Guys step aside… Research shows that girls are far more tech savvy.

San Francisco, January 2013
Alphyn Industries Inc.
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Guys step aside…
Research shows that girls are far more
tech savvy.
Introducing our new Valencia Jeggings!
We launched our women's Smartphone Valencia Jeggings in January at CES 2013's
FASHION WARE runway and pavilion in Las Vegas NV, where women of all ages were
fascinated with these tech pants, and expressed their personal need for better device
management in their daily activities.
Women continue to dominate social media and mobile applications on facebook, twitter
and instagram. Girls are using advanced mobile functions such as texting, sharing
pictures and videos, much more than guys. According to Huffington post (from Harris
Interactive 09/26/2011), "A whopping 68 percent of women use social media to stay in
touch with friends, as opposed to 54 percent of men."
Wearable technologies take the function of fashion to a new level, providing users with
garments better suited for the 21st century lifestyle. We wanted to give the girls of 2013
a fresh new style and better phone management to help them stay sexy, safe, and
Alphyn’s Valencia Jeggings integrate San Francisco’s rich history in denim
manufacturing mixed with Silicon Valley’s tech culture. Great for quick and easy access
while running errands or keeping your mobile device in a safe accessible pocket at the
park, the bar, a night club, or in a cab.
Our Valencia Jeggings are made of stretch denim/twill, with the WEARCOM™ pocket
being 5 x 3 inches, and suitable for most smartphones. The waistband also has a small
coin pocket for an ID or keys. The Jeggings can be washed and dried regularly on a
gentle wash cycle.
The patented WEARCOM™ pocket (3 x 5 inch / 7.6 x 12.7cm) is made of durable
polymer film with a genuine leather film edge, to allow for complete interactivity with any
touch screen device. The zippered pocket cover provides a discrete look, secure and
easy retrieval, and full usability of the smartphone while sitting down.
Inspired by our female fans, and based on our Men’s DELTA415 jeans, the Valencia
jeggings are derived from the fighter pilots' G-suit - which has custom straps and
pockets for a map clipboard and notes attached to their thigh during flight. Alphyn
developed unique pocket configurations, which hold smart devices, and allows the
wearer to interact with their device without the need to hold it.
Watch the Valencia Jeggings video:
High waist rise
Form fitting
Zippered WEARCOM™ pocket accommodates any touchscreen device (up to 3 x 5
Genuine leather film edge
Waist band coin pocket
Zipper fly
Stretch Denim/Twill and a polymer film
Made in San Francisco, California.
Sizes: XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXlarge
Care: Wash inside out, cold cycle with like colors, do not bleach, tumble dry low.
Available for retail in March at
“We test and use the best materials because we know it is what our customers expect”
said, Ben Raviv, CEO of Alphyn. Alphyn draws on the tradition of bringing military
technologies to the public and redefining civilian culture.
Alphyn Industries is located in San Francisco, the birthplace of blue jeans and the
silicone chip. Alphyn manufactures its clothes locally, reflecting the Bay Area’s culture of
backyard Silicone Valley tech giants like Apple, Google, Zynga and eBay, combined
with the rich fashion tradition of LEVIS, Dockers, GAP, and The North Face, who have
reshaped classic American fashion.
Testing the best materials available, from space age silver coated, nylon cotton knits to
denim woven on vintage looms, we use the most advanced materials to produce our
Our goals are to enhance the human mobile experience by merging advanced
technologies with everyday clothing to accommodate our communication culture.
We are Alphyn Industries, join the technological apparel revolution!
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Connect with Alphyn: Alphyn Industries Inc. 148 Townsend st. suite 8. San Francisco, California 94107 Tel: 415.259.4008 | Fax:415.597.4690