Full endorsement - Hyper density Storage System

26 March 2015
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To whom it may concern,
SGI, the trusted leader in high performance computing, is pleased to work with Cloudcroft
Supercomputers Australia in assisting the development of their hyper-density machines and
supercomputers. As a global leader in high performance solutions for computers, data analytics and
data management, SGI considers Cloudcroft a worthy partner in the goal to accelerate time to
discovery, innovation and profitability.
Cloudcroft’s proficiency in information technology is highly respected by SGI, particularly in the
domains of cryptography and computer security. Cloudcroft brings this expertise to the design of its
sophisticated supercomputer-based applications.
SGI and Cloudcroft have worked together with SGI’s flagship ICE platform for powerful distributedmemory supercomputers to build Sukuriputo Okane, Cloudcroft’s first supercomputer currently
ranked #327 in the world. You can find more information about SGI’s ICE supercomputing platform
here: https://www.sgi.com/products/servers/ice/
This super computer was tuned to 939.67 TFlops which would see it pushed into the Top 100 systems
in the Top 500 HPC realm. This could have only been achieved through commitment to cooperation.
SGI is very pleased with this alliance in pushing the boundaries of distributed-memory systems.
Next we must perfect the integration of Nvidia Tesla and Intel Xeon Phi accelerator cards to reach
new heights in supercomputing excellence in Australia. SGI offers both accelerator options for its
products thus working with Cloudcroft to ensure the next supercomputer stays green, reaches the
highest ranks of the T500 list, and continues to perform through innovation is very synergistic.
We look forward to a long, sustained relationship with this highly-focused Australian firm.
Yours sincerely,
Greg McKeon - Director
Silicon Graphic Pty Limited • 11-17 Khartoum Rd, North Ryde, 2113 • 1300 364 744 • sgi.com