Building Location: Third Federal`s Corporate Headquarters, which is

Building Location: Third Federal's Corporate Headquarters, which is located at 7007 Broadway Avenue,
Cleveland, OH 44105 – and in the historic Slavic Village neighborhood.
Directions: To get here from downtown take I-77 South to Fleet Avenue, take a left onto Fleet, stay on
Fleet to East 65th, take a left on East 65th and stay on East 65th until it ends at Broadway. Take a right
turn onto Broadway. Stay on Broadway through the next traffic light which is Aetna and you will see
Third Federal's Headquarters on your left.
Parking is available at a lot on Broadway across the street from the bank, and designated for Third
Federal overflow parking.
Visitor Building Entry from Broadway Parking Lot: After you park, simply walk across the street
(Broadway) and turn left and enter the Bank at the entrance near the Bank’s lower level Cafeteria. The
door will be locked but there will be a Third Federal Associate at the door to let you in and guide you to
the Auditorium. If you are coming from the South on I-77 take the Fleet exit and turn right onto Fleet
and follow the above directions.
Meeting Location: Third Federal Auditorium, which is on the second floor of the corporate campus
building and a TFS associate will be available to direct you to the room.
Need Assistance?
In the event you need additional directions or help,
Please contact Third Federal Reps: Calvin Kennedy at (216) 429-5489 or Sharon Rose at (216) 429- 5444
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