2010 Volume 3

2010 Volume 3
Bradley’s Story
In November of 2009, Rowena Amematekpor
he had acknowledged he was sick,” Rowena says.“I
and her three-year-old son Bradley were at a
looked at my little boy, not really knowing the right
crossroads. Born with both tricuspid atresia
thing to tell him.” Rowena had her son say a prayer,
(a congenital heart defect) and pulmonary vein
in words he could understand, to feel better.The
stenosis (a rare condition causing continual
next day – the day before Thanksgiving – they got
narrowing of the veins in the lungs), Bradley had
the call that a heart and lungs were available for
spent close to a year on the transplant list at The
Bradley. Rowena and her family, including her aunt,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia waiting for both
mother, and grandmother who had come over
a new heart and new lungs. He was not doing
from Ghana to offer support, checked into the
well, and the catheterizations needed to expand
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House to stay close
Bradley (center) with his mother Rowena, aunt Rachel, and
Bradley’s veins and keep oxygen flowing were
to Bradley at all times.
great-grandmother Emily (from left to right)
becoming too risky.“It was scary,”says Rowena,
A few days after his transplant surgery,Bradley faced
“because what I had relied on to buy him time was not going to be an
a minor hurdle when the doctors had to operate again to reposition his new
option anymore. Bradley was in a very bad place.”
lungs.However,more bad news was to come:Bradley had come down with
Rowena was seven months pregnant when she first learned of Bradley’s
several infections,one of which – the adenovirus – was destroying his new
heart condition.Having moved to the United States from Ghana to attend
lungs.“The only thing that would save him was another lung transplant,”says
graduate school, Rowena decided to put her studies on hold for a year when
Rowena.She relisted Bradley on January 10,and the next day received the call
she found out she was pregnant. However, three weeks after Bradley’s birth
for his second lung transplant in five weeks.This time,despite some setbacks,
she discovered that his condition was much more serious than initially
Bradley’s surgery proved successful.In June of 2010,after staying at PRMH for
thought; his lungs were affected, too, as a result of the pulmonary vein
eight months straight,Rowena was able to take Bradley home again.
stenosis (PVS). His new diagnosis meant it was not possible for him
Rowena credits her stay at the House as part of the reason she was able to
to have the surgeries initially planned to correct his heart defect, and
cope during Bradley’s ups and downs.“I don’t think we would have made it
treatment options for PVS were very limited.“The prognosis was extremely
through this course without somewhere like this to call home for such a long
discouraging,”says Rowena.“Most kids don’t make it to their first birthday.”
time,” she says.“It is more than a home away from home. I try to imagine life
Bradley immediately had surgery to try and reconstruct his veins, and also
without the House and I can’t. It is a place where your family can still feel
entered a trial at The Children’s Hospital of Boston utilizing chemotherapy
like a family.”
drugs usually used for lung cancer.He also began undergoing catheterizations
Down the line, Bradley might need another heart and lung transplant.“One
every six weeks to balloon his veins open.After two years,it became clear that
thing I remember,” says Rowena,“is that we are exchanging a disease we
his only long-term option might be a heart and lung transplant, despite the
cannot treat for a condition we can. It is not free of bumps and surprises, but
risks.“You really don’t have a lot to go on in making your decision,” says
it is treatable.” Rowena is also acutely aware of the gift the organ donors’
Rowena.“There aren’t a lot of transplants happening for kids his age.”
families gave to her.“It is bittersweet to think about what those families
However, in August of 2008, Bradley starting coughing up blood due to
gave up for my son to be here,” she says.“I don’t take that for granted at all.”
hemorrhages in his lungs, and Rowena knew a transplant was his only hope.
Today, Rowena and Bradley are taking things one day at a time, enjoying
“All along,Bradley had fought to be here and defied all of the odds,”she says.
doing things they could not do before.“We are just living life. I can’t keep up
“I wanted to go for it.”By December,Bradley was listed as highest priority on
with him, and that’s a good thing,” says Rowena.“At first, I was so scared to
the transplant list at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
let him back into the world. I was creating a bubble in my mind to keep him
Bradley and his mother waited at their home in Union, New Jersey, for the
in at home. It made me realize why we did it – it wasn’t to have him live in
call. Eleven months passed, and Bradley’s condition worsened.“Finally, one
a bubble, it was to have him live.”
day Bradley said to me,‘Mommy, I am tired of being sick.’ It was the first time
This is the House that Love Built
3925 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 I 215-387-8406 I www.philarmh.org
Message from the President
Helping More Families
in Need
This month, the 300th Ronald McDonald
House in the world will open in St. Louis.
The seed that we planted almost 36 years
ago right here in Philadelphia has truly
blossomed.To celebrate our 36th year, we
have a very exciting fundraiser – an online
auction – starting on our actual birth date
of October 15. Dining With The Stars, chaired
by our new board member Darwin Beauvais,
will enable our supporters to bid on the
pleasure of having a meal with a celebrity
for the winning bidder and up to nine of his or her friends.The auction
will run for two straight weeks online.We hope you check out the list of
participating stars at www.philarmh.org/dwts and call your friends to
decide who you are going to bid on!
Even more families will be making the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
their home away from home this year with the opening of two new
bedrooms at our Front & Erie location. By expanding to 17 bedrooms at Front
& Erie (for a total of 62 bedrooms between both Houses), we are able to
serve even more families each night and decrease the number of families
we cannot accommodate. In 2009, the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
recorded more than 2,700 family stays between both Houses and the
opening of our new rooms will help us to continue to grow the number of
families we serve.Thank you to Peter V. Pirozzi General Contractors, LLC for
converting our boardroom into the new rooms and to the Wharton School
for providing the furnishings.
The ninth annual Philadelphia magazine Design Home, running from
September 11 through October 10, is chaired by Connie Willson and
Susan Wenger and is sure to excite the senses as well.This magnificent
12,000-square-foot estate in Lower Gwynedd is bound to encourage you
to build, buy, or at the very least get some decorating ideas and resources
for your current home.
Despite our expansion, the demand for our services will continue to exceed
the number of rooms we have available; last year alone, we had 1,299 room
requests we could not fulfill. However, the Philadelphia community is
fortunate to have another organization – Hosts for Hospitals – that families
can reach out to when the House is full. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary,
Hosts for Hospitals is a non-profit that provides free lodging and support
at volunteer-host homes to patients (both children and adults) and their
families who come to Philadelphia for specialized medical care. Hosts provide
a comfortable bed, clean bath, and a feeling of home to their guests.To learn
more about Hosts for Hospitals, visit www.hostsforhospitals.org or contact
Executive Director Mike Aichenbaum at [email protected]
We hope that you will continue to support the work of the House by joining
us in these two exciting fall fundraisers. Many thanks to the stars who agreed
to be our celebrity guests and to the restaurants
who donated their space and culinary skills to
support the House, as well as to Philadelphia
magazine for having us as the Design Home
beneficiary for the third straight year. Our thanks
go out as well to all the board members, staff,
and volunteers who have stepped in to chair and
run these events that will enable us to continue
the mission that has become the blueprint for
the 300 Houses worldwide.
Marlene Weinberg
President, Board of Directors
As always, our sincere appreciation goes out to all of our donors, volunteers,
and community partners who enable us to provide a way for families to
remain close to their children while they receive critical care at hospitals
throughout Philadelphia.Your support means families can focus on their
child’s treatment without having to worry about many of their everyday
burdens, including housing, meals, and transportation to the hospital, and
we appreciate your ongoing commitment to this mission.
New PRMH board member and Dining
With The Stars chair Darwin Beauvais
New Staff
Find us on
Chris Callanan joins the staff as Special
Events and Communications Manager.
Tim Lewoc joins the staff as
Resident Manager.
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House I 2010 Vol. 3
s on s
now! ale
Visit Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home 2010®, this year
located in Lower Gwynedd, PA. This magnificent 12,000square-foot home by builder Philomeno & Salamone and
designer Diane Bishop is located on 4.5 acres and is sure
to impress with amazing features including a two-story
great room, home theater, sauna, wine cellar, and outdoor
pool & spa, just to name a few. Doors open for tours on
September 11, 2010, and tickets are on sale now. Tickets
are $20 and all proceeds benefit the families we serve at
the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.
The Design Home is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Parking for the Design Home is located at 1201 Sumneytown
Pike, Spring House, PA (between Route 309 and Evans Road).
Shuttle service, courtesy of Wachovia, a Wells Fargo
Company, will be available during regular tour hours.
Parking is not permitted at the Design Home.
Want to make a day out of the Design Home? On our
website you’ll find links to local restaurants offering
specials and discounts to those who attend. Visit
www.philarmh.org/designhome for a list of participating
restaurants, as well as for ticket sales and more information
about the Design Home.
Public tours run:
• September 11 through October 10
• Thursdays from 12pm to 8pm
• Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from
11am to 4pm
25 Teams Compete to Pull a Boeing 737 at the 2nd Annual
Southwest Airlines Plane Pull
Over 550 people gathered at Atlantic Aviation early in the morning on May 2 to see which team could
pull Southwest Airlines’ official Spirit of Hope plane the fastest.
This exciting annual event is a partnership between the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, the
Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey, and Southwest Airlines.Together, the 25 teams raised
over $60,000 for both Ronald McDonald Houses.
Team Buffalo Attack Pullers (comprised of many PRMH volunteers) were the highest fundraising team,
bringing in more than $8,000.Team member Mona Zaoudeh was the top individual fundraiser, raising
more then $3,000 herself. Her teammate Lew Boyton came in second place with over $1,800.
Kohl’s Team took top prize as the fastest pulling team with 16.84 seconds. In our special exhibition
match-up,Temple Football’s offense overtook the defense with times of 12.38 seconds and 14.75
seconds, respectively.
Our congratulations and appreciation go to team Buffalo Attack Pullers for
raising more than $8,000 for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House as the
highest fundraising team in the Plane Pull. Photography at the event was
generously provided by a Fresh Focus Photography.
See below for a complete list of teams and times (in pulling order):
Pulling for Ronald - 19.16
Team Spirit - 21.68
Justin’s Team - 17.97
Keeping Tabs with Carl - 17.22
Reach - 21.56
Camden Fire Department - 23.94
Camden Search & Rescue - 17.69
Penn Police - 19.16
Plane Positive for PRMH - 21.75
The Mighty Meeting Makers - 29.75
PDMA - 23.40
Evolution - 19.47
Pulling E-Commerce Forward - 17.56
PRMH Board Team - 17.50
Kohl’s - 16.84
Sunoco - 17.78
Sunoco Logistics - 18.22
UAS - 21.94
Buffalo Attack Pullers - 31.03
Young Friends - 17.75
Young Leadership Council - 20.47
Banidas - 23.75
Temple Football - Defense - 14.75
Temple Football - Offense - 12.38
Thank you to all of our teams for participating,and to
Southwest Airlines and Atlantic Aviation for making the
event a success.We also extend our appreciation to all of our
in-kind donors for making the event possible,with special
thanks toTaylor Rental Media/AllEventPartyRental.Com
for sponsoring the event and to Cozen O’Connor for again
serving as our t-shirt sponsor. For a complete list of in-kind
donors,as well as more great photos from the event,visit
If you would like to sign up for next year’s event, contact
Chris Callanan at [email protected]
The Friends Celebrate 10 Successful
Years of Hit ‘em for the House
The Friends’ 10th Annual Hit ‘em for the House
celebrated the generosity of our loyal supporters over
two days at two of the area’s most beautiful facilities.
Sixty tennis players gathered at the Philadelphia Cricket
Club on June 2 for a mixed doubles round robin event.
The following week on June 7, the Philadelphia Country
Club in Gladwyne was the site for 100 card players, 150
golfers, and 300 dinner guests who all came together
to help raise over $250,000 for the families of the
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.
Evie and Ron Krancer led the way and upheld tradition
by serving as presenting sponsors again this year.The
Friends were proud to recognize Sandi and Max Paul
as the 2010 honorees for their more than 30 years of
caring for PRMH families. Our sincere appreciation goes
out to everyone who helped make this event such a
success, and we are looking forward to next year.
2010 Hit ‘Em For The House In-Kind Donors
Adolf Biecker Spa/Salon
Allegro Grille
Andrew Heller Voice Lessons
Arden Theatre Company
Aversa’s Italian Bakery
Barbara Ellick Designs
Barbara’s Fashion Experience
Belvedere Florists
Bill Tokmajian’s Golf Fitness Training
Borgata Heart and Soul Foundation
Born Yesterday on Rittenhouse
Brandywine River Helicopters
Bridgets 8 West
Joann Burke
Castello Ristorante
Chaddsford Winery
Children’s Boutique
The Club at Admiral’s Cove
Cubra Libre
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Davio’s Steak House
Sandy DeMaio
Diane Glynn Jewelry
DiBruno Bros.
District Attorney R. Seth Williams
Elegance by Edythe
Evantine Design
Fork Restaurant
Friday Saturday Sunday
The Friends Council
Marks Jewelers
Max and David’s
John McFadden
Meadowlands Country Club
Jo and Chuck Montufar
Moonstruck Restaurant
Naked Chocolate
National Museum of American Jewish History
Neiman Marcus
Paper Rock Scissors
Roderick Parsons
Pennsylvania General Store
Personally Yours
Heidi Petersohn
Philadelphia Country Club
Philadelphia District Attorney
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Flyers
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
Philadelphia Theatre Company
Philly Kitchen Share
Please Touch Museum
The Prime Rib
Provence Catering
Public House
Purple Pumpkin Gifts
Pyramid Club
Rachel Ray
Radisson Plaza – Warwick Hotel
Susan Raynor
Friends of the Philadelphia Ronald
McDonald House
Stephen Garnick
Golden Valley Farms
Neil Greenbaum
Marci and Bob Hackel
Cole Hamels
Harlan Log House Bed and Breakfast
Abbie and Harvey Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hoffman
Holt’s Cigar Company
Home Grown
The Hotel Hershey
Incredible Edible Delites
Island Books
Jane Yogel Diamond Wellness & Fitness
Johnny’s Café
June Hines Pilates Studio
Just For Little People
Kimmel Center
Knit Wit
Craig Laban
Lavenders Body Care Clinic
Leisure and Lace
Liberty Hotel Boston
Linda’s Loft
Longwood Gardens
Felix Maietta
Manor Home & Gifts
Marco Polo
Margaret Kuo’s
Restaurante San Marco
Riesentöter Region Porsche Club of America
Ristorante San Marco
Romanelli’s on the Greene
Naomi Rubin
Salli C. Mickelberg Photography
Kevin Sbraga
Sheraton Great Valley
Simeone Foundation Museum
Skin Spa Clinic
Sola Restaurant
Southwest Airlines
Spamps Restaurant
SRM Entertainment/Salli and
Stephen Mickelberg
Steve and Cookie’s
Studio Artur
Table 31
Tait Weller & Baker
Talamore Country Club
Todd Rothstein Photography
Tomatoes in Margate
Turak Gallery of American Art
Two Cents Plain Ice Cream Parlour
Valanni Restaurant & Lounge
Vantresca LTD
Shane Victorino
Village Dance Shoppe
William Morris Endeavor
Young Adjustment Company
Sheila Zamkoff
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House I 2010 Vol. 3
Photos courtesy of John Bernardo, Marci Valen, and Kelly Hays O’Connor.
2010 Hit ‘Em For The House Sponsors
Sandi and Max Paul
Presenting Sponsors
Evie and Ron Krancer
Scratch Golfers
Abramson Family Foundation
Hole-in-One Club
Louis N. Cassett Foundation,
Malcolm B. Jacobson and
Carol T. Gerstley,Trustees
Drexel University
Robin, Gary, Stefanie, and Rick Lassin
Double Eagle Society
Samuel D. Cozen Memorial Fund
Drexel e-Learning
JoAnn, Peter, Bonnie and Stacey Friedman,
and Friedman Schuman Attorneys at Law
Lynne and Bill Garbose
Goodman Properties
Penn Valley Constructors, Inc.
The Wilson Family
Nancy and Richard Wolfson
Eagle’s Nest
Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation
Axler Rude Financial Strategies Group of
Wells Fargo Advisors (2)
The Churchill Family: Ellen,Win, Justin,
Stephen, and Noah
Michael Coslov
Creative Financial Group, Ltd.
Drexel e-Learning
Tudy and Hy Kahn
Ron and Harriet Lassin
Barbara and Robert Lewis
Karen and Herbert Lotman Foundation
Larry Magid
Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Sloane Toyota, Inc.
SRM Entertainment, Ltd.
Jane and Jim Sutow
Etta and Gene Waldman
Wells Fargo Advisors Philadelphia
Major Market
Birdie Brigade
Jan and Pete Albert
Danielle and Louis Barson
Capsicum Group
Barbara and Robert Dilsheimer
Joan and Mike Emmi
Feninger Group
Pine Forest Camp, Camp Timber Tops and
Lake Owego Camp
Marlene Weinberg
Weiser, LLP
Connoisseur’s Corner
Ceil and Richard Blumenthal
Judy and Merrill Brown
Annemarie Cutler
Dena and Morey Goldberg
Cheryl and Michael Goodman
Hinda and Eric Haskell
Abbie and Harvey Hoffman
Rita and Richard Jacoby
Joseph Levine & Sons
The Ostroff Family
Amoroso’s Baking Company
Stephen and Noah Bachow
David Cutler Group
Erlbaum Family Foundation
E-Z Storage, Nolan Brothers of Texas, Inc.
Saly Glassman
Patricia Insley
Pressman, Ciocca, Smith
Susan and Daniel Raynor
Sheri and Ken Resnik & Family
Judy and Marvin Rounick
Dan Schwartz
Evalyn and Stephen Barson
Lisa and Michael Blank
Robert and Irma Blumenthal/
Randi and Jon Joseph
Charlotte and Bud Cook
The Dalck and Rose Feith Family
Daniel Forman
Susan and Gary Gevurtz
Raymond and Ellen Goldberg Foundation
Goldstein’s Rosenberg’s Raphael and Sachs
Christine Kanter
Keane Organization, Inc.
Sylvia Kreithen
The Levy Family
Mallin Panchelli Nadel Realty
Sandy and Bernie Nelson in honor
of Richie Nelson
Ross Rieder
Suzanne Root
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Soll
Rita and Jerry Sutow
Tait Weller Baker
Woolard, Krajnik, Masciangelo, LLP
We’re So Thankful For...
After spending 10 months in the
Oncology Unit at The Children’s
Hospital of Philadelphia while
their son Luca received treatment,
Catherine Paciente and her family
wanted to do something to give
back to our Ronald McDonald
Family Room there. Catherine
organized a trike-a-thon
fundraiser called Laps 4 Luca,
shown, at her son’s school.
Together, the parents and students
of Bambi Day School raised over
$1600 for the Ronald McDonald
Family Room at this event.
“The Family Room helped to provide us with a little piece of comfort, nearly a piece of home on days when the
beeps of machines, stark white walls, bright overhead lights, and hospital smells were almost more than we could
bear,” says Catherine.“Thank you so much for all you do for the families forced to call a hospital home. It is
appreciated more than you can know.”
Pirates ruled the high seas this year at our annual Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House birthday party,
designed to celebrate the birthdays of everyone staying at the House all in one fun-filled event. Activities
included a treasure hunt, piñata, face painting, pirate flag craft-making, ice cream sundae bar and cake
(donated by Oteri’s Bakery), a magic show by Adam the Magician (shown), and an appearance by the Froose
Moose, who came bearing Froose juice. Dinner was provided by Gerry’s Gang.Thank you to the Nelson family
for sponsoring this wonderful annual celebration in honor of Richie Nelson.
Language will no longer be an obstacle for many
families checking into the House at Front & Erie thanks
to the help of high school senior Stephanie Seybert. For
her senior project at Germantown Academy, Stephanie
focused on making the registration process at the
House easier for families whose primary language
is Spanish. She translated all of the documents that
families must read and complete into Spanish, and also
narrated a video tour of the House in Spanish, with the
help of Temple filmmaking student John Lloyd.The
materials have been a big help to families such as the
Gonzalez Cortez family, shown, who were able to utilize
the new check-in video to make sure they fully
understood all of the services offered by the House.
Stephanie, who is attending Carnegie Mellon this fall, has taken Spanish classes since the sixth grade and has
spent time traveling in both Costa Rica and Peru. She enjoyed being able to put her Spanish skills to good use for
the House.“It feels really good to know that I can help people and that I am doing something that I like at the
same time,” she says.“It is nice to be able to make the families’ lives a little less hectic.”
Thank you to Little Smiles
Foundation for bringing smiles
to children and their families
staying at the House by providing
transportation for special trips
to the Philadelphia Zoo, a Flyers
game, and Valley Forge Park this
spring. In addition, they provide
a monthly junk food run and pizza
party in the Ronald McDonald
Family Room on the Oncology
Floor at The Children’s Hospital
of Philadelphia. Shown are
families from Chestnut Street
headed off to a day at the Zoo.
Donations from the Heart
$25,000 and above
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the
Philadelphia Region
$10,000 - $24,999
Beiler-Campbell Realtors Golf Outing
William S. Kojek Charitable Trust
$5,000 - $9,999
Nicholas J. and Celeste G. Karamatsoukas
Family Foundation
Kohl’s Earth Day Volunteer Matching Gift Program
David Laub Memorial Fund
The Nierney Family Foundation
Soros Fund Charitable Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
The Stein Karamansa Foundation
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
$2500- $4,999
Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC
CAbi – Carol Anderson by Invitation Fundraiser
hosted by Jill Hotte
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Harriet Goldstein Memorial Fund
Merck Employee Giving Campaign
Milton Hershey Alumni Association
Philadelphia Chapter
Mr. John P. Moran
Smolow & Landis, LLC
Mrs. Marlene Weinberg
4/1/10 – 6/30/10
Sheller Family Foundation
SMPS Philadelphia Chapter
Ms. Sandy Trela
Marge Uttrodt Memorial Fund
Rita Van Duyne Memorial Fund
Carney Vetrano Memorial Fund
$1000 - $2,499
Accommodation Mollen, Inc.
In Honor of David Cohen’s 70th Birthday
The Cozen O’Connor Foundation, Inc.
Mr. David Fry
The Genuardi’s (Employees) Foundation
In Honor of Maria Jacobs
The Karen and Herbert Lotman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Keith
In Honor of Grace Kobi
Richard“Dickie” Kollhoff Memorial Fund
Laps 4 Luca – In Honor of Luca Paciente
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lee
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Mann
Ms. Mariah E. Murphy
National Time Systems
Neshaminy of Warwick Presbyterian Church
Mr. Michael Profeta
S P S C Class 297
Sanolite Corporation
$500 - $999
Adelphia Lions Club
Bensalem Lioness Club
Clarabel Brown Memorial Fund
Jessie Buck Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carnevale
Colonial Middle School
Mr. Patrick Coyne
Elizabeth“Pudgie” DeMatteo Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Emmi
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ferrie
Four Province Feis
Ms. Jennifer Gambee
Garnet Valley Elementary School
Shani Greene Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hancewicz
In Honor of Alden David Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. David Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Hong
Jacobs Music
Johnson & Johnson – Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Looker
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lotman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paciente III
The Dale L. Reese Foundation
In Honor of Sandy Reichlin’s 80th Birthday
The Restaurant School
Ms. Candace Ritchie
In Honor of the Marriage of Mark and
Shari Rosenberg
Ms. Linda Saltz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Seybert
Mr. Frank Shuster
Morton Sork Memorial Fund
Carolyn Stull Memorial Fund
In Honor of Henry Telford
Matthew Thorsen Memorial Fund
Tohickon Middle School
United Way of the Lehigh Valley
Verizon Foundation
Grace Wagner Memorial Fund
The Wagner Family
Mrs. Maureen Wilson
Windfall Gallery
Mr.Thomas Young
Due to space limitations, we are unable
to list donations of less than $500.
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House I 2010 Vol. 3
Thank you to all of our friends and Phillies fans
who joined the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald
House for five Phillies games this spring and
summer. A portion of every ticket sold through the
House benefitted the families we serve. Our sincere
appreciation goes out to the Phillies organization
for their ongoing support.
On May 12, the Chestnut Street House hosted a Game Night, courtesy of
the Hope for Henry Foundation, complete with bingo, cake, a Ben & Jerry's
Ice Cream cart, and live music from the Jimmy Quaile Trio. Gospel stars
Regina Belle and J. Moss also stopped by to say hello and help with
calling bingo.Team Tierney provided dinner. Special thanks to Aaron Katz,
shown in blue, for raising funds through his Bar Mitzvah project to make
this special night possible.
Guest Chefs
4/1/10 – 6/30/10
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Alpha Phi Omega (DeSales University)
AJ Women’s Association
Amma Satsang
Angela and Josh
Anna and Barb
Arcola National Junior Honor Society
B-Strong Foundation
Bacharach Family & Friends
Katie Backe
Baldwin School
Nancy Barton & Family
Bee and Friends
Berger, Klausman and Rose Families
Bergey Family
Beta Phi Omega Sorority Inc.
Bonner Family
Brous-Kennedy Alliance
Theresa Brown
Bunch of Buddies
The Business & Professional Missionaries
of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Suzanne Carlin
CAT Pickering
Center School Faculty
Chapman Family
Children’s Healthcare Associates, Inc
Children’s Hospital Progressive Care Unit
CHOP Nurses
Chris and Friends
Cloud Family
Columbus Forum
Conestoga Bank – Glenside
Cooking Light
Copper Beech Elementary 6th Grade
Cornwells Elementary
Debby DeFeo
Del Lior Group
DeSimone Family
Dimension Data
Drexel DSAC
Drexel University
Julie Duffy
Tracy Ehleben
Ehmke Manufacturing’s Cotton Ducks
Esther, Joan, and Andy
Gina Flatley
Freilich Family and Friends
Friends of Abington Junior High
Friends of Owen Dodd
Friends of the Philadelphia Ronald
McDonald House
Debbie Funchion
Carl Giombetti & Friends
Goodman Family and Friends
Girl Scout Troop #254
Girl Scout Troop #374
Girl Scout Troop #4906
Girl Scout Troop #9696
Girl Scout Troop #21514
The Giving Girls
Gerry’s Gang
Grace Covenant Church
Haines Family
Haley’s Family
Karen Halm
Amy Hansel’s Friends and Family
Helen’s Kitchen
Helpful Gifts from the Heart
Vicki Hibbs
Hymie’s Deli
Jessica Izes and Friends
Jezior Family
Lee Jordan
Jones Family
Joyce and Friends
Congratulations to the Philadelphia Ronald
McDonald House volunteers who in 2010
celebrated 15 years of service. Shown from left to
right, at our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event
on April 22, are Tillie Garczynski, Karen Davis,
John Newman, Ellen Rose, Conrad Strabone, and
Volunteer Director Linda Parry, with Ronald
McDonald in the center. Not pictured are Carol
Gleklen, Barbara Krautheim, Nellie Marasco, and
Eleanor Thompson.Thank you for your continued
dedication to the families we serve.
Keller Williams Main Line Realty
Kelly Family
Cathy Kenvin and Family
Key Club of Holy Cross High School
Ellie Koerner Leukemia Foundation
Lizanne Konjarvich
La Famiglia de Fratelli
Learning Services @ CHOP
Jenelle Lemon and Friends
Leon Levy and Associates
Sue Levy
Lighthouse Family Community Church
Little Smiles
Lockheed Martin Delaware Valley NOVA
Lockheed Martin Export Control Dept.
Lockheed Martin Leadership
The Lotmans
Love of Christ Church
Main Line Reform Temple
Maher Family
Makefield Literary
Julie Martin and Renee Herbert
MaST Community Charter School
McCombs Family and Friends
McNair Family
Melekos-Dunigan Family
Kelly Miller
Miller Family
Mischler Family
Mlou’s Crew
Morgan-Hendricks Family
Moms Club Philadelphia
Joanne Montie
Nanette and Girl Scout Troop 51260
National Council of Jewish Women
Negril Caribbean Cuisine
New Church Live
New Hanover UMC
NICU Nurses – St. Christopher’s Hospital
Notre Dame Club
Oak Lane Presbyterian Church
Olney High School West
Oncology Clinic
Orefield Middle School Builders Club
Papaneri Family and Friends
Pearce Q. Foundation
PECO Energy
Penn Circle K
Perez/Lees Family
Phase IV Learning Center
Phi Kappa Theta
Phi Sigma Sigma (Drexel University)
Philadelphia Cares
Philadelphia Zoo Wednesday Docents
Philly Women Who Give
Pine Run Elementary School
Plate Restaurant
Powelton Pizza
Psillos Family
Rastogi-Wilson Family
Real Men Cook
Reed Smith LLP
Rhonda and Family
Roak Family
Suzanne Robinson
Roby Family
Ronald McDonald Camp Counselors
Ross Associates Inc.
Roy’s Restaurant
Leslie Ryan
Salon L’Etoile
Sanford-Brown Institute
Ann Marie Santora
Darlene Schneider
Bill Shade Friends and Family
Sharon and Family
Shelly Electric Co.
Shipley Dessert Squad
Sigma Sigma Rho – Temple
Southampton Kiwanis Club
Southwest Airlines
St. Anselm’s CYO
St. Christopher’s Immunology Dept.
St. Cecilia Faculty
St. Clair CPA
St. Margaret’s Kids Care
St. Mary’s Church Youth Group
St. Paul’s School Student Council
St. Peter’s School
Stone Ridge
Helen Stranick
Amy Sullivan
Cindi Sullivan
Jen Sullivan
Tatlow Family
Team Tierney
Sue Tecco
Temple FMA
Temple Occupational Therapy Program
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Thomas Family
Traver Family
Troise Family and Friends
Turner Investment Partners
UPenn Glee Club
UPenn Post-Baccalaureate
Vineyard Community Church
The Watchmen
Waters Memorial AME Church
West Catholic High School
West Council Verizon Pioneers
Marlene Weinberg
Weisgarber Family
Kathy Wissert and Family
Wharton Cohort C
Bree Williams’ Family
Wolfe Family
Jason Wolfson
Womack Family
Young Lawyers – Philadelphia Bar
Young Women’s Leadership School
at Rhodes
Thank you to all who
contributed meals to our
Chestnut Street House,
Front and Erie House,
and our Family Rooms.
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Philadelphia, PA
Permit #1891
3925 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
215-387-8406 www.philarmh.org
Address Service Requested
Upcoming Events - Proceeds Benefit PRMH
Visit www.philarmh.org for details.
Philadelphia magazine Design Home 2010®
September 11 – October 10
See more information on page three.
Dining With The Stars Online Auction
Bidding Runs October 15 – October 29
Join us for our first online auction, kicking off
October 15 at www.philarmh.org/dwts, for the
chance for you and nine of your guests to join your
favorite celebrity for a meal provided by one of
the area’s most celebrated restaurants or caterers.
Learn more below.