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March 2012
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Next Committee Meeting at Parklands Centre, Alva, FK12 5BG - Monday, 23 April 2012
8 - 11 March 2012 - Craft Fair at the SECC, Glasgow
Saturday, 17 March 2012 - Wardie Workshop, 10-00am - 16-00pm at Wardie Parish Church,
Edinburgh, EH5 3JN
Weekend of 23 - 25 March 2012 - Oban Residential Weekend
Saturday, 12 May 2012 - Scotland's Knitting Only Show, Perth Racecourse. PH2 6BB.
10-00am - 16-00pm.
AGM at Parklands Centre, Alva, FK12 5BG - Saturday, 9 June 2012
First I have to correct a mistake I made last time. I will be at Ayr club on 1 May not March.
Sorry about that, I have always had a problem mixing up those months and at my age I don’t
think things are going to change. Also, Jill has reminded me that when I told you last time to
find your “orange leggo bits” some of the machines have white ones.
Over Christmas I was asked for a pattern for “wrist warmers” or what I would call fingerless
gloves. I have since been informed that “wrist warmers” go farther up the arm so you can use
the same pattern but work more rows before placing the thumb. I found a pattern for
fingerless gloves in Machine Knitting monthly but it had obviously been converted from a
hand knitting pattern so I simplified it for machines. You will find the pattern I made as you
read on. They are a bit different to the ones we have done before as they just have a ribbed
cuff round the fingers so the fingers are not separated and therefore much simpler to knit. I
am always losing gloves when shopping, taking them off in shops and sticking them in my
pockets, but these are great you can curl your fingers up inside while walking along and in
the shops you can pop your fingers out to sort your change etc. Or you can slip your thumbs
out and push the gloves up your wrist out of the way. This way you don’t lose them or forget
where you have put them. I have used a cable pattern on mine but Margaret suggested that
they could be knitted in white cotton and perhaps a lace design on the back for a spring
fashion accessory. I am sure the youngsters would like them as extensions to their sleeves.
Quite easy to do either added on when knitting the sleeve downwards or by working the
glove backwards from the fingers and continuing up the sleeve.
I am hoping to see some of you at the Wardie workshop in Edinburgh on Saturday 17 March,
so if any of you have garments for the fashion show you could tell us about them then. Keep
your eye on the diary dates
Pat Fountain
Scottish Machine Knitters will have a stand at the above Show on these dates in March. The
theme will be Teddy Bears Picnic and we are dressing Teddy Bears for the stand. I look
forward to seeing you all again this year.
We also need a theme for the October Craft Show, so please put your thinking caps on and let
me know what you would like.
Bertha Rudden
If a member, or visitor, wishes to bring an Assistance Dog to an SMK Workshop at
Parklands, Alva, the dog must be on a lead, wear its working jacket, and be under the owner's
control at all time.
Valerie Aitken
Area Rep Fife/Stirling Area
We urgently require ladies to help make tea and coffee at the AGM and November
Workshops, and I would ask anyone who feels they can help in this way to get in touch with
me by phone (01786 832604) or email ([email protected]).
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Chris, Janey, Grace and Jean for providing
us with a very welcome cuppa over many years.
Valerie Aitken
Area Rep Fife/Stirling Area
Once again we will be holding a workshop in Edinburgh on Saturday, 17 March 2012 from
10am until 4pm. The venue will be Wardie Parish Church Halls, Netherby Road, Edinburgh
EH5 3JN. Everyone will be most welcome so do try to come along and join us. Tickets are
priced at £5 for members and £8 for non-members. Tickets are also available at the door but
will be priced at an additional 50p each.
Tickets are available from Mrs Jill Lothian. Please enclose a SAE for the return of your
tickets. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to "Scottish Machine Knitters". It
is important that you book your tickets before the event as this gives us a better idea of how
many Workbooks to get printed.
Tea coffee and biscuits will be available but please bring a packed lunch with you. If you
have a small item that would be suitable for the raffle that would be much appreciated.
Pam Faulds - Tuck & Slip
Anna Ferguson - DesignaKnit 8
Christine Gray - Socks, Mitts & Gloves
Bertha Rudden - Knit in Lace
Helen Watson - Casting on & Casting Off
Our speaker in the afternoon will be Helen Bisset. Her subject is Crafts.
Jill Lothian
I hope you are all looking forward to this year's show? The arrangements at the Racecourse will be
similar to previous years with stalls on both floors of the Nelson Stand, the hands-on area in the room
across the tarmac and the fashion shows and talks in the marquee. If the weather is good there will be
seating outside as well as the chairs on both floors of the Stand. The entries for the competition will
be displayed in the Fashion Show.
Stalls. Most of the stall holders who came last year are coming again. If all goes to plan
Uppingham, Metropolitan, Elaine Cater, Joan Fielding-Browne, David Hampson, Nina
Miklin, Scottish Fibres and Clair Crowston will be downstairs. Artisan Crafts, Jamie
Possum, Woolfish, Ripples Crafts, Karabee, Buttons by McAnarak, Karelia House,
Colorimetry, Wendy Piper, Elena Costella, Jim Livingstone and J.C.Rennie will be upstairs.
Please keep an eye on the SMK web-site for updates. Don’t forget that if you want
something specific the stall holders will bring things specially for you if you contact them in
advance - see the web-site for links if you have lost their addresses or contact a member of
the committee. Nick from Uppingham Yarns will be collecting empty cones as usual.
Competition. The competition this year is for a Knitted Cardigan or Jacket. It must be original and
be mostly knitting, either by hand or machine, and can include other crafts and embellishments. It is
open to anyone attending the show and free to enter. Entries by 10am to the marquee please. It
should be accompanied by written details of its construction. The judging will take place and the
winners announced during the show.
Directions. Perth Racecourse is situated about 3 miles north-east of Perth on a turning off the A93
beyond (North of) the turning into Scone Palace. It is well sign-posted from the town and motorways.
DO NOT take the turning into the Palace. Drive past the Palace entrance and turn left at the next
crossroads . The turning into the racecourse is down that road on the left and is well marked. Parking
is free.
Public transport to Perth is excellent from all directions but there is no public transport from
Perth to the Racecourse. SMK has arranged free minibuses to run from Leonard Street Bus
Station to the racecourse from 9.30am and return from the show until 4.15pm. The railway
station is very close to the bus station. Long distance buses sometimes arrive at Leonard
Street but may only call at the Broxden Park and Ride. From there a Park and Ride bus runs
through the town to Leonard Street about every 15 mins.
Tickets. Advance Tickets for the show cost £5 and are now on sale. Please send a SAE to Mrs
Nancy Munro, 4 Laurieston Park, Balfarg, Glenrothes, Fife KY7 6YJ before 1 May. Please make
cheques payable to Scottish Machine Knitters Association. The tickets will cost £6 at the door on the
day. All tickets include a voucher for one free cup of tea or coffee in the café. SMK members will
receive the usual voucher to spend at the show with the May Newsletter
Other Information. The café will be open before and during the show. There is no cash machine at
the racecourse - the nearest are in Scone village at Tesco, Spar and Bank of Scotland. For Sat-Nav
users the postcode of the racecourse is PH2 6BB The Pink Ribbon charity walk, starting and finishing
at Scone Palace, is taking place on the same day. Please be aware of the two events. Cars going to
the pink ribbon walk will be following a similar route to SKOS but take the earlier turning off the
small road after the crossroads. Don’t follow them. The entrance to the racecourse is a bit further on
and obvious when you get to it. If you are planning to stay in Perth I would recommend that you
book early.
Fashion Show
The Perth Club have agreed to organise the fashion show and their co-ordinator is Jean
Bowman Tel: 01738 442505 e-mail: [email protected] May I remind all SMK
members and clubs that we urgently need details of garments/accessories/items etc. A
fashion show needs lots of interesting items of clothing so please check your wardrobes or
get knitting, then forward the details to Jean as soon as possible.
We have one new member this time
Mrs Elizabeth Littlejohn, Bonnybridge.
Cast on over 62 sts for a 2x2 rib and tension 3/3 work 26 rows.
Transfer to NS
11111111111111111111111111 111111 111111 111111 111111 11
Tension 7/5 Knit 6 rows and cable 3 over 3 on blocks of six.
Knit 10 rows and cable again.
Knit 8 rows and place thumb by knitting 9 stitches at left onto w/w by hand and leaving the
needles in work to continue knitting.
Knit 2 rows and cable again.
Knit 10 rows and cable
Knit 6 rows and transfer NS back to the 2x2 and tension 3/3
Knit 12 rows and cast off ribwise.
Press thumb stitches between fingers to set them and pull out w/w
Carefully hang open stitches onto 19 needles.
Tension 7 work 14 rows and cast off.
Stitch up side seam.
Work left hand glove reversing pattern and placing thumb at right. This has to be opposite
end to cam.
To make these into wrist warmers work more rows before working the thumb.
Work last row of rib loosely on both beds Tension 10/8
Transfer stitches to main bed and latch off starting at opposite end to cam by pulling second
stitch through first using the latch tool and going into the purl stitches from the front and
hooking the knit stitches from the back. Pull the end of yarn through the last stitch to fasten
Currently there are no items for this section. If members know of anything which would fit
in here please let a member of the committee or the Editor know and we can put it in the next
Scottish Machine Knitters Association cannot accept responsibility for second hand items
bought through the Newsletter, the Website or at a Workshop. This is a matter between the
seller and the buyer.
I am sorry that the newsletter is not so long this time, can Members supply me with items and
articles to put in future newsletters please. Your news will make the newsletter more
interesting for us all.
Would you please note that Mrs McCulloch our Membership Secretary has changed her email address, this can be found on the inside front cover. The last date for accepting items for
the newsletter is Tuesday, 24 April 2012.
Margaret Robbie
Newsletter Editor