Uintah Field Coordinator

 Position Description (Draft v1 3/17/15) Position:​
Uinta Field Coordinator Location:​
Salt Lake City area Reports to:​
Program Director Schedule: ​
part­time, seasonal, approx. 10 hours/week, May 15 ­ October 15 Compensation: ​
negotiable; please include hourly requirements along with your application materials. Organization description: ASC mobilizes the outdoor community to gather and share targeted scientific data, driving conservation around the world. We are an dynamic and rapidly growing close­knit team who believes in the transformative power of our work. Our projects range from place­based partnerships that bring together outdoor enthusiasts from around the world as well as issue­based projects that deploy adventurers­at­large to collect environmental data. Program description: The Uinta­Wasatch­Cache National Forest (UWCNF) provides vital wildlife habitat and travel corridors adjacent to one of America’s fastest­growing urban areas. Its 2.1 million acres range from foothills rising from the suburbs of Salt Lake City, to rugged mountain basins surrounded by remote wilderness areas. During the summer of 2015 Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) is building a corps of adventure scientists to greatly expand the capacity of the United States Forest Service (USFS) to conduct carnivore survey work on the UWCNF. ASC will engage up to 34 volunteers in a camera­based monitoring project to assess the state of rare carnivores in remote and high­elevation wilderness areas of the UWCNF, with a special emphasis on inventorying and monitoring wolverine and Canada lynx. Through this project, skilled, competent volunteers will set up and maintain baited remote camera stations while working alongside UWCNF biologists, who will use the data to directly inform management policies for rare carnivores. Program Coordinator position description: The Field Coordinator assists Bozeman­based ASC staff with on­the­ground operations of our carnivore monitoring survey on the north slope of the Uinta mountains. In addition to providing survey volunteers with needed supplies (cameras, batteries, memory cards, bait, scent lure) the field coordinator will check camera sites in the event a volunteer team is unavailable. The program coordinator will also work closely with Salt Lake­area U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and additional project partners throughout the project. Responsibilities: ­ work closely with Bozeman­based ASC staff, and SLC­area USFS staff to ensure the successful operation of the Uinta carnivore monitoring survey ­ communicate with 15 lead volunteers on camera checks ­ serve as a safety check­in for teams conducting camera checks (using pre­ and post­trip text check­ins) ­ assist during two training events June 5­7 and 19­21, as well as a project wrap­up party on September 26th ­ travel to Evanston, Kamas and Logan USFS offices to deliver and pick up project supplies ­ contribute photos/video and/or writing to ASC blog platforms and social media ­ manage video files from camera checks and ensure data is backed up to hard drives ­ assist in review of video files for presence/absence of target species ­ other duties on other projects as required To apply for this position please submit a cover letter, resume and three references to: ASC Program Director ­ Mike Kautz [email protected] Deadline for applications is May 1st, 2015