over
age 50 independent and healthy.
Child & Family Child Care
Sandpipers Early Learning Center programs
support working families in the community
by providing quality child-care and educational
opportunities for children ages six weeks to
five years in a state-of-the-art facility. For a
single mother who can’t afford to stay home
with her infant, having the ability to rely on
child care at Sandpipers is important to
maintaining the financial stability of the family,
as well as providing a new mother with the
peace of mind that her child is in a safe and
nurturing environment. Unfortunately, it is a
reflection of the economy that the need for
these services is growing. Over the past
year, approximately 164 children were
enrolled in our state licensed and accredited
early care programs in Middletown. It is a
testament to the quality of these services
that approximately 75% of the children
who graduated this past year had been
with Sandpipers since they were infants
or one-year olds.
Senator Jack Reed chats with staff at Sandpipers
Early Learning Center
Our educational programs are directed
towards both children and families because
we believe that strong families build strong
communities. The child learning programs
at Sandpipers offer friendship, fun and
unique opportunities to grow and learn
founded in our philosophy of “learning
through play” for up to 94 infants, toddlers
and preschool aged children. The Family
Engagement and Enrichment programs
provide meaningful opportunities for families
to participate in activities together like performing arts and gardening with
the goal of enhancing and building strong relationships, the cornerstone
of strong families.
Finally, Child & Family serves as a teacher-training site for interns from
several colleges and universities in RI. These experiences are enriching
for staff, students and children –hopefully inspiring future child educators
on the importance of contributing to one’s community.
East Bay Family Care Community Partnership
The East Bay Family Care Community Partnership (EBFCCP) is one of four
community based service networks in Rhode Island coordinating care and
support for vulnerable families. The EBFCCP collaborates with parents
and youth to address complex family issues that can easily tear a family
apart or send a young child down a troubled road. These include child
abuse and neglect, emotional disturbances, children with developmental
delays or disabilities, as well as adolescents involved with the Juvenile
Justice System.
The EBFCCP is a partnership with four East Bay Community agencies (East
Bay Community Action Program, Newport County Mental Health Center,
and East Bay Center) with Child & Family as the lead agency. The program
provides a comprehensive support system for families. Collectively these
agencies provide counseling services, help with basic needs such as food
and shelter, medical services and care to stay healthy, as well
as care coordination to make becoming and staying healthy
easier and faster.
Families are encouraged to take a leadership role in identifying their needs and prioritizing their goals. Using a team
approach that includes family, friends, community resources
and services, families acquire the skills to address not only
their current needs and concerns, but also
future challenges.
Newport Initiative for Nonprofit Leadership
Since 2007 the Newport Initiative for Nonprofit Leadership has offered
affordable, high quality classes and training on best practices to the
employees of mostly nonprofit social service agencies. The Newport
Initiative gives the individuals and organizations that serve the children,
adolescents, families and elders in our community the opportunity
to improve their skills sets and learn about the latest practices and
developments within their field. Ultimately this benefits everyone: the
organizations where these employees work, the clients and populations
the entities serve and most importantly, the communities throughout
Rhode Island.
This past year continued the Newport Initiative for Nonprofit Leadership’s
tradition of attracting high quality speakers and educators. In June,
Barent Walsh, Ph.D., spoke on “New Developments in Understanding
and Treating Nonsuicidal Self-Injury”. Dr. Walsh is the Executive Director
of The Bridge in Massachusetts and is internationally recognized for his
work on self-destructive behavior. Christina Sokoloff, MS, RN, PCNS
spoke about “Topics in Aging: Geriatric Psychopharmacology and Life
Transition Issues in Aging”. Christina is the Director of The Miriam
Hospital’s Geriatric Behavioral Health Long-term Care Program and
has worked in the field of geriatrics for 20 years. These are just a couple
of the high quality training sessions we offered this past year.
In 2011 the Newport Initiative for Nonprofit Leadership offered more
than 71 hours of instruction to over 232 participants from 40 social service
agencies, cultural and community organizations, schools, colleges and
universities, hospitals and city and town municipalities in Rhode Island
and Massachusetts. As a membership organization, over 16 local agencies
benefited from a year of free, unlimited training sessions.
Unduplicated # of Clients
Sandpipers Early Learning Center
Community-Based Services
East Bay Family Care Community Partnership
Elder Case Management
Family Counseling Services
Homecare (Elder Services)
Information & Referral (Elder Services)
Residential Housing - Children & Teens
RI Care Management Network
School-Based Services (Student Assistance)
Supportive Housing - Women & Children
21 families
*Family Counseling Services includes Substance Abuse Counseling and In-Home Mental Health Services for Elders.
**RI Care Management Network includes clients served through Residential Housing & Community-Based Services.
United Way
Total Operating Revenue**
Salaries & Benefits
Purchased Services
Program Support
Occupancy Costs
Client Support
Total Operating Expenses
++ Includes $466,505 net gain from sale of asset in F/Y 2011.
**Does not include non-operating gain on investments of $597,262 in F/Y 2010 and $651,317 in F/Y 2011
**Does not include net Capital Campaign revenue of $461,947 in F/Y 2010
**Does not include net Construction Bond costs of $515,761 in F/Y 2010
NOTE: subject to audit
Volunteers & Interns
Our volunteers and interns contribute an
invaluable service to Child & Family donating
their time, energy and considerable talents.
This past year 540 people including students,
retired teachers, executives, local businesses
and more contributed over 16,000 total hours,
making us one of the largest volunteer
programs in the state. Our volunteers make
a difference to Child & Family and to our
community on a daily basis.
Thanksgiving Basket & Holiday Giving
Child & Family’s Thanksgiving Basket and Holiday Giving Programs match
donors with families in need of food and with children whose families are
unable to provide toys and gifts for the holiday season. The generous
outpouring from community businesses, organizations, and families whose
circumstances allow them to support the program is incredible and has a
tremendous and positive impact on hundreds of families in need. This is a
program that provides a much needed opportunity for those who have to
support those who have not.
Due to the ongoing economic crisis effecting communities nationwide,
the number of children and families in need in our own community has
increased dramatically with the number continuing to grow. Child & Family
is always in need of donors for both of these crucial giving programs.
Our volunteers and interns help out in a myriad of ways and in programs
throughout the agency. From answering the phone at the front desk, to serving
on our Board of Trustees, to shopping and donating food and gifts at the holidays,
we rely on them. They are an integral part of all we do and can be found
assisting in Sandpipers Early Learning Center, School-Based Services, The
Ophelia Programs, Elder Care, Counseling Services, Community-Based
Services, the East Bay Family Care Community Partnership, Supportive
Housing, the Rhode Island Care Management Network, the Residential
Program, and in many administrative support roles. Volunteers and interns
also play an important role in running many of our fund-raising events, such
as Taste of Newport, Ophelia’s Wardrobe, and Embrace the Race.
We are extremely grateful for the dedication of our volunteers and interns
to helping others, and for strengthening our community. Your contributions
are more valuable than you realize. Thank you from everyone one of us at
Child & Family.
Lee Ferreira – Volunteer of the Year
Lee plays a vital role in the success of Child & Family’s Volunteer and Intern
Program saving the agency significant time, effort and money. When Lee
retired from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in 2008 she knew she
wanted to give back but wasn’t exactly sure what form it would take. Child
& Family came to mind because of its reputation for helping the community
in meaningful ways.
Today Lee volunteers several full days each week where her previous work
experience and skills are put to good use. For instance, her knowledge of
the fingerprinting process, which is required for anyone working with children,
has been valuable in saving the agency time and money. In addition, Lee
manages the volunteer database maintaining contact information, weekly
hours, active vs. non-active and the total number of annual volunteer hours.
She is also instrumental in managing the databases and matching donors
and families for Thanksgiving baskets and the Adopt a Family program
at Christmas.
According to Landa Patterson, Volunteer and Program Event Coordinator,
Lee has a knack for arriving at the perfect time to help get big projects
off the ground and running. Landa’s favorite story about Lee’s flexibility,
professionalism and dedication is the time they went to Salve Regina
University to fingerprint eight members of the football team and found
there were 30 who wanted to volunteer! Nonplussed Lee improvised on
supplies and delegated duties to the team to keep the process moving.
For well over two hours Lee diligently processed every player – after all
it’s not every day that 30 members of a football team want to volunteer
their time helping out the children and families in their community.
Lee says her work at Child & Family has made her more aware of the great
needs in our community particularly the large number of single parents.
From all of us at Child & Family we couldn’t be more grateful or honored to
have such a dedicated, talented, fun and professional member of our family.
Our sincerest gratitude goes to Lee Ferreira, our Volunteer of the Year.
Mary Jennings – Philanthropy Partner of the Year
It all started with a donation of paintings to make the Child & Family building
on School St. more welcoming for the children and families who walked
through its doors seeking help. No one could have known what a long,
generous and fulfilling relationship it would be for Mary Jennings, Child &
Family and the community of Newport County.
For decades Mary has provided philanthropic support and spent thousands
of hours volunteering in a variety of capacities ranging from being a welcoming
and helpful volunteer at the front desk to being a devoted Board member
for thirteen years to chairing the Taste of Newport, one of Child & Family’s
most important fundraisers, to supporting many capital campaigns like the
new community center and various programs. The Adopt an Artist Program
is a good example of how Mary’s financial support, personal involvement
and passion have given hundreds of children, teens, adults and elders the
opportunity to take art classes for free at the Newport Art Museum. Mary
states, “Art is an important outlet for everyone, particularly for children
whether troubled or not.”
Mary Jennings credits Child & Family with opening her eyes to the fact that
Newport is a small city with all the problems of a big city. She adds, “Child
& Family addresses all of those problems in a meaningful way.” Further, she
says that over the years Child & Family became her family.
In the words of Peter DiBari, President and CEO of Child & Family, “Mary’s
enduring community spirit has had a tremendous impact on Aquidneck Island
and all of Newport County. Her dedication to Child & Family over many
years has provided a model for the care and compassion which are the
hallmark of our service to the community. More than that, Mary’s belief
in, and passion for what we do for families and children have provided
consistent support through her work as a valued volunteer, an advisor, a
welcoming presence to others at Child & Family functions, and a long-time
friend. We consider it a privilege to honor her as Child & Family’s
Philanthropist of the Year.”
Newport Harbor Corporation - Business Partner of the Year
In addition to being a generous financial supporter of several capital campaigns
including the new Community Center, Newport Harbor Corporation has
participated in a variety of Child & Family's programs. It first became involved
with us in the early days of the Adopt a Family program which makes Christmas
a little brighter for families in need by providing food for a special dinner
and presents for children. Each October through April, Newport Harbor also
donates the Chalet at Castle Hill Inn and a delicious meal to the young
women attending the Ophelia Programs. In addition, it chas been a corporate
sponsor, donated to the auction and encouraged its talented culinary team
to create special recipes for Taste of Newport.
This spring, Newport Harbor held its inaugural Easter Egg Hunt on The
Lawn at Castle Hill to benefit Child & Family. As described by Kerri Quinn
Jaffe, Director of Sales and Marketing at Newport Harbor Corporation,
“seeing the wonderment of the children running around searching for
treasures was magical. “
Paul O'Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of Newport Harbor
Corporation, believes in giving back to the community and
shows by example that supporting the community is enriching
for all involved. Child & Family is very grateful to Newport
Harbor Corporation for its long standing, generous, and wide
ranging support. Congratulations on being Child & Family’s
Business Partner of the Year.
Paul O’Reilly, CEO
Newport Harbor Corporation
Child & Family Contributors 2011
The positive and lasting impact Child & Family has on the lives of thousands each year is made possible through the vital philanthropic support we receive from
our friends within the communities we serve. It is because of your generosity that we are able to fill an important role and provide many needed programs and
services to families in need. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Child & Family’s
Philanthropy Fund offers donors of all means the opportunity to support our communities. If an error or omission has occurred please accept our apologies and
kindly notify the Institutional Advancement Office at 401-848-4150.
Philanthropy Fund
Townsend Society ($1,000 +)
The Townsend Society is named in honor of Mr.
Christopher Townsend, and his sister, Miss Ellen
Townsend. On September 16, 1867, a house on
the corner of School, Mary and High Streets in
Newport, along with the sum of $500 for repairs
was given to the orphanage by Mr. Townsend at
the instigation of his sister, Miss Townsend, who
served on the board of the Home for Friendless
Affiliated Insurance Managers
Mr. & Mrs. Tullio Calori
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Capodilupo
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Carlin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Conner
Ms. Elizabeth Prince de Ramel
Mr. & Mrs. David Dunn
Ms. Barbara O. Epstein
Mr. David B. Ford
Mr. Giuseppe Guaraldi
Ms. Dottie Caruolo
Mr. & Mrs. James Breakell
Ms. Mary M. Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Jewett
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Johnstone
Mr. James M. Mason
Mr. Donald McCall
Mr. & Mrs. John McColloch
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Merrill
Ms. Ruth Orthwein
Mrs. Nuala Pell
Mr. Craig Richardson
St. George's School
The Barry Walsh & Friends Foundation
Ms. Daphne S. Thornton
Ms. Kay Worden
Thorndike Society ($500 - $999)
The Thorndike Society is named in honor of Mrs.
Sofia Thorndike, who served as the first Directoress of the Home for Friendless Children. Mrs.
Thorndike took administrative responsibility for
the Home when it opened with 5 children in 1866.
She set the standard of quality and compassion in
a home for children in need – a home that was to
become one of the most important social service
providers on Aquidneck Island.
Bardorf & Bardorf
Mr. & Mrs. Lyn Comfort
Mr. Peter M. Cosel
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Cronin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Damon
Mr. Bart Dunbar
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gilbane
"CAPT Brent Griffin, USN, Ret"
Ms. Stefani Hulitar
Ms. Diane Hurley
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Maddock
Ms. Emily Manice
Mr. Willard E. Marcley
Mr. & Mrs. Simon Mullaly
Red Cloud Investments
Mr. & Mrs. David Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rooks
Ms. Elaine A. Rosenberg
William D. Laurie Charitable Foundation
Grevette Society ($250 - $499)
The Grevette Society is named in honor of Mr.
Delbert Grevette who grew up in the Home for
Friendless Children. He entered the orphanage
at the age of 5 in 1927. He is a prime example of
the positive impact Child & Family has on the
lives of children. After leaving, Delbert attended
St. Andrew’s School, and then the Rhode Island
School of Design before enlisting in the Navy during World War II. Delbert Grevette was killed
when his ship, the UUS Buck, was torpedoed and
sunk off the coast of Italy. He is well remembered
in the history of Child & Family.
Dr. & Mrs. John Ambrogi
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Brandt
Ms. Abigail Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns
Mr. Richard Casten
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Corrigan
Mr. & Mrs. William Crimmins
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DaLomba
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Damon
"Mr. & Mrs. James Deveney, Jr.
Mr. Louis A. Fazzano
Ms. Erica S. Gregg
Mr. & Mrs. James Gubelmann
Mr. Patrick O'Neil Hayes, Jr.
Adm. & Mrs. James Hogg, USN(RET)"
Ms. Frances Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kaull
Mr. James Kyle
Lucia's Italian Restaurant
Ms. Stephanie McLennan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mele
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Nemtzow
Newport Tent Company
Ms. Amy Oakley
Mr. Richard S. Palmer
Mrs. Nuala Pell
Drs. James & Janice Prochaska
Russell Morin Fine Catering
Mr. Michael Schechner
Ms. Laura Spiegelman
Mr. Patrick Noel Sullivan
Dr. & Mrs. Marc Theroux
CDR Audrain Triplett, USN (RET)"
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Warburton
Philanthropy Friends (cash donations under $250)
Mr. Jason W. Alexandre
Mrs. Maryanne Allan
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Allen
Ms. Jennifer Alves
Ms. Jacqueline Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Angel
Mr. Albert Antone
Sr. M. Therese Antone
Mr. Robert Archer
Mr. James Atkins
Mr. Robert W. Awkerman
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Bacon
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bardorf
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bauer
"Be Green Kids Consignments, Inc."
Mr. Charles Beltz
Mr. James Bennett
Mrs. Kqantu P. Bent
Mr. Ronald Bernier
Ms. Stephanie Berzins
Mrs. Ann Biddle
Mr. Matthew Bodah
Ms. Cassandra Bodo
Mr. Stephan Boneu
Ms. Gale Boone
Ms. Linda Boudewyns
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Brosco
Mr. Nicholas Brown
Ms. Diane Brown
Bruce M.Arons & Co. Insurance Agency
Ms. Pauline Buckley
Ms. Kathleen Burke
Capt. & Mrs. William M. Calhoun
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Capodilupo
Dr. Anthony T. Carrellas
Ms. Constance Casey
Ms. Rachelle Castigliego
Ms. Catherine Cayer
Mr. Anthony D. Chester
Mr. Brian Comfort
Community Health Charities
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Conner
Mr. & Mrs. William Coogan
Ms. Susan Cooper
Ms. Anne H. Copps
Mr. & Mrs. David Costantino
Mr. & Mrs. William Costantino
Dr. Mercedes Coulombe
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Cronin
Mrs. Sue Cross
"Crystal Sargent Speech Pathologist, Inc."
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Cummins
Mr. Michael Curran
Mr. David Curtis
Ms. Gloria Dahl
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DaLomba
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Damon
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davis
Ms. Lynette Dawley
Mrs. Rosemary Day
Ms. Mercedes Deines
Mrs. Sarah deLeiris
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. DiBari
Ms. Jean DiBona
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce DiPietro
Ms. Karen Dockery
Ms. Ann T. Dolbashian
"Mr. William L. Douglas, Jr."
Ms. Heidi Durand
Ms. Lynn Eagles
Mrs. Fruma Efreom
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Elkin
Mr. James C. Farrington
Mr. Louis A. Fazzano
Mr. Doug Ferguson
Ms. Amy Feucht
Mr. Robert A. Finn
Mr. Matthew Frankovich
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Fransson
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Galvin
Mr. Charles E. Gibbons
Ms. June Gibbs
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Goldstein
Mr. Garrett Gough
Ms. Gloria Goulet
Mr. M. David Greenberg
Ms. Erica S. Gregg
Ms. Terry Grosvenor
Gustave White Sotheby's International
Mrs. Sandra J. Henderson
Ms. Sara Hiebner
Ms. Joan Hopkins
Mrs. Joan Hopper
Ms. Nancy Howard
Ms. Beth Hyman
Island Books
J.H. Breakell & Co.
Ms. Mary M. Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Johnstone
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jump
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kaull
Mr. Dennis Kay
Mr. Patrick Kelley
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. George Kirk
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kits van Heyningen
KVH Industries
Mr. Joseph Lalli
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lavallee
"Legal & General America, Inc."
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Levada
Ms. Marea Lewis
Mr. Robert Liguori
Mr. Ennio Luison
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall B. Lundberg
Mr. & Mrs. George Luzitano
Ms. Kimberly Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Martin
Mr. James M. Mason
Mr. Andrew Massey
Mr. Donald McCall
Mr. & Mrs. John McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Todd McCormack
RADM & Mrs. Dennis McCoy
Ms. Ann McDonald
Ms. Juliette McLennan
Ms. Kiki McMahan
Ms. Colleen Medeiros
Mr. Allan M. Mercurio
Mrs. Mikki Micarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Migliori
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Milici
Ms. Donna McEntee Miller
Ms. Erika Mulley
Network For Good
The Hon. Zalman Newman
Newport Fire Department
Nikolas Pizza Newport
Ms. Sheila O'Brien
Father Francis A. O'Loughlin
Mr. & Mrs. J. Timothy O'Reilly
Mr. Richard S. Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Panaggio
Ms. Dawn Pare
Ms. Landa Patterson
Ms. Lori Perry
Mr. Vincent Petrarca
Mr. & Mrs. George Petrovas
Ms. Maureen Philbin
Ms. Linda Phillips
Mr. David Piccerelli
Mr. William J. Piccerelli
Ms. Marion Pierce
Mr. Michael Pinto
"Mr. Stanley Piszcz, Jr."
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Procaccini
Ms. Lori Quaranta
R&R Construction
Mr. John Raby
Mr. Andrew Radel
Mr. Raymond Ragosta
Mr. Gerald Randall
Mr. Michael Raspallo
Mr. & Mrs. David Reed
Rhode Island Foundation
Ms. Karen Rhodes
Mr. Stoddard Rice
"Ms. Amy Rice, Esq"
Ms. Arlene Rosbottom
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rosemont
Mr. & Mrs. Amory Ross
Ms. Grace B. Ross
"Dr. Marian Royer, DMD"
Mr. Robert Ruttenberg
RVD Financial
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ryan
Mr. Robert Sabel
Saccucci Honda
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schreiner
Sears Holdings Corporation
Ms. Helen Sheldon
Ms. Julie Shoen
Ms. Donna Shoppell
Ms. Linda Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Whitney Slade
Ms. Patricia Slingluff
Ms. Beth Smith-Horton
St. Michaels Country Day School
Ms. Nanci Stewart
Stop & Shop
"Adm. & Mrs. Joseph Strasser, USN, Ret"
Mr. Patrick Noel Sullivan
Mr. Keith Tavares
Mr. Robert Thorn
Tiverton Motor Sales
Mr. Ronald V. Torio
Mr. John Trifero
Mr. & Mrs. Noah Tuleja
"Mr. & Mrs. James Vanicek, Jr."
Ms. Mary Lou Ventura
Ms. Erica Von Villas
"Mr. & Mrs. George Warner, III"
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weston
Ms. Catherine M. Whipple
Ms. Sara Wigutow
Ms. Kelly Willette
Ms. Christine Winslow
Mr. & Mrs. James Wright
Mr. Henry Wrobel
In Kind Support
22 Bowens Wine Bar & Grille
41 North
Aardvark Antiques
Active Sole
Admiral Fitzroy Inn
Advisee Group from Pennfield School
All Fired Up Pottery
Alliance Francais
America's Cup Charters
Aquidneck School
Art on the Wharf
BAE Systems
Bagel Boys
Barrington Middle School
"Beach House, LLC"
Beech Tree Inn
Ben's Furniture Co.
Bird's Eye View Helicopters
Black Mountain
"Blowfish Embroidery, Inc."
Blue Suede
Body Matters Day Spa
Body-Wise Therapeutics
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Boston Red Sox
Brahmin Leather Works
Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant
Bridge to Fitness
Broadway Across America
"Brokers' Service Marketing Group II, LLC"
Brooks Brothers
Cabot Creamery
Cadeaux du Monde
"Capt. & Mrs. James Brick, (USN Ret.)"
"Carey, Richmond, Viking Insurance"
Carlone's Florist
Claire Murray
Classic Cruises of Newport
Coastal Extreme Brewing Company
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Northern N.E.
Common's Lunch
"Core Strength & Conditioning, LLC"
Cornerstone Group
"Cottage Furniture, LTD"
Crystal Spring Water
Custom Canvas Newport
D. Kelley-Fine Used Books
Davia Weisen
Deborah Winthrop Fine Lingerie & Gifts
Diego's Newport
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Mansheim
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin G. Fischer
Dr. Christina Martin
Dr. Sarah Lawrence
East Bay Ballroom
Edible Arrangements
Eleven Forty Nine Restaurant
Embrace Home Loans
Erica Zap Collection
Faith Dugan Photography
Fatulli's Gourmet Bakery and Deli
Fieldstones Grille
Finder's Keepers Consignment Boutique
Flint Audio - Video
Fort Adams Trust
Forum Lodge
French Source
Gamm Theater
General Dynamics
Get In Shape For Women
Globe Showroom
Green River Silver Co.
Green Valley Golf Club
Greenvale Vineyards
Grenon's of Newport
Gustave White Sotheby's International
Hilltop Inn
Holy Cross Church
HYATT Regency Greenwich
i boutique
Ida Lewis Doll Club
Ines DiSanto Bridal Salon
Innerlight Yoga
International Tennis Hall of Fame
Interval International
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Island Books
Island Garden Shop
Island Moving Company
J. McLaughlin
J.H. Breakell & Co.
Jail House Inn
Jamestown Fitness Center
Jamestown Historical Society
Jason & Company
Jay Peak Vermont
Jeff Soderbergh Furniture
"Jeff, Valerie, Will Simpson"
Jennifer Weissbach Art Advisory
"Jonathan Adler, LLC"
Karol Richardson
Kate & Company
Kathryn Whitney Lucey Photography
Kim Fuller Photography
Ki-Ra Salon
Kirwin Real Estate
Knitting Needles
"Kramer Portraits, New York"
Ladies Auxiliary Touro Synagogue
Landings Real Estate Groups
Laura Jean
Liberty Capital Partners
Lila Delman Real Estate
Mansions & Manors Real Estate
McLaughlin Research Corp.
Michael Hayes Company
Milestone Dental Care
Miss Descone Kelly
Mommy & Me of Newport
Mom's Club of Newport/Middletown
Moore Blooms
Mr. & Mrs. Amory Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Donahue
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. Barclay Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. David & Debra Newport Prescription Center
Mr. & Mrs. David Lea
Mr. & Mrs. David Martland
Mr. & Mrs. Denis Martland
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lavallee
Mr. & Mrs. Frank N. Gladding
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Crosby
Mr. & Mrs. George Petrovas
Mr. & Mrs. George Zainyeh
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Elkin
Mr. & Mrs. James Purviance
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Johnstone
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lykas
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wierzbicki
Mr. & Mrs. John Mackelroy
Mr. & Mrs. John Seibold
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Leviss
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Pardee
Mr. & Mrs. Leland Merrill
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Metzler
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hay
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Damon
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dunn
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Grosvenor
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Jewett
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Farrick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bauer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lobecker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peck
Mr. & Mrs. Robert White
Mr. & Mrs. Simon Mullaly
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bradbury
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lewinstein
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Rooks
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Cascione
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Davies
Mr. & Mrs. William Breyer
Mr. Alex Johnson
Mr. Allan Hodges
Mr. Andrew Radel
Mr. Anson McCurdy
Mr. Bill Thomas
Mr. Charles Laranjo
Mr. Christopher Costello
Mr. David Kalif
Mr. Eric Archer
"Mr. Ernest Robinson, Sr."
Mr. Glenn Secrest
Mr. Jason W. Alexandre
Mr. Joe Pierik
Mr. John Terlisner
Mr. Kenneth Schwartz
Mr. Matthew Saulino
Mr. Neil Molina-Lewia
Mr. Peter Chick
Mr. Peter Kane
Mr. Pierre Yoo
Mr. Rich Quintal
Mr. Richard Driscoll
Mr. Rudy Carrubba
Mr. Sean Farrar
Mr. Shawn Kenney
Mr. Tom Burnham
Mr. Will Dewey
Mr. William Ogden
Mrs. Alyce Steil
Mrs. Ann Motta
Mrs. Anna Gannon
Mrs. Barbara Moore
Mrs. Beverly Clark
Mrs. Carrie Hambleton
Mrs. Charlotte Flynn
Mrs. Claire Smolenski
Mrs. Donna Fucile
Mrs. Elaine Williams
Mrs. Eleanor M. Cox
Mrs. Geri Sterne
Mrs. Grace Kinnunen
Mrs. Jae Pfeffer
Mrs. Joanne Donnelly
Mrs. Laurie McGowan
Mrs. Maria Charles
Mrs. Mary Jane MacLean
Mrs. Mary Silvia
Mrs. Maureen Barrett
Mrs. Megan Manahan
Mrs. Melissa Kirton
Mrs. Michele McKenna
Mrs. Nichole Appleton
Mrs. Rebecca Dorsey
Mrs. Richard F. Hunnewell
Mrs. Sara Donaldson
Mrs. Sarah Esparza
Mrs. Veronica Fox
Mrs. Winifred Lynch
Ms. Alkione Giovan
Ms. Allison Walk
Ms. Amanda Westfall
Ms. Ann Rossman
Ms. Anne Burns
Ms. Anne Cordin
Ms. Anne Fortier
Ms. Ashley Tully
Ms. Barbara Champion
Ms. Barbara Roberts
Ms. Beth Collins
Ms. Beth Weibust
Ms. Brenda Gonealez
Ms. Brigid Ryan
Ms. Brittany Weatherby
Ms. Carine Paul
Ms. Carmen Cunningham
Ms. Carmen Rugel
Ms. Carol A. Geary
Ms. Carol Ward
Ms. Carolyn Evans
Ms. Carrie Rochell
Ms. Catherine Brophy
Ms. Catherine Cayer
Ms. Chelsea Harrison
Ms. Claire Martin
Ms. Claire Stieff
Ms. Colleen McGrath
Ms. Cori Baker
Ms. Courtney Horley
Ms. Dale Reault
Ms. Donna Pierce
Ms. Eileen Viveiros
Ms. Eileen Warburton
Ms. Elaine Cohen
Ms. Elizabeth Bickford
Ms. Elizabeth Congdon
Ms. Elizabeth Lewis
Ms. Erin Walsh
Ms. Frances Maraziti
Ms. Gail Allen
Ms. Gailon Jacobs
Ms. Gale Boone
Ms. Glenda Kaija
Ms. Gloria Kurz
Ms. Gretchen Blycker
Ms. Ingrid Martins
Ms. Jacqueline Colbert
Ms. Jan Coates
Ms. Janet Archer
Ms. Janice Barrows
Ms. Janice Schwartz
Ms. Jeanne Scott
Ms. Jeannette Clarke
Ms. Jehanne Bunch
Ms. Jessica Guerin
Ms. Jessica Roche
Ms. Jessie Mock
Ms. Jilda Nacci
Ms. Jill Spear
Ms. Jillian Donnelly
Ms. Joan Hopkins
Ms. Joyce Douglas
Ms. Judith Mock
Ms. Julie Maraziti
Ms. Juliette McLennan
Ms. Karen Cunningham
Ms. Karen Dockery
Ms. Karen Weinreb
Ms. Kate Mele
Ms. Kathleeb Egan
Ms. Kathleen Pratt
Ms. Kathy Lynch
Ms. Kathy Ross
Ms. Kealan Faerber
Ms. Kelly Campbell
Ms. Kerry Murphy
Ms. Kimberly Little
Ms. Kristen McEvoy
Ms. Lana Armitage
Ms. Laura Mecham
Ms. Lauren Wolk
Ms. Lee J Ferreira
Ms. Lesley Pratt
Ms. Linda Nichols
Ms. Lisa Costa
Ms. Lisa Gross
Ms. Lisa Rurak
Ms. Lizanne Barnaba
Ms. Loren Deveau
Ms. Lori Quaranta
Ms. Lynn Eagles
Ms. Madaleine Carson
Ms. Maggie Gordon
Ms. Margaret Paolo
Ms. Margaret Seibold
Ms. Maria Huey
Ms. Maria Schmidt
Ms. Mary Beth Klee
Ms. Mary Jean McClean
Ms. Mary Wray
Ms. Maryann Kohut
Ms. Maureen Philbin
Ms. Melinda Reis
Ms. Meredith Collins
Ms. Meryle Cawley
Ms. Michelle Skoorka
Ms. Muriel Barclay de Tolly
Ms. Myriam Vanlaer
Ms. Nancy Crawford
Ms. Nancy Harley
Ms. Nancy Howard
Ms. Nancy O'Leary
Ms. NeeCee Tremblay
Ms. Nicole Fastino
Ms. Nicole Hausen
Ms. Pam Benjamin
Ms. Pamela Granbery
Ms. Pat Hadfeld
Ms. Patricia Canning
Ms. Patricia Steel
Ms. Pauline Buckley
Ms. Rachael Cocroft
Ms. Rayleen Prendergast
Ms. Robin Monihan
Ms. Ruthie Corcoran
Ms. Sabrina Johns
Ms. Sandra Ford
Ms. Sara Churgin
Ms. Sara Dionne
Ms. Sara Hiebner
Ms. Sarah Fernandez
Ms. Seraphina Watts
Ms. Sharon Rust-Bottone
Ms. Shuana Chen
Ms. Sophia Nam
Ms. Stacie Mills
Ms. Sue Wallace
Ms. Susan Duenas
Ms. Susie Hill
Ms. Terri DiGiovanni
Ms. Virginia Heins
Ms. Wendy Reagan
Ms. Whitney Sande
My Laundry Hamper
Newport Art Museum
Newport Athletic Club
Newport Breeze
Newport Congregational Church
Newport Country Club
Newport County YMCA
Newport Daily News
Newport Fire Department
Newport Firefighters Local 1080
"Newport Grand, LLC"
Newport Hotel Group
Newport Marriott Hotel
Newport Music Festival
Newport Restoration Foundation
Newport Tent Company
Newportenos Tango Club
Ninety Nine Restaurnant & Pub
Norman Bird Sanctuary
O Decor
Ocean Essence Spa
Oceancliff I and II
O'Neill Properties
Onne Van der Wal Gallery
Pier 49 Seafood & Spirits
Plantation Catering
Portobello Jewelers
Portsmouth Abbey
Preservation Society of Newport County
Providence Performing Arts Center
Prudential Prime Properties
Purvis Systems
R. I. Fencing Academ & Club
Renaissance Providence Hotel
Revive Hair Salon
Rhode Island Nurseries
Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra
Rhody Fresh
"RI Computer Learning Service, LLC"
Rib & Rhein Boutique
Russell Morin Fine Catering
Ryan Family Amusements
Sakonnet Vineyards
Salve Regina University
Science Applications International Corp
Sedona Fitness for Women
Sheldon Fine Art
Shining Star PreSchool
Sightsailing of Newport
Simon Pearce
Sisters of Mercy
Spa at Newport Marriott
St. George's School
St. Philomena's School
Stillwater Spa at Newport Hyatt
Suegrayseaglass Jewelry
"Tahoe Jewelry, Inc."
Tenth Gate Center for Yoga & Meditation
Thames Glass
The 1812 House
The Black Dog
The Cookie Jar
The Garden Consultant
The Good Toy Group
The Green Grocer
The Hon. Gordon Smith
The Linen Shop
The Lobster Pot
The Narragansett
The Newport Experience
The Olde Lighthouse Diner
The Portsmouth Shop
The Providence Athanaeum
The Sail Loft
The Stadium Gallery
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Third & Elm Press
Thompson Middle School
Three Golden Apples
Tobacco Road
Train with Jane Pilates & Athletics
Trident Studio
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USI New England
Victorian Ladies Inn
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Wanumetonomy Golf Club
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Wavelengths Salon & Spa
Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery
Wharf Pub & Restaurant
Wicked Good Company
Wrigley Designs
XV Beacon Hotel
27 years of great taste & community support!
November 14, 2010
Another Success at Taste!
The 27th annual Taste of Newport, once again, brought the Newport
County community together to support Child & Family. Over 500
guests enjoyed a fun-filled evening of culinary delights provided by
over 45 of the area’s top restaurants, caterers, and food purveyors.
As Child & Family’s signature fund raising event, Taste of Newport
represents one of the best examples of a community coming
together to support a social service provider. The success of Taste
is due to a combination of factors including: Our Site Sponsor, Hyatt
Regency Newport; many generous participating restaurants, corporate
sponsors, and auction donors; a very dedicated event committee
made up of community members; hard working event volunteers;
and of course the guests who come out to support Child & Family.
Because of the strong support this event receives from throughout
Rhode Island and beyond, Taste of Newport raised $114,000 for
Child & Family’s Supportive Housing Program for Homeless
Mothers with Children.
Ophelia’s Wardrobe
A Benefit for the Child & Family Ophelia Programs
Ophelia’s Wardrobe with Style
Child & Family hosted the third Ophelia’s Wardrobe benefit this
year. This highly anticipated event was co-sponsored with Style
Week Providence and took on a new fashion facet through a
designer planned runway show. Some of New England’s top fashion
designers contributed their time and newest designs to the event,
which sold out with almost 300 guests at Salve Regina University’s
Ochre Court Mansion. Guests were able to shop for gently used
vintage and designer clothing and accessory bargains, enjoy
delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, bid on clothing from the
personal collection of the late Doris Duke, and enjoy a professionally
planned fashion show. Ophelia’s Wardrobe raised almost $30,000
for Child & Family’s Ophelia Programs for Girls and Young Women
in Newport County.
31 John Clarke Road
Middletown, RI 02842
T | 401-849-2300
F | 401-841-8841