Setting the Stage - An Expanding Nation Activity (HA)

Setting the Stage - An Expanding Nation Activity (HA)
• 1. Geography Skills
Analyze the maps in the student text, then fill out the map as directed.
a. Locate the Louisiana Territory on your map and outline its borders in red.
b. Locate and outline the borders of Texas in blue and the Mexican Cession in green.
c. Outline Oregon Country in yellow.
d. Draw the Old Spanish Trail.
e. Circle and label South Pass.
• 2. Using the map that you just labeled and the maps in your student text, answer the following questions.
What year was the Louisiana Territory added to the United States? How did adding this region change the size of the nation?
• 3. When was Texas added the the United States? When was the Mexican Cession added to the United States? What other territory
was acquired from Mexico?
• 4. What three trails crossed the Louisiana Territory from Independence, Missouri? What cities were located at the ends of each trail.
• 5. When did Oregon Country become part of the United States?
• 6. Which rivers and mountain ranges did settlers have to cross when following the Santa Fe Trail and the Old Spanish Trail to
• 7. Where did the trail that settlers took to reach Sacramento leave the Oregon Trail?
• 8. Which three trails crossed the Rocky Mountains at South Pass?
• 9. Why do you think the Mormon, Oregon, and Santa Fe trails each followed rivers for such a long distance? What benefit would
such a route have for travelers?
• 10. Why would travel by wagon through the mountains have been slower than travel across desert or plains?
• 11. How might the United States’ purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France have helped encourage American settlers to later
travel to Oregon and California?