S t r ata C l e a n i n g
Our mission is to provide consistent service and support
through innovative cleaning methods
Y o u r lo c at i o n , y o u r n e e d s , o u r p r o f i c i e n c y
> Stratas and Condominiums
> Apartment Buildings
> Townhouse Complexes
• Recreation, activity, and pool areas
• Interior and exterior common areas
• Daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly service available
• Daytime or nighttime service
• Caretaker Relief/Support
C l e a n t e c h h a s w o r k e d w i t h c o u n t l e s s s t r ata c o u n c i l s
and propert y managers to perfec t their residential
Cleaning program
> Tailored services are designed to create and sustain an appealing, sanitary and safe
environment in your building
Cleantech can supply your location with general and specialty cleaning supplies and paper products.
> Trained, bonded and insured staff
> Full-time mobile supervisors
> Permanent office support and administration staff
> State of the art computer tracking programs We’re just a phone call or e-mail away.
Environmentally friendly cleaning programs available
100% rec ycled fiber paper produc ts
Green S eal cer tified cleaning produc ts
140 - 1211 Valmont Way, R ichmond, BC V6V 1Y3
tel. 604.244.1660 fax. 604.244.9667
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