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Greensboro, Hickory & Raleigh
for June 13, 2015
The date of the next Bible Study will be Thursday, July 2 at 7:00pm. Location will again be at the
Quality Inn; 13470 E Independence Blvd. Matthews, NC 28105
June 27 – Also on the Sabbath of June 27, we will be having services at an alternate location as
our regular facility is not available. We will have services at 10:00am at the Grace
Communion Church, 3446 Warlicks Church Road, Connelly Springs NC 28612. This is located
about 2 miles North of Exit 119 off I 40. After you exit, go about 1 mile north to Rt. 70, turn left,
then immediately turn right crossing a small bridge onto North Center Street. This turns into
Warlicks Church Road. It’s about 1 mile on your left.
August 22
We are looking for someone who would be willing to provide transportation back to North
Carolina for a couple of our pre-teen Campers. The date of travel would be Wednesday, July
29th. Camper departure time is 7:00pm. It would be about a 4-5 hour trip one way - depending
on destination. If you are interested in this service opportunity, please see Mr. Kelley for details.
The Kelley’s will be attending the annual Ox Roast at the Harper Farm in Parkersburg, WV on the
Sabbath of June 27 and coming home on Sunday night. The event is open to all church
members. Mr. Jim Franks will be the guest speaker Sabbath afternoon. After services everyone
is treated to a spectacular dinner of roast beef that has been cooked in a pit for 24 hours. There
are also activities on Sunday. Information is in the One Accord, or you can contact the Kelley’s if
Ox Roast Flyer - June 27, 2015
Our annual Camp Dickenson Retreat at Fries, VA is scheduled for the weekend of August 7-9.
As always we will have a Friday night Bible Study and Sabbath services on Sabbath afternoon. If
sufficient interest, we will also resume our canoe or tubing trip down the New River. Please see
Roger and Linda Williams for further information. 276-236-7748
Camp Dickenson Retreat - 2015 - August 7, 8 & 9
A new member letter was sent out to everyone in your Email this week. There should be copies
available on the Information Table for those who do not have Internet access.
The deadline for submitting requests for Festival Assistance is fast approaching. Applications
must be received by Mr. Kelley no later than next Sabbath, June 20. If you need an application
request form, please see your Festival Advisor or Mr. Kelley today.
Please remember to go online and volunteer to serve at the Feast. Various responsibilities are
being assigned now and Pastors will soon be receiving reports of those who have volunteered to
serve for various functions. For example, this year, Mr. Kelley will be coordinating Family Day at
the Feast in Orange Beach and will be needing volunteers to assist.
Each site depends heavily on volunteer service from so many of you to help make the Feast run
smoothly, to help those who have special needs and to make the Feast so much more enjoyable
for everyone. Regardless of the size of the site you’re attending, many volunteers are needed;
and we hope you will serve as you are able. So, here’s how you can volunteer:
You will find a new navigation button that says “Serve at the Feast” on the top of the Feast
website ( Click that button to start the process.
Mr. David Baker will be off on another trip overseas including the Philippines beginning tomorrow
and will be out of the country until July 19 th. He would appreciate your prayers for safe travels
and for everything to go well back home.
Here you will find the weekly blog, sermonettes, sermons, announcements and the speaking
schedule among other things. If you haven’t visited the site for a while, please be sure to check it
out. You’ll see some new features and improvements including transcripts of various sermons.
Some features require an ID & Password. Contact Mr. Kelley for information.
Here is some information you will need should you find you have to miss services and would like
to watch the live Webcast.
This is the link directly to the Greensboro Webcast :
To watch live services, you will need the Password. The password is the same as our members
page. Due to security requirements, I cannot write or speak the password in a public forum.
However, I can mention that it is the same password as our local members webpage. That is
technically not giving it out. If they don't know it, they can call us, or see us Sabbath, or follow the
link on the page for password request. Please do not transmit the password to others
via Email.
We also have phone conference hookups available for listening to services.
Raleigh Phone Hookup – If you ever have to miss Sabbath services you can call in to a central
number and connect to the live phone hookup via At 1:30 pm you need
to dial the conference number and then enter the participant access code, and that should
connect you.
If you have any questions please contact Jack Williford.
Greensboro Phone Hookup –If you ever have to miss Sabbath services you can call in to a
central number and connect to the live phone hookup via At 3:00 pm
you need to dial the conference number and then enter the participant access code, and that
should connect you.
If you have any questions please contact Tom Burrow.