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Early 21 Century Warfigh3ng Trends Technology, Training and Tac3cs By Edward Timperlake Key Themes § A Look Back: Harvest the Best Leave the Rest § Lessons Learned from Visits to MCAS Yuma, NAS Fallon and Nellis AFB § The Z Axis and its Impact § Applied Physics or Prac3cal Consequences § Conclusion: The Way Ahead Harvest the Best: Leave the Rest § No PlaQorm Fights Alone; § “Tron Warfare” as Increasingly Important Element; § UAVs are Not the Future of Airpower: They Are Part of the Future; •  They need more realis3c opera3onal proof of concept tes3ng; •  UAV vs Kine3c Killers, “tron” warriors; EW, EMP, Cyber AXacks; •  They are data links in space. Leaning Forward •  An S-­‐Cubed Revolu3on is Fast Approaching; •  Sensors-­‐ Stealth-­‐Speed •  ADA on land and sea is becoming a very effec3ve military response; §  The F-­‐35 as Part of Airpower Transforma3on Will Drama3cally Change Concepts of Opera3ons §  Fusion Cockpit will Put Increased Emphasis on Pilot’s “Decide Act” in OODA Loop §  Especially with Shared Mission Data §  Ac3ve/Passive sensing will be added to opera3onal combat mission planning in big way §  Tac3cal AC with strategic capabili3es §  Training Ranges and Exercises (Red Flag) will give US and Allies Probably a 10-­‐year Lead on Adversaries. Lessons Learned: MCAS Yuma •  F-­‐35 is really an F/A/E-­‐ 35; •  In a ground aXack mission the cockpit display gave the pilot a constant read out of AA and GA threats-­‐“EW was but a buXon away;” •  F-­‐35 B with MV-­‐22 will change USMC’s ability to execute “inser3on and withdrawal” forces globally. Lessons Learned: Nellis •  Mission Data set is cri3cal and USAF knows it; •  Red Flag can eventually mix and match friendlies and aggressor threats playing off F-­‐22/F-­‐35 and Legacy aircraf; •  Russia and PLAAF cannot do this –  They have no low observable aircraf with a 360 degree Fusion Cockpit. Lessons Learned: NAS Fallon •  Live Virtual Construc3ve Range at Fallon will allow the complexi3es of a modern baXlefield to both be inclusive and wide ranging; •  The USS Gerald Ford will drama3cally change C&C for US and Allies-­‐17 spaces for “cyber” configura3on and reconfigura3on as tac3cal situa3on develops; •  Reach not Range-­‐Aegis and SSG(N) working together. Prac3cal Consequences •  Signal to global industry on individual and synergis3c R&D focus; •  Global weapons compe33ve consor3ums will be mo3vated in R&D; •  Air BaXle “management” will shif drama3cally with growing pains; •  OODA same concept different applica3on. Conclusions •  Countless evolu3onary and revolu3onary aspects of 21st Century combat will be in the hands of the Squadron Pilots –as it should be! •  Re-­‐Norming of Airpower significantly underway.