Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits: Continuous Improvement with NGC’s PLM

Fashion Avenue Sweater
Knits: Continuous
Improvement with NGC’s PLM
Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits (FASK) is a privately held, New
York-based importer of quality children’s and women’s apparel,
and supplies apparel to such leading retailers as Wal-Mart, Kohl’s,
Macy’s, Belk and Dress Barn.
FASK used manual processes for product development and
supply chain management, making its workload control and
collaboration a consistent struggle for users.
NGC Solution:
FASK implemented NGC’s fashion PLM and Supply
Chain Management (SCM) solution to standardize
all PLM and SCM processes and collaborate
seamlessly to improve overall efficiency.
“PLM provides a platform for continuous improvement. We’re always
evaluating, listening to the needs of our users, and understanding what
they’re trying to accomplish. PLM has helped us establish a more creative,
collaborative environment where we can continually challenge ourselves to do
better and to then accomplish those goals.”
Austin Mallis
Vice President of Operations
Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits | 800.690.064 | [email protected]
Unique and Siloed
Processes Means Slow
Response and Inefficiency
Prior to working with NGC, Fashion Avenue Sweater
Knits relied on manual and repetitive processes
that made workload control and collaboration a
consistent struggle. These types of issues can be
extremely detrimental to enterprise profitability and
productivity, so FASK wanted a solution that allowed
for timely and effective production.
Standardize PLM
and SCM Across the
Organization for
Streamlined Workflow
NGC’s PLM and SCM solution was a perfect match
for the challenges that Fashion Avenue Sweater
Knits faced. The productivity and collaboration
features in the NGC software such as calendars,
global collaboration, and exception management
helped FASK to streamline workflow and make
communication between departments and
individuals easier and better organized. After
implementing NGC’s PLM and SCM solution, FASK
realized enterprise advantages such as faster speed
to market, better product adoption rates, improved
order fulfillment rates, and a reduced production
lead time, among other benefits.
“Processes were unique to
individuals rather than departments
or the organization. Workloads
could not be managed, and we had
no tools to understand where we
stood on specific styles or orders.”
Austin Mallis
Vice President of Operations
Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits | 800.690.064 | [email protected]
3 Key Highlights:
• Streamlined workflow & improved collaboration:
NGC’s software presents a single, collaborative
platform that helps Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits
standardize all PLM and SCM processes. Workflow
calendars allow FASK users to view the status of
milestone dates for selected calendars and make sure
that product groups, collections and approvals are on
schedule. Data can be shared seamlessly throughout
the organization using NGC’s exception management
and global collaboration features, improving
communication flow and productivity. NGC’s solution
has already reduced the volume of email and daily
information requests by 40 percent—providing a
dramatic improvement in overall efficiency.
• Better task management: NGC’s PLM and SCM
management tools ensure accountability throughout
the design and production processes, allowing FASK
users to stay on top of current, future and past due
deadlines. Exception management features proactively
alert users to problems, delays and other conditions
that need immediate attention. Users can then drill
down into the specific details and quickly resolve any
issues, ensuring that design/production schedules
stay on track.
• Faster speed to market: NGC’s software is playing
a central role in helping Fashion Avenue Sweater
Knits continually reduce product development
time and achieve faster speed to market. “PLM and
Supply Chain Management are most effective when
integrated in an end-to-end process. For us to be
successful we needed software that took us from start
to finish in the product lifecycle, and NGC allows us to
do that,” Mallis said. | 800.690.064 | [email protected]
Improvement with
FASK also benefits from the custom
reporting tools and key performance
indicators included in NGC’s software.
These allow for easy evaluation of
development progress, sales trends,
production status, inventory positions
and financial targets for better decisionmaking and increased profitability.
Fashion PLM can help foster a climate
of continuous improvement, and Mallis
believes that PLM can help break down
barriers between departments and set
the stage for the organization’s future
growth and direction.
Connect with us:
“NGC’s solutions are opening up conversations about the best way to
check processes and make improvements. This lets us focus on our core
apparel business and directs us to the most efficient development processes
attainable by our team.”
Austin Mallis
Vice President of Operations
Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits | 800.690.064 | [email protected]