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Ms. M.Sartorel, Principal; Mr. D. Doll, Vice-Principal; ph.426-8248, fax 426-0824
May 2014
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May 9
May 12
May 14
May 19
June 6
June 11
June 26
Alternate calendar day – schools are closed
LIFE TOUCH – class photo day
DAIRY QUEEN sales/$2 each
Stat Holiday – schools are closed
Professional Development Day – no school for students
DAIRY QUEEN sales/$2 each
Last day of school – 11:00 AM dismissal
being accepted for full day kindergarten
• Your child must reach the age of 5 on or
before December 31, 2014
• A birth certificate and care card must be
provided at the time of registration.
• Please provide proof of residence (utility bill,
driver’s licence, etc)
• All new registrants to SD #5 must register at
the school within the boundary of their
• Registration hours are 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Placing students in the most appropriate
classroom for an academic year is both a complex
process for the school and a very important
decision affecting each student. Parents who
wish to request a particular placement for
September 2014 must pick up the “Policies
Practices & Parental Input Brochure” and the
“Student Placement Form” at the office. All
requests must be returned to the office by Friday,
May 23rd.
MOTHER’S DAY SALE for Friends of Nepal will happen on one day only – Wednesday, May 7, in the
main hallway of Gordon Terrace for ½ hour after school. Available for sale are beautiful murano glass
pendants, filled travel and kitchen bags, empty knitting bags and cosmetic bags. If you wish to shop during
the day on Wednesday, come to Mrs. Levang’s classroom and one of the sellers will help you.
ARE YOU MOVING? We are planning our classes for the 2014-2015 school year. If you have not
already done so, please notify the office if you are planning to move/change schools for the
next school year.
student’s name
moving to
EARTH DAY on April 22, was celebrated
with having students from Gordon Terrace
bring garbage free lunches all week.
Students entered their names into a draw
each day that they brought a garbage free
lunch. These 16 students received prizes
that were donated to support this worthwhile
cause. Thank you to Elizabeth Lake Lodge,
CBEEN, RDEK, and Top Crop for the
Dental assistant students from the COTR were at Gordon Terrace to share with the children information about proper dental care. Seen here are students from Mrs. Ruoss' class scrubbing off the sugar bugs with a toothbrush that means business. PRINCIPAL’S REPORT
Ms. M. Sartorel
Spring is upon us, and the warm weather means jackets and other items tend to get left behind on
the playground! We seem to be ending up with a lot of extra hoodies and spring jackets finding
their way to the lost and found. Please check on a regular basis for items that may belong to your
child. The circular rack at the entrance to our school tends to get a number of jackets over the
course of a week.
Thanks to Mrs. Gook for arranging for the Red Cedar readers to attend an Author Visit at the
Cranbrook Library. Karen Rivers, who is an author from Victoria, BC, has written a number of
books, one of which was nominated for the Red Cedar book selections for 2013/2014 and is titled
“Encyclopedia of Me”. She was an outstanding presenter who inspired and captivated her
audience and it was an absolute privilege to attend this presentation.
Music Monday and the Gordon Terrace/Highlands Band concerts are two examples of the terrific
opportunities our students have the privilege of participating in. A big thank-you is extended to
Mr. Dureski and Mrs. Reinarz for their work in helping our students move along in their musical
Playground work is underway to replace the beams that border the swings and climbing structures.
We ask that everyone support this process as School Board employees work on these necessary
improvements. There will be days when areas are designated out of bounds and we appreciate
the flexibility and support of our students and parents to allow for this work to occur.
I am really pleased to share with you that Gordon Terrace is set to have a major paving job
done this summer. The asphalt is going to be dug up and our entire surface will be replaced!
Not only will the children have a safer area to play on, but they will also have new basketball
hoops and fresh lines painted.
Thank-you for your assistance in rearranging your schedules to accommodate the earlier dismissal
time that is currently in place. Your help has been greatly appreciated.
Kindergarten student, Emma Brown, with the bike she won for the meat raffle tickets.
2014-2015 DISTRICT CALENDAR - to help you plan for NEXT YEAR
First day of school
Sept 2
Non Instructional Days
Sept.19, Oct.24, Nov.21, Feb.27, Apr.13, June 5
Alternate Calendar Days Sept.26, Oct.10, Nov.10, Nov.28, Dec.19, Jan.16, Jan.30, Feb.6
(schools not in session)
Statutory Days
Oct.13, Nov.11, Dec. 25 & 26, Jan. 1, Feb.9, Apr.3, Apr.6, May 18,
Winter break
Dec.22 - Jan. 2
Spring break
Mar.16 - March 27
Last day of school
June 25
Administrative day
June 26
First day of school
Non Instructional Days
Alternate Calendar Days
(Schools not in session)
Statutory Days
Winter Break
Spring Break
Last day of school
Administrative day
Sept 3
Sept 20, Oct 25, Nov 22, Feb 28, Apr 7, June 6
Sept 27, Oct 11, Nov 1, Dec 13, Jan 17, Jan 31, Feb 7, May 9
Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 25 & 26, Jan 1, Feb 10, Apr 18, Apr 21, May 19
Dec 23 – Jan 3
Mar 17 – Mar 28
June 26
June 27
BOOK BITES at the Public Library
2014 registration for SUMMER CAMP AT
Talk about the book “Summer in the City”.
BLUE LAKE CENTRE is now open!
Eat some snacks. Plan your staycation and
Through the Summer Camp program,
plant a takeaway garden May 21, 2014, 3:45
children 7-13 years old can visit Blue Lake
PM. For kids ages 9-12. Please sign up by
Centre for 3 - 12 nights and learn about the
May 20. Call 250-426-4063 or come to the
environment in a way that makes exploring
Public Library at 1212-2 St N.
the world inspiring and hands on. Campers
benefit from living in a supportive camp
community developing independence,
confidence, self esteem and skills to succeed
KINDERGARTEN IMMUNIZATIONS in life. Traditional camp activities such as
protect your child from preventable
swimming, canoeing, hiking, skit nights, arts
diseases Kindergarten children need
and crafts, games and campfires are all part
immunizations to receive the best protection
of the fun! Make new friends, explore the
from serious illnesses. Vaccines are safe and
outdoors, and experience the magic of camp!
save lives. Get the facts from a Public Health
Please visit or call
Nurse or at Please
250-426-3676 for more information or to
phone the Cranbrook Health Unit as soon as
register. "
possible for an appointment 250-420-2207.