File - Athletic Booster

March 18, 2015
Coal City High School 6:30 p.m.
Called to order at 6:30 p.m.
In Attendance: Cheryl Druse, Nicki McKinney, Sandie Borgetti, Robert Cameron, Lisa
Knox, Debbie Schwier, Andrea Huston, Mike Kostbade, Barb McGinn, Penny Wills
and Dan Hutchins.
President Report – Barb McGinn – No Spring pick night so we will be calling next
team in line for spring events.
Secretary Report – 1st Penny, 2nd Deb to accept the Jan. 21st minutes as presented.
Motion carried.
Treasurers Report – 1st Penny, 2nd Sandie Borgetti to accept the treasures report as
presented by Deb. Motion carried.
Concession Stand Report – Penny Wills – All inside events are over. Need to move
remaining product to outside stand for spring events. Need to get middle school
products brought over to outside stand.
Athletic Director’s Report –
Dan Hutchings: We have black diamond track event for May. 11th. Ask to have stand
open for that. Dan asked if we need anything done. We gave him some repairs that
need to be done on the outside stand. Scholarship night is set for May 13th.
Jason Finkelstein: Not in attendance and nothing to report.
New Business – Mr. Kostbade asked if the boosters would consider helping out with
the purchase of a PA system for the soccer field. All in attendance agreed for the
boosters to purchase system. Total cost around $1,000.00. He also asked if we could
have some sort of a concession stand for the soccer shoot out on April 25th. Penny
and Barb will set stand up for that day.
Next General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.
Motion made by Debbie Schwier, seconded by Penny Wills to adjourn meeting at
7:10 p.m. Motion carried.