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Agility Underground at Cloverleaf Animal Hospital and Dogs of Course present:
Improve Your “I-Cue”:
Learn the Science of Signals
A Hands-on Training Workshop by
Kathy Sdao, M.A., ACAAB
Cleveland All-Breed Training Club
Cleveland, OH
November 7 & 8, 2015
9AM – 5PM
Instructors, trainers and owners want compliance. They want their dog to respond to
“commands” accurately and quickly. Understanding the basic science of cueing will help you
improve the process by which you choose, add, change and maintain cues. You will be able
to minimize the amount of static in the signals you send your dog, providing a clearer channel
of communication. An understanding of behavioral cues will also pave the way for the creation
of conceptual cues that go beyond eliciting simple movements.
This hands-on workshop combines lecture, video examples and several exercises with your
dog. It will walk you through the steps to build strong meaningful cues whether you are a petdog instructor, competition- or working-dog trainer or an owner who wants a more reliable and
responsive dog. Working spots (with your dog) and auditing spots are available.
Working Participants (w/dog). Limit 26-28:
Dogs should be at an intermediate training level or higher, not total beginners. Dogs of all
ages welcome as long as they have a repertoire of 5 - 6 behaviors, at least partially on cue.
Some experience with shaping is helpful. You and your dog will be paired with another
dog/handler team and an auditor during training.
Working Participants – limit 26-28 (must attend both days):
 $380.00 ($330.00 if you register and pay on or before 9/7/15)
Auditors (Lab Assistants). Limit 50:
If your dog does not meet the requirements, or you prefer to observe, come and watch the dogs and handlers work and
participate in the conversation. Auditors will be assigned a working team to participate/assist for the exercises.
Auditors (without dog) – limit 50:
Two days: $265.00 ($225.00 if you register and pay on or before 9/715)
One day: $165.00 ($150.00 if you register and pay on or before 9/7/15)
Workshop tuition including snacks, beverages, and handouts.
About Kathy Sdao M.A., ACAAB
Kathy Sdao is an associate certified applied animal behaviorist (ACAAB) who has
spent 26 years as a full-time animal trainer, first with marine mammals and now with
dogs and their people. Kathy is proud to be one of the original faculty members for
Karen Pryor’s ClickerExpos and has taught at twenty of these conferences. She has
also traveled across the United States, Canada and Europe, and to Japan and
Mexico, teaching students about the science of animal training. Kathy’s first book,
Plenty in Life Is Free: Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace, is available
from Dogwise.
Full details about the workshop, dog requirements, Kathy Sdao’s bio
and registration can be found online at