STARR 2012 Long Workshop Blurbs American Red Cross First Aid

STARR 2012 Long Workshop Blurbs
American Red Cross First Aid
Skills taught will include: what to do before giving care, checking an
injured or ill person, how to handle sudden illness, environmental
emergencies, soft tissue injuries, injuries to muscle bone and joints. There
is an additional cost for this program in order to receive a certified Red
Cross First Aid card. An additional $20 per person will be due to instructor.
Join the Revolution of Responsibility - Capture our NYS 4-H Story
in a Commercial...
The Revolution of Responsibility comes to life everyday through real
4-H'ers who are making a real impact in their communities. Whether you’re
a 4-H educator, volunteer or member, National 4-H wants to hear from
you. In this workshop you will learn the ABCD's of story-telling and draft a
commercial to help tell our story, the one about NYS 4-H youth. This
workshop will be especially interesting if one of the following describe you:
you have a 4-H story to tell (something you are proud of/have
achievements in, you enjoy public presentations, you enjoy
technology/videography/or photography, you like to direct efforts, you are
a good team builder and encourage others to participate.
Mad for Mentoring
With group discussion and activity, we will explore the challenge of
mentoring - how to do it, how to do it well, and how to get the most out of
your mentoring experience. Participants will each experience the role of
mentor and mentee while solving the challenge of a hands-on activity.
Jean Bags & Backpacks
Ever have a great pair of jeans that you just didn’t want to get rid of, but
couldn’t wear anymore, so instead of throwing them out learn how to,
recycle them into stylish accessories. In this workshop you will learn how
to make a jean bag. There are many types of bags you can choose from, a
messenger bag, backpack, or be creative and do something totally
different. Sewing knowledge is helpful but not required. Bring your
creative side to this workshop because all bags will be different, depending
on your personality.
Hammers & Nails
We will be constructing benches, cut outs and display fixtures needed in
the Youth Building for State Fair. Bring a smile and a strong arm!
Robotics 101
We will start with the basics you get when you buy a robot kit and why
each part plays a vital role in your robot. We will work with basic sensors
controls on the robot and then move on to building robots and running
programs on that robot.
Design Challenge: Feathered Finery
Teens will use a variety of materials to design and construct a garment
based on the theme of feathers. The idea is borrowed from 4-H partner
Museum of the Earth that is promoting new findings about dinosaurs with
feathers. Workshop participants will explore some of the properties of real
feathers before designing and making a garment with faux feathers or
other materials shaped or textured to imitate feathers. Teens are
encouraged to bring interesting materials to share, a sewing machine (if
you want to sew -- although not necessary), and garments that can serve
as a foundation for their creative plumage.
Going Wound in Circles: Circular Loom Knitting
Martha Stewart sells them, AC MOORE & Michael's stocks them, now you
can make your own circular loom from a recycled container and learn to
knit on it too! Create hats, scarfs, belts, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, cup
cozies, and much more using yarn, cookie pop sticks, hot glue, duct tape &
recycled yogurt containers.
Bread Making
Whole wheat bread, white bread, cinnamon rolls---mmm! Ever wonder
what really goes into homemade bread? What makes bread rise? Those
questions and more will be revealed as you make some easy bread recipes.
Shooting Sports 101
This course will be a brief overview of what the shooting sports programs
has to offer. There will also be some hunting and wildlife activities to
participate in. Participants will have the opportunity to try archery, the
laser shot and learn about the parts of firearms.
4-H Game Jam
Back for another year - learn to make video games!!! No experience
necessary. The instructors will teach you the basics of programming,
design, and art. We will make 4H-oriented games in a group. You are
welcome to bring your own laptops. Please try to bring a flash drive to
store your game on so you can take it home with you. The instructor will
also make the games available for download online.
Be a 4-H Green Energy Consultant - Take Sustainable Action From
Part 1: Learn basic information about the exciting 4-H Renewable Energy
Lab mixed with some general concepts of actions that will help you/us
become "greener" (more energy aware). The Seneca GR&EEN 4-H
Members will take you through a few exciting, energetic and delicious
activities you can accomplish with the 4-H Energy Lab (Solar Smoothies;
Energy Home Appliance Challenge; and how to make Solar S ‘mores). You
will learn how to reserve the use of one of these labs for you to use in your
own county - You Being the Leader!!
Part 2: Mr. Dan Roth, Associate Director for Sustainability Facilities Services
at Cornell University will share some of the creative and exciting things
Cornell University is doing to become a much more "Green" facility and
organization. Some of these ideas will hopefully spur ideas of how 4-H
youth and adults can work together with State Fair leadership to start
making "GREEN" changes at the NYS Fair. AND, under your leadership, the
ideas generated by this 4-H "Green" STARR group of youth consultants will
be something you can take back home too. Part 2 of this workshop is
intended to be a buildup excitement and generate ideas to take beyond
STARR!! Check out this Cornell Sustainability site
STARR 2012 Short Workshops
Intro to Yoga for All Ages
Join us for a fun and educational workshop on Classical Yoga. You will
learn and be guided, exploring yogic breathing, meditation, postures and
relaxation techniques. You will walk away with the tools to use some of
these practices in your daily, healthy living.
Zumba® - A Dance-Fitness Party
Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the
Zumba® Fitness program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easyto-follow, calorie-burning “dance fitness-party”. Zumba classes feature
exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. It’s easy to
do, effective and totally exhilarating.
Outdoor Games
Choose Health! Learn and play games for the out of doors; continuous
kickball, various tag games, Red Rover and more. In the event that there is
foul weather, we'll move indoors and practice fun games for groups.
Mastering Monet
Mastering Monet is going to be a short workshop that will show you the
foundation of Post Impressionism and the time consuming technique of
pointillism. Or in other words you’re going to get back to finger painting.
We will capture “The Revolution of Responsibility“in our masterpieces
which will be displayed at Cornell Career Explorations and the NYS Fair.
"Nothing to Fear" Becoming a Strong Public Speaker
How many of you experience shaky hands and a pounding heart before
speaking in front of a group? Good news, there are ways to deal with these
reactions to public speaking. In this workshop, students will engage in
interactive activities to manage their fear of the public presentation. Topics
to be covered include; how to overcome fear and nervousness, things to
remember while delivering a speech, how to recover after you make a
mistake while speaking, and several more!
The Hidden Truth: What’s in Our Food?
Have you ever taken a big swig of juice convinced it was healthy because it
had fruit in it? Do you pick the burger at your favorite drive thru but leave
the fries because they are greasy and fattening? Do you salt your food
because without it, food is just bland? If you answered yes to any of these
questions, then you need to learn what is hidden in your food! In this
workshop, participants will learn tools for reading labels and measuring
sugar in drinks, fat in fast food, and salt in our diet. These hands-on
activities will “wow” even the most cautious eater and leave you wanting to
show your friends exactly what they are consuming!
Ballooning 101
Have you ever wondered how Clowns Twist balloons? Well if you have or
you just want to learn the basics of balloon art then STARR is your chance
to learn. Come and join other teens in learning how to twist balloons.
Become a Monster Bug Wars Scientist!
Have you watched Monster Bug Wars on the Discovery Science Channel? If
you haven’t you can watch clips from Monster Bug Wars at Dr. Linda Rayor, one
of the human stars in the show, will share her experience working on a
television production and work with you to develop your own science
presenter skills. In this workshop, you will meet many live insects and
spiders and give your own short presentations about them. Our primary
goal will be to have you learn some tricks for talking about animals and
biology with passion so that you can star in your own show!
Get Your ACT Together
This workshop will take a brief look at the basics of acting and drama.
Come with a lot of energy, and open mind, and ready to have a lot of fun!
Get ready to get out of your box and enter a whole new world!
No H8 Campaign
No H8 is a growing campaign, targeting teen and young adult bullying.
Learn positive ways to overcome bullying and make a huge impact in your
communities by standing up against bullying.
4-H Entomology 4 All Ages
During this hands on workshop participants will learn: the proper pinning
technique for insects and butterflies and the different orders of insects.
Tropical butterflies will be pinned by 4-H members and taken home.
Participants will also learn where to collect insects, techniques for collecting
and trapping insects. Teens will learn hands on activities for teaching
Clover buds. Live insects and spiders will also be on hand for all to see and
Wildlife & Shooting Sports
This short workshop will give you an opportunity to identify wildlife and
gain a very brief overview of the shooting sports programs.
Taking Better Photographs
Learn how to get the most out of your photographs through better
composition and exposures. The workshop will cover the “rule of thirds”,
“the golden mean” and other composition techniques as well as learning to
use existing light to best expose the subject. A brief discussion of camera
features will also be included.
Release, Relax, Relate
Sometimes the things we love, are the very things that stress us out i.e.
family, friends, Facebook etc. Explore fun ways to deal with stress without
losing your cool. Gain a new perspective on life via massage, movement
and laughter.
Comfortable Clothing for Cancer Patients
Drainage shirts can be very costly even with insurance. A patient can pay
up to $100 for one drainage shirt. The items we create at STARR will be
distributed to nearby hospitals and be given free of charge to patients.
Use simple hand and machine sewing to create useful items for cancer
patients while hearing the story of a cancer patient.
Flower Arranging and More
Learn about flower arranging, dish gardens, and terrariums. Make a
corsage for the dance.
Belly Dance
Help promote a great mission mandate: Healthy Lifestyles while learning
about a culture through dance. Enjoy belly dancing and enhance your
dance skills.
Keynote Workshop: Magic and More
Learn about how Adam Trent uses magic to reach different audiences.