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Branded SSL Certificates
Build your brand with confidence
iModules has always made the security of your data, your website,
and the Encompass platform our first priority. Our existing Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates verify that your site is properly
encrypted and secure to protect your online transactions and
sensitive information from hacking and identity theft attacks.
These pages are typically
displayed as a URL
beginning with
Benefit from a branded SSL
Certificate through iModules
Ensure consistent brand
positioning for your
Maintain a commitment
to security for your
online visitors
Leveraging our Content Delivery Network (CDN), iModules
now offers the option to purchase a branded domain to
display in the URL of your secure website.
This option makes it possible for your secure pages within your
Encompass site to be consistent with the rest of your institution’s
brand positioning.
Your institution will choose a Standard or Extended Validation (EV)*
SSL Certificate and a new domain name to replace the existing
“” URL.
*EV SSL Certificates are issued according to a specific set of identity verification and
activate both the padlock and green address bar in all major browsers. EV Certificates
are the highest tier of SSL available and provide the strongest encryption level available,
while enabling your institution to present its own identity to website visitors.
The branded SSL Certificates from iModules are provided through the
global network that also provides the CDN, which gives redundancy
that an average SSL Certificate does not offer. Branded SSL Certificate
pricing from iModules:
Branded SSL Certificate Type
Extended Validation
Price Per Year
Contact your iModules representative for more information.
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